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40 Welcome Porch Signs To Showcase At The Front Door

A personalized welcome sign for your porch can be a great way to reach out to those new families moving in next door or those who have been there with you. It’s human nature, after all. We like to feel connected and part of the larger community.

They are easy and inexpensive, thanks to the broad availability of vinyl lettering at most craft stores or online retailers. Or, you can just paint words on a wooden board. And, if you’re looking for something polished, there are always welcome porch signs available online that you can order with the click of a button.

Welcome signs

If you find it difficult to scour the Internet to find the best idea for your family regarding welcome porch signs, we have you covered! We made a list of the best welcome porch signs for your home, which you can use during the holidays or without any special occasions.

Best Welcome Porch Signs to Try in 2022

Here are the top welcome signs for your front door or porch that you should try out this year to make your home more inviting:

1. Classic wooden Welcome sign

Diy welcome wood board

Our classic wooden welcome sign is a great starting point for anyone who doesn’t want to try something too extravagant or those of you with not much experience in DIY projects.

You’ll need napkins with flower designs to make the sign’s floral motifs, and since you’ll paint the text by hand, this wooden welcome sign is a great way to showcase your writing skills in cursive.

For a complete list of required supplies and step-by-step instructions, check out our complete wooden welcome sign guide. The entire project should take no more than half an hour of actual crafting, with additional time spent waiting for the coats of paint and glue to dry.

2. Oh hello welcome sign

Leaning rustic front porch oh hello welcome sign

This welcome sign that says Oh Hello uses a repurposed old metal cabinet, and the original idea comes courtesy of Megan Plus Five. The charming rustic that goes well with a farmhouse since the sign is unpolished.

You just have to design the letters by hand or by using a cutting machine, place the letters on the sign and draw their contours with a Sharpie marker, then remove the letters and use paint to fill them in. You might want to apply a second coating of paint to obtain a solid color. Just make sure to let the first layer of paint dry off completely before doing so.

3. Double-sided Welcome porch sign

Double sided welcome porch sign

A double-sided welcome porch sign like this one from Sew Strega is very practical – it allows you to combine two ideas into one. The double-sided sign idea is versatile in case you change your mind about welcoming visitors to your home in a certain way or just want to leave a quick note for yourself.

To make this project from scratch, you would need a thick wooden board or thick cardboard. Just make sure to keep it safe from humidity since it might get ruined.

Another idea is to create a personalized front porch sign by painting it on two wooden boards and then attaching them together using hinges. It especially works if you have limited crafting skills or want to save time when making your own welcome sign.

4. Hello summer porch sign

Hello summer porch signs

This porch sign that says Hello Summer is exactly what you’ve been looking for if you can’t wait for summer to get here sooner.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate since you can paint the letters on a piece of wood and call it a day. Or, if you like the idea of also including a summer decoration element, you could go with a refreshing fruit like a slice of watermelon. This idea comes from Alex in Aurora.

Unless you want to create this porch sign on your own, you can simply buy it from their online shop. It’s hand-painted and sealed for both indoor and outdoor use. It also has a sawtooth hanger on the backside if you want to hang it somewhere. And there are multiple choices available for purchase, such as Sweet Summer Time.

5. Round wooden welcome sign

Simple welcome signs for front door

Made from solid pine, this welcome sign for your front door is elegant with its clean lines and eye-catching lettering. It also has a burlap bow and a string for hanging. You can easily buy it from Peony Custom Creations.

If you wish to add a personal touch to your front door and make your home feel more inviting, you can use a simple welcome sign like the one displayed in this photo.

6. Welcome-ish funny welcome sign

Welcome ish funny porch sign

Another welcome home sign idea that has a rustic twist to it is this one sold on Etsy. Well, only the idea is sold since you have to make the project from the ground up, but we love the funny message that says Welcome-ish, depends on who you are & how long you’re staying.

We can only assume that the do-it-yourself project is straightforward – get a piece of wood, paint it black, and wipe the margins with a piece of cloth to give it an unfinished look. Then, you can design the letters using software or a cutting machine, attach them to the wood, trace the contours with a Sharpie marker, then remove the letters and apply white paint instead. It’s best to use several coatings of paint, though.

7. Welcome to our home porch stencil

Welcome to our home stencil welcome signs for front porch

A welcome to our home porch stencil is a must-have supply if you want to make several porch signs at home and you want all of them to look professional. The one seen above has a nice font that spells Welcome to our home.

You can buy the stencil from Essential Stencils; It’s durable, reusable, and made from flexible mylar. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t also include the wooden board, so you have to obtain it from somewhere else.

8. Welcome porch sign planters

Outdoor welcome sign planters

Welcome porch sign planters like the ones from Meagan’s Creations combine the aesthetics of a conventional welcome sign with the utility of a porch planter. They are easy to make since they are basically boxes covered with paper filled with soil and planted with flowers.

You can make your flower box either by cutting out the top or bottom of a sturdy box, depending on how you want it to look. Leave about a 1-inch gap between the box’s edges and the cutout part so that you have enough space for planting flowers inside it.

And don’t limit yourself to flowering plants! You can also try using veggies or herbs that are rich in color but still edible. That way, everyone will know what kind of treats they’re going to get from you the moment they step inside your home.

9. Home sweet home door hanger

Home sweet home door hanger

A Home sweet home door hanger will go great on the front porch of any farmhouse, especially thanks to its enchanting design.

You can buy a home sweet home welcome door sign from Etsy. It’s round, completely handmade from solid pine wood, painted with the Home Sweet Home message, and stained. It also has a cute bow with green leaves. Plus, the lettering is made with permanent vinyl.

Hangers are on the backside so that you can easily attach the sign. It also makes for a thoughtful housewarming gift.

10. Welcome to our home 3D door sign

Welcome to our home signs

A welcome sign that says Welcome to our home, like this one from Etsy, is certainly another classic. The welcome sign has a 3D effect to it, so it mimics the look of white cutout letters attached to a blackboard with a wooden frame.

The good thing about this welcome sign is that you can edit its design. In addition to selecting the preferred size at checkout, you can personalize it by mentioning your family’s name so that it gets written under the Welcome to our home sign. It’s an elegant way to show first-time visitors whose door they are knocking on.

11. Hello Sweet Cheeks – Welcome Sign Ideas

Hello sweet cheeks welcome sign ideas

A welcome sign that says Hello sweet cheeks is a great way to let visitors know that you’re the type of person that’s warm, welcoming, and loves making new friends.

Unless you want to take over a do-it-yourself project and design this welcome sign from the ground up, you can purchase it from Studio 29 Eleven. It’s sized at 10×20 inches and also makes for an excellent housewarming gift!

Hello sweet cheeks is a cute phrase that can be placed on a welcome sign or anywhere else in the house because it doesn’t really have any deep meaning.

12. DIY Joy porch sign

Diy joy front door signs

This vertical front door sign that says Joy is a good way to start off your winter holiday decorations,

This vertical door sign has the word Joy decoratively designed in wooden lettering against a white background with a wooden frame. Plus, it has a burlap ribbon and a small wreath with red berries, which add to its rustic flair.

Check out the complete DIY tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic! We think it works great as a Christmas front door sign. To create this versatile welcome sign, all you need is plywood or scrap wood, two 1×2 boards, wood finish stain, wood letters, white chalk paint, wood glue, brad nails, a power drill, a wired burlap ribbon, and a small wreath.

13. There is no place like home vertical welcome sign

There is no place like home vertical welcome sign

This vertical welcome sign that says There is no place like home, inspired by The Wizard of Oz, is certainly rustic and cheerful, thanks to the bright colors.

You can buy this piece from Bargain Junction at a reasonable price.

However, if you’re up for it, we think that you could get away with a DIY project. You just need a piece of wood, colorful paints, paintbrushes, and a bit of painting talent. Besides, it would be a thoughtful gift for your friends or family!

14. This is us welcome sign

This is us welcome sign

A welcome sign that says This is us: a little bit of crazy, a little bit loud, and a whole lot of love lets your visitors know just how much love there’s in your family.

The message and its font are the focal points here since the rest of the welcome sign is pretty basic. You could probably get away with a piece of wood, black paint, and white stencil.

But if you don’t want to go through that trouble and make sure that your new front door sign will have a polished look, it’s better to purchase it from Etsy. It goes double for those thinking of making considerate housewarming gifts.

15. Coffee and friends welcome sign

Coffee and friends welcome signs for front door

This front door welcome sign features the words Welcome, coffee and friends make the perfect blend in fancy lettering. So, if you, your family, and your friends love to sit around a table and chat while sipping hot coffee, then it’s something you should definitely get.

You can purchase this handmade door sign from Etsy. It’s also possible to personalize it by adding your family name or any other information you want to include in the sign. It’s round, has a 17-inch size and 3/4-inch thickness, and is made from vintage solid wood.

And if you feel that it’s too plain, you can ask the buyer to decorate it by changing the paint or stain color, the color scheme, or by adding a bow or flowers.

16. Just Married wooden prop sign

Just married welcome porch sign

A welcome prop sign with the words Just Married and the wedding date should be the go-to idea for newlyweds going into their first house together as husband and wife!

The front door welcome sign says just married in white lettering on a wooden background. You can hang it using a piece of twine or ribbon, depending on your preference.

Plus, when purchasing this hand-painted piece from Perry Hill Rustics, you can make sure that it will have the most special touch ever by adding the wedding date, the first or last name of the bride and groom, or the wedding date with the first or last name! It’s possible to include additional customization notes, change the stain color or the font to anything you like, and choose between a twine and ivory ribbon. The frame has an approximate size of 6×12 inches.

17. DIY reclaimed wood wreath frame

Diy reclaimed wood wreath frame welcome signs for front door

A DIY reclaimed wood wreath frame is always a good idea, and it works just as well in the entryway area, whether we’re talking about welcome signs for the front door or other kinds of decoration.

If you want to pay homage to nature and create a rustic feel at the same time, then this welcome sign is definitely for you. It’s a wreath frame made of reclaimed wood, which blends well with any color scheme.

Do Dodson Designs shows an excellent and straightforward tutorial on how to obtain a reclaimed wood wreath frame without having to turn to professional help. When it comes to materials, you will need a chop saw, fluff chalk mineral paint, a pallet or reclaimed wood, a jigsaw, screws, a drill, screw eyes, a pencil, a large wood frame, a paintbrush, a staple gun with staples, and 1/8 inch plywood.

18. Welcome, please come in sign

Aaron burden avqpdlrjabs unsplash

A welcome sign that says Welcome, please come in does what any good welcome sign should do: make your guests feel welcome. It’s great when you’ve just invited some friends and family members to your house and want them to feel comfortable before they even step inside the house.

The best part about this welcome sign is that you can just need to buy a small chalkboard with a wooden frame, use chalk to write the welcoming message, and then attach some twine so that you can easily hang the sign on your front door.

19. Welcome on board home sign

Welcome on board welcome home signs

This welcome home sign that says Welcome on board is a unique welcome sign that you can use to decorate your home’s entryway area. It’s navy-themed and perfect for people who have just moved into their first house together as husband and wife or for those who are buying or renting a boat.

It’s tricky to build as a DIY project, especially since life preservers aren’t exactly easy to find, so it’s easier to just buy it from the Internet and then hang it on your front door using a piece of string.

20. Welcome signs with veggie decor

Veggie decor with welcome signs

A welcome sign with real veggie decor lets visitors know that they’re stepping inside the house of someone with genuine green fingers. Besides, they serve a double role since you can eventually eat the veggies when they’re ripe.

This stylish concept features flower bulbs in baskets, which are placed in metallic basket holders with big metallic forks. Furthermore, small wooden frames with welcome signs are attached to the forks using twine. The design is a bit antique and a reminder of fresh produce available at a nearby stand or store.

The best part about this design is that it’s fully customizable according to the number of people who are invited for dinner, so you can add everyone’s names on individual signs and place them near the entryway entrance door. It might take a bit more time, but it definitely looks impressive!

Additionally, you can choose from various different types of vegetables and flowers, change the color of the baskets and twine, and even replace the welcome sign with another one that has a different message.

21. Open door sign

Open sign

An open door sign puts a nice twist on the open signs of shops since you can attach it to the front door of your house to let guests know that you are, indeed, home.

Besides, it’s an easy project that can be created in just a few minutes by attaching some string to the lid of an old storage container, then cutting out cardboard letters that read Open and painting them with chalkboard paint.

You get double points if you make the sign double-sided by writing Closed on the back. This way, you can flip the sign over when it’s time to go to sleep or when you and your family leave on vacation.

Of course, there are other types of signs you can create using recycled materials for your front door area or entryway. Some might be made from wood planks, while others could contain recycled metal paint cans with engraved messages. The choice is yours!

22. Easy DIY Welcome sign

Easy diy welcome sign

This easy DIY sign with the word Welcome written on it and a flower pot on top is the definition of simplicity. This vertical welcome sign is proof that you don’t have to put a lot of thought to your welcome sign as long as it does its job and lets people know this is the place where they want to be.

Check out this tutorial made by Girl Just DIY to find out more about making this welcome sign.

You’ll need to paint a wood board, create a no-stencil layout, transfer the welcome letters to the board, and outline the letters using paint. To decorate the sign and make it a bit fancier, just add a dry flower vase.

23. Green basket with flowers porch sign

Green basket with flowers welcome porch sign

This next welcome porch sign that looks like a basket with flowers is a great way of repurposing old materials that you probably have lying around instead of buying supplies from a craft store.

All you have to do is attach the flowers with some twine to the front door area left corner, then hang the basket from a hook on the right side of the doorway entranceway. The idea might seem a bit too simple at first glance, but it works very well in practice!

24. Welcome to our porch sign

Welcome to our porch welcome signs for front porch

A welcome sign that reads Welcome to our porch is the definition of front porch decor since you can’t get any simpler than this.

This front porch welcome sign is available for purchase at Etsy. It’s handmade and hand-painted with acrylic paint. Because of this, you should keep in mind that each product is unique, so don’t expect to get the exact sign shown in the picture.

You can use this porch sign as an option for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or other occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Besides that, you should know that its design features sunflowers, which makes it a nice decoration piece that goes well with any other nature-themed outdoor decorations.

25. Consider how the wild flowers grow welcome sign

Consider how the wildflowers grow welcome sign

This front porch welcome sign that reads Consider how the wild flowers grow is something that you can create yourself even if you’re not an expert at crafting. Simply draw the desired design on some cardboard, then paint it with acrylic paint and embellish it with flowers or leaves made of craft foam.

If you absolutely love the welcome sign shown in the picture, you can get it from Etsy. It’s hand-painted, features delicate flowers, and shows the Consider how the wildflowers grow message from the scripture. There’s a sawtooth hanger on the back so that you can easily hang it on your front door.

However, if you want to replicate this front door sign from scratch, consider adding more nature-themed elements to the outdoor environment. For example, you could install a birdhouse, place plants in hanging pots near the entranceway gate, and so on.

26. Tall carrot porch sign

Huge carrot welcome porch sign

A welcome porch sign shaped like a giant carrot is what you should get or make for yourself if you’re a fan of bunnies or if Easter happens to be around the corner.

Don’t feel like creating a welcome sign for your front door entrance? There’s no need to worry since there’s a perfect solution – simply purchase a welcome porch sign and use it instead.

This huge carrot porch sign we found on Unfinished Wood Co. is very inviting and fun. It will definitely attract guests’ attention when they approach your house. Evidently, since the sign says Happy Easter, it means that you can only use it during the Easter holiday. It’s made from thick Baltic birch plywood.

27. DIY framed shiplap porch sign

Diy shiplap porch sign

A DIY shiplap porch sign will not only help you save money but also create a personal project that your family will genuinely appreciate. Plus, this porch sign makes the perfect accent piece for many rooms in your home or your front door.

The beauty of this porch sign DIY project is that it doesn’t require a lot of wood or tools. Nevertheless, you still get the front porch look with traditional charm. Make sure you have plywood planks, short framing pieces, backing strips, a nail gun, glue, and a staple gun.

Then, carefully follow the instructions detailed by Our Handcrafted Life, and let us know how your shiplap porch sign turns out!

28. Good vibes only porch signs

Good vibes only welcome home signs

A vertical home sign that reads Good vibes only is perfect if you want people visiting your house to know what the atmosphere inside is like. These welcome home signs are so cute and you can place them anywhere throughout your home. Your family will appreciate the inspiration every time they walk in the door; after all, good vibes only!

The theme is monochromatic, making it an excellent addition to any porch or entryway.

You should be able to easily make this welcome home sign by painting the letters on a piece of board. Otherwise, you can purchase this sign from Etsy since it’s more convenient, especially if you don’t have the patience necessary for DIY projects.

29. Welcome to the farmhouse sign

Welcome to the farmhouse welcome sign

A welcome sign that says Welcome to our farmhouse written with green Western fonts will bring out that good old country charm that you’re trying to impress your guests with. The design focuses on the color green, with signs of rust to give it a more dated look.

You can easily purchase this welcome sign from Karen’s Kraft Room. It was made on a 12×6-inch aluminum blank. Plus, the sign is UV-protected, which makes it weather-resistant!

You can keep it hanging on your front door year-round since it doesn’t need any special occasion. Overall, this welcome sign would look great on a sunroom door too!

30. Budget-friendly DIY custom Welcome sign

Budget friendly diy custom welcome sign

This budget-friendly DIY custom welcome sign is a must-have if you want some decor that summarizes how your day-to-day life looks.

If you have a DYI spirit and feel like creating a welcome sign from scratch, you’re not alone. Hamby Home did it, too, so you should check out their project to get inspired.

To make this budget-friendly custom welcome sign, make sure to measure the dimensions of the wood before purchasing the letters, obviously. Then, measure and cut vinyl lettering to fit the front of the wood, and paint over the vinyl lettering with a contrasting paint color.

Although you can use paint to create a custom welcome sign, vinyl lettering is better because it is more durable and resistant. As such, it will last much longer when exposed to weather elements.

31. Hello Fall porch sign

Hello fall welcome porch sign

A welcome porch sign with the words hello fall is something all autumn lovers should have as soon as they see the first leaves turn from green to orange.

You can purchase this welcome porch sign from Etsy, but you can also use your DIY skills to make it. The only things you should ensure are that the sign is large enough, has a stained wood surface (you can stain it yourself or let this job be done by the vendor), and uses rustic lettering.

No specific instructions are necessary since the design is straightforward. You just have to paint over the letters with white paint using a craft brush and allow it to dry before peeling off the transfer tape and applying the vinyl lettering. Afterward, hang up your welcome sign anywhere on your front door.

32. DIY vintage patio sign

Diy vintage outdoor welcome sign

A vintage patio sign that says Life is good reminds visitors that your house is a place where everybody should be happy. You can make this vintage patio by following the simple tutorial made available by I Should Be Mopping the Floor.

You can start making this welcome sign by getting hold of a wooden board. Then, you can apply a base coat using light red chalk-style paint, wait for it to dry off, create the vinyl lettering using a cutting machine, and then place it on top of the paint.

Next, you can remove the vinyl, sand the edges, and seal the board with a clear varnish. Be sure to check out the complete guide and let us know how your DIY vintage outdoor welcome sign turns out!

33. Farmhouse welcome sign

Wooden Rustic Welcome Sign

Farmhouse-style welcome signs are classic choices for those of you who have a knack for simplicity and good taste.

You can find these farmhouse welcome signs on Etsy, and you can choose from a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and messages (some are even in different languages. However, all products share the same rustic appeal as the ones illustrated above, so no matter which ones you pick, it will surely enhance your house’s aesthetics.

34. Home porch sign with greenery

Home Sign With Greenery

A home porch sign with greenery is great for those of you who love wreaths but want to try something that looks a bit more modern or minimalistic. The design is pretty clever since the letter O in the word home is actually the wooden wreath, but they only partially covered it in greenery so that it’s easier for you to make out the word.

You can find these welcome signs on Etsy, and according to the seller, there are two custom frame colors available, black and white, so you only need to specify your preferences. Another thing you’ll need to know about these welcome signs is that they’re pretty big (12” x 54”) so you better have plenty of space on that porch of yours.

35. Home porch sign with wreath

Home porch welcome sign

This home porch sign with a wreath can be the solution if you are wondering whether to get a wreath or a door sign to decorate the entrance to your home.

The design of this porch sign with a wreath has all the makings of a typical rustic decoration: you can clearly see the wood, and the writing is hand painted, yet slightly distressed to make it look like it’s pretty old and weathered. The wreath is made out of pip berry branches, so that the colors of the wreath (white and dark brown), match the overall tone of the rest of the porch sign.

You can buy this welcome sign from Etsy, or you can use the photos as inspiration to create your own DIY welcome sign; the choice is all yours.

36. Family name metal sign

Family name metal sign

This family name metal sign is the definition of how you can use sturdy materials like metal to create amazing decorations.

Since not everyone is skilled in cutting metal, the easiest way to get your hands on one of these stylish door signs is to buy them straight from Etsy. The sellers offer to personalize this product according to any family name, and since they use laser cutters to make them, you know that everything will be precise.

More so, they cover the metal signs with a powder coating, and you get to choose between black, red, and silver. Not only does this coating helps give the porch sign a bit of color, but it also helps protect the metal from corrosion.

37. Welcome cutout wooden letter sign

Welcome sign lettering

This welcome cutout wooden letter sign combines complex crafting materials, such as wooden letter cutouts, with materials that seem rough and simplistic, like sticks and twine.

Those of you that want to create this welcome sign at home should have no trouble doing so, although you will probably need a good stencil to help you with the wooden letter cutouts.

This welcome sign certainly has a vacation vibe to it, and we recommend that you try getting one of these if you own any holiday homes, like a beach house, or a cabin in the woods.

38. Welcome sign etched in wood

Etched in wood welcome sign

A welcome sign etched in wood is something that a lot of you have probably seen when visiting log cabins in mountain resorts.

Etched wood has a certain country appeal to it, and signs like the ones illustrated above are pretty common, so finding one for yourself shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Besides, if you want to try your hand at creating your own welcome sign etched in wood, all you need is a wooden slab, a chisel, or a pyrography machine.

39. Hanging welcome sign with a clock

Welcome sign clock

A hanging welcome sign with a clock is great if you’re the type of person that loves relaxing on the porch and happens to lose track of time a bit too often.

As for the design, we really liked this hanging welcome sign because it reminded us of a lot of old train stations, especially those from the 1800s and early 1900s. They’re perfect if you’re looking for that nostalgic appeal, and we’re sure that your guests will feel the same.

40. Welcome sign with a box

Welcome sign cat spot

A welcome sign with a box attached to it is something that you should buy or craft for yourself if you like items that serve several purposes at once. For example, you can use the box attached to the welcome sign as a mailbox, a cat bed (see image above), or even as a mini flower bed, similar to the porch planters listed earlier.

If you plan of making this welcome sign yourself, make sure that you have plenty of wood to work with, and that you know how to get some measurements right.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways for you to make your own unique welcome sign. You can either buy a ready-made sign, or you can put your DIY skills to the test and craft one yourself; it’s really up to you.

In any case, we hope that this article has given you some inspiration and that you’ll find the perfect welcome sign for your porch in no time!

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