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50 DIY Candles to Gift, Decorate or Set The Mood

Homemade candles are incredibly popular and, most of the time, even better than the ones we can find in the store – more cost effective too! Thankfully, there are tons of tutorials out there that will teach us how to whip some up right in our own kitchens. These 50 DIYs candles can be gifted, used to decorate the house or just set the mood for a romantic night in. Check them out below!

1. Seashell Candles

Diy seashell candles

Sincerely, Kinsey starts us off with some seashells turned candles in this super easy to follow tutorial. Check it all out after the jump!

2. Color Block Candles

Diy colorblock candles

Brit + Co went with something more trendy. Learn how to make candles with a color block pattern.

3. Cork Candles

Diy cork candles

If you have a bunch of corks laying around the house, turn them into something useful. Check this one out at A Subtle Revelry.

4. Patterned Candles

Diy patterned candles

Brit + Co went the pattern route again with this fun collection of candles. Teach yourself how to make some trendy flames with some help from this tutorial.

5. Mason Jar Candles

Diy mason jar candles

Mason jar candles are classic. And Something Turquoise will give us all the details behind these essentials.

6. Essential Oils Candles

Essential oils candle

Smart Money Mom shows us how to make some homemade candles but with some help from essential oils. Turn them into an adventure in aromatherapy.

7. Funfetti Candles

Diy funfetti candles

Beth Cakes celebrates a bit with this project! Add some sprinkles to your candle for an extra festive style.

8. Glitter Soy Candles

Diy glitter soy candles

Who loves glitter? Check out this sparkling candle tutorial over at Evermine!

9. Spice Candles

Fall scented spice candles

Fall really sparks the season for burning candles. So why not create a scent that pays homage to autumn? (via)

10. Lavender-Rosemary Candles

Diy natural lavender and rose candle

Live Simply knows that a bit of lavender and rosemary can go along way in learning how to relax. Check out the details after the jump.

11. Pressed-Herbed Candles

Diy pressed herb candle

These candles have actual herbs pressed right inside! Learn how to make these beauties over at Adventures in Making.

12. Layered-Scented Candles

Diy layered scented holday candles

Hello Glow makes a candle that’s perfect for the holiday season! Layer all of your favorite scents and enjoy.

13. Chai Candles

Diy chai candles

If you like chai in your tea, you’ll love chai in your candles too. Add them to your making courtesy of Hello Glow.

14. Pumpkin Spice Candles

Diy pumpkin spice candles

She Uncovered loves pumpkin spice and so do we! And a DIY candle list isn’t complete without this scent on the list.

15. Lantern Candles


Making candles at home are fun but making candle lanterns can be even more fun. How beautiful would these be scattered around the house? (via)

16. Soy Candles

Diy soy flavor candles

Ruffled went with a classic soy candle that works great as thank you’s or even wedding favors. Hop on over to take a look at the tutorial now.

17. Beeswax Candles

Diy beeswax candles

Beeswax candles are always a fan favorite. We love the styles of these cuties too, visit The Sweetest Occasion for more info.

18. Recycled Ice Candles

Diy ice candles

Hello Glow shows us how to make some recycled ice candles as well. These are super trendy and can be pretty interesting to create.

19. Caramel Latte Tea Cup Candles

Diy caramel latte tea cup candles

Simply Stacie is making us swoon for these caramel latte teacup candles. Whether you want them for yourself or your bestie, they’re adorable for all!

20. Terracotta Candles

Diy terracotta votives

Sugar and Charm shows us how charming it is to use small terracotta pots as the home for our homemade candles! How adorable are these?

21. Crockpot Candles

Diy crockpot candles

Hello Glow also knows how to make some candles using our crockpots. Sound interesting? Take the leap and take a look now!

22. Wood Wick Soy Candles

Soy candle diy

We’re really loving these chic wood wick candles from Coco Kelley. And there’s a lot of upcycling involved in this one!

23. Lemon Candles

Diy lemon candle

Lemon peels can go a long way when making candles. And just think about the beautiful, natural aroma you’ll get with these ones. (via)

24. Hester Travel Candles

Diy hester candle

For the Makers teaches us how to make some travel candles. They’re the perfect DIY gift for loved ones!

25. Citronella Candles

Diy citronella candles in antique milk crate

Everyone should know how to whip up some citronella candles for the spring and summer months. Ward off those bugs with help from Garden Therapy.

26. Apple-Scented Candles

Diy apple scented candles

A Cultivated Nest used apples as their source of inspiration. Learn how to make candles with an apple scent after the jump!

27. Cupcake Candles

Homemade cupcake candle

A Spark of Creativity went with a festive design as well, and includes those yummy sprinkles too! Cupcake candles sound like a lot of fun, don’t you think?

28. Colorful Egg Candles

Diy colorful egg candles

Celebrate Easter in an even more festive way with these egg designs. Catch the tutorial over at Hello Glow.

29. Pokeball Candles

Diy pokeball candles

Some of This and That went with a Pokeball candles that the kiddos will love to help with. Visit now for the details.

30. Bird Bath

Diy bird bath candle

We’re loving this beautiful bird bath candle we found over at Ruffled. And it sparks so many great ideas for future candles!

31. Crayon Wax Dip Dye Candles

Dip dyed candle diy

Live Craft Love went with an ombre effect that’s super trendy. Just grab some crayons to get started.

32. Evergreen Pressed Herb Candles

Diy evergreen and herb scented mason jar candles 478x1024

If you visit, Garden Therapy you’ll find another great pressed herb candle. Get inspired after the jump!

33. Massage Candles

Massage candles diy

Free People whipped up some massage candles that you’ll get some extra special enjoyment out of. Follow along with the tutorial tonight!

34. Strawberry Lemonade Candles

Diy homemade strawberry lemonade candle

Who loves some strawberry lemonade in the warmer months? Check out The Casual Craftlete and learn how to take that refreshing sip and turn it into a candle!

35. Layered Mason Jar Candles

Diy layered mason jar candles

If you love the idea of layering your candles, then look no further. It can be such a creative way to go abour your candle making! (via)

36. Drugstore Candles

Diy drugstore candle makeover almost makes perfect1

Almost Makes Perfect went above and beyond with these “drug store” candles. Check it all out after the jump.

37. Eggshell Candles

Diy eggshell candles

Here’s another Easter-inspired DIY that we’re loving. And this time Creative Green Living starts out with actual eggshells to get the job done.

38. Bamboo Candles

Diy bamboo candles

Martha Stewart used bamboo as her foundation! Take the leap and check out this “zen” style.

39. Stacked Heart Candles

Stacked ombre hearts candle diy

We are absolutely crazy for these stacked heart candles. Check them out and get ready for anniversarys, weddings or even Valentine’s Day with these! (via)

40. Glitter Tin Candles

Diy glitter tin candles

Something Turquoise has another DIY candle for our sparkle lovers out there. If you’re a fan of glitter, you’ll definitely need to check this one out too.

41. No Wax Candles

Diy no wax candle

No wax candles could be fun to learn how to make too. Just think of all the possibilites with this one too! (via)

42. Rosemary & Grapefruit Candles

Diy rosemary grapefruit candles

Rosemary and grapefruit can be a really interesting and unique scent to go with as well. Check out the details for this one at Sugar & Cloth.

43. Personalized Candles

Printing candles candles hero

Tesco personalized their candles. Whether it’s a name, an event, or a fun phrase, you can have a lot of fun with these ones.

44. Autumn Cinnamon Spiced Candles

Homemade cinnamon spice candle tutorial

The Happier Homemaker went with a fall-inspired candle as well. Cinnamon spice can be rather nice!

45. Peppermint Candles

Diy peppermint candle

Perfect for celebrating Christmastime or giving as a holiday gift, these candles are the perfect winter addition. Grab the details at A Pumpkin and A Princess.

46. Sand Candles

Diy sand candles

Martha Stewart started off with some sand and ended with a beautiful centerpiece for the Fourth of July table! It’s wonderful inspiration.

47. Citronella & Eucalyptus Candles

Homemade citronella candles

Here’s another citronella concoction that you’ll probably want to snag. Keep those bugs from the BBQ with these ones. (via)

48. Simple Scented Candles

Diy homemade candles

All Things Thrifty made some simple, scented candles that we’re sure you’ll be loving as well. Just pop on over and give the tutorial a peek!

49. French Vanilla Candles

Diy french vanilla candles

Coffee beans are always a beautiful addition to any craft. And this French vanilla candle from Hello Glow is no exception.

50. Clay Candles

Diy clay candles

Brit + Co leaves us off with some clay candles that you’ll have a lot of fun making – and painting! Check it out after the jump.

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