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DIY Halloween Night Tiara Crown

Halloween is finally here my dear crafter maniacs, this is the time to shine with creativity and decor! Dressing up, adding spooky and fall-inspired nooks into your house is great fun. Today I’ve rounded up a little tutorial on how you can make your Halloween dress up fun, diyed but most of all minimal. Yes because all that orange and all those bloody dressup have got me fed up a little, so I’m moving to a more contemporary concept of Halloween crafts.

Halloween diy queen of the night tiara worn

More black and white, with accents of shiny metallics, and patterns and themes inspired from the most varied worlds. As this costume, for instance, is inspired by a queen of the night, and couldn’t be complete without a head piece. The cool thing about this kind of Halloween dressup is that you can actually wear it other times, ordinary days I mean, and the tiara can be paired with all sorts of outfit so it’s super flexible as for use! The tiara took me only 10 mins to whip up, a real life saver if you need to add that extra something to any dress.

Let’s see what you’ll need for this beautiful tiara crown:

  • chain(repurpose from an old necklace) and jump ring
  • shorter decor chain or bracelet of your choice
  • black thread
  • needle nose pliers
  • any other pendant that you’d love to add

Step by step tutorial:

Halloween diy queen of the night tiara supplies

Step 1: Measuring

Start by measuring the simple chain onto your head and find the exact center. Add the shorter decorating chain to it, on one end using its built in clamp (if any) on the other end add your own jump ring. Make sure that the smaller chain stays a little bit loose compared to the main chain, so that it will fall slightly lower over your forehead.

Halloween diy queen of the night tiara chain

Step 2: making a thread

Now we can add a little bit of black to the composition, especially if you have light hair like mine, it will help the tiara stand out a little more. If you have dark hair maybe you can opt for orange thread, if you have a paired dress, or simple beige will do great contrast with your maine ;-) All you have to do now is make the thread go in and out each hole of the chain, all the way round the tiara. It may sound long and boring, but once you get the rhythmyou get pretty quick at it. Here’s a tip to simplify this step: add a small amount of adhesive tape to the point of the thread, like your shoes’ lace (have a look for yourself). This will prevent it to open up everytime and it’s easier for you to grab.

Halloween diy queen of the night tiara layed


Well done! If you have any other pendants you’d like to add, especially dangling in the space between your ears and eyes, I do recommend to add them. Remember to add a boppy pin hidden in the back to prevent it from slipping away and you can jump’n’shake yourself as much as you want! If you’re interested in completing the look.

Halloween diy queen of the night tiara worn

Halloween diy queen of the night tiara set2

Halloween diy queen of the night tiara set3

Halloween diy queen of the night tiara set1

Happy crafting!

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