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35 Wine Cork Crafts To Fill Your Girls’ Weekend

Stop tossing those corks after you pop a bottle. Instead, keep them around for a while. You can use them later for a snazzy project or two.

Wine cork gallery

With just a little bit of hot glue, some wire, and some paint, you can create something absolutely stunning for your home, whether it’s something decorative or something you can use, we have you covered with a lot of ideas.

Wine Cork Crafts

Using wine corks for your crafts is a cool thing to do, and it’s going to help you repurpose something you usually threw away. We have 35 projects for you to take on right now!

1. Wine Cork Hanging Decorative Piece

Hanging wine corks decoration

Putting together a wine cork hanging decoration is super easy to do, and you really need just a few materials to make it happen. It will also take a few minutes to make, which is great if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

2. Wine Cork Anchor

Wine cork anchor

Anchors are always awesome to look at, and this nautical-themed crafting job is just as great. By using wine corks painted in three colors, as well as some rope, you can make your own. You can hang it on a wall or place it on a shelf; whatever you decide works best.

3. Wine Cork Butterfly

Wine cork butterfly

Do you love butterflies? We are in love with them! So, why not make a really cute wine cork butterfly for your walls? Maybe it will go better on a shelf? Well, whatever you decide, you first need some time to put it together, some paint, and, of course, wine corks.

4. Christmas Tree

Wine cork christmas tree

Christmas is always on our minds, especially since it allows us so many crafting opportunities. If you want, you can also make your own Christmas tree decoration out of wine corks, which is pretty awesome.

5. Wine Cork Coasters

Wine cork coasters

Do you ever have the coasters on hand? How about if they looked prettier and you made them yourself? Maybe that’s when you’d actually take them out and used them. Well, with just a few wine corks and some ribbons, as well as plenty of hot glue, you’d be good to go.

6. Flower Wine Cork Wreath

Wine cork floral wreath

We just love wreaths! A floral wreath is even prettier! Well, if you want to have one that never withers away, you can make one with wine corks! It’s such a lovely project you can put together in no time!

7. Heart Wall Hanging

Wine cork heart wall hanging

When you love someone, you can make them a heart-shaped wall decoration with wine corks, so whenever they look at it, they think of you. It’s such a cute project, and the result is definitely worth it!

8. Jewelry Organizer

Wine cork jewelry organizer

Another really cool thing you can do with wine corks is a jewelry organizer piece. This will allow you easy access to the pieces you wear most often. The project is also super easy to put together, so why not make it?!

9. Napkin Holder

Wine cork napkin holder

Something else you can make with wine corks is a napkin holder! These are just so great to have on your table, especially during family get-togethers. You only need a few materials to make this, and it won’t take too long to make either, so it’s a win-win situation.

10. Napkin Ring

Wine cork napkin ring

Putting together a really cute napkin ring out of wine corks and some ribbon is easy to do, and you’ll love the results when you have your next dinner party. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even take them out on a regular night.

11. Necklace

Wine cork necklace

You can also make yourself a little bit of jewelry. With a few wine corks, you can create a cool necklace to wear anytime you go out with your friends! It’s a cute project, and you can even make some for your family members and friends!

12. Pencil Holder

Wine cork pencil holder

With a tin can and some painted wine corks, you can make yourself a really cute pencil holder for your desk! Whether you’re making it for your home office or planning on placing it on your kid’s desk, it’s all up to you. It’s a quick project, and the results are gorgeous!

13. Photo Frame

Wine cork photo frame

How about a cool photo frame? With just a few wine corks, a bit of paint, and some creativity, you can completely change the way your photo frames look! The whole DIY is easy to go through all the steps and takes a short time.

14. Plant Holder

Wine cork planter

With a few wine corks, you can definitely completely change your basic metal planter looks. It’s such a cute project, and we love how it all came together. The best part is that you don’t need too many materials and it’s a quick project you can do on the weekend.

15. Soap Rack

Wine cork soap rack

It only takes a few wine corks and some hot glue to put together a wine cork soap rack. Obviously, it’s better suited for liquid soap bottles or shower gel bottles, but it’s a great addition to your bathroom’s countertop. It’s super easy to make too!

16. Vase

Wine cork vase

We know what you’re thinking – a vase out of wine corks? Well, sort of. You’ll be using wine corks to cover up a mason jar which you can definitely fill with water for all your cute flowers! Let’s see how you can make your own wine cork vase!

17. Wine Glasses

Wine cork wine glasses

If you love wine and want to make sure everyone who visits knows this, you can make your very own wine cork wine glasses! We’re sure there’s some level of irony in there, but overall this is a great project that you can make on the weekend. You could put these up on a shelf or straight up on your wall if you wanted to!

18. Wreath

Wine cork wreath

How about another wreath?! This one has a different vibe, and it looks a lot more in tune with the holidays, rather than celebrating spring. Nonetheless, it’s a really cute project that mixes in wine corks with felt flowers, moss, and other little decorative pieces.

19. Bottle Stopper

Bottle stopper 1024x684

We can also use a couple of wooden doorknobs to make a couple of really cute bottle stoppers. You can use these for special occasions. They’re fairly easy to make, and you don’t need to go through too much trouble to get the necessary materials.

20. Monogram Letters

Diy cork monogram 9

We can also make some really cute monogram letters with wine corks! You can use them to decorate the room, or they can double up in their role as a pinboard for whatever small notes you have to put up, so you don’t forget important things.

21. Sparkling Rock Stoppers

Rock wine stoppers diy

Brit + Co turned some wine corks into bottle stoppers. But the toppers on these stoppers, well, they’re sparkling and right on-trend. We love these edgy, rock-inspired pieces.

22. Candlestick Photo Holder

Diy candlestick photo holders from wine corks

One Charming Partyused their old wine corks and used them in creating these fantastic candlestick photo holders. Any time we can do something in an offbeat way, even if it’s displaying our fav family photos, we’re going to take it. And this is a charming way to go about it.

23. State-Shape Cork Art

Diy state shape cork art

Every time we see this project come tolife, we fall in love. Over at Brit + Co, you can learn how to take those old wine corks and turn them into something this stunning. With a bit of ombre and “homey” appeal.

24. Serving Tray

Cork serving tray diy

I Love To Create used corks to create a unique serving tray. We love the monogram in the middle, which makes it a bit more personalized as well. It could be a fabulous DIY gift for your bestie or sis!

25. Keychain

Diy cork keychain

Use it as a keychain. This idea is great for a cork from a bottle that has a really great memory or sentiment attached. Check out the easy tutorial by visiting Morning Creativity.

26. Framed Cork Corkboard

Diy cork corkboard

Suze Geeks Out created this framed cork board by grabbing all of her old corks. And there are so many different ways to use this idea. Display earrings or use it to house your to-do lists, invites, and more.

27. Unique Candles

Diy cork candles

A Subtle Revelrycreated really rad candles out of the corks. Hop on over now and check out the really easy follow-along.

28. Giraffe Sculpture

Wine cork giraffe sculpture diy

We’re absolutely swooning over this giraffe sculpture made over at Lil Blue Boo. You could even add a bit of paint for color as well. It’s a fun display for the kitchen, but when dipped in pastels … it could be used in a nursery as well!

29. Herb Markers

Diy wine cork herb makers

Shine Your Light has a unique way to mark your herbs. Just grab a cork and use them to highlight your green thumb. Take the leap and peek at the DIY now.

30. Corkball

Diy decorative cork ball

Archaichocolatehas a unique way to decorate dull spaces. You can collage these together to make a bigger spread or just go bigger from the get-go and create a cork chandelier. Again, you can add some color here as well.

31. Cork Magnet Planter

Diy wine cork magnet planter

Are these mini planters not the cutest? And they’re not only planters, but they’re also magnets too! Check out the details at It All Started With Paint.

32. Knot Stoppers

Knot wine bottle stoppers diy

A Subtle Revelryhas another bottle stopper DIY for us to fall in love with. This time, you won’t see the cork, it’ll just be its foundation. But these knot accents are super charming, don’t you think?

33. 3-Dimensional Wall Art

Diy cork three dimensional wall art

Here’s some more wall art that you’ll appreciate. Highlight the dining room or hallway with a similar piece. Grab the details by visiting Project Rowhouse.

34. Trivets

Diy wine cork trivet

Crafty Nest made trivets out of corks. It’s one of the easier, more popular choices for the material. There are so many different ways to make it happen, too – so dive right in!

35. Cork Stamps

Wine work stamps diy

Brit + Co ends our list with these fun wine cork stamps. You can use those corks to create new, fun, and artistic pieces for friends and family! Just grab some ink.

Final Thoughts

There you go. We have so many ideas you can make happen super easily with just a few materials and a bit of free time! They’re all cool things you can do in half an hour or so. So, get crafting with wine bottles!

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