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35 Macrame Wall Hangings That Will Elevate The Trendiness Of Your Space!

For those with a bohemian flair, we have compiled a beautiful list of decorative pieces to help add just the right amount of texture to any nook and cranny. These 35 macrame wall hangings will elevate the trendiness of your space within minutes of installation.

Macrame wall hangings

Some are smaller, some are larger, some are filled with natural layers and others carry colorful tones with ease. There’s a design or every kind of carefree style woven within this list. Scroll through and find your favorites!

Macrame Wall Hanging Ideas

There are a ton of wall hanging ideas you can put into practice by learning how to work macrame, so let’s see some of the best we’ve encountered online!

1. Ombre Wall Hanging

Ombre macrame wall hanging 684x1024

We’re starting off with an easy pattern, an ombre wall hanging that will take only a few minutes to make. In fact, we have the full tutorial on hand and you can make it in your own time. Check it out here.

2. Floral Macrame

Diy floral wall hanging 684x1024

Ok, this pattern is super simple and it will probably take you longer to glue the flowers on the stick, but it’s a cute project, especially for beginners, so give it a try. Get the tutorial from DIYS.

3. Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hanging

If you have an empty spot on your wall that you want to fill with a macrame wall hanging, this one may work just perfect for you. In fact, you should definitely give this pattern from Hello Nest a try.

4. Curtain

Macrame curtain

If you want an ever bigger piece, then this macrame curtain is certainly going to work just right for you. You’re going to need a sturdy wooden curtain rod, since the rope you’ll be using will be quite heavy. Get the details from A Beautiful Mess.

5. Boho Macrame Wall Hanging

Boho macrame wall hanging

Another option you have is to make a really cute boho macrame wall hanging for your living room more even your bedroom. It looks absolutely stunning and we can’t get enough with how awesome it is. Check it all out on Foxy Twine’s website.

6. Feathers


Sometimes, you don’t need some big macrame twisted piece on your wall and some really cute macrame feathers will do just fine. If you hang up multiples, they’ll look super cute. Check out the tutorial on how to make them on Honestly WTF.

7. Braided Hanging

Braided hanging

If you want a project that’s unlike anything you’ve seen until now, then this project from A Beautiful Mess may also work out for you. It’s so pretty! We’re sure it would look wonderful up your wall, so let’s see how you can make it yourself.

8. Diamond Pattern

Diamond pattern

A really cool pattern you can try out is this one from Macrame School on YouTube. They have such a wonderful tutorial you can follow fairly easily, so give it a go!

9. Boho Look with Tassles and Beads

Boho tassles and beads

If you want a project that’s a bit different, then you can definitely try this one out, especially since it is a perfect mix of macrame and wooden beads and beautiful tassels. You can learn how to make this yourself, step by step, by following the tutorial from Sasha Macramessage.

10. Boho Macrame

Boho macrame

Pretty much all macrame wall pieces fit into the boho style, so let’s dive into this really cute pattern from Soulful Notions. We think it’s easy to follow and the result is so so cute, so let’s learn to make this one right now!

11. Dreamcatcher


With the right materials, you can make yourself a macrame dreamcatcher quite easily. It’s also going to be super fun to look at. Of course, it’s not going to be your usual dreamcatcher, but it’s going to be something you want to put above your bed nonetheless. Check out the tutorial from Oh So Hygge.

12. Triangle Macrame

Triangle macrame

There are so many cool patterns you can choose from, and this one from Macrame School looks absolutely lovely. Even though it’s a complex pattern, we’re sure you can get the hang of it pretty easily, so dive right in and learn how to make this one!

13. Mini Hanging Piece

Mini macrame

Beginners can try their hands at a smaller piece that’s absolutely lovely. We found this a very interesting design from HolmMade Macrame and think it’s just lovely, so let’s see how you can make it yourself by following their tutorial.

14. Macrame Hanging Leaves

Macrame hanging leaves

We’ve already discussed how you can make some really cute macrame leaves, but this one takes things a step further and teaches you a really pretty way to make a hanging wall piece featuring leaves and twirly patterns. It’s such a pretty tutorial from Let Be.

15. Rose Knot

Rose knot

This rose knot wall hanging piece is so lovely! We cannot get over how those roses look and how pretty this would look up on the wall, so let’s go see how you can make this yourself by following the tutorial from Simply Inspired.

16. Macrame Flower

Macrame flower

Making flowers out of macrame isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, but this tutorial will teach you how to make your own large 6 petal flower using a couple of knot styles. It’s just so pretty and we can’t wait to try it out and hope that it comes out half as good as this one. Get the details from Lots of Knots Canada.

17. Beige Above Headboard

Beige above headboard large wall hanging

Thisbeige above headboard large wall hangingis the perfect addition to a master bedroom that needs a focus piece or even for a charming dining room that is begging for some soft texture to be placed on its walls. Installation is incredibly easy and the hardware is included with its purchase. There’s also an option to use a dowel rod or a stunning birchwood branch.

18. Dip Dyed

Dip dyed large macrame wall hanging

We’re absolutely in awe of this stunning dip dyed large wall macrame hanging. The colors are lively and rich, and they bring new depth to any wall you decide to install it on. From the foyer to the bedroom, it’s a versatile piece that will fit in with ease.

19. Modern Diamond

Diamond wall hanging

For those looking for some smaller designs, check out this modern diamond wall hanging. This would lay beautifully in a gallery wall of sorts or act as a fun surprise for the guest room. It can be made to order in white or yellow and has a budget-friendly price tag that’s hard to ignore.

20. Braids & Metal Beads

Wall hanging with braids and metal beads

Then there’s thiswall hanging with braids and metal beads! Providing extra texture and a bout of contemporary energy sewn right into its bohemian flair, it’s one of the most unique designs on the list. We’re loving this as a standalone piece for any open space in your home.

21. Blue Macrame

Blue macrame wall hanging

We’re loving the whimsical style of this blue macrame wall hanging. The splash of color make this a fun scene to display on a lighter, neutral wall. Showcase this on a covered patio, in your foyer, or even in a smaller living space.

22. Azurite Pattern

Azurite macrame pattern wall hanging

If you’re more into the pattern than the color, then you want to take a look at some of the more unique, handmade elements. This azurite macrame pattern wall hangingwill fall under that line. The subtle details make this one of the more beautiful and delicate of choices on the list.

23. Boho Chic

Macrame wall hanging boho chic

Some may be looking for a more simplified, boho chic wall hanging. That’s where this one comes to shine. This is one of the most traditional and easy of designs that will slide into any room without making a fuss. Instead, it’s an easy price point and an easy blend of interior design style.

24. Full Headboard

Macrame headboard wall hanging

And now we’re showing a macrame full headboardpiece that we’ve immediately fell in love with. You can turn these larger pieces into headboards upon installation. Add some color by dip dying the ends!

25. Dreamcatcher

Macrame dreamcatcher

Of course a charming, feminine macrame dreamcatchermay be more up your alley. We love how sweetly this has been placed in the bedroom. And it’s dressed in a blush pink that pops beautifully off the neutral, white walls.

26. Natural Tones

Neutral wall hanging

We’re also a fan of this natural tone wall hangingand how the variation of shades make it a more interesting piece. It too can easily find a home in any space and do that nook or cranny justice. And the driftwood foundation make it an even more welcoming, organic design.

27. Natural with Birch Wood

Natural macrame hanging with birch wood

This natural wall hanging made with birch wood is another stunner on our list of loves. Decorate the dining room or a needed space in the bedroom without straying away from your calming, boho spirit. You may even want to hang it above a mantle as a focal piece to your main living space.

28. Medium Bohemian

Medium boho macrama wall hanging

Here’s a medium sized bohemian wall hangingthat we’re loving too – just because of its traditional simplicity! This is just another easy design to fit into a gallery wall or top off your studio apartment. If you want color, dye the cords or do a little shopping for your perfect shade.

29. With Tassels

Macrame wall hanging with tassels

We’re really digging this macrame wall hanging with tassels. In fact, those tassels provide a bit of punch that some of the other, simpler designs are lacking. Place this piece in an area that will get a lot of traction for entertaining in the home.

30. Extra-Large Bedroom Accent

Extra large macrama wall hanging

We love to find pieces that can stand on their own. And this extra-large bedroom accent wall hangingcan absolutely do just that. Install this above beds or mantles are a warm, welcome piece.

31. Small Gallery Addition

Small macrame wall hanging

Just like our larger loves, we invite room for mini designs as well. This small macrame wall hangingwould be a wonderful home office addition or placed in a stairwell for a bout of surprising texture! You can even find DIYs so you can try making one for yourself.

32. Mandala

Macrame mandala wall hanging

Not every wall hanging has to look the same, just check out this macrame mandala wall hanging! A couple of these provide the same boho flair but with a dash of contemporary flavor too. We love how mirrors add the illusion of extra space and light as well.

33. Colorful Backdrop

Bohemian large colorful macrame backdrop

Now we have a boho, colorful macrame backdropthat we’re digging too. Similar to some of its predecessors, it can easily be used as a headboard piece or mantle focus. The color really makes a difference in terms of personalization too.

34. Miniature

Mini macrame wall hanging

A personal favorite on the list comes in the form of this mini macrame wall hanging. How sweet is this design? Highlight this in a gallery wall or even in a guest bathroom. We love the tiny texture!

35. Sun Woven

Sun woven wall hanging

And sometimes these pieces come with a bit more art and surprise. Just look at this sun woven wall hanging! For those that crave color and texture, this kind of piece is absolutely something you should be taking a second look at.

Final Thoughts

How did you like all these macrame wall hanging ideas? We have so many projects in mind and we can’t wait to get started!

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