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50 DIY Halloween Door Decorations to Make This Year

Halloween is almost here, so it’s time to break out the black, purple, and orange decorations in order to transform your entire home and get it ready to greet friends, family, and trick-or-treaters. Trying out some DIY Halloween door decorations will certainly set the mood.

Diy halloween door decorations to make this year

We are sure that you thought about every single detail, but we would like to draw your attention to your front door. It’s the first thing that your visitors will see, so it’s essential to decorate it and give people a taste of what they can expect when they enter your house.

We did all the research and found the 50 perfect door decor ideas to make Halloween as spooktacular as possible. You will definitely find an idea on this list that will go well with the rest of your Halloween theme, so be sure to check out everything and let us know your thoughts.

Best Halloween Door Decor Ideas for 2021

Without keeping you on your toes any longer, here are what we think to be the best Halloween door decor ideas that you should try out this year.

1. Cat Pumpkin Halloween Door Decorations

Cat pumpkin halloween door decorations

This awesome tutorial shows how to make a cute Halloween wreath for your front door out of cat and pumpkin decorations. It’s an idea that will surely pique the interest of cat lovers, especially children.

When it comes to supplies, you need to have a couple of paper plates, several paintbrushes, a hot glue gun, scissors, as well as paints – black, orange, white, and red. As soon as you check that you have everything, you can go ahead.

Dip a paintbrush in orange and paint the inside of a paper plate. Wait for it to dry off and if you can still notice any white, do not hesitate when it comes to adding a second coating. It’s important to obtain a solid orange. Next, dip another paintbrush in black to handle the inside of another paper plate using the same technique as before.

Using scissors, cut the base of the black plate but be careful not to tear it since you will be using this piece to make the cat’s tail. What you have to do is cut about a third of the new piece you obtained and then curve the edges to make a tail. You can use the other two-thirds to make two paws and ears.

Next, shift your attention to the orange plate. Dip a paintbrush in red to create the details of a pumpkin by sticking to the instructions shown in our tutorial. Patiently wait for the paint to dry off, after which you can attach the cat to the top part of the pumpkin using glue. Do the same for the paws, ears, and tail.

For the final steps, you can paint details of the cat’s facial expressions white when it comes to the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers, paws, and tip of the tail. Now you are ready to hang the decor on your front door so that it can greet trick-or-treaters. We are sure that kids will love it!

2. Whimsical Wreath Halloween Front Door Decorations

Whimsical wreath halloween front door decorations

Check out this adorable and whimsical wreath that you can effortlessly make out of a few materials and then hang it on your front door to welcome guests and greet trick-or-treaters. Our tutorial covers everything you need to know.

As far as materials are concerned, you need styrofoam, a round wreath, some strips of fabric, push pins, a pair of scissors, skulls, and bats. If you do not already have all these supplies, you should be able to find them at your local crafting store. Otherwise, you can order them online without a problem. Besides, you can decorate the wreath with any elements you already have – not just bats.

To begin, you need to cut the fabric and wrap it all around the wreath – just as if you were trying to make a mummy. Make sure to secure the fabric at the ends with pins, after which you can set the skull, paint the letters, and attach these elements to the wreath using glue. Lastly, you can add the feathers, purple leaves, bat, or any other festive elements you have for Halloween.

3. Paper Lantern Art Halloween Door Decoration

Paper lantern art halloween door decoration

Here is another awesome door decoration idea that you should try this Halloween. We have prepared a simple tutorial that teaches you how to make paper lantern art out of basic supplies. If you make several of these items, you will be able to hang them on your door or next to it.

Before getting started, make sure you have a white pencil, curved nail scissors, black paper, a glue stick, white vellum, and a pair of small scissors. Once you have everything in order, start by designing the lantern’s shape.

Doing this is pretty simple since you can fold the black paper to make creases just like it is showcased in our tutorial. Then you can use the white pencil to draw the pattern that will be highlighted when the paper lantern is powered by light.

After this step, cut the remaining spaces and then put the vellum paper on top of the black one. If you are paying attention to the guide, you should be able to tell that it is necessary to leave the top side of the black paper visible. Everything else must be glued together at the margins to ensure that the black paper and white vellum paper are firmly attached.

In the final stage, fold in the paper and make sure to leave the black part on the outside. Normally, paper lanterns are lit up by tea light candles. However, since you will be hanging them on your door, we suggest using battery-powered string lights instead. After setting everything in place, turn off the lights so that you can admire your work.

4. Fireplace Mantel for Halloween Door Ideas

Halloween fireplace mantel decor

We originally wrote this tutorial for creating a fireplace mantel. However, since the project is so versatile, we see no reason why you can’t repurpose it for a Halloween door mantel. It looks amazing and it is quite easy to make.

To start this project, you need to get your hands on three small decorative pumpkins, a black feather boa, five gold mercury glass votives, two gold candlesticks, three or four artificial gold roses, spooky elements like a black hand and a raven, black yarn, and gold washi tape. However, if you have a specific Halloween theme in mind, make sure that the colors of your new door mantel will match it.

We also suggest using a hot glue gun in order to firmly attach everything in place, especially since the ensemble will go on top of the door. Pay attention to the number of the items you add, though. If the mantel becomes too heavy, it might fall off and risk hurting someone. Be sure to read our easy guide to find out all the steps you need to take in order to finalize this cool project.

5. Scary Halloween Door Decorations

Scary halloween door decorations

This spider embroidery idea is awesome for children, especially since it is not too scary for the younger ones. Plus, it’s a fun activity where your entire family can chip in to give you a helping hand and make sure that all your Halloween decorations will be ready.

To get this show on the road, you will need a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, a paintbrush, black pipe cleaner, black acrylic paint, a wooden frame, a hanger, black pompoms, googly eyes, faux feather, artificial roses, black silk ribbon, and white lace. You should be able to find the decoration elements at your local crafting store. In the worst-case scenario, you can order them online.

Start by dipping the paintbrush in black, which you will use to paint the entire wooden frame. In the next steps, you can cut the black piper cleaner in order to shape the spider legs, use the small pompom, googly eyes, and glue to make the spider’s head, as well as design the spider’s body.

Now you can attach the white lace to the wooden frame using glue, after which you can add the feather, roses, spider, and lace. Once you are completely satisfied with the results, you can hang the frame on your door to use it as a wreath. If you think that it is too silly for your front door, you can put it on the door of your kid’s room.

6. Black and White DIY Halloween Door Decorations

Black and white diy halloween door decorations

Creating a vine wreath is a sleek idea for Halloween door decorations, ideal for people who prefer minimalism. You do not have to go overboard since you can stick to a clean but still spooky design that will surely impress your guests and trick-or-treaters.

When it comes to supplies, you need a pre-made vine wreath, a faux blackbird, black ribbon, black and white feathers, faux flowers, grass, black spray paint with a glossy finish, wire cutters, and a hot glue gun. Of course, you can replace the blackbird with any other decorative elements you want.

Since there is painting involved, we suggest using some plastic covers to protect the surface from paint so that you do not have to clean it later. Begin by spray painting the vine black. Wait for the paint to dry off, after which you can glue the faux flowers, black ribbon, and large flowers.

As you can see, the instructions are pretty simple – you just have to be a bit creative when it comes to the arrangements. And, if you feel that the design is too tame for your taste, we suggest dipping a paintbrush in red paint and then flick it over the blackbird to create a splatter – the bird will look bloody.

7. Halloween Door Sign

Halloween door sign

You can make a Halloween door sign to greet all your guests and trick-or-treaters without having to even step outside of your house.

Check out this YouTube video tutorial brought to you by Summer Whitfield, which shows one of the easiest methods for creating Halloween porch signs: by applying stencils on boards.

To get started, you can paint the boards in any color you want, whether it’s orange, black, white, or anything else. Just make sure that it goes with the rest of your Halloween theme.

Then, you can easily add stencils purchased from your local crafting stores or from the Internet. Alternatively, if you do not want to go through the hassle of buying stencils, we recommend getting a pencil to draw the outline of your Halloween message, after which you can fill it with black or any other colored paint. You can also add other decorative elements like bats, spiderwebs, skulls, or vampire’s teeth.

8. Day of the Dead Front Door Decor

Halloween wreath diy

If you are going with the Day of the Dead theme for Halloween, you can’t miss out on this awesome idea that your family will surely love: a wreath inspired by Dia de Los Muertos. The project is fairly easy, so your entire family can participate.

When it comes to materials, you must have a clean (unpainted) resin skull, a round or rectangle picture frame (without the glass), black lace fabric, artificial flowers in black, white, gold, or any other colors you like, a hot glue gun, a pair of scissors, Sharpie markers, and some pliable wire.

Start by drawing the Day of the Dead skull using the Sharpie markers. You can stick to the popular pattern that you can find on the Internet for inspiration, or make any other variation you prefer.

In the following steps, attach the black lace to the frame using glue, add the skull, and insert the remaining elements using the hot glue gun. Before hanging the wreath on your front door, double-check that all elements are secured. Otherwise, do not hesitate to apply additional glue.

9. Embroidery Hoop Halloween Door Decoration Ideas

Embroidery hoop cheap halloween decoration ideas

If you do not have a big budget prepared for Halloween decorations, we suggest checking out this cheap and good-looking solution for your front door. It’s an embroidery hoop with Halloween-inspired elements, which you can effortlessly turn into a wreath.

To get started, make sure to get an embroidery hoop, thread, a pencil, scissors, black glittery foam, a needle, and a hot glue gun. Use the pencil to draw the desired shape on the black glittery foam, which can be bats (as showcased in our easy tutorial), spiders, skulls, ghosts, monsters, or anything else whose silhouette you can make out.

If you do not trust your drawing skills, find some online images of Halloween-based silhouettes, print them out, and use them as templates. Next, use scissors to cut the shapes out of the black glitter foam.

Set these elements aside while you can take care of the embroidery part. It is not complicated at all, as long as you have a bit of patience. Begin by tying a knot on the hoop and then work your way back and forth until you cover the entire frame. It is advisable to tie some knots every now and then to make sure that the design will not fall off.

Finally, add the decorative elements using glue so that you can hang your new wreath on your front door and wait for it to be admired by your visitors.

10. Creepy Face Halloween Front Door Decorations

Creepy face halloween front door decorations

It is sometimes best to choose a super-simple but extremely effective model to make a splash. When it comes to Halloween door decor, we recommend this creepy face, which you can make in just a few simple steps.

All you need is some black cardboard or foam sheets. Use a pen or a pencil to draw the eyes and creepy smile of this eerie creature, and then carefully cut them with scissors. Be sure to make clean cuts so that it does not look ragged.

When the project is complete, you can stick the creepy face to your front door using a hot glue gun. Or, if you have a wooden door, you can use some tape. Top off this spooky look by creating some bats and spiders which you can add to each side of the door, in order to create a truly spooktacular atmosphere for Halloween.

11. Whimsical Spider Wreath Halloween Door Hangers

Whimsical spider wreath halloween door hangers

You can hang a whimsical spider wreath on your front door for Halloween to scare away your guests and trick-or-treaters. Just check out this cool YouTube tutorial prepared by Wreaths by Lynda. It’s long, so make sure you have enough time for a full view.

This project is a bit more intricate than the others we have seen so far. The longest part is cutting numerous black plastic nets to build the wreath, which certainly is not complicated but just takes longer. However, we promise you that the result is gorgeous.

Next, get several witches’ legs from your local crafting store with a Halloween theme, and make sure to fill the stockings so that they are not flimsy. You can then attach the legs to the wreath using a hot glue gun, make a ribbon and add it to the wreath, as well as attach two large googly eyes. We are sure that your family will fall in love with this adorable spider wreath.

12. Festive Halloween Door and Mantel Decor

Festive halloween door and mantel decor

JoAnn Barrandey shows in this YouTube video tutorial how you can make a festive garland to hang on your door for Halloween, which has a lot of elements similar to Christmas.

To get this project started, make sure to have orange and purple tree globes, pumpkin globes, creepy eyes globes, black and orange ribbons, and any other decorations that work, such as bats, ghosts, and spiders.

You should also open your box of Christmas supplies to get plastic tree branches if you have them, which you can tie in to create the garland that all the other elements will be attached to. To get the best effect, though, you should spray paint the garland black.

It’s also a good idea to make some candy corn decorations out of paper and paint, which is easy and inexpensive. Just watch the video tutorial to find out exactly what you need to do. Once you have everything prepared, it is time to make the garland arrangement and attach it on top of your front door.

13. Bat Decoration for Halloween Doors

Bat decoration for halloween doors

This is a short and very easy YouTube video tutorial created by

GlitterStone, which teaches you how to quickly put together 3D bats that you can hang on your door, on the walls, and anywhere else to create a spooktacular atmosphere for Halloween.

As far as supplies are concerned, you will need some tape, a marker or a pen, a pair of scissors, construction paper or Bristol board, along with bat stencils. You can draw a bat on a piece of paper and use it as a template. Or, if you are not comfortable with your drawing skills, find a bat template on the Internet and print it out.

What you need to do is place the bat stencil on the construction paper of Bristol board, trace the outline with the pen or pencil, cut it out, and repeat this step for as many bats as you want to create.

To create the 3D effect, you just have to fold in the bat where its wings meet, or fold it completely in half and then attach it to your door or walls using tape.

14. Mummy Door

Mummy door

This is one of the shortest YouTube videos you will ever see when it comes to Halloween door decoration ideas. It is not actually a tutorial but gives you a rough idea on how to easily create a mummified door for Halloween, which your kids will certainly adore.

Before getting started, make sure you have a pair of scissors, two A4 sheets of yellow paper, an A2 sheet of black paper, an A2 sheet of orange paper, a pencil or a pen, tape, and toilet paper, or a bandage roll.

Start by making a round cut on the whole length of the yellow paper to create two spooky eyes, just like in the video. Next, draw a creepy smile on the black paper, cut it out, and throw it away. Place the black paper on top of the orange one and stick them together. You can then attach the double-paper to your front door, tape it on the sides, and tape the eyes.

What’s left is wrapping the door in toiler paper or bandages. You are not actually wrapping since it is only necessary to create the design on the outside of your door.

So you can use your trusty tape to firmly attach the pieces in place. Be sure to make a hole on the door handle so that you can still reach it. Also, leave the eyes and half of the smile uncovered. We think that it is an easy but breathtaking project that your guests and trick-or-treaters will certainly love.

15. Witch Brooms

Witch brooms

Another cool idea for Halloween is to make three or four witch’s brooms that you can attach to your front door. Check out this YouTube video tutorial made by Christopher Hiedeman to find out how to make a single broom.

When it comes to materials, you will need a branch, twine, a grass or floral arrangement, orange wire string lights, a black cat door decor, a witch’s cloak, as wel as vintage witch boots. You should be able to find all these items at craft stores. Otherwise, the Internet is at your disposal.

The idea is pretty simple: you wrap the bundle of grass in twine to keep it together while you are cutting it with a large pair of scissors. You can then wrap one end of the branch in the grass bundle, hold it in place using twine, add the floral arrangement and black ribbon, and then fluff out the broom.

Be sure to create several witch’s brooms by following this recipe. Then, you can attach them to your front door in an alternate order: one broom up, one broom down.

16. Witch Wreath

witch wreath

Here is another great tutorial on how to create a witch’s wreath that you can hang on your front door and prepare your house from greeting visitors on Halloween. Just watch this YouTube video made by Ben Franklin to find out everything you need to know.

When it comes to supplies, you will need a work wreath, a roll of 21-inch deco mesh, a witch’s hat, broom and legs, wire and wire cutters, as well as other decorative elements like purple and orange ribbons.

You should be able to find most of these items at your local crafting store. In the worst-case scenario, just order them from the web. The steps are pretty straightforward: add the deco mesh to the wreath, and then attach the witch’s hat, legs, and broom.

17. Hanging Door Sign for Halloween

Hanging door sign for halloween

Check out this cute concept on how to quickly and easily create a Halloween front door decoration out of a hanging sign. It’s simple but looks great, as shown by @the_blanched_ivey on Instagram.

The most important part of this project is obtaining a wooden frame with a smooth surface. It can be any color since you can paint it black or something else that goes well with your Halloween theme.

Drill two small holes on the top side to make room for yarn, which you will use for hanging. Then, use a Sharpie marker of a contrasting color to write the Halloween message and draw the shape you wish to display on your door, like the cute ghost shown in this photo.

Fill in the blanks using a paintbrush and paints of various colors. To top off the design, make some ribbons and attach them to the upper part of the frame. You don’t even have to use glue since you can wrap them around the yarn. Then, you just need to hang the sign on your front door in time for Halloween.

18. Skeleton Wreath for Front Doors

Skeleton wreath for front doors

Here is another awesome idea that you should try out this Halloween. It’s a skeleton-inspired wreath that you can attach to your front door and greet your guests and trick-or-treaters in style.

The project is easy to make, as showcased by this YouTube video tutorial created by LauraJeansWreathRoom.

As far as supplies are concerned, you will need a wreath form, purple mesh, black mesh, black and purple ribbon, tubing, one large skull and several smaller ones, skeleton hands, two purple gems large enough to fit the large skull’s eyes, a hot glue gun, a pair of scissors, and spider rings. If you can not find all these materials at your local crafting store, you should have no sort of problem ordering them online.

You start by cutting small pieces of black and purple mesh, which you will then use to wrap the wreath form, as instructed by the video tutorial. Once the entire wreath is covered in mesh, you can glue the large skull, add the two gems in the skull’s eye sockets, as well as place the smaller skulls around the large one.

In the following step, cut the black and purple ribbon and add it to the base of the wreath, together with the tubing. To complete the project, make sure to glue the skeleton hands to each side of the wreath.

19. Halloween Pumpkin Archway

Halloween pumpkin archway

This is a bold project for people who love Halloween and wish to make the entrance to their homes special. It’s not complicated at all, but it takes a bit of time to finish. You can create a Halloween pumpkin archway out of miniature artificial pumpkins, as demonstrated by this cool YouTube video tutorial prepared by Living to DIY with Rachel Metz.

To get this show on the road, you will need a bunch of fake pumpkins, which you should be able to quickly find at your local crafting store. Make sure to get both orange and white ones. Since carving is involved, get out your trusty carving cutter and create the facial expressions of the Jack-O-Lantern.

Don’t worry about messing up since there are no mistakes here. It is also not necessary to make the same face for all your pumpkins. Throw in some variety so that your archway will truly stand out.

You also need some PVC pipe to create the frame of the archway. The video uses two long pieces, three shorter ones, and four connectors. However, you have to measure the arch to your front door and make adjustments as required.

When it comes to the remaining materials, you will need zip ties to obtain the floating look, a hot glue gun to secure the pipe and the zip tie, two pots, some sans, lights to place inside the pumpkins, as well as an orange garland. Check out the video to see how you can easily assemble all these pieces together.

20. Halloween Cat Wreath

Halloween cat wreath

If you are going with the witch theme for Halloween, you might be interested in this cute black and purple cat wreath which you can hang on your front door. It is an easy project, and you can watch every step of the way in this YouTube video tutorial brought to you by Key Creations.

To begin, you will need two wreath forms, some black mesh, purple ribbon, googly eyes, black and purple pipe cleaners, zip tie, a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, a rotary cutter, cat accessories (ears, tail, bow tie), and a large bead in the same color as the cat accessories since will be used as the cat’s nose.

If you can’t find purple pipe cleaners, use some purple spray paint to transform the black ones. Start by cutting the black mesh and attaching it to a wreath frame using black pipe cleaners. Do this until you cover the entire frame in the mesh. Then, repeat these steps for the second wreath form using black mesh again.

Once the two wreath forms are done, flip them over, place them side by side, and combine them using a zip tie. Next, use a bit of purple ribbon fabric to wrap the wreath ensemble in the middle. You can then create a ribbon out of the same fabric and secure it in the middle using a black pipe cleaner.

Attach the ribbon to the center of the wreath ensemble (where you made the wrap), stick the bow tie, and put the cat’s ears on top. Make the cat’s whiskers out of six purple pipe cleaners: twist three ends together for one-half of the whiskers, repeat these steps to create the other half, and then glue them at the middle.

If the pipe cleaners are too large, do not hesitate about cutting them to the right size. Then you can glue the cat’s nose in the middle of the whiskers before attaching the entire thing to the wreath ensemble.

To finish the project, glue the googly eyes and tail, and hang your new Halloween cat wreath on your front door to admire your work. It’s adorable.

21. DIY Glam Halloween Door Swag

Diy glam halloween door swag

Made by Royalty Roots, this YouTube video tutorial takes an interesting approach toward making a Halloween front door decoration using a yardstick. It’s different from the wreath idea since it will hang vertically. Besides, the project is pretty intuitive.

To get started, you will need some ribbon fabric, a yardstick, flowers, pumpkins, a hot glue gun, some mesh, spray paint, pipe cleaners, and any other decorative elements you want.

There are no clear indicators about the choice of colors, so pick anything that goes well with the rest of your Halloween theme, whether it is orange and white, black and purple, orange and purple, or something else.

Spray paint the yardstick in the preferred color – if you have no idea, go with black. However, make sure to use some plastic covers to protect the surface from paint. Next, wrap the yardstick in pipe cleaners and secure them by twisting – almost like you were adding tree branches.

Next, loop the ribbon fabric about four times to create a nice, fluffy ribbon, which you can add to the yardstick and secure using the pipe cleaners. Do this until you cover almost the entire yardstick, but leave a little room on the bottom. After this step, you should take mesh of a different color and add a second layer of ribbons on top of the first one, but make sure that the ribbons are smaller.

Finally, add a third layer of even smaller ribbons by using a different colored mesh. Or, if you prefer the two-tone theme, you can use the same color as in the first layer. You can also add other decorative ribbons on top with various themes, such as witches or Day of the Dead.

Once you are satisfied with how the mesh looks, you can glue a skull to the bottom of the stick, which should be empty. Feel free to add any other decorative elements you have by strategically placing them along the mesh so that it doesn’t feel too cluttered in one place. Now you can hang the entire thing on your front door.

22. Halloween Door Decoration Zombie Attack

Halloween door decoration zombie attack

Check out this YouTube video tutorial made by Just Vic, which shows you how to make your front door look like your house has just been attacked by zombies. It is an awesome idea for families with kids, and it will surely create a spooktacular atmosphere for trick-or-treaters.

When it comes to supplies, you will need a pair of scissors, one sheet of A2 construction paper, two pieces of cardboard that are a bit larger than the construction paper, a hot glue gun, regular paper, a pencil, metallic buttons, liquid silicone, a couple of polystyrene balls, green nail polish, paints (brown, grey, white, yellow), a yellow highlighter, and Sharpie markers (black, brown, grey, dark green, red).

Start by cutting one piece of cardboard into five or six even parts. Then, make two cuts at each end of each part so that it looks like three large fingers. Do not worry about making any mistakes here. In fact, it’s best if the cuts have various sizes.

Put a bit of all paints in a bowl and mix them together. Take the resulting paint and use it to cover all cardboard pieces. A bit of creativity is required next since you have to draw eyes and details on the cardboard parts. But you should be fine if you stick to the video instructions.

Next, use the liquid silicone to attach the construction paper to the intact piece of cardboard – right in the middle. Then you can add the painted cardboard cards on top to create what looks like a window frame, complete with boards added diagonally.

It’s now time to create three zombie hands. The easiest way to do this is by drawing the contour on a piece of paper, which you can fill with plenty of hot glue. Once the glue dries off, peel it off and paint it with green nail polish. Wait for it to dry off and then add a second coat of nail polish.

Shift your attention to the polystyrene balls. Cut each ball in half and keep the two halves that look best since they will become the zombie’s eyes. Use the yellow highlighter to cover the eyes, after which you can use the red Sharpie marker, green nail polish, and a black Sharpie marker to create the remaining eye details.

When it comes to the assembling part, use the liquid silicon to add the eyes, hands, and metallic buttons to the construction paper and cardboard. You are now ready to add the large cardboard to your front door. We know it’s a time-consuming process, but we promise you that it’s worth it.

23. Halloween Decorations – Hanging Witch Hats

Halloween decorations hanging witch hats

If you prefer a budget-friendly solution when it comes to Halloween front door decoration ideas, check out this awesome concept described by Everything TV in the YouTube video tutorial. You can make witch hats out of everyday objects, so you don’t even have to take a trip to the local crafting store.

All you need is some regular white paper, a large bowl, a black Sharpie marker, a pair of scissors, tape, black spray paint, black yarn, and battery-powered tea lights.

Start by placing the large bowl on the paper to trace its outline using the Sharpie marker. Cut out the circle and set it aside for now. Next, take a new piece of white paper, fold it into a cone, tape it to hold the shape together, and then cut the bottom so that the cone can sit upright.

Place the cone on the circular paper and tape it on the side to keep it in place. Add a bunch of plastic wrap on top of the hat to cover it completely, and then tape the entire hat. Be generous with the tape and make sure to add multiple layers.

Remove the paper from under the plastic wrap and throw it away. Pick up the plastic witch’s hat and fine-tune it by rounding off the edges with your scissors. Next, spray paint the hat, including what’s visible on the inside part.

Cut a tiny hole at the top to make room for the black yarn, which you will use to hang the hat. Finally, insert a tea light at the bottom and secure it with tape, ensuring that it will not fall off.

Repeat these steps to make several witch hats in this manner, after which you can hang them outside of your front door. We think it is a simple but stunning project.

24. DIY Halloween Decoration – Haunted Hanging Ghosts

Diy halloween decoration haunted hanging ghosts

Speaking of spooky things that hang, you might fall in love with this simple, yet amazing project: haunted hanging ghosts. Watch this ultra-short YouTube video tutorial published by Curbly to find out all the steps you need to take.

When it comes to the materials, add the following items to the list: liquid starch, all-purpose flour, a bowl, a spoon, paper cups, tape, a balloon, regular paper, a pair of scissors, white paint, a paintbrush, glow sticks, cheesecloth, and string.

Get started by pouring the starch and flour in a bowl: mix two parts starch with one part flour and stir until the flour is dissolved. Next, take two paper cups, place one face down and the other face-up on top of the first one. Tape them in the middle to create a cup stand.

Next, inflate the balloon and cut some strips of paper. Put the balloon on top of the cup stand, dip the pieces of paper in the mixture bowl, and attach them to the balloon until the whole thing is covered in paper maché, except the bottom. Let the balloon dry overnight, pop it, and remove it from the paper maché.

You can now cut two holes in the paper maché, which will become the ghost’s eyes. Paint it white, cut a small hole on the top, activate a glow stick, and insert it through the hole. Then, use the cheesecloth and drape it on the paper maché, and add a string to the top of the ghost.

You are ready to hang the ghost now. Make sure to turn off the lights to observe the haunted effect, thanks to the glow stick. However, we suggest making several ghosts this way to create an eerie ensemble that will certainly scare your family. And, if you hang the haunted ghosts outside of your front door, it will send chills down the spines of trick-or-treaters.

25. Halloween Door Decor – Skeleton Hanger

Halloween door decor skeleton hanger

Here is another spooky project that you will definitely love when it comes to Halloween front door decoration ideas. You can add a skeleton to a gravestone and hang it on your front door to make a spooktacular atmosphere for Halloween. Just check out this YouTube video tutorial made by The DIY Blonde to find out everything you need to know.

Unlike other ideas we have seen so far, this one involves a lot of props from the crafting store. You will need a skeleton, crow, tombstone, bundle of artificial flowers, creepy-crawly plastic bugs, small crafting rope, Spanish moss, black and brown craft paint, a hot glue gun with extra glue sticks, a craft stick, a paintbrush, water, and two empty toilet paper rolls.

Start by cutting one rose stem off the bundle, mixing the water with the black paint, and then dipping the rose to make it black. While the paint is drying off, you can lightly paint the skeleton with black and brown paint to make it look aged. Make sure to wipe off the excess with a paper towel.

In the following steps, add hot glue to the toilet paper rolls in order to attach them to the bottom of the tombstone. Also, apply hot glue where the rolls meet the tombstone so that you can add the Spanish moss. Find a creepy position for the skeleton so that it sits on the rolls, and firmly attach it using glue.

Add the crow so that it stands on top of the tombstone, then glue the bugs on the front and a looped rope to the back so that it can hang on your door. As you can see, it’s a fairly easy project that does not involve too many do-it-yourself instructions. But you need to get the right props for the job.

25 More DIY Halloween Door Decorations

If you want even more inspiration, we have a few more Halloween door decorations you can try out this season! You can also save some for next year!

26. Eek! Front Door Decor

Eek! Front Door Decor

Hey There Homemakes this quirky little ‘Eek!’ sign that is easy to recreate and will add a perfect charm to your front door. Although, this could be used anywhere in the house!

27. Scary Halloween Door Decoration – Eyeball Wreath

Scary Halloween Door Decoration - Eyeball Wreath

Over atCountry Living, you’ll find this eyeball wreath that will have all the kiddos giggling. This one will be fun and easy to put together too!

28. Witchy Halloween Door Decoration

Witchy Halloween Door Decoration

House Beautifulmade a witch-inspired piece of door decor and it’s like a work of art. Recreate this scene for yourself over the weekend!

29. Monster Halloween Door Idea

Monster Halloween Door Idea

Turn your front door into a monster! Design the face with some help from the family and be extra festive this year! (via)

30. Halloween Door Spooky Decal

Halloween Door Spooky Decal

This has to be one of our favorite door decoration ideas for Halloween. Inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, this decal is easy to make and will certainly send chills down your family’s spine. Furthermore, it’s a simple project for the entire family.

Made by Living to DIY with Rachel Metz, this YouTube video tutorial shows everything you need to do to make this project happen. Granted, it is originally made as a spooky decal to attach to the window and make it glow at night. However, with a bit of creativity, it can be repurposed in a door decal. Since lighting is involved, it works best on doors with windows, so maybe it goes well in the kitchen.

What you need is some construction paper large enough to fit the door window, a pencil, a pair of scissors, and a hot glue gun. Use the pencil to draw the outline of the monster by sticking to the pattern shown in the video. Then, use the scissors to cut out the monster. Add some hot glue to the backside and firmly attach it to the window. And that’s it! It’s pretty easy but also scary.

31. DIY Halloween Door Decorations – Cobwebs

DIY Halloween Door Decorations - Cobwebs

HGTVshows off this fun and easy way to decorate the front door. A bit of cobweb inspiration and ghostly spirits are found here.

32. DIY Halloween Door Decor – Wooden Moon

DIY Halloween Door Decor - Wooden Moon

A simple, personalizedmoon could work too. Check it out over atThe 11 Bestand start creating your own tonight!

33. Halloween Front Door Decorations: Spider Web

Halloween Front Door Decorations: Spider Web

Today’s Creative Lifetook a ceiling medallion and transformed it into something completely new! This spiderweb design is modern and perfect for welcoming in guests throughout the spooky season.

34. DIY Halloween Door Decorations – Ribbon Wreath

DIY Halloween Door Decorations - Ribbon Wreath

Gra yourself some ribbons and get started on this project from A Pop of Prettytonight. This one is a bit more girlish and charming, so your little gals will love to help out!

35. Halloween Decoration – Chalkboard Messages

Halloween Decoration - Chalkboard Messages

The Lady Bird Blogmade a chalkboard coffin that you can decorate any way you’d like. You can get really creative with this one!

36. Candy Halloween Door Idea

Candy Halloween Door Idea

Cherished Blissmade something with candy in mind! Which is perfect, since Hallowen is all about the goods you’ll get trick-or-treating!

37. Jack Skellington Front Door Decor

Jack Skellington Front Door Decor

If you’re a fan of Halloween, then you’re definitely a fan of Jack Skellington. Learn how to make this A Nightmare Before Christmas star the focus of your front door now! (via)

38. Front Door Bats Decor

Front Door Bats Decor

Whether bats or birds, you can too create this sweeping design outside your own home. Catch all the details at House Beautiful.

39. Mummy Wreath as Front Door Decor

Mummy Wreath as Front Door Decor

Country Livingmakes a subtle, mummy-inspired wreath that we’ve fallen in love with. It’s so simple and clever, it’ll be a décor hit in the house.

40. Pom-Poms Halloween Door Decor

Diy halloween pom pom garlan

Over at The Things She Makesyou’ll learn how to make a Halloween-inspired décor piece with the help of some pom-poms. It’s so fun and festive!

41. Halloween Front Door Ghost Decoration

Diy ghost door decor

EverBloomingOriginal showed off this adorable ghost piece on Etsy. It’s quite easy to recreate with a little imagination too, or you can just get it from Etsy!

42. Sugar Skull Wreath – Halloween Door Hangers

Sugar Skull Wreath - Halloween Door Hangers

Maybe you like to celebrate “The Day of the Dead” instead of “Halloween.” If so, you’ll definitely need this sugar skull project from The Crafted Sparrow.

43. Halloween Front Door Broom Parking

Halloween Front Door Broom Parking

The Rehomesteadersdecorated this front door with a broom. Paying homage to the season with this subtle, witchy piece!

44. Washi Tape Wreath – Halloween Door Hangers

Washi Tape Wreath - Halloween Door Hangers

Good Housekeepingtook some washi tape and did some damage with this one. Grab your extra scrapbooking supplies and get started!

45. Ruffled Halloween Door Decoration

Ruffled Halloween Door Decoration

Good Housekeepingalso showed us how to make one of these light, ruffled wreaths. With some homage paid to the candy corn classic, it’s a pretty one!

46. Halloween Decoration – Googly Wreath

Halloween Decoration - Googly Wreath

And if you visit Good Housekeepingjust one more time, you’ll find this cutie waiting for you to recreate. The entire family will surely get a kick out of it!

47. DIY Halloween Door Decoration with Googly Eyes

DIY Halloween Door Decoration with Googly Eyes

Here’s another one that includes some extra eyeballs. This too is easy to make and fits perfectly in with the spirit of Halloween. (via)

48. Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Door Decoration Ideas

Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Door Decoration Ideas

Woman’s Day shows off this mini pumpkin patch and we’re swooning. It’s quite a romantic, yet festive, way to decorate for Halloweentime.

49. Tulle Wreath – DIY Halloween Door Decoration

Tulle Wreath - DIY Halloween Door Decoration

House Beautifulgives us another great project for the season. But this time you’ll need some tulle to start it all!

50. Candy Corn

Diy candy corn wreath

Country Livingtook some classic candy corn and made it the star of the show. It’s vibrant and it’s super easy to whip up.

Final Thoughts on Spooktacular DIY Halloween Door Decor Ideas

We think this list showcases a lot of awesome ideas that you can try out this Halloween when it comes to door decor ideas to create a spooktacular Halloween. You can put together a wreath, make your door look like there was a zombie break-in, add witch’s brooms, hang ghosts or witch hats, or even make your door look like a mummy.

No matter which idea you end up choosing for your Halloween theme, be sure to return to this page and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Post a photo of your own design and share with us more ideas that we can add to this page.

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