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15 DIY Soap Recipes To Keep On Hand

We love natural recipes for our meals and we love them in the beauty department as well. We’re starting with just soap today and sticking to this everyday necessity – exploring alternative regimens and ways (outside of Target shopping). Check out these 15 DIY soap recipes to keep on “hand” and use throughout the year.

1. Lavender Lemon

Lavender lemon soap recipe

A Pumpkin + A Princess starts us off with this classic soap combination. Lavender and lemon goes together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s an easy recipe to follow as well, so it’s a great starting project for novices.

2. Peaches & Cream
Diy peaches and cream soap

Peaches and cream soap would be fantastic for a spring or summertime gift – or even a treat for yourself. Chck out all the details behind its creation by visiting our friends at Happiness is Homemade.

3. Grapefruit Mint Poppyseed

Grapefruit mint poppyseed

A Beautiful Mess makes a grapefruit, mint, and poppyseed soap that’s definitely on the offbeat side in terms of flavors. But they go together so smoothly and with a lot of ease. Hop on over now to snag the details.

4. Chocolate Milk

Chocolate goat milk soap

Who doesn’t love a nice glass of chocolate milk? Well, take that same creamy, delicious comfort and turn it into a soap bar for your skin. Check it out at Bloom, Bake and Create.

5. Star Studded Unicorn

Star studded unicorn soap homemade soap

Kailo Chic Life has one that the kids will freak out about. Actually, this recipe would be the best option to use as a fun DIY gift – for any one of your family and friends. It’s trendy and smile-inducing – it doesn’t get much better than that!