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Give Your Phone Case A Makeover With These 25 DIYs!

Are you tired of boring phone cases that may be functional and keep your cell safe but aren’t necessarily the most fashion-forward or fun of designs. What if you could personalize your trusty sidekick yourself and infuse it with a bit of your own flavors? Give your phone case a makeover with these 28 DIYs and make it all your own in an afternoon.

1. Washi Stripes

DIy Washi Tape Phone cake

Here’s a super easy DIY that will spruce up your phone case quick. Limitless gives us the scoop on this chic and modern design.

2. Starbucks

DIy Starbucks Phone case

Would you like a glittering Starbucks case for your phone to be adorned with? Well, this Youtube video will give you all the details on how to make it right at home!

3. Confetti

DIy Confetti Phone cAse

Gav + Ro used nail polish to make this adorable confetti design. Use any color you like and visit the site for the instructions on how to make this for yourself!

4. Leather Pouch

DIy Leather pouch phone case

Curiosity Etc. did something a bit different than others on the list – she made a leather pouch. And one that is super duper adorable as well, don’t you love the bow embellishment?

5. Tapestry

Diy Tapestry Phone Case

If you want something with a bit of an eclectic style then check out this tapestry style from Always Rooney. We love its “World Market” flavor and boho vibes.

6. 3-D Accessorizing

Decoden-Phone-Case DIY

I’m kind of in love with this adorable 3D, trinket-covered phone case from The Pink Samurai. Just grab some bits that inspire you and glue them right on!

7. Pressed Flowers

DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case

Add a bit of nature into your phone case design like Capture by Lucy did. Pressed flowers can be a beautiful and girlish addition to your cell!

8. Leather Envelope

DIy Leather Envelope Phone Case

Here’s a chic design for the working woman to dive into. Go check out this leather envelope case over at Design Sponge.

9. Glitter-Covered

DIy Glitter Phone Case

Adventures in Fashion shows us how to make an all-glittered phone case that will shine and sparkle anywhere you decide to go. Learn how to utilize this look after the jump!

10. Tribal Print

DIY Tribal Print Phone Case

Check out this tribal print phone case made with the help of sharpies. Limitless features this design as well so hop on over and check it out!

11. Candy Box

DIY Candy Phone case

Over at Creative Upcycling you’ll learn how to take your favorite movie candy and turn it into a phone case in a pinch! It’s quirky and cute – perfect for capturing your personality!

12. Dripping Paint

Diy Dripping Paint Phone Case

Here’s another YouTube video that shows you exactly how to make a great and unique design for your phone to dawn! This dripping paint case is one of our favorites!

13. Ombre Patterned

DIY Glitter Patterned Phone Case

We’re swooning for this beautiful ombre patterned phone case from nTelos. We love the unique color combination and the intricacy of the project.

14. Embellished

Diy Embellished Phone Case

You can even customized phone cases that you may already have. Take this idea from ClaireBelleMakes with the red floral and fabric handle that can make it more “you.”

15. Galaxy

DIY Galaxy Phone Case

Check out this galaxy-covered phone case that you can learn how to make over at YouTube. It’s fun, it’s fresh and it’s completely unique!

16. Penguin

DIy Penguin Phone case

Here’s another great YouTube video that will help you create something special. This would be a great one to do for one of your kid’s phones as well!

17. Floral Paper

DIY Phone Case Floral Paper

Check out Our Holly Days if you want to use some floral paper in your new design. We love the springtime flair and charming essence of this idea.

18. Peacock Feather

DIy Peacock Feather Phone Case

Here’s another genius idea featured by Limitless and all it involves in a clear case and a peacock feather. That’s really as easy as it can get!

19. Buttons

DIY Rainbow Button Phone Case

Hopeful Honey utilizes buttons in this fun idea! Rainbow themed or just a mix-matched style that holds all your favorite styles, we love how creative this is!

20. Golden Metallics

DIy Gold Prints

Check out this gorgeous golden metallic prints over at The Sewing Rabbit. These chic designs are perfect for those with a clean or chic vision in mind.

21. Frilly Pattern

DIY Phone Case Design

Isn’t this design gorgeous? It takes a bit of time but The Average Mess will show you and inspire you to do this right at home!

22. Pearl Covered

DIy Pearl Phone Case

Are you absolutely swooning for this pearl-covered design? If so, you’ll need to hop on over to Sydne Style and snag all of the details and how-to’s.

23. Chevron Glitter

DIy Chevron Glitter Phone Case

Add some sparkle and then use the trendiest pattern of today in your design, just like Crafts Unleashed did. We obviously love the color combo but feel free to switch it up!

24. Washi Herringbone

DIy Herringbone Phone Case

This one was made with washi tape too! Make a herringbone design like they did over at Chronicle Books Blog and do it with a bit of girlish charm too – by using pink and gold!

25. Neon-Studs

DIY Neon Stud Phone case

Limitless also shows us a neon stud design that we love even more because of the color choice. Of course, this can be done in metallics as well.

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