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15 Creative Mason Jar Crafts

We’ve written about crafting with mason jars before, but there’s just something about how versatile and useful they are that just always makes us come back to them no matter how many different jar crafts we make! We simply love the fact that they’re great for functional things, pretty things, or just about anything you can think of. It also makes us feel great that we’re reducing our green footprint each time we upcycle a mason jar into something that we’ll keep instead of setting it at the curb.

Check out these 15 more mason jar DIY projects that will help you repurpose even more jars in even more creative ways than our last inspiring list!

1. Vintage photo mason jar

Vintage photo mason jar

Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast who is also completely obsessed with photos, meaning that more than half the crafts you do result in stunning and unique ways to display your favourite picture? Well, here’s another idea for your archives! This stunning water filled mason jar set up magnifies your photo slightly so the picture can be seen clearly through the glass. We simply love the vintage aesthetic the jar provides. See how it’s done in more detail on Disha Doshi!

2. Hanging mason jar vases

Hanging mason jar vases

Are your favourite mason jar crafts always the ones that involve flowers? Well, we certainly can’t argue with you that the jars do make stunning vases that bear a sort of lovely, casual glamour. The mason jar vases we like best, however, are the ones that have a bit of a twist to their design.

3. DIY vintage mason jar chandelier

Diy vintage mason jar chandelier

Was the most intriguing part of the design we just showed you above the part where the jars are hanging like a mobile, regardless of what they’re filled with? Then we have a feeling you’ll really enjoy this hanging mason jar chandelier concept as well! It’s one that takes a little bit of handy skill, but McLaughlin Designs is here for you every step of the way.

4. Rustic mason jar and vintage pulley chandelier

Rustic mason jar and vintage pulley chandelier

Perhaps the chandelier above is almost what you’re looking for in terms of the basic idea, but you’d actually prefer something with a little more of a rustic aesthetic? Then check out this lighting alternative made from wire wrapped jars hanging from a vintage pulley. We love the way Funky Time embraced the nearly rusty appearance and texture of the pully, incorporating it into the look.