Valentine’s Day DIY Macrame Wrapped Mason Jar – The Perfect Gift for Candle Lovers

With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, you still have time to create something beautiful with your own two hands. Our newest proposal is to create a macrame wrapped mason jar.

By Jon Doe

We are absolutely in love with how beautiful this design is and we hope you’ll join us in making one for your loved ones.

Supplies Jar Scissors Hot glue Pompon ribbon Macrame yarn Artificial flower

Let's make Valentine’s Day DIY Macrame Wrapped Mason Jar

Step 1

Prepare the yarn: You’re going to want to start by preparing the yarn. Get the jar and the macrame yarn and measure out the circumference of the jar’s lip by wrapping the yarn around it.

Step 2

Set down the yarn loops in front of you – you’ll want to have eight of these. Place them vertically in front of you, and lay them down with the tails as equal as possible. It’s a pretty easy step, so make sure you do it right.

Step 3

Start knotting: Now that they’re all lined up, take the original length of yarn – the one you measured around the lip of the jar – and place it on top of the eight yarn loops.

Step 4

Tie the threads to the jar: Now that you’re done with the larks head knots, take the base thread and tie it around the lip of the mason jar.

Step 5

Start the square knots: We’re going to start doing the square knots now. To be more specific, as far as the pattern goes, we’ll be doing alternating square knots from here on out.

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