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How to Craft a DIY Candy Bouquet in 5 Easy Steps

candy bouquet is a creative way to present sweets as a gift, whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or a birthday. This article teaches you how to make a DIY candy bouquet from scratch.

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A candy bouquet is a flower bouquet that uses all sorts of candies instead of regular flowers. It would be an eye-catching centerpiece or an interesting gift for someone with a sweet tooth. For example, many people use candy bouquets to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations.

There are two ways to get hold of a candy bouquet: buy it from the store or make it your own. A store-bought candy bouquet looks professional, but a homemade version is more thoughtful, especially when looking for a gift for someone.

In this guide, you will find the necessary tools and materials for crafting a beautiful DIY candy bouquet, detailed instructions on assembling it, and extra tips and tricks for improving the bouquet.


Candy bouquet material

  • Individually-wrapped candies
  • A polystyrene sphere to act as the candy bouquet’s base. Pick any sphere size; the bigger the sphere, the more candies you will need to decorate it. Avoid using a giant sphere since it would likely cause the candy bouquet to fall to the side.
  • A pot to hold the candy bouquet.
  • Green acrylic paint to paint the pot.
  • A paintbrush to apply the paint.
  • A glue gun and glue sticks to attach the various elements of the candy bouquet.
  • A wooden dowel or a thick kebab skewer to serve as the bouquet’s stem.
  • Silk ribbon to decorate the stem.
  • Scissors to cut the ribbon and help make the hole for your wooden dowel.
  • A few pieces of oasis sponge to anchor the candy bouquet inside the pot and keep it upright.
  • Moss to decorate the pot and hide the oasis sponge; it gives the bouquet an authentic feel.

How do I craft a DIY candy bouquet?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a candy bouquet:

  1. Make the candy ball: Start by adding small droplets of hot glue to the polystyrene sphere and sticking candies to them. Ensure the candy wrappers are evenly spaced and facing outwards. Cover the entire sphere in candies, taking care to leave an opening at the bottom for attaching the stem.Candy bouquet stepsCandy bouquet steps 3
  2. Add the stem: Use one of the sharp ends of your scissors to make a small hole at the bottom of the sphere. Then insert a wooden dowel or kebab skewer and secure it with glue. Next, cut a ribbon and wrap a nice bow around the stem under the candy ball.Candy bouquet steps (7)Candy bouquet steps (9)Candy bouquet steps (11)Candy bouquet
  3. Prepare the pot: Apply a coat of paint and wait several hours until it dries out. Add a second layer and wait again.Candy bouquetCandy bouquetCandy bouquet
  4. Place the bouquet inside the pot: Cut the oasis sponge into smaller pieces and place them inside the pot so they have a snug fit. Insert the candy bouquet into the pot by driving the stem into the oasis sponge. Gently but firmly push the bouquet downwards so that it stays in place and doesn’t topple over.Candy bouquetCandy bouquetCandy bouquet
  5. Add the finishing touches: Take a handful of moss and spread it all around the pot, covering up the oasis sponge. Use hot glue to ensure that it stays in place. Your DIY candy bouquet is finished!Candy bouquetCandy bouquetCandy bouquet

More tips and tricks

Check out additional tips and tricks for improving your DIY candy bouquet:

  • Use matching colors: Depending on the color of the candy wrappers, use matching colors for the ribbon and paint to make the bouquet more aesthetically pleasing. For example, make a gold-themed candy bouquet for those who love Ferrero Rocher bonbons.
  • Match the occasion: The candy bouquet is versatile since you can adjust it to match the occasion. For example, for a Christmas theme, use a polystyrene cone instead of a sphere and decorate it with Christmas tree candy.
  • Pair the bouquet with a card: Write down your feelings, create a small poem, or draw something meaningful and attach it to the stem of the candy bouquet.

Closing thoughts

Crafting a candy bouquet is an easy yet meaningful way to show someone you care. It’s ideal for any occasion. Customize the bouquet to the recipient’s taste with colors, shapes, and decorations to make your gift even more special and unique. For more inspiration, check out more creative candy bouquet ideas.

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