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DIY Gold Dipped Marble Coasters

Making coasters is always an excellent craft because they’re fairly easy to make, except from some particular applications, and always add a personal touch to the table decor. Whether you are organizing a grand gala dinner at an exclusive venue and decorating to youe needs or just calling a few friends at home for a drink and chitchat, be sure to lay your DIY coasters here and there on most surfaces available. In this way, you’ll prevent glass stains on your furnishing tops and, if you did a great job, people will get curious and ask where you bought them from. Ahem, they’re totally do it yourself! Today we’re using a material that I personally love and I would probably use to dress up everything, from phone covers to wooden spoons: I’m talking about marble contact paper! Lovely!

Gold dipped marble coasters

Let’s dig it! Here are the supplies:

  • balsa wood
  • marble contact paper
  • gold paint and brush or sharpie or spray paint
  • scissors
  • pen or pencil.

Diy gold dipped marble coasters

1. If your balsa wood is sold in bigger panels, use a cutter to make square shaped panel. The size is up to you but usually they’re sold as 9x9cm pieces. Then measure the panel on the back of the contact paper and cut the shape leaving 1cm extra on each edge.

Gold dipped marble coasters tape

2. Remove the backing paper and glue the wood onto the adhesive marble. If use the technique shown in the picture, with the marble paper sticky side up, you shouldn’t make any bubbles. If you do, just pop them with a needle. Remember to chop off the exceeding paper at the 4 corners before bending it inwards.

Gold dipped marble coasters paint

3. On the front side, colour a section of the coaster with gold paint or a sharpie. Help yourself with washi tape to make a straight line. You can decide to make your coasters all dipped the same way or make them all different: totally up to you!

Easy gold dipped marble coasters

Time to party! Moscow mule anyone? The best cocktail ever.. paired with the coolest DIY coasters on the block.

Gold dipped marble coasters top

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