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25 Halloween Costumes For Couples

Halloween is almost upon us, which means that it’s high time to come up with a killer Halloween costume. And if you have a friend or significant other that loves to dress up too, why not try a couple’s costume? Here are 25 of our favorite costumes for two people.

1. Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf

Little red riding hood wolf costumes

This classic story lends itself to a couple’s Halloween costume – simply dress up in a red hooded cape and have a buddy wear a wolf mask and a black outfit. Make your way over to Love To Know Costumes to check out more Halloween costume ideas for couples.

2. Toy Army Men

Halloween toy soldiers costumes

Go head to toe green for this clever toy army man costume duo. This requires a bit more effort to make than other costumes, but with a very eye-catching effect! Everyone will be impressed with your ingenuity. Head over to Brit + Co. to check out the tutorial.

3. Forrest Gump and Jenny

Forest gump and jenny costumes

If you were a fan of the 1994 hit movie Forrest Gump, then you’ll probably love this genius couple’s costume. Forrest Gump is wearing his red hat and sneakers along with a slightly too small pair of pants and plaid shirt, while Jenny has a hippy look. Read more here.

4. Elliott and Gertie From E.T.

Et movie couples custume

Here’s another great movie reference, this time from the 80’s. This duo is dressed up as Elliott and Gertie from the classic movie E.T. The key component is obviously the stuffed E.T. toy, but the red hoodie and the pig tails on Gertie are important too. Check it out here.

5. Jack and Coke

Jack and coke drink halloween costume