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Mini Pumpkin Pies Recipe

Pumpkin Pie may be the most popular Fall dessert of all time. It is warm, creamy, sweet and downright delicious. These Mini Pumpkin Pies are a single serving of one of our favorite desserts.

Mini pumpkin pies

But, these mini pies are something special. If you lean in real close, we will tell you the secret reason why…


Scratch that. We can’t keep this a secret. Go tell it on the mountains. These Mini Pumpkin Pies are every bit as delicious as the real deal, but are healthier, lighter, and more nutritious.

Mini pumpkin pies recipe

The secret healthy ingredient: Garbanzo beans.

Garbanzo beans are also known as Chickpeas and are most often used in hummus. And right there we can begin to see why they would work well in this dessert. Hummus is incredibly creamy and luscious, which is exactly what we want for our pumpkin pie. The only change to make, is to make the garbanzo beans sweet and creamy instead of savory and creamy. Garbanzo beans are pretty neutral in flavor on their own, so with a bit of sweetener, pumpkin puree, and pumpkin pie spice, you have the creamiest dreamiest pumpkin pie filling.

Garbanzo beans do more than create the perfect texture, they make the pie more satiating, since they are loaded with health-increasing fiber. They also help stabilize blood sugar, making you less likely to have a sugar crash after eating a a slice of pie. And just one serving of this humble bean, provides more than 55 nutrients.

Mini pumpkin pies desert

To make the worlds best Mini Pumpkin Pies, follow these tips:

Tip #1: Blend, blend, and blend some more.

You won’t even taste the beans in this pie, as long as you blend until the filling is silky smooth. If you stop short of a fine puree, you could be left with a telltale chunk of bean in your filling. Since biting into bean chunks while eating dessert is probably not on your to-do list, make sure that there are no visible chunks in your filling before pouring and baking.