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30 DIY Candy Bouquets That Deliver Sweetness on a Platter

A DIY candy bouquet is a fun gift and home decoration to craft and customize with candies of various colors, flavors, and shapes. Read on to discover the best homemade candy bouquet ideas for any occasion.

Diy candy bouquets

A candy bouquet is a creative arrangement of candy and other edible treats that can be made at home. It is usually arranged artfully in containers, such as vases, boxes, or baskets. The container provides a base for the presentation, while the candy serves as the main attraction.

There are two main types of candy bouquets: homemade and store-bought. The key difference is that a DIY candy bouquet lets you customize your arrangement to suit any preference or occasion. Pick the types of candy, presentation design, container, and extra decorative touches. Give DIY candy bouquets are thoughtful gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, housewarming parties, graduation, date night, or other special events. Otherwise, use a DIY candy bouquet to create a unique table centerpiece when hosting a party or to simply fill up your snack drawer.

This article describes DIY candy bouquet ideas suitable for any occasion. Here is a list of what you will find here:

  • DIY terracotta pot bouquet
  • DIY candy box bouquet
  • DIY tin bucket bouquet with lollipop flowers
  • DIY tin bucket bouquet with candy bars
  • DIY soda can candy bouquet
  • DIY candy vase bouquet
  • DIY candy vase bouquet with cash
  • DIY mason jar candy bouquet
  • DIY milkshake glass bouquet with lollipops
  • DIY basket candy bouquet
  • DIY basketball candy bar bouquet
  • DIY candy cane vase
  • DIY marshmallow flower bouquet in a mug
  • DIY marshmallow pop bouquet
  • DIY gummy candy flower bouquet
  • DIY chocolate truffle bouquet
  • DIY Ferrero chocolate bouquet
  • DIY conversation heart candy bouquet
  • DIY Dum Dums bouquet
  • DIY candied popcorn bouquet
  • DIY donut bouquet
  • DIY strawberry bouquet
  • DIY chocolate-covered strawberry bouquet
  • DIY bouquet with various fruit
  • DIY carved fruit bouquet
  • DIY chocolate rose bouquet
  • DIY gumball flower bouquet
  • DIY peppermint topiary tree
  • DIY color-themed candy bouquet
  • DIY manly candy bouquet

Keep reading to discover more about each DIY candy bouquet, including tutorial sources. Check out the FAQs section for more info.

1. DIY terracotta pot candy bouquet

Diy terracotta pot candy bouquet

Delight your loved ones with a charming terracotta pot candy bouquet. It combines a natural look with an edible surprise. Paint the terracotta pot in vibrant colors and fill it with individually-wrapped candies to celebrate any special occasion. Check out our guide for making a terracotta pot candy bouquet.

2. DIY candy box bouquet

Diy candy box bouquet

This DIY bouquet stands out since the box is entirely made up of candy boxes. Fill it with a wide variety of sweets in bright and attractive colors. Go to Passion for Savings for more info.

3. DIY tin bucket bouquet with lollipop flowers

Diy tin bucket bouquet with lollipop flowers

This candy bouquet combines crepe paper, lollipops, and a blue tin bucket to make a gorgeous edible arrangement. Give it as a gift to someone, or use it for yourself as a table centerpiece. Making this candy bouquet is a fun activity, and you can get your kids involved. Use lollipops to make the flower stems and crepe paper for the petals. Check out Helpful Homemade for more details.

4. DIY tin bucket bouquet with candy bars

Diy tin bucket bouquet with candy bars

Create a whimsical gift for your friends and family with a DIY candy bar bouquet in a tin bucket. Choose from your favorite treats and arrange them in a decorative tin bucket filled with floral foam and colorful tissue paper. Hang the buckets on strings or add ribbon to create a more charming display. Turn this DIY candy bouquet into a teacher appreciation gift by attaching a label that says “It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.” Visit Growing Up Gabel for more details.

5. DIY soda can candy bouquet

Diy soda can candy bouquet

Use a soda can to create a small candy bouquet for party favors, teacher gifts, or craft bazaars. It’s a fantastic way to show off your upcycling abilities. You need a styrofoam ball to anchor the candies in a soda can that serves as a flower pot. Visit Miss Kopy Kat for more details.

6. DIY candy vase bouquet

Diy candy vase bouquet

A DIY candy vase bouquet is a unique and memorable gift for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or housewarming parties. The lucky recipient will appreciate it. Start with a simple vase and fill it with candy or chocolates, such as M&Ms. Stick wooden skewers to candy bars and fill the vase. Add ribbons, tulle, or other decorative items to make your edible bouquet even more special. Check out 4 Sons’ R’ Us for more details.

7. DIY candy vase bouquet with cash

Diy candy vase bouquet with cash

A DIY candy vase bouquet with cash is a humorous and versatile gift since you can include any amount of money. Giving money is generally considered tacky, so it’s best to use this candy bouquet idea for family and close friends who would appreciate the gesture. For example, a candy vase bouquet with cash is an awesome graduation gift for sons, daughters, nephews, and nieces. It also works for greeting a new neighbor on behalf of the whole community. Visit Bits of Everything to learn how to put together this candy bouquet. 

8. DIY mason jar candy bouquet

Diy mason jar candy bouquet

A mason jar is an excellent way to craft a small candy bouquet for any occasion. Attach candy bars to wooden skewers and then fill the mason jar. The beauty of this project is that you can attach handwritten notes or printable templates to the mason jar to suit the occasion. For example, use a heart-shaped sticker that says “I’m so sweet on you” for Valentine’s Day or “I picked these just for you. Love you, mom” for Mother’s Day. Visit Thoughtful Gift Club for more info,

9. DIY milkshake glass bouquet with lollipops

Diy milkshake glass bouquet with lollipops

This DIY small candy bouquet has a refreshing twist since it uses a milkshake glass as the vase. Fill it with Dum Dums lollipops, Charms Blow Pops, and Tootsie Pops. The best part is that the recipient will be able to use the milkshake glass after eating the candy. Check out Rada Cutlery for more info.

10. DIY basket candy bouquet

Diy basket candy bouquet

This DIY candy bouquet uses a basket to hold all the candies. It’s similar to a candy gift basket, except that it’s not wrapped in cellophane. Get a simple basket, spray paint it if you don’t like the natural look, fill it with candies, and include heartfelt notes. Consider adding non-edible goods, too, like plush toys. Check out Sweet Pennies from Heaven for more info.

11. DIY basketball candy bar bouquet

Diy basketball candy bar bouquet

A DIY basketball candy bar bouquet is a fantastic gift for sports fans; it uses a basketball as a flower vase. Cut a large, rectangular hole in the basketball, add floral foam, and insert wooden skewers with candies attached to the other end. Turn the bouquet into a centerpiece by adding something heavy to the bottom, such as pebbles, sand, or balloon weights, to serve as the basketball’s anchor. Visit Fun Happy Home for more info.

12. DIY candy cane vase

Diy candy cane vase

A DIY candy cane vase is a festive and eye-catching decoration, especially for Christmas, where the vase is the focus of attention. Glue candy canes to a tin can in order to create a vase easily, and wrap a ribbon for a celebratory touch. Head to Living Well Spending Less to learn more.

13. DIY marshmallow flower bouquet in a mug

Diy marshmallow flower bouquet in a mug

This DIY small candy bouquet has flower-shaped marshmallows that you can easily make. Put your baking skills to the test by baking marshmallows in a flower-shaped silicone mold, combining pink and yellow to form flowers. Stick the marshmallow flowers to lollipop sticks and insert the sticks into your favorite mug filled with hard candy. The lucky recipient will get to keep the mug after eating all the marshmallows. Check out Tastemade for more info about this cool idea. 

14. DIY marshmallow pop bouquet

Diy marshmallow pop bouquet

The only thing better than marshmallows are marshmallow pops, which are at the center of this Valentine’s Day candy bouquet. Just skewer your marshmallows, dip them into melted chocolate, and then sprinkle confetti, coconut flakes, or Valentine’s Day-themed sprinkles. Then it’s just a matter of arranging them as you please in a Valentine’s Day container, and voila! Visit Spinach Tiger to learn how to make this Valentine’s Day marshmallow pop bouquet.

15. DIY gummy candy flower bouquet

Diy gummy candy flower bouquet

A candy bouquet with flower-shaped gummies is an inventive and eye-catching way to decorate your home over the holiday season. Arrange simple round candies in flower shapes and wrap them tightly in cellophane. Then stick wooden skewers into the center of the flowers and insert the skewers into a vase to create an inexpensive candy bouquet. Visit iCreative Ideas for more info.

16. DIY chocolate truffle bouquet

Diy chocolate truffle bouquet

A DIY chocolate truffle bouquet is a delicious and thoughtful gift to make for your mom, teacher, or another special person in your life. Use store-bought truffles or make them from scratch, place them on sucker sticks, and wrap crepe paper around them to create colorful flowers. Kids will be thrilled to help make this candy bouquet. Visit It’s Always Autumn for more info.

17. DIY Ferrero chocolate bouquet

Diy ferrero chocolate bouquet

This stunning candy bouquet features Ferrero chocolates beautifully arranged with red and teal tissue paper. You will also need bamboo sticks, tape, ribbon, scissors, and an elastic band. Visit Ting & Things for the assembly instructions.

18. DIY conversation heart candy bouquet

Diy conversation candy bouquet

A candy bouquet with heart-shaped conversation starters is a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day. Fill a glass container with a smaller container, pour conversation hearts between the walls, pour water into the smaller container, and add authentic flowers. Wrap the larger container with a ribbon. Visit Smart School House for more details.

19. DIY Dum Dums bouquet

Diy dum dums bouquet

Dum Dums lollipops are popular candies you can use to craft a candy bouquet. Get a jumbo bag of Dum Dums, prepare a pot with a styrofoam piece, and insert the lollipop sticks to form an almost perfect Dum Dums sphere. Visit A Little Craft In Your Day for more info.

20. DIY candied popcorn bouquet

Diy candied popcorn bouquet

Put your imagination to the test by turning candied popcorn into a gorgeous candy bouquet. It’s an awesome gift to bring your date on movie night, for instance. This DIY project combines several types of candied popcorn, such as caramel or chocolate-flavored, which stick together to form large chunks of sugary goodness. It’s easy to make at home, and you can play with different popcorn flavors and colors. Check out Chyka for more info.

21. DIY donut bouquet

Diy donut bouquet

Test your baking skills and use homemade donuts to craft a delicious and visually stunning candy bouquet. Gift it to your date so you can share delicious donuts while taking a stroll in the park. Homemade donuts are a great excuse for trying various fillings, glazes, and toppings. The drawback is that you shouldn’t make this bouquet ahead of time since donuts are best served fresh. Get the details from My Recipes.

22. DIY strawberry bouquet

Diy strawberry bouquet

Craft an edible flower arrangement from fresh strawberries and impress your significant other on their birthday, date night, or Valentine’s Day. Fruits are healthier than candy, and the visual appeal is unparalleled since strawberries are naturally heart-shaped. The trick is using fresh and firm strawberries without blemishes or deformities. Check out the details at Baking Like A Chef.

23. DIY chocolate-covered strawberry bouquet

Diy chocolate covered strawberry bouquet

Combine strawberries and chocolates to create a stunning chocolate-covered strawberry bouquet. Prepare chocolate-covered strawberries at home, and feel free to experiment with various toppings, sprinkles, and garnishes. Skewer the strawberries, dip them in a bowl of melted chocolate, and then add the decorations. See Keesha’s Kitchen for more info.

24. DIY bouquet with various fruit

Diy bouquet with various fruit

Craft an edible bouquet using seasonal fruit, such as strawberries, green and red grapes, cantaloupe, pineapples, oranges, or apples. Skewer them together to make mini fruit kabobs and arrange them in a pot or basket. Check out The Suburban Soapbox for more info.

25. DIY carved fruit bouquet

Diy carved fruit bouquet

A DIY carved fruit bouquet takes the seasonal fruit idea to a new level by beautifully sculpting fruits into flowers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to test your fruit carving skills, and your date will appreciate the effort even if the results aren’t perfect. Make sure to use firm fruits that hold their shape. For the cutting part, use cookie cutters and special fruit carving knives. Check out Instructables for more info.

26. DIY chocolate rose bouquet

Diy chocolate rose bouquet

This DIY candy bouquet creates an optical illusion since it looks like a regular flower bouquet; it’s actually chocolates wrapped in crepe paper. It’s majestic enough for a bride. Use pale pink crepe paper and fold it around the chocolates to create rosebuds. This project requires a lot of patience, especially if you’re planning to make a large bouquet, but the results are stunning. Visit All Day Chic for instructions.

27. DIY gumball flower bouquet

Diy gumball flower bouquet

A DIY gumball flower bouquet is a cute arrangement for kids who love tasty and chewy gumballs that resemble marbles. For this project, you need gumballs in two sizes, balloon sticks and cellophane wrap. A single flower takes under a minute to craft, so an entire bouquet shouldn’t set you back by more than 20 minutes. Check out Sendomatic for instructions.

28. DIY peppermint topiary tree

Diy peppermint topiary tree

A DIY peppermint topiary tree is a spectacular decoration for a housewarming gift. Stick peppermint candies to a large styrofoam ball, attach the ball to a wooden dowel, and insert the dowel into a large pot or container. Check out Deck The Holidays for more details.

29. DIY color-themed candy bouquet

Diy color themed candy bouquet

Craft a color-themed candy bouquet to personalize it for any occasion. For example, use blue wrapping paper and candies in assorted packaging for a young boy’s birthday party. Check out Unicorn Dreaming for more inspiration.

30. DIY manly candy bouquet

Diy manly candy bouquet

This DIY manly candy bouquet contains your husband’s, father’s, brother’s, son’s, or best friend’s favorite candies and savory treats. For example, use beef sticks, cookie snack packs, and typical candy bars. Check out One Creative Mommy for more info.


Discover more helpful information about DIY candy bouquets.

What types of containers work best for DIY candy bouquets?

Any transparent glass or plastic vase or jar works for a DIY candy bouquet. Get creative with mason jars and larger containers, depending on how much space you have available.

What types of candies should I use in a candy bouquet?

Any candies are suitable for a candy bouquet, such as M&Ms, gummy bears, jelly beans, hard candies, and lollipops. Consider using unique shapes and sizes to create a visually-pleasing design that looks beautiful in an edible arrangement.

How long will my DIY candy bouquet last?

Most candy bouquets last up to two weeks if stored in a cool, dry place. Prolong the life of your bouquet by placing it away from direct sunlight and other heat sources, like ovens or radiators, which could cause the candy to melt.


In conclusion, making a DIY candy bouquet is a fun, affordable way to give your loved ones a unique and special gift. It is easy to find the supplies for such a project online and in stores, allowing you to customize the bouquet with your favorite candies. Plus, it makes for a great conversation when entertaining guests.

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