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24 Innovative Wine Cork DIYs To Get Your Hands Dirty With

Calling all wine lovers! What do you do with your the leftover corks after you’ve finished off your favorite bit of vino? Have you ever thought about keeping them and then creating something out of the remnants? Well, we’ve got a list of 24 wine cork DIYs that you will thoroughly enjoy getting your hands dirty with! Check them out below!

1. A Letter

DIY Wine Cork Letter

Craft Cuts gives us the rundown on how to create a large letter (or symbol) made out of older wine corks. And we love the versatility of this finished decor piece. The mantle, the foyer or even the home office can use a bit like this!

2. Candles

DIY Cork Candle

Over at A Subtle Revery you’ll learn all about how to turn those cops you’ve been saving into usable candles around the house. Perfect to spruce parties or add a slight romance to a favorite room!

3. Trivets

DIY Wine Cork Trivet

There are plenty of different ways to use corks to make trivets as well. Find out all the details over at Lushome and create functional pieces out of your best-tasting memories.

4. Stamps

DIY Wine Cork Stamps

Sweet Spot Cards gives us a DIY that will help in creating even more fun and imaginative projects. Turn those corks into stamps and allow them to help decorate letters, cards and more!

5. Magnet Planters

DIY Wine Cork Planter Magnets

Here’s an incredibly unique idea that would be hard to think up on our own without this type of inspiration. Wine corks turned into magnet planters – like these from It All Started With Paint – are just too charming.

6. Vases

DIy Wine Cork Vase

Design Improvised teaches us how to create vases out of wine corks! Big, small, tall or short, there are so many different routes to go when designing your very own.

7. Keychain

diy wine cork keychain

Making a keychain could also be a fun way to keep first date, anniversary or wedding memories on standby. Morning Creativity shows us how to many these little cuties with ease!

8. Bulletin Board

DIY Wine Cork Bulletin Board

A Beautiful Mess shows us how to utilize all of those corks and create a new piece for your home office or in the mudroom. You’ll keep up with all your have-to’s and the family’s plans so much easier and in a stylish way.

9. Plant Markers

plant-markers diy cork

If you have a green thumb or you’re starting your own garden, make sure you check out this idea from All Put Together where you can learn how to make plant markers out of wine corks.

10. Necklace

diy wine cork necklace

Maybe you want to make some personalized accessories. Those wine cork could be a great foundation to a DIY pendant. Just check out this one from Curly Made.

11. Lamp Stand

DIY Wine Cork Lamp Stand

Are you not absolutely swooning over this funky and eclectic DIY from Madigan Stand? This is certainly a great example on how to makeover older pieces that need the pick-me-up!

12. Coasters


Create some coasters out of those corks with the help from Pink When. You’d be surprised how charming these will end up looking sprinkled in the living room or on the dining room table.

13. Votives

diy wine cork candle holder

Two Twenty One gives us an easy idea when it comes to home accessorizing. Take your corks and turn them into votive candle accents really easy!

14. Earrings

DIY Wine Cork Earrings

Are these monogram cork earrings not the sweetest? Create them for yourself or use them as a precious DIY gift for a loved one. Grab the details over at Saved by Love.

15. Wreath

diy wine cork wreath

Save On Crafts took a bunch of saved up corks and then turned them into a funky wreath to adorn the home with. It’s a bit rustic and cozy, and we love it!

16. Heart


Of course, you can always go with something simple and sweet like this ombre heart art DIY. Green Wedding Shoes gives us all the details on how to make this yourself!

17. Push-Pins


Crafts Unleashed also makes something that can be utilized in the home office or craft room. Create push-pins out of wine corks and you can even personalize and embellish them a bit!

18. Napkin Rings

DIy Cork Napkin Rings

Check out these adorable napkin rings made from wine corks over at Socks and Mittens. You’ll love being able to create some new pieces of tablescape decor with some pieces from your cork collection.

19. Sailboats

DIY Cork Sailboats

Grab the kids for this DIY because they’re going to love it! Over at Mama Papa Bubba you’ll learn how to create tiny sailboats out of those leftover corks you have lying around in drawers and cupboards.

20. Backsplash

DIY Wine Cork Backsplash

How do you feel about DIYing your own stylish backsplash for your kitchen? Did you know that cork can easily to the trick and wine corks will give you the texture and fashion you’re looking for? Check it out at Create Craft Love.

21. Some State Art

DIY Wine Cork State Art

Bring a bit of home into your home with this state art DIY from  Brit + Co. We especially love the ombre idea given in this tutorial and how easy it is to personalize.

22. Chandelier

DIY Cork Chandelier

Mix & Fodder made an entire chandelier out of wine corks. And who would have thought that it would look as decor-worthy and stylish as it does. For your rustic, eclectic space, try making one of your own!

23. A Bath Mat

DIY Cork Bath Mat

Yes, you can even make a bath mat out of your collection. If you visit Crafty Nest you’ll get the entire tutorial and styling ideas for creating one of these for your own home.

24. Canapé Knives

DIy Cnape Cork Knife

Yarn Gras has one of the more unique ideas on the list for putting old corks to good use. Create an upcycled version of canapé knives out of them!

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