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50 DIY Candles to Gift, Decorate or Set The Mood

Homemade candles are incredibly popular and, most of the time, even better than the ones we can find in the store – more cost effective too! Thankfully, there are tons of tutorials out there that will teach us how to whip some up right in our own kitchens. These 50 DIYs candles can be gifted, used to decorate the house or just set the mood for a romantic night in. Check them out below!

1. Seashell Candles

Diy seashell candles

Sincerely, Kinsey starts us off with some seashells turned candles in this super easy to follow tutorial. Check it all out after the jump!

2. Color Block Candles

Diy colorblock candles

Brit + Co went with something more trendy. Learn how to make candles with a color block pattern.

3. Cork Candles

Diy cork candles

If you have a bunch of corks laying around the house, turn them into something useful. Check this one out at A Subtle Revelry.

4. Patterned Candles

Diy patterned candles

Brit + Co went the pattern route again with this fun collection of candles. Teach yourself how to make some trendy flames with some help from this tutorial.

5. Mason Jar Candles

Diy mason jar candles