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Celebrate With These 20 DIY Candy Bouquets!

Whether it’s for a birthday or an anniversary, graduation or as a thank you, an sweet and edible gift can make for the perfect, festive greeting! Thankfully, you can make them yourself before they’re set off. Celebrate all kinds of events with these 20 DIY candy bouquets!

1. Valentine’s Day Boyfriend Bouquet

Valentine candy bouquets diy

Jenny Collier made this super easy Valentine’s Day candy bouquet that would be perfect for any of our boyfriends! Don’t you think? Just include his favorites!

2. Lollipop Flower Bouquet

Diy lollipop flowers

Adorable for shower decor or as a lovely little thank you, we’re loving these lollipop flowers. Check it out at Helpful Homemade.

3. Extra Sweet Bouquet

How to make a candy bouquet

Pizzazzerie made up an extra sweet candy  bouquet. All sours and no chocolate, it’s a colorful and fun treat.

4. Soda Can Candy Bouquet

Coke candy bouquet diy

Start off your candy bouquet with a soda pop! Just hop on over to Miss Kopy Kat for all the details.

5. Reese’s Fan Bouquet

Reeses candy bouquet diy