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12 Princess Crafts For You and Your Little Girl

What little girl doesn’t dream of becoming a princess. A bit of glitter, bouts of pink and magical play dates, dive in and get creative with any of these princess crafts! From dress up to bedroom decor, just think of how much fun you and your daughter could have this summer completing any one of these royal projects

1. Popsicle Stick Princesses.


Who knew it could be so easy to create your very own princess. Grab some Popsicle sticks and some markers, then recreate your very own princess or a favorite from a book or movie. {found on Deviant Art}

2. A Plush Wand.


There are so many different ways that you can create a princess wand from scratch. But we’ve fallen in absolute love with this plush, ribboned idea that’s safe and “little” kid friendly! {found on Apparently}

3. Glitter Bracelets.


Adorn yourself and all the little girls in your life with some princess-inspired glitter bracelets! And yes, you can make these all your own with  some vinyl tubing and glitter! {found on A Pumpkin and A Princess}

4. A Castle Scrapbook.


A more intricate craft that can last for years to come, a handmade scrapbook made to look like a princess castle. House your little one’s themed birthday party inside and have fun getting creative with embellishments. {found on Pazzles}

5. A Sparkly Crown.


Who doesn’t love a project that only involved a princess theme, but lots of glitter. And what little girl wouldn’t love to participate in creating something this beautiful! {found on Youtube}

6. A Felt Ornament.


Felt scraps can truly go along way. Hand sew or use your machine to create these little princesses for your own little princesses. Use them as fun bedroom accents or even ornaments for the Christmas tree.

7. Princess Skirt Bags.


Are you throwing a princess birthday party and have no idea how to wrap the gifts or favors? Why not create some fun princess-inspired bags? All you need is some tulle to get started!

8. Pearl Crown Art.


This is a project you can easily do in a group and make it a fun afternoon date. Pearls and other embellishments can be used to create a beautiful piece of crown art used to decorate inside the house.

9. Princess Dresses.


Yes, you can even try your hand at making a princess dress for your daughter to dawn during dress up or during her birthday party! You can even grab tutorials and patterns around the blogosphere. {found on Homemade Toast}

10. Sprinkle Cake Topper.


To bring a bout of extra princess vibes to the party, add a sprinkled covered topper to the cake. And it’s so easy to make yourself!

11. Princess Clothespins.


Grab some clothespins and create your own little pocket princesses! Again you can create your own or model them after some of your favorite characters. {found on The Handmade Experiment}

12. A Flower Crown.


Princesses love flowers and not all princesses wear glitter crowns, something they like to dawn florals. And so will your little girl. {found on All Parenting}

  1. Hi my pearl princess crown is NOT a DIY, it is something I came up with myself and sell ! You didn’t even credit my picture, remove please.

  2. Any type of fun craft related to dance or ballet or princesses we love to use in our studio birthday parties. Thank you for sharing!

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