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50 Cute Halloween Costumes For Girls to DIY This Year

For quite some time now, Halloween has been associated with a lot of fun, what with all the trick-or-treaters putting on spooky, clever, or silly costumes and going around the neighborhood, knocking at doors, asking the magic 3-word formula (i.e., trick or treat) and expecting to score a lot of candy by the end of the night.

Since it involves a lot of candy, it’s easy to see why Halloween has quickly become a kid-favorite event, with children as young as 3 years old being encouraged by their parents to put on a bedsheet and go haunt their neighbors in exchange for candy. Thus, it’s also easy to understand why some would even regard it as a family holiday.

Halloween costumes for girls

If you have children of your own, you either dread or love this holiday, seeing as most parents usually designate a person to chaperone for a group of kids while they’re trick-or-treating. However, if your kids are already in good hands and you just want to find the perfect Halloween costume, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ve prepared nothing short of 50 Halloween outfits for girls so that you’ll have plenty of ideas to pick from when your little one shoots the inescapable “What am I going to be for Halloween?” question your way. So make sure to fire up that sewing machine or grab your wallet because your little daughter will definitely love every single one of these ideas.

Best Halloween Costumes For Girls

Having a little daughter during Halloween can get a bit tricky at times, and we’re not talking about your kid’s eagerness to sample each and every single piece of candy they rightfully earned during the trick-or-treating ritual. No, it actually has something to do with what happens before your daughter starts knocking at your neighbors’ doors and asks for candy while you patiently wait and watch.

If you can’t figure it out, it’s about the outfit that she’s going to wear. As a little girl, it can be a bit intimidating watching all the other kids with their cool costumes scoring all the good candy from your neighbors, so failing to get your daughter a great costume could very well lead to a surprise tantrum.

That’s exactly why this year you’ll have an ace up your sleeve. Our comprehensive guide encompasses fifty outfits that your little girl will absolutely love. Not only that, but these outfits are guaranteed to catch the eye of other trick-or-treaters and help your daughter receive a ton of candy from your neighbors. Without further ado, here’s what your little girl could wear during your next Halloween trick-or-treat experience.

1. Halloween Costumes for Girls – Witch

Halloween costumes for girls witch

Witch culture is quite popular with just about everyone, so if your daughter would like to lean towards her spooky side or you’ve noticed that she’s been practicing a cute witch cackle in front of the mirror, then you know that this costume will definitely bring you some bonus points as the cool parent.

Now here’s the best part about this outfit: whatever you choose to pair with it, you can’t go wrong! You can match the overall costume with green face paint, a large fake nose, a plush black cat, a broom, a pointy witch hat, a Jack-O-Lantern candy bucket, and even a wig in crazy colors (witches are known for their eccentric taste in hair colors) to further increase your chance at getting the best candy.

If you truly want your little girl to impress with her brand new witch costume (which she’s going to love, obviously), you may as well drop the plush black cat and be her own trustworthy assistant. Your neighbors will definitely be impressed and throw some extra candy in her bag (or pumpkin-shaped candy bucket, granted you bought her one).

2. Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls – Pirate

Halloween costume ideas for girls pirate

Ahoy, mateys! Although this doesn’t exactly fit the spook-o-meter requirements of a traditional Halloween costume, most kids would rather dress up as something they’ve been fascinated about, and pirates are a constant trove of fascination for little ones. And who can judge them? Singing, floating on a boat, looking through a spyglass, engaging in swordfights, and digging up treasures doesn’t sound so bad!

So, if you caught your daughter singing sea shanties at least once, then buying or crafting her a pirate costume for this Halloween’s trick-or-treat tour is definitely the right way to go. As with the witch costume above, you can use a ton of props to improve on the costume, and there’s plenty of places where you can buy them if you can’t improvise.

Some of the most popular props you could use for your daughter’s pirate costume include the eyepatch, cutlass, or scimitar (both swords popularly used by pirates), hook, pirate hat, spyglass, pirate flag, and obviously the talking parrot. Seeing as having a talking parrot readily available for your daughter’s Halloween shenanigans, you may want to dress up as one and soldier on. It’s only one night, after all, and it’s all for good fun!

3. Halloween Costumes for Girls – Clown

Halloween costumes for girls clown

Although clowns aren’t supposed to be spooky (most of them are trying their best to get some laughter out of you), it’s not uncommon that kids can be wildly afraid of them. In fact, I think there’s no middle ground on this: you either love them and find them entertaining, or you hate them with a passion, they make you scream and even wake up in a cold sweat if you dream of them.

If your daughter has no trouble with clowns but is ready to take full advantage of their inadvertent spookiness, then you should definitely let her dress up as one this Halloween. Most of your neighbors will probably find her cute instead of spooky, but she’s definitely guaranteed to score some huge amount of candy if she can truly get in character.

Clowns are not exactly easy to emulate, so you’ll have to help her rehearse a burst of goofy laughter (ask her if she knows how to fake laugh, you may be surprised), funny walk, and make sure she knows how to walk in oversized shoes. If she’s not that excited about doing all that, you could at least get her a honky nose or equip her with a squirt flower that she could use to as a trick if one of your neighbors chooses this path (we doubt any of them will, but it’s better to be prepared).

4. Costume Ideas for Girls – Skeleton

Costume ideas for girls skeleton

Ah, yes, the skeleton is definitely a fan favorite, and your little girl will definitely enjoy wearing this costume if she has no problem tapping into her spooky side every once in a while. Skeletons are paramount to the overall feeling that Halloween conveys, so your little daughter should have no trouble blending among your neighbors’ lawn decorations.

If you want to score some extra points, you could try to find those full-body glow-in-the-dark skeleton costumes that will definitely make your daughter stand out in the crowd. After all, what’s scarier than a skeleton on Halloween night if not a skeleton that can glow in the dark and seems like an actual skeleton if there’s absolutely no source of light available.

If your daughter would pretty much skip on the hole full-body costume, you could buy her some skeleton-print gloves and apply some face paint on her. It will have a similar effect, and you won’t have to commit to buying a costume that will probably be too small for her next year. Not that she’d wear the same costume two years in a row, but you never know!

5. Halloween Costumes for Girls – Fireman

Halloween costumes for girls fireman

As we’ve previously mentioned, kids aren’t as picky as we boring adults, so if something sparks their interest, they’ll pursue it until they get it, or until they lose interest (which they never seem to do when they’re little). So if you ever caught your little girl stare in awe as the firetruck and its wailing siren went past you at some point, a fireman outfit may just be a great fit for her.

Many kids regard firemen as superheroes without capes, so if your little daughter looks up to them, you could make her day by getting her a fireman outfit she could wear this Halloween. If you also stumble upon a fire department K9 unit toy, you should definitely go for it, as it will make a great prop for your daughter’s adorable firemen attire.

We won’t go as far as to suggest you follow her around making firetruck sounds, but there are a few ways you could improve her outfit. For instance, you could get or craft her a prop firehose she could wrap around her arm, a toy fire ax, a walkie-talkie, or even one of these cute firemen overalls for kids. Naturally, we assume that you’ll get her the fireman hat.

6. Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls – Doctor

Halloween costume ideas for girls doctor

Speaking of role models for your children, doctors are yet another great example, but the chances that your little daughter will appreciate them from such a young age are very slim, right next to none. Children are generally terrified of doctors, nurses, and pretty much everything that’s even remotely connected to hospitals.

If she’s old enough to remember her shots, then you can probably skip this one, seeing as probably your daughter won’t want to go dressed as one of her archnemeses. On the off-chance that she actually understands that doctors aren’t maleficent deities sent to ruin her life, she’ll probably appreciate their efforts enough to make her want to dress up as one for Halloween.

That, or she probably wants to instill the same level of fear into other kids, I don’t know. Whatever reason works, so if your daughter wants to dress up as a doctor or a nurse, you best jump on the bandwagon and make her dream come true. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest costumes in our guide, as you won’t have to invest in a lot of props, face paints, or specialty items. A white robe, toy stethoscope, and/or a clipboard, and your daughter should be ready to go trick-or-treating.

7. Halloween Costumes for Girls – Ghost

Halloween costumes for girls ghost

Considering the overall simplicity of this costume, you’d figure we’d grant it a higher mention and place it someplace higher in our guide, but seriously, you can easily achieve this with an old bedsheet that you poke eye holes into. Most of the time, you won’t even have to craft it, as some kids magically find their way to the scissor drawer and poke the eye holes in the bedsheet for themselves.

Before you leave the house, you can make sure that your little girl can make a bunch of eerie sounds (hey, you want a good ghost, right?) or at least say some haunting catchphrases. We’ll let you handle that, we’re positively sure you have a bunch of tricks of your own from the times you used to hang with other kids, ringing doorbells and asking for candy while wearing a scary outfit.

If you’re not easily embarrassed, you could even partner up and act as a pair of friendly neighborhood ghosts. The dynamic duo you’ll form will definitely make your neighbors go like awww and, more than that, you’re going to offer your little daughter a Halloween that she’ll surely remember fondly.

8. Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls – Police Officer

Halloween costume ideas for girls police officer

I honestly don’t know what’s with kids and public services, but they definitely express their interest in wearing outfits of various such figures, including firemen (we’ve mentioned above), doctors, and, why not, even police officers. If your daughter leans toward her righteous side and wants to get the bad guys, you could get her a police officer outfit this Halloween (I bet she doesn’t know about Paladins yet).

Although this type of outfit is more fit for a more mature audience, who says she can’t be a police officer if she wants to? It’s not exactly rocket science to craft such an outfit, but you could also buy it someplace if you’re not exactly crafty. Just make sure not to miss on any of the staple items that make a police officer outfit stand out.

Although handcuffs might be a stretch, you could still find some make-believe policemen toy sets for children that encompass everything to get you started, including a toy gun, plastic handcuffs, a badge, and a whistle. For those extra cuteness points, you could even teach your daughter to flash her badge while spelling the magic formula that will bring her candy (i.e., trick or treat).

9. Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls – The Cutest Pumpkin

Halloween costume ideas for girls the cutest pumpkin

Although they seem to have similar tastes, children are like snowflakes: it’s difficult to find two of them with the exact same preferences, even in terms of Halloween costumes. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why some kids are more in tune with their creepy side and prefer to dress up as monsters or scary mythological creatures, while others take on a more innocent approach.

If your daughter is not a fan of monsters and scary stories but still has a sweet tooth and would definitely love a bunch of candy in her bag, then dressing her up as a pumpkin would be totally adorable. But don’t take our word for it, just look at your neighbors’ faces as they pour their candy into your daughter’s bag.

Crafting this costume is really easy, too! All you need is a bit of face paint and some matching overalls. However, if you lack the time or skill, you could buy a pumpkin outfit from a specialized store. For some extra cute points, you could upgrade your daughter’s candy bag with a Jack-O-Lantern candy bucket, so it seems that she’s trick-or-treating with a miniature version of herself.

10. Halloween Costumes for Girls – Scuba Diver

Halloween costumes for girls scuba diver

Alright, we’ll give you this: the scuba diver is a bit uncommon as far as Halloween outfit choices go, but hey, who are we to stand between children and their wild imagination. If your daughter spends a lot of time on documentary channels and she’s fascinated with the underwater world, it would make perfect sense that she’d want to get a taste of wearing scuba diving equipment while trick-or-treating, right?

All you need is some diving goggles, some oxygen tanks, fins, and a regulator mask, all of which could easily set you back a few thousand bucks. Jokes aside, you could easily improvise and craft some of these parts yourself, although you’ll have to buy your daughter a pair of goggles and some fins if you want it to look real.

Instead of oxygen tanks, you could take a couple of plastic bottles, cover them with opaque paint (green, blue, black, whatever color you feel like), and strap them to her back. Use the top part of a sports battle as a breathing mask, then run a tube from the prop oxygen tanks to the breathing mask, and there you have it! If you have a dog, you can even go as far as disguising it as a shark and take it around with you. Your neighbors will definitely love it!

11. Halloween Costumes for Kids – Cute Vampire Girl

Halloween costumes for kids cute vampire girl

If, on the other hand, your daughter prefers a more fantastic approach when it comes to suiting up and going from door to door in the pursuit of a full candy bag, then vampires are a surefire way to go about it. Assuming that your daughter isn’t too young to know about them or she’s not easily creeped out by creatures of the night, a vampire outfit is definitely a silver bullet (hehe).

All you need to create this spooky costume is a cape, some white face paint, fake teeth, and a few toy bats you could attach to her outfit for more effect. If she wants to go as an iconic vampire figure such as Dracula, you could also use a bit of product on her hair and slick it back, and also help her rehearse the silly vampire voice. You all know which one I’m talking about, of course.

I guess you could also put a dash of red make-up at the corner of her mouth, but at this point, it could be too much, and it’s more of your call. You could also use a bit of red corn syrup if you have it, but it may be pointless, seeing as she might eat it all up before you even reach the first doorbell. A finishing touch would be teaching your daughter how to hold her cape and partially cover her face with it while demanding candy. Muahahahaha, happy trick-or-treating!

12. Halloween Costumes for Girls – Superhero

Halloween costumes for girls superhero

From the moment they see a movie or a cartoon depicting one, most kids dream about either meeting or becoming a superhero, so if you’ve ever caught your daughter go wooow while some superhero cartoon or movie was on, then you already know what she should go dressed as this Halloween. It doesn’t even have to be an actual superhero, you could let her play pretend and create her own version of a superhero.

Although if she already picked one, it may not be wise to make her change her mind, so whether she wants to go as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, or Hawkgirl, you should do your best and source everything she needs to create the perfect superhero outfit to wear during this Halloween’s trick-or-treat tour.

If your daughter wants to go with her own version of a superhero, you should listen to her closely and find out as many things as you can to design the perfect costume for her. Most of the time, you’ll be able to get out of it with a cape, a pair of cool glasses, some gloves/gauntlets, and a neatly drawn logo somewhere on her outfit.

13. Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls – Frankenstein

Halloween costume ideas for girls frankenstein

Not the most popular choice among young girls, I’ll give you that, but if your daughter has a thing for old-school horror movies, then she could rock a Frankenstein outfit without a care in the world. The best part about this outfit is that you can whip it up in just under an hour, and you won’t need to break the bank so that you can afford various pieces of the costume.

A long-sleeve black shirt with a black pair of pants, some face paint, and a couple of prop bolts you can apply each side of her neck to increase the resemblance between her and the actual Frankenstein’s monster. Don’t worry, most Halloween stores sell those prop bolts, so we’re sure you won’t have any issue with sourcing them.

As far as the face painting goes, just make it all green. Don’t forget to paint the line at the top of her head (you know, the one with the occasional X marks on it), draw her some dark eye circles, and fray the sleeves of her top a little if you want extra realism points. We’re sure that your neighbors will definitely be surprised about your daughter’s choice of outfit, and they might even throw a bunch of extra candy your way if nostalgia hits them hard enough.

14. Costume Ideas for Girls – Bunny

Costume ideas for girls bunny

Now again, with the cute things; if your daughter has a preference towards fluffy animals, then the chances are high that she’d want to go dressed as a bunny trick-or-treating this Halloween. In fact, scratch that, if she’s an animal lover, she could probably go as any fluffy, adorable critter, including squirrels, mice, kitties, chinchillas, or anything else she could think of.

If your daughter expressed her desire to go trick-or-treating dressed like one of these cute animals, you might want to whip out the old sewing machine, as we guarantee that she’ll want a full-body suit such as a onesie. Alternatively, you could go buy her a bunny suit, or better yet rent one since she won’t be fitting in it come next year.

You’ve been probably expecting this to happen, but if you didn’t, here’s a little heads-up: you should get ready to join her trick-or-treating, and not just as a silent guardian that watches her from not too far away, but as a fully-fledged companion with a matching suit (most likely). Don’t forget to bring the carrot!

15. Costumes for Girls – Ferocious Tiger

Costumes for girls ferocious tiger

Although not a fluffy adorable animal, tigers are one of the most popular choices when it comes to face painting. Go ahead, ask your kid right away if they would have their face painted any way they’d like, what would they choose, and I guarantee you that 9 out of 10 will tell you that they want to be a ferocious lion or a tiger.

Thus, it makes sense that, come Halloween, they’d want to get their face painted as a tiger and also score some candy while they’re at it. As with the bunny outfit above, you may need to craft a full-body tiger suit if your daughter wants to dress up as a tiger, but you could also buy or rent one if the need arises. However, in this case, the face paint is what makes your little tiger truly fierce.

Although there are no immediately obvious props they could use to boost their appearance, your kids will definitely come to ask you if you want to dress up as mama or papa tiger and join them in their journey. And how could you refuse them? Just listen to their cute roars; you’ll definitely get your heart melted and join them before thinking twice about it.

16. Halloween Costumes for Girls – Calavera Girl

Halloween costumes for girls calavera girl

This is actually a custom that’s been borrowed from the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos in Spanish), but Calavera (which means skull in Spanish) is a term that’s most often applied when it comes to decorative or edible skulls used during this holiday. You could think about it as a Mexican Halloween, but that would over-simplify things.

Alright, so back to our point, the Calaveras are ornamental skulls that have inspired a lot of makeup designs. Thus, if you think that it’s appropriate and want something that will truly make your daughter stand out in the crowd (I’m talking about the crowd of trick-or-treaters, obviously), then dressing her up as a Calavera girl will surely do the trick.

However, for this to truly work, it won’t be enough to paint your daughter’s face in a skillful, artsy manner, as you’ll also need to source some traditional clothes. You could probably skip this part, but then you’d just have a bit of face paint and not an actual outfit. However, as with other examples in our guide, at this point, it’s 100% your call on how you’re going to play it.

17. Costumes for Girls – Scarecrow

Costumes for girls scarecrow

Alright, I’ll be honest with you; scarecrows give me the heebie-jeebies, and the chances are that your little daughter also feels the same way, especially if she’s seen one up close. I mean, it’s a human figure filled with straw that’s propped up in the middle of a field, and it scares crows. Crows are one of the most intelligent creatures in the world, so they must know something, right?

However, if your little daughter can not only stare a scarecrow dead in the eye without flinching, she’d probably be alright with getting dressed up as one and go trick-or-treating on the most frightening night of the year, as well. Luckily for you, there’s not too much you need to do to create a convincing scarecrow outfit for your little girl.

On the other hand, if you want to go the old-school way and put some hay in her sleeves so that it sticks out, you might want to check if your daughter is allergic to hay beforehand, so you won’t have to cut the Halloween night shortly and head to the ER, instead. A plaid shirt, overalls, or jeans with suspenders and a straw hat may just be more than enough to create a convincing scarecrow outfit for your little girl.

18. Cute Halloween Costumes for Girls – Hippie

Cute halloween costumes for girls hippie

Granted, your little daughter could be a smidge too young to appreciate the entire concept of Hippie and what they stood for back in the day, but that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy wearing an outfit made of colorful pieces of clothing and being called Moonbeam or Lotus Flower or other beautiful names while trick-or-treating with her parents, right?

However, she might have to drop the whole tricking part out of the trick-or-treating process since we all know that hippies were all about world peace and harmony, right? Nevertheless, we guarantee that nobody would pass the opportunity of making your little hippie daughter smile by filling up her bag with delicious candy, so this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The greatest part about this costume is that you can source all the parts for it without breaking a sweat, especially if you embraced the flower power back in the day and you kept some of the clothes you wore as a dear reminder. Plus, if you miss the old days, you could even dress up, dust off your old hippie nickname, and join your little daughter in her quest to gather as much candy as possible.

19. Costumes for Girls – Cowgirl

Costumes for girls cowgirl

Western movies or wild-west-themed cartoons, whether new or old-school ones, are remarkably favorited by kids all over the place. After all, who wouldn’t like riding a horse through the desert, chilling in the shade, playing the harmonica, and shooting empty bottles or cans on a fence whenever you’re tired? Not to mention herding cattle and catching things with your lasso, right? Everything mentioned here does sound like quite the adventure

So it’s easy to understand why your little daughter could start to grow fond of these activities and take an interest in cowboys, cowgirls, and everything related to their environment. I mean, I know I wanted to learn how to tie a knot, then twirl and throw a lasso when I was a young’un, not to mention ride a horse and jump on a moving train, but that’s not something I’d attempt today.

If your little daughter wants a cowgirl outfit this Halloween, you could probably get out of this pretty cheap, considering that you won’t have to buy expensive props and whatnot. A cowgirl hat, a fringed vest, a pistol, some rope oughta do it. However, if you want the full package, you might want to score a sheriff badge, a pair of tiny boots, and some spurs to match the rest of the outfit. Saddle up, partner!

20. Halloween Costumes for Girls – Dragon

Halloween costumes for girls dragon

Some (most) kids are absolutely fascinated by fantastic beings, and when I say fantastic, you know that dragons are hats down one of the most iconic creatures that are shrouded by fantasy. While some little girls dream about having a castle and a pony, others take a more daring approach and wish to grow wings and breathe fire. I mean, who wouldn’t want to fly and spit the occasional ball of fire?

Just kidding, but on a more serious note, dragons have been and will pretty much continue to be an everlasting source of fascination for youngsters everywhere. So don’t act all surprised when your little daughter comes asking you whether or not you think she could become a real dragon this Halloween. While that’s not gonna happen, you can still help her play pretend by getting her a costume.

Dragon outfits are a popular choice nowadays, with full-body T-Rex suits coming in a close second, so you should have absolutely no problem sourcing one for your little daughter. If you’re crafty enough, you could even craft one for her all by yourself. Make sure to ask her what color she’d like to be before you get started, though. You don’t want to anger a tiny fire-breathing dragon, even though she looks absolutely adorable.

21. Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls – Bumblebee

Halloween costume ideas for girls bumblebee

Here’s another unpopular choice, but trust us that it’s not because little girls dressed in tiny bumblebee suits aren’t adorable, to begin with, it’s because kids are inherently terrified by bees, bumblebees, bugs, and everything else that flies and makes various noises while doing so. However, I’ve seen a lot of kids take an interest in bees, especially with them becoming endangered lately, so the bumblebee suit may not be such a ridiculous idea, after all.

Much like many other outfits here in this guide, the bumblebee is not exactly impossible to source on your own. If you know your way around a sewing machine, all you need are some pieces of yellow and brown or black fabric, a headband, some wire, and of course, some fuzz you’re going to apply here and there on the costume.

If you want to do the wings as well, you can very well craft them from wire and some sort of material such as velvet or even nylon if you’re careful enough not to poke holes in it. If your little daughter tries to drag you along on her Halloween trick-or-treat tour, you might need to score a bee outfit for yourself, or you could simply dress as a flower by crafting some petals and wearing them around your neck.

22. Cute Halloween Costumes for Girls – Strawberry

Cute halloween costumes for girls strawberry

The strawberry costume strikes us more like a part in a play that you have to attend, lest you want the adorable wrath of your children to strike you when you least expect it. However, it’s not exactly uncommon for children to want to dress up as their favorite things in the world, so if your daughter has a constant craving for strawberries, then you probably should’ve seen this one coming.

It’s not exactly hard to craft the costume yourself, and you’d probably want to do so considering that Halloween outfit stores aren’t exactly popular for their heavy stocks of strawberry costumes (or outfits that emulate other fruits and vegetables, for that matter) for little girls. It’s not exactly difficult to craft, and you’ll probably save a lot of money while doing so.

If you have more than one kid going trick-or-treating this year, it’d be probably wise to pair this outfit either with a similar one or at least one that’s from the same register. We figured that the bumblebee outfit goes extremely well with the strawberry one, so we truly hope that you’re an ace at divvying up stuff between your kids.

23. Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls – Cheetah

Halloween costume ideas for girls cheetah

Cheetahs are ferocious creatures, and you shouldn’t be surprised at all if your little daughter wants to dress up as one and go on the prowl for candy in your neighborhood during the Halloween season. As a matter of fact, the best thing you could do in this situation would be to pick a suit that fits the scenario and soldier on through the evening while your little girl reaps the sweet rewards of having an awesome costume.

As with the tiger costume, the cheetah outfit comprises two essential components, and trust us that it wouldn’t be a wise thing to skip on either one of them. These are the actual outfit, which most likely would be a onesie emulating the fur of a cheetah and, obviously, facepaint. You can’t have your daughter going around looking like she’s just wearing the fur of a cheetah, right?

Last, but not least, you could help her work on those ferocious roars if you want her to score a hefty amount of candy in her bag. Another thing you should be prepared for is your daughter asking you to participate in her quest to get candy from your neighbors, so a wise thing would be to find a suitable outfit for the scenario. You wouldn’t want to mess with a tiny yet ferocious cheetah, now would you?

24. Halloween Costumes for Kids – Girl Unicorn

Halloween costumes for kids girl unicorn

It’s a well-known fact by now that unicorns are the greatest dream of many little girls, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your daughter comes asking you if she can be a unicorn for this year’s Halloween season. Trust us, it’s better than her asking if you can be a unicorn, and she could be the princess that rides it through the neighborhood asking for candy. Crisis averted, right?

As with most animal-inspired costumes in our guide, you’ll have to find a full suit for the unicorn outfit. No, you can’t cut corners and use a generic onesie as a full unicorn suit, as your little daughter will most likely complain about the fact that unicorns are white and have a pink belly, so you’ll have to work around these parameters. Hey, don’t hate us for warning you ahead of the conversation, we’re actually here to help you prepare for a code red!

Anyway, once you got that out of the way, all you have to do is devise a horn and plant it on your daughter’s onesie, you know, so the unicorn fantasy is closer to reality. A word of advice, though: beware that some outfit manufacturers don’t think it all the way through and use hard plastic for the horn of the unicorn, so you might want to replace it with something less prone to poke an eye out, for instance, foam, or craft it out of cloth and fill it with plush.

25. Halloween Costumes for Girls – Ladybug

Halloween costumes for girls ladybug

Since I’ve been little, I’ve been fascinated with bugs, but not all kinds of bugs, just the ones that didn’t seem to want to sting me, bite me, or wrap me up in their web and consume me. Oh, and the ones with a thousand legs, I just get the creeps whenever someone merely mentions them, let alone when I catch a glimpse of them after picking up a rock in my garden. But let’s not get carried away; a bug that I really liked as a kid was the ladybug.

It was not only completely harmless, but it was also very friendly, and that pattern of the red background with black dots seems to be a fan favorite for most little kids. If your daughter seems to like ladybugs as much as yours truly, she may not say no to dressing up as one this Halloween. The best part about ladybug outfits is that it’s one of the simplest ones in our guide, seeing as you can improvise it from various things you find around the house.

The body is quite simple, really. You just have to find something red and either paint (large-ish) black dots over it or apply the dots using paper or stickers. If you want to go the full distance, you’ll have to craft a pair of wings using this patter and plump the body with something such as plush or paper, depending on your resources. As for the head, a headband with some handmade antennae should suffice. Your daughter will absolutely remember this Halloween fondly.

25 More Awesome Halloween Costumes for Girls

Since we were having so much fun, we thought we’d share even more awesome Halloween costumes you can make (or get) for your little girl. Let’s get inspired with some extra Halloween costume ideas for girls!

26. Little Girl Halloween Costume – Mermaid

Little Girl Halloween Costume - Mermaid

Not So Idle Handsteaches us how to create a mermaid costume for our little lady without having to sew one stitch over on her blog!

27. Costumes for Girls – Lion Hoodie

Costumes for Girls - Lion Hoodie

Check out this adorable lion hoodie fromA Beautiful Mess! We love how colorful you can make this and how it can be used days after the holiday!

28. Cute Halloween Costume for Girls – Black Cat

Cute Halloween Costume for Girls - Black Cat

Do It Yourself Divashas an adorable black cat costume that any age could be seen dawning. We love the tutu and ears, don’t you?

29. Fun Costume Idea for Girls – Lollipop

Fun Costume Idea for Girls - Lollipop

This lollipop costume fromOh Happy Dayis just too adorable. Have your kiddo help out with its creation with an afternoon together!

30. Little Girl Halloween Costume – Alice in Wonderland

Little Girl Halloween Costume - Alice in Wonderland

Over atMisha LuLu,you’ll find this gorgeous Alice in Wonderland DIY costume featured. Learn how to make it for your little one to be the showstopper of the night!

31. Halloween Costume for Girls – Cinderella

Halloween Costume for Girls - Cinderella

Make It Love It made a Cinderella dress for her little girl, and we’re in love with her finished project. It looks just like the iconic character!

32. Costume Ideas for Girls – Jellyfish

Costume Ideas for Girls - Jellyfish

Almost the Real Thing created a unisex costume that any little one would love! Sparkling with lights (which is why we added it to our girl’s list), this is an easy project that can be used year after year for different children!

33. Cute Halloween Costume for Girls – Pineapple

Cute Halloween Costume for Girls - Pineapple

Here’s another no-sew costume that we instantly fell in love with. Your little girl may just want to be a stylish pineapple like this one from Delia Creates.

34. Halloween Costumes for Kids – Sushi Girl

Halloween Costumes for Kids - Sushi Girl

Another costume fashioned after an edible favorite, how does a sushi costume sound? Check it out at Style Me Pretty!

35. Cute Haloween Costume for Girls – Mary Poppins

Cute Haloween Costume for Girls Mary Poppins

Maybe your little gal wants to be the lovable nanny, Mary Poppins. Make it yourself like Hey Ambular did as you hop over and see how!

36. Cute Halloween Costumes for Girls – Cloud

Cute Halloween Costumes for Girls - Cloud

Oh, Happy Day does it again with this adorable and charming cloud costume! Check out how to make this puffy creation after the jump!

37. Halloween Costumes for Girls – Princess Merida

Halloween Costumes for Girls - Princess Merida

Sew Can Do teaches us how to create this magnificent Merida costume from the Disney movie Brave – a personal favorite in our home!

38. Costumes for Girls – Frida Kahlo

Costumes for Girls - Frida Kahlo

Lovelyish gives us one of the best costume ideas on the list. How does turning your baby girl into Frida Kahlo sound?

39. Little Girl Halloween Costume – Super Girl

Little Girl Halloween Costume - Super Girl

Every little girl is a super girl so let her shine as just that. Check out Brit + Co and learn how to create her very own superhero costume.

40. Cute Halloween Costume for Girls – Donut

Cute Halloween Costume for Girls - Donut

Yet again, here’s a charming, deliciously inspired costume for your little girl to adorn herself with. Make her a donut with help from Studio DIY.

41. Halloween Costumes for Girls – Airplane Pilot

Halloween Costumes for Girls - Airplane Pilot

A pilot or even Amelia Earhart, this costume is so stinkin’ cute! Check it out over at Really Awesome Costumes and start working on that plane!

42. Costume Ideas for Girls – Little Red Riding Hood

Costume Ideas for Girls - Little Red Riding Hood

Make It Love It also made a little red riding hood costume that we’re swooning over. Forget store-bought – create something original at home!

43. Costume Ideas for Girls – Rag Doll

Costume Ideas for Girls - Rag Doll

Who hasn’t been a rag doll at least one time in their youth. And this idea from A Beautiful Mess proves how adorable homemade versions can be.

44. Cute Halloween Costumes for Girls – Rainbow

Cute Halloween Costumes for Girls - Rainbow

SMP has some great ideas, including this adorable Rainbow costume! It’ll be so easy to throw together when pushed for time too!

45. Halloween Costume Ideas – Pastry Chef & Cake

Halloween Costume Ideas - Pastry Chef & Cake

This is a great idea for sisters or best friends. A pastry chef and her wedding cake, it’s just the perfect little duo of fun! Thanks, SMP!

21. Cute Halloween Costume Idea – Flower Basket

Cute Halloween Costume Idea - Flower Basket

One of the more unique ideas, this flower basket costume from Make It Love It,is sure to turn heads and churn out compliments.

22. Gorgeous Costume Ideas for Girls – Butterfly

Gorgeous Costume Ideas for Girls - Butterfly

What little girl wouldn’t want to be a beautiful, fluttering butterfly for Halloween? With the help of Martha Stewart, you can make it a reality for her!

48. Little Girl Halloween Costume – Burkin Bag

Little Girl Halloween Costume - Burkin Bag

Why not dress your little diva up as a famous Burkin bag! How original and creative is this DIY from Craft and Couture.

49. Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls – I Love Lucy

Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls - I Love Lucy

Coolest Handmade Costumesshowed off this charming, adorable costume fashioned after TV icon Lucille Ball and we’re in love!

50. Halloween Costumes for Girls – Snail

Halloween Costumes for Girls - Snail

This may not be considered the most adorable costume idea at first thought, but after seeing this piece made from Oh Happy Day, we’re in love!

Final Thoughts on Great Halloween Costumes for Girls

If you’ve been in a bit of a pickle because Halloween’s just around the corner and you can’t figure what will your little daughter be dressed as then, you shouldn’t worry too much. Our guide comprises 50 different costumes that we believe are more than enough to cover just about everything in terms of variety, fun, color, and theme.

Surely enough, your daughter won’t love all of them at once (sorry, but you’re on your own if that happens), but you’ll at least find a bunch of outfits not only for now but also for the years to come. Just be prepared to be asked if you want to suit up (and partner up, obviously) with your daughter, as simply joining them in their relentless pursuit for candy might just not be enough this Halloween.

Most of the time, you should be able to create the costumes by yourself from things you have laying around in the house or in your closet. However, some of the outfits we listed here are a bit more intricate, so you should plan ahead and check the Halloween stores for required components before it’s too late. Good luck trick-or-treating!

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