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28 Best Family Photo Wall Ideas to Display Treasured Memories

Coming up with original family photo wall ideas can be challenging. Still, there are many ways to show off your treasured memories by dedicating an entire wall to a wholesome gallery. Read on to discover cool designs.

family photo wall ideas

Organizing a family photo wall is a great way to take a trip down the memory lame, especially if all family members are involved in picking the photos and choosing the wall and gallery design. And if you had a family photoshoot, it’s an excellent idea to immortalize those moments on the wall.

How do you create a gallery wall with family pictures?

There are several ways to create a gallery wall with family pictures. For example, you can use frames of different sizes and shapes, create a photo collage, mix and match artwork, add ledges, or hang pictures using clothespins.

Check out some of the best ideas for putting together a family photo wall:

1. Frameless photo gallery with string lights

Frameless photo gallery with string lights

Using a frameless photo gallery with string lightsis a simple and stylish way to create a gallery wall. Since you won’t be using any frames, you don’t have to worry about drilling. It’s perfect for apartments where you can’t put holes in the walls, such as dorm rooms or rental homes. Frameless photos don’t weigh much, so you can use command strips or push pins to hang pictures on the wall. The string lights add a bit of personality to your gallery, turning it into a charming focal point that grabs the attention of anyone entering the room.

We discovered this idea about decorating a wall with frameless family photos and adding string lights on Pinterest.

2. Frameless family photos in one giant frame

Frameless family photos in one giant frame

Organizing family photos in a giant frameis an excellent way to showcase your treasured memories on a wall. The pictures are frameless like in the previous family photo wall design, but they are attached to a huge wooden frame that adds elegance to the photo collage.

The size of the giant frame depends on the size and arrangement of the pictures, which implies first choosing the photos and then picking a suitable frame. But it might be easier to build a photo collage around the frame since you can decide on the total photos, modify their dimensions, and print them on paper. Finding a store-ready frame that’s so big can be quite challenging. If you have any woodworking skills, buy the raw materials and use them to make a giant frame like the one from Yellow Brick Home, which will have the perfect dimensions for your photo collage.

We found this design about frameless family photos in one giant frame on Pinterest.

3. Photo collage wallpaper

Photo collage wallpaper

A photo collage wallpaper is larger than the giant frame described previously. Installing a photo collage wallpaper means converting an entire wall into a space dedicated to family photos. You can order a custom wallpaper online and send to the manufacturer a collage of pictures instead of a single image. The downside to this project is that you can’t change the photos unless you order a brand new wallpaper.

We found this photo collage wallpaper idea on Pinterest.

4. Painted family tree with photos

Painted family tree with photos

A painted family tree with photos is a creative way to add a bit of history to your gallery wall, as long as you have some painting skills. It’s also a great conversation starter, so be sure to pick a wall in a place accessible to your guests, such as the living room or staircase. There are no exact guidelines for this project since you can paint a tree to match your surrounding decor and preferences. For example, you can add any number of branches, use a single or multiple colors, include or exclude leaves, use framed or frameless photos, and attach or leave out string lights.

Check out The Decorative Brush for a cool idea about a painted family tree with photos.

5. Ancestry family photo chart

Ancestry family photo wall

An ancestry family photo chart is a different take on the family tree wall. Unlike the painted tree idea, this project follows the standard guidelines for making a family tree chart, resulting in two family trees: for yourself and your spouse. You can write the person’s name, birth and death date, frame the photos, and connect the pictures using electrical tape or paint.

Go to Lone Tester for the tutorial on this ancestry family photo chart design.

6. Rustic wire photos hanging on the staircase wall

Rustic wire photos hanging on the staircase wall

Hanging family photos using rustic craft wire is a great way to fill up the empty wall on the staircase and works well with the farmhouse style. The trick to this project is creating the rustic wire photo hanging and sticking pictures to the canvas using mod podge. For instance, you can create a symmetrical or asymmetrical display, mix and match different frame styles and sizes, or use black and white or colorful photos.

Visit Little House of Four to find out how to make a rustic photo wire hanging.

7. Scrabble tiles with family photos and names

Scrabble tiles with family photos

Arranging family photos in oversized Scrabble tiles is a fun way to put together a gallery wall, especially if you and your family love playing Scrabble. In addition to family pictures, you can spell out “love,” “family,”, or crosswords with the name of each family member.

The simplest way to create a gallery wall in this designis by placing an order for pictures on Mixtiles, where each tile is 8×8 inches. You also have to order 8×8 Scrabble tileswith the letters you need.

We found this idea of creating a family photo wall with Scrabble tiles on Pinterest.

8. Square photo tiles around a rectangular quote frame

Stackable photo tiles in the hallway

Organizing square photo tiles around a rectangular quote frame adds interest to an otherwise bland space, like in the hallway or entryway. The idea of this family photo wall design is to create a tile effect using square photos and a long, rectangular frame with a quote. You can buy the photo frames from Mixtiles, the same company mentioned earlier. For the quote frame, print your favorite family quote and wrap it in a frame that matches the others. If you have no idea what to write on the wall, check out these family photo quote ideas.

We stumbled upon this clean design on Pinterest.

9. Strings and mini clothespins

Diy mini clothespin picture display

Hanging pictures on strings with tiny clothespins is a cute and affordable way to showcase your family photos, especially for teens and students. An advantage of this design is that you can easily replace photos or add more. A downside is that you must drill nails in the wall to attach the strings.

Go to Nifty Thrifty Goodwill for the list of materials and complete instructions.

10. Geometric photo display

Diy geometric photo display

A geometric photo display is an unconventional way of creating a gallery wall for small family photos, such as Polaroids. The goal is to create an unusual “picture frame” by using a jewelry cord or a fishing line in a geometric pattern – similar to making string art. Then you can hang your favorite photos using tiny binder clips. It’s not an easy project, though, since you must pencil a sketch on the wall, add nails to every intersection, tightly pull the cord around the nails, and ensure the cord doesn’t overlap while creating the pattern.

If you love this family photo wall idea as much as we do, head over to The Caldwell Project for the step-by-step instructions.

11. Heart-shaped photo collage in the corner

Heart shaped photo collage in the corner

A heart-shaped photo collage in the corner is a clever way to showcase your family pictures while taking advantage of small wall space: using two walls instead of one, where each wall is responsible for half a heart. This is a cool design for a couple since each person can choose a wall to populate with their favorite pictures.

We found this cool family photo wall design on Pinterest. The trick is creating the heart shape while minding the picture size for each tile. Archive Live has a simple heart grid you can use and details the entire process of taping pictures to the wall.

12. World map with family photos

Diy world map with photos

A world map with family photos is an awesome gallery wall idea for globetrotters since it combines family pictures and the love of travel. If your family and friends live in different countries, you can reveal the location of each person on the map.

Ifolor shows you how to bring this design to life usingpushpins, string, a large corkboard, and a world map that fits the corkboard. A world map decal isn’t necessary since you can pin paper to the corkboard. For example, you can download a vectorized version of the world map and print it on large paper.

13. Family photo mosaic

Family photo mosaic

A wall mosaic with your family pictures has immeasurable sentimental value, where the base photo represents the sum of all life moments displayed in tiny pictures.

To create a photo mosaic, you can use online software like Mosaically or EasyMoza. Then you can print the mosaic to wallpaper and hang it on an empty wall in your home. For best results, you should add medium-sized pictures to the mosaic. If the images are too small, they won’t be visible.

14. Different photo frames

Different photo frames

Using an assortment of photo frames to create a family gallery wall is simple. But creating a cohesive design is the tricky part. Check out these guidelines to see how to match photo frame elements throughout:

  1. Start by choosing a frame color scheme. The coordinating colors should match the rest of your home decor. For example, you can use black and white for a classic style, or white and gold for an elegant style.
  2. Hang the largest frame in the center. It becomes the focal point of your photo gallery, and you can work your way outwards, hanging the smaller frames around it. Vary the height of the frames to add interest and make sure to leave negative space between each frame.
  3. Fill the frames with family photos. The pictures should complement each other regarding the theme, contrast, brightness, and saturation.

15. Vintage frame family photo wall

Vintage photo gallery

A gallery wall with vintage frames is an excellent choice for homes with a pre-contemporary or eclectic design style. Despite that “vintage” is the binding element, there’s some wiggle room. For instance, you can pick frames with various colors, shapes, and sizes. The family photos should be monochromatic, such as black and white, grayscale, sepia, or a combination of these, in order to preserve the antique allure.

Check out these foyers from Vogue’s archive for more inspiration.

16. Personalized timeline print

Family photo timeline print

A photographic timeline of your family’s history is a great way to fill up an empty wall. To tackle this family photo wall idea as a DIY project, follow these guidelines:

  1. Start by brainstorming your family’s background: mark important events such as births, marriages, and deaths. Sort the events chronologically and add a description, like dates, family crests, or handwritten notes.
  2. Find representative pictures for each event: pair each event with a representative photo. If you have old-timey black and white photos, consider making the newer photos black and white, too, to preserve the cohesive design.
  3. Prepare and assemble the timeline: scan the pictures, use image editing software to resize them to the same dimensions, and print them. Add the images to the backing of a long frame chronologically, write the descriptions, and frame the entire ensemble.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of a DIY project, you can visit Not On The High Street to order a personalized photo timeline.

17. A photo grid around the door

Photo grid around the door

Surrounding a door with a photo grid is a fantastic way to create a gallery wall, particularly in small spaces. It’s easy enough: sticking pictures to the wall on the right, left, and above a door. One idea is to align the photos in a grid pattern to add symmetry and tidy the design. Another idea is to experiment with different-sized photos and forget all about symmetry. Regardless of the design, take care to leave negative space between the pictures so that they don’t overlap.

Visit Hometalk to see how they managed to create a family photo wall by using a door as the focal point.

18. Family photo mobile

Yarn wrapped photo mobile

A family photo mobile is a miniature picture gallery that you can hang on a wall, the back of the door, or any other surface. It’s a cute project, particularly for kids, teens, and students who want to show off their toys, pets, or schoolmates. The most significant advantage of this design is that you can take down the photo mobile anytime, rearrange the photos, and hang it in a different spot.

There are many ways to make a family photo mobile. But we prefer this colorful DIY yarn-wrapped hanging decoration from Hello Wonderful, which uses twigs, multi-colored yarn, and clothespins. It’s vibrant and adds cheer to any sombre spot. Be sure to visit the website for the complete list of materials and instructions.

22. Floral photo hoop

Diy floral photo hoop

A floral photo hoop is another portable solution for a small family gallery, and you can easily replace the pictures down the road. Instead of twigs and yarn, you will be using a hula hoop as the picture frame and a wide ribbon as the backing. To attach your family pictures to the backing, use pushpins or glue. In order to create the flowery theme, wrap the hoop in silk roses or other flowers.

Visit Our Crafty Mom to get the required supplies and instructions for this homemade floral photo hoop. This family gallery idea is suitable for the romantic interior design style. But it restricts the number and size of pictures you can use: few and small.

19. Chalkboard photo wall

Chalkboard photo wall

Turning an empty wall into a chalkboard is fantastic for preparing a family photo wall since you can add pictures to the chalkboard, draw frames around them and write descriptions. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get your kids involved and create unique wall decor that represents the efforts of the entire family.

We found this family gallery wall design on Pinterest. After painting the wall with chalkboard paint, you can add the photos with glue and create the frames and write messages with chalk. The best thing about this project is that chalk is removable, so you can always switch it up by erasing everything and drawing something new. If you have any leftover paint, check out our chalkboard ideas to see what to do with it.

20. Washi tape frames

Washi tape frames

Using washi tape to frame your family photos for a gallery wall is cheaper and quicker than framing numerous pictures. Depending on your home decor, washi tape frames can look fantastic. For example, if your interior design is art deco, go with multi-colored washi tapes displayed in various frame styles. With leftover tape, you can explore other ways to use washi tape.

We found this awesome idea on I Love DIY, which uses postcards instead of photos.

21. Wall clock photo display

Wall clock photo display

Adding photos to a wall clock is an excellent way to put together a gallery wall, particularly if you don’t have many available walls, and to personalize an otherwise boring wall clock. The downside is that you’re limited to 12 pictures. On the bright side, you can choose from several photo wall clock styles.

Check out Jenna Bishop Photography to see how to easily put together the photo wall clock design shown in the picture.

23. Honeycomb tile wood

Honeycomb photo tile wood

Creating a honeycomb tile design out of hexagon-shaped wooden frames for your family photos is a great way to add dimension and texture to your wall decor. Besides, honeycomb patterns are quite popular, probably owing to the fact that the hexagon is the most efficient natural shape.

We discovered this cool honeycomb design on Etsy, which is suitable for the minimalist interior design style. A fun detail is that there’s a bit of negative space between the photo and the edge of the wooden hexagon, making each tile look like a framed picture. You can order a set of 6, 12, or 18 hexagon tiles and personalize one of the tiles with a description (no image). But it will be up to you to arrange the tiles in a honeycomb pattern or in any other preferred style. For instance, you can make a larger hexagon shape, place the tiles in a two-line pattern, or scatter them around.

24. Pegboard family photo wall

Pegboard photo display

A pegboard family photo wall is a smart way to showcase frameless pictures by using a pegboard as a giant frame. The clever part is repurposing a pegboard, typically used for organizing jewelry or hanging tools in garages. You can attach pictures to the pegboard in several ways, like using fold-back clips, peg hooks, or pegs with strings. Other advantages are that you can replace and rearrange the pictures anytime, and further embellish the pegboard using string lights, flowers, keepsakes, artwork, or other decorations.

We found this interesting design on Melting Butter, where a giant pegboard showcased various pictures in a public cafe. It’s suitable for the industrial style and even classrooms.

The most challenging part is finding a huge pegboard and installing it on the wall. If you’re up for a DIY project, check out this pegboard installation tutorial from WikiHow, which uses furring strips.

25. Picture frames around a sticker quote

Together we make a family wall sticker

Adding quote stickers next to family photos is a simple and effective gallery idea, where the quote is the focal point and the pictures build the story around it. Finding the ideal quote is the key to this project since there are so many excellent options out there. We prefer “Together we make a family” because it’s a classic.

We found this removable wall sticker design on Etsy, which you can buy. Or, you can order a personalized quote sticker. Once you attach the quote to the wall, start adding your family photos around it. For example, you can make a photo collage or arrange the pictures next to each other in a line.

26. DIY wooden photo board

Diy wooden photo board

A homemade wooden photo board creates a small but meaningful space for a family gallery. You will be able to effortlessly add and replace pictures by hanging them on the wooden board instead of the wall. The idea is basic and opens an array of possibilities. For example, you can build several wooden boards in matching colors, create multiple rows or add a board to every room of the house, and put together fun patterns by displaying the boards horizontally and vertically. It’s a wonderful idea for the farmhouse interior design style.

If you’re up for the DIY challenge, visit Bosch DIY for the list of required materials and instructions. Power tools and basic woodworking skills are necessary since the project involves sanding and spray painting. And you have to nail the wooden board in the wall, so ensure it’s straight.

27. DIY thin picture ledges

Diy picture ledges

Thin picture ledges help to showcase framed family photos without hanging them. Although ledges are traditional for displaying family pictures, you can add an air of sophistication by making them thin.You can add a bunch of shelves to your wall and also use the space to display other items, like children’s books, succulents, or mini LEGO sets. The concept is excellent for decorating empty walls where you can’t add furniture without blocking the hallway.

If your woodworking skills are above mediocre, check out Ana White for the complete instructions on making DIY thin picture ledges, including the dimensions and ideal wood type.

28. Big family photo prints next to a big mirror

Big prints next to big mirror

Large family photo prints nicely complement a big mirror in the hallway, as long as there’s enough wall space. We found this cool idea on Remodelicious. Here are our thoughts on this family gallery design:

  • The mirror becomes part of the gallery as soon as you add the pictures. More so, the mirror turns into the focal point, so it’s best to adapt the images around the mirror.
  • Despite the wide range of frame choices, it’s preferable to match the mirror’s frame, particularly if it has a special design. For example, black picture frames pair well with a black mirror frame, but gold picture frames might be more suited for a vintage mirror frame.
  • To tidy the gallery, be sure to leave even negative space between the pictures and between the mirror and the pictures.
  • Colored pictures work fine, but black and white prints are less distracting when making last-minute adjustments in the mirror on your way to work.
  • Instead of large photos, you can make a collage out of multiple pictures and add them to big frames.


Discover more useful information about family photo wall ideas:

Where do you hang family photos in Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui, the best place to hang family photos is on the southwest wall of the room where your family gathers,in order to increase your harmony and bond. So you can choose the kitchen, living room, or dining room if their southwestern wall is empty.

How do you make a family photo collage?

To make a family photo collage, pick your favorite photos, decide on a layout for the collage, create the collage in a photo editing program, and print the collage.

How do you display old family photos on a wall?

There are many ways to display old family photos on a wall. For example, you can use picture frames, either one frame or several small pieces. Another way is to use an adhesive photo mural, which is a large piece of paper that is pre-printed with a photo or scene. The user simply peels the backing off of the adhesive and sticks it to the wall.


All things considered, there are a few different ways you can go about creating a family photo wall. It really depends on your personal preference and the overall look you’re going for. If you want something more traditional, you could simply choose a few favorite photos and frame them.

If you’re looking for something more creative, you could try using different-shaped frames and arranging the photos in a collage. Whichever way you choose to display your photos, make sure they’re hung in a place where everyone can enjoy them.

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