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50 Easy Halloween Costumes: Easy DIY Halloween Costumes to Make

If you are looking for easy Halloween costumes this year, have no fear! There are plenty of fun, creative costume ideas out there that are quick and simple to pull together, even if you’re on a budget or don’t have enough time to order something off Amazon. Whether you’re hosting a party or just having a laid-back night with friends, here’s your inspiration for easy costumes that will leave you feeling satisfied!

Easy halloween costume

We put together a list of what we believe are the 50 easiest Halloween costumes ideas to try out right now. So we have no doubt that you can find something that will completely please you. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for Halloween outfits for guys, gals, kids, families, home, or work. We got everything covered!

50 Easiest Halloween Costumes to Try in 2021

Check out our top picks when it comes to simple Halloween costumes you should try this year. They are suited for any adult or child, so you can quickly get ideas for your next outfit.

1. Cactus – Easy Halloween Costumes

Cactus easy halloween costumes

Halloween is the season to get out of your comfort zone and try something different. And if you’re bored with dressing up as a vampire or a witch this year, why not consider making an inventive cactus costume? It’s a great idea when it comes to easy Halloween costumes.

In addition to being highly original, cacti are very easy to make at home without having to spend a lot of money on buying a premade cactus costume available in shops. Take @movementbymelanie‘s idea on Instagram, for example. It’s simple and adorable!

To pull off this look, you need a plastic pot that’s large enough to fit you like a skirt. Make sure to also get brown suspenders, a green shirt with long sleeves, plastic white clothespins, a pair of khaki leggings, and two red cactus flowers.

You need to cut a hole at the bottom of the plastic pot so that you can fit in and then attach it to your body using the suspenders. Then, add the clothespins all over your shirt to make them look like cactus hairs, and finally put a flower on your head and attach one to your wrist. It’s too cute to handle!

2. Cheerleader and Football Player – Easy College Halloween Costumes

Cheerleader and football player easy college halloween costumes

Trying to relive your old college days this Halloween? Or maybe you and your significant other are looking to dress up like a couple of movie cliches on the most colorful night of the year. Whatever the case may be, you can’t go wrong with these cheerleader and football player outfits.

It works well as a do-it-yourself idea when it comes to easy college Halloween costumes if you already have the outfits back from your college days and are looking for an excuse to wear them once more.

Take a look at this cool example we found on Instagram, courtesy of @deforestcooper. If you’re going as a football player, make sure to add shoulder pads, football pants, and knee socks. As for the cheerleader, she definitely needs wristbands and pom-poms. But that’s just spitballing, though, since you can wear anything you want.

3. Han Solo and Princess Leia – Easy Couple Halloween Costumes

Han solo and princess leia easy couple halloween costumes

When it comes to movies and easy couple Halloween costumes, few romantic relationships are as recognizable as Han Solo and Princess Leia from the Star Wars franchise. So why not dress up as two of the most powerful people in the galaxy and make a strong impression on your friends this Halloween.

Besides, it’s incredibly easy to pull off this look. You can just @michelle_millward‘s Instagram post as an example. Find a vest, black pants, black pants, and matching boots for Han Solo, together with a long white dress with long sleeves, a golden belt, white socks, and white shoes for Princess Leia.

You can easily recreate the famous buns hairstyle for Leia. And don’t forget to throw in a couple of toy guns for both characters. It’s a seemingly silly idea when taking into account the ordinary pieces of clothing involved, but it works and you will both be instantly recognized by those around you.

4. Seamstress – Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Seamstress easy diy halloween costumes

If sewing clothes is your job or hobby, your friends and family might expect you to come up with a truly spectacular costume for Halloween. However, if you want to add a fun twist, downplay their expectations, and obtain a few giggles in the process, we suggest this cool idea when it comes to easy DIY Halloween costumes.

@heatherhandmade is as creative as she is adorable when approaching this simple seamstress project. You can create a pair of scissors out of fabric and attach it to your body. But our favorite idea is wrapping yourself in a giant thread, which also has a needle attached.

Find a piece of cardboard that’s large enough to fit your body when wrapping it around yourself. Make sure to stick both ends together using a hot glue gun with plenty of glue. Then, get some yarn and wrap it around the cardboard to create the thread.

You might need tons of yarn for this, so make sure you have multiple balls of yarn in the same color. Finally, take another piece of cardboard, cut it in the shape of a giant needle (including the hole), and wrap it in duct tape. You can then stick the needle on the thread and wear the resulting costume.

5. Ghosts – Easy Halloween Costumes For Adults

Ghosts easy halloween costumes for adults

You can have fun with your significant other for Halloween even without wearing some elaborate costumes that you paid a lot of money for on Amazon. Instead, why not dress up as ghosts? It’s a timeless decoration element for Halloween, after all, as well as a great idea when it comes to easy Halloween costumes for adults.

For starters, you can go trick-or-treating and hide your age when strangers will be handing out candies for kids. And, you can freely haunt the streets of your neighborhood, ensuring that everyone will see you since you will both be wearing white.

Pulling off this look is so easy and cheap. You just need two old white sheets and a pair of scissors to cut out the eye holes and ensure that you will actually see where you’re stepping. Or, you can step it up a notch as @livkristen_ did on this Instagram post, where both partners are trying to be cool ghosts by wearing sunglasses and hats.

6. #filter and #nofilter – Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

#filter and #nofilter easy last minute halloween costumes

If you are looking for easy last-minute Halloween costumes for you and your spouse, check out this clever idea that we found on Instagram, courtesy of @everyday_heidi. It’s a clever twist on the harsh reality of Instagram influencers that post messages with #filter and #nofilter.

Both partners have to wear similar clothes to pull off this look. But the differences lie in the hair and makeup. The woman has perfect hair and impeccable makeup that’s seemingly effortless, and she wears a #filter shirt. Meanwhile, the man has the opposite look and wears a #nofilter shirt to let you know how much effort is actually put into a #nofilter Instagram post.

We think that the results are simply hilarious, and you will definitely be the hit of any Halloween party you choose to attend. Plus, you can wear clothes that you already own, so you don’t need to spend money on a new outfit. Just make sure that the clothes are kind of the same for both of you.

7. Jack Torrance – Easy Halloween Costumes For Guys

Jack torrance easy halloween costumes for guys

The Shining is a cornerstone in horror movies, so it played perfectly into any Halloween theme. If you are searching for easy Halloween costumes for guys, here is a simple and cool outfit that will please many party-goers!

As Jack Torrance from The Shining, all you need is some blue jeans, a belt, a plaid shirt, and a red jacket. It also helps if you’re partially bald or wear a bald cap to resemble Jack Nicholson’s character as much as possible.

The beauty of this costume is that it’s simple enough to pull off as an everyday cosplay, as @antiquesugar shows us. But what makes it so great for Halloween is that you can instantly turn up the volume by adding a fake ax to turn into the menacing Jack. To make it more compelling, be sure to smile creepily while running around and screaming like a mad man pretending to cut yourself with an ax.

8. Cruella de Vil – Easy Halloween Costumes For Women

Cruella de vil easy halloween costumes for women

Cruella De Vil is an easy Halloween costume for women. You can either dress up as her from the Disney movie or style your hair to look like hers and wear a black turtleneck, tight black pants, gray gloves and carry around some Dalmatians (fake ones).

If you want to be Cruella from the original 101 Dalmatians movies, just find a cheap sweatsuit, buy or draw on some patches of puppies, and carry around a stuffed dalmatian puppy. You could also accessorize with an umbrella.

But we also love this novel approach to Cruella de Vil that we found on Instagram, thanks to @peonypatterns. She is wearing a cascading black-and-white skirt with dalmatian spots, a stunning black coat with white details, a pair of black boots, and the typical half-black and half-white hairstyle of Cruella.

It’s definitely a challenging sewing project, so you need some serious skills to pull this off. But the results are magnificent, and you will certainly become the belle of every ball you choose to attend this Halloween.

9. Among Us – Easy Halloween Costumes For Men

Among us easy halloween costumes for men

If you are seeking easy Halloween costumes for men, you can’t go wrong by dressing up as a crew member of the Among Us video game. Of course, it helps if you have already played the game with your friends so that your peers will be able to instantly recognize you. It’s a simple look that focuses on a single color, so be sure to pick your favorite one.

Some do-it-yourself instructions are also involved since you need to recreate the complete costume of an Among Us crew member. For inspiration, don’t hesitate to watch this cool YouTube video tutorial created by DIYholic, which teaches you all you need to know to make this project happen.

Before getting started, check that you have the following supplies nearby: cardboard, pillow stuffing, acrylic paints or paint markers, a small box, tape, felt, scissors, a top, bottom and shoes, together with a hot glue gun. Once you decide on a color, check that all elements match it, including the acrylic paints or paint markers.

Then, just follow the steps provided in the video. The outfit works best when you can get more friends to participate and have them dress up the same as you but in different colors. This way, you will truly breathe life into a full crew of the Among Us spaceship.

10. Power Rangers – Cute Easy Halloween Costumes

Power rangers cute easy halloween costumes

If you’re more in the mood for cute and easy Halloween costumes, you might want to dress up as one of the Power Rangers. You only need to make a homemade morph suit and attach some lettering to it. The red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger and White and Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger are also simple costumes that can be made with just paint or even fabric markers.

If you prefer, white spandex pants and a white t-shirt will work as well. For ladies, there’s always the Pink Ranger – as long as you’re not afraid of looking like an extra from Grease.

Also, we found this awesome Instagram post of @emmiemck, which shows how the entire family is dressed up as the red, pink and blue Power Rangers. It goes to show how it’s an awesome idea not only for individuals but also for a group of Power Rangers fans. And it works for men, women, and kids alike.

11. Floral Patterns – Easy Funny Halloween Costumes

Floral patterns easy funny halloween costumes

We also found these easy and funny Halloween costumes on Instagram, thanks to @peonypatterns. The point is that it’s easy to dress up in adorable dresses with floral patterns, and then take a group photo with closest friends, especially if you’re a kid. Or, the girls can all choose to be princesses for Halloween, which is classic but cute as always.

You, the parent, can find pretty much anything online: dresses, shoes, wigs (for example, for Ariel), makeup and jewelry (for Snow White), etc. So check your local shops for Halloween costumes or hit the Internet before October 31st. Alternatively, if you’re a sewing wizard, don’t be afraid to tackle this large project from the ground up. This way, you will be able to create unique costumes that are tailor-made for your daughter.

And, if you’re looking for ways to accessorize the outfits, get Disney-themed balloons, make props (Jasmine needs a genie bottle, for example), and throw in some references to other Disney movies (like Rapunzel’s frying pan for Pocahontas).

12. The Shining Twins – Easy Halloween Costumes For Girls

The shining twins easy halloween costumes for girls

If you want to go as a pair and are looking for easy Halloween costumes for girls, this is a great idea. The Shining twins are the little girls from Stanley Kubrick’s famous horror movie, The Shining. They were also featured in Doctor Sleep, the book written by the same author. If you want to be twins, you just need a blue dress, but make sure to get two of them.

We love this adorable look we found on Instagram, courtesy of @drealivy. Another good idea is to purchase white-collared shirts and ties, as well as some shiny paper (if you want to make your own), and glue them on. As for the hairstyle, we’re thinking of pigtails. These are some really cute and easy Halloween costumes that will allow you to spend more time enjoying your celebration and less time sewing elaborate outfits.

13. Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6 – Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Honey lemon from big hero 6 easy halloween costume ideas

Honey Lemon is a character from the movie Big Hero 6, the only girl in that boy’s club, who dreams to become a chem-tech engineer. She’s bubbly and sweet, but she can also be very intelligent and technological.

If you want to dress up as Honey Lemon this Halloween, we recommend that you go for an official outfit, complete with a lab coat, goggles, gloves, high-heeled boots, fabulous hair, large, round and red glasses, and, of course, a purse.

You can accessorize with some yellow boots or you can buy yellow tights online. We’re loving the bubbly mood captured by @k.n.kelley here! You can find her on Instagram if you want to give her a shoutout. If you want to look less casual, you can also wear some fitted jeans or pants underneath the coat when tackling this easy Halloween costume idea.

14. Albert Einstein – Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

Albert einstein easy homemade halloween costumes

For a really easy homemade Halloween costume, you can dress up as Albert Einstein, the genius extraordinaire. All you need to do is wear a white shirt and pants, curl your hair if it’s not already curly enough, put on a pair of glasses, and carry around a small stuffed dog or another accessory that’s related to his life.

If you want to make this costume look more realistic, add some pen stains on the clothes. To achieve the true genius look for this outfit, add some pieces of paper with math symbols written all over them in your hand or in your pocket. Also, opt for high-top shoes instead of regular sneakers.

Or, you can take a simpler route by adopting the same approach taken by @kay_anne in her Instagram post, especially if the costume is for your kid. Instead of real hair, you can add a fake white hairpiece, complete with a white mustache and eyebrows.

The glasses are optional at this point. But be sure to throw in a small tie that fits the size of your kid. It’s a simple and adorable idea for children, whether we’re talking about a boy or a girl.

15. Scarecrows – Easy Group Halloween Costumes

Scarecrows easy group halloween costumes

If you need easy group Halloween costumes, look no further. The scarecrow is a classic Halloween character, and for good reason. Scarecrows are extremely versatile, so you can dress up as one in almost any setting. It works even better if you can get a friend or two to join in and also dress like scarecrows.

We love this simple idea we found on Insta, courtesy of @last_temptation_vintage_banff. You can wear any overalls you can find lying in the back of your closet, whether they are made of denim or something else. They don’t necessarily have to match in your group.

Next, get a straw hat for each group member, use a Sharpie marker to draw the facial expression of a toothless scarecrow, and add some blush to your cheeks.

Another idea is to get old rags that you can tie together into a dress or pants and shirt, along with straw or hay. You could also accessorize with branches to make your own broom, plastic bags to imitate pockets, and pieces of cloth to put them on the brims of your hats).

To complete your outfit, add some makeup like dirt that looks smudged all over your face and hands. To identify yourself as a girl scarecrow and not a boy scarecrow, you should also add some fake eyelashes to the mix. Even if no one gets your costume right, at least you’ll have an awesome time this Halloween!

16. Little Red Riding Hood – Easy Sexy Halloween Costumes

Little red riding hood easy sexy halloween costumes

The most popular character from old children’s stories is probably Little Red Riding Hood. She is a brave but naive girl who trips into a horrible adventure when she meets a hungry wolf on her way to her grandma’s house.

You don’t have to be a kid to pull off a modern outfit for Little Red Riding Hood, particularly if you are looking for easy and sexy Halloween costumes for women. Take @ethereal.daisy on Instagram, for example. She successfully managed to make her own version of this classical costume by using a long, red cape, a red-and-white plaid dress, a large leather waistband, and black shoes.

Another simpler idea is to use a red cape, a little white dress or shirt, and some leather boots. You can also carry around a black umbrella or stick if you want to add some drama to your look. This will make an excellent choice for an easy Halloween costume since it takes minimal effort and time to assemble all of these pieces together.

As far as makeup is concerned, you can make yourself look like the hot pinup girls from the 1950s with smokey eyeshadow, red lipstick, and bright blush on your cheeks. If you want to look like Little Red Riding Hood as she’s described by the Brothers Grimm, take along a basket with some bread and other provisions for grandma. But be careful not to drop them too often or else everyone will start laughing!

17. The Sims Character – Easy Halloween Costumes For Work

The sims character easy halloween costumes for work

It can be challenging to find easy Halloween costumes for work, especially if you deal with customer service and your office frowns upon elaborate costumes that might distract potential clients. But you can still find some cool ideas to wear a simple Halloween outfit without going overboard and without disturbing anyone in your office.

For example, you can pretend to be a Sim that casually goes about their work. It means wearing your regular work clothes but also what looks like a green crystal on your head. If you have ever played any of The Sims games, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Here is a simple video tutorial we found on YouTube, where Lorraine Stanick teaches you how to quickly create the green crystal, also known as a Plumbob, and wear it on your head to make it seem like you’re the selected Sim character of the player.

You just need a couple of sheets of A4 green paper, a headband, and a wire. Using the basic Origami technique showcased by Lorraine, fold the two pieces of paper, mix them together to create the Plumbob, connect the headband with the Plumbob using the wire in an upright position, then put on the headband.

Voila! Now you look like a Sim that’s being controlled by a real person who can’t be seen or heard by others. If that doesn’t give a creepy, existential vibe to your co-workers that makes them feel like they’re in a Matrix simulation, we don’t know what will!

18. The Addams Family – Easy At Home Halloween Costumes

The addams family easy at home halloween costumes

It’s impossible to discuss easy, at-home Halloween costumes without mentioning the Addams family. One of the most iconic families from television, these characters have been played by a number of talented actors through the years and have been recreated countless times on the spookiest night of the year.

Check out this awesome Instagram post of @koko_sephora_doll to see how a family of four members has successfully dressed up to look like Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, and Pugsley.

For a Morticia Halloween costume you can make at home, put on a black dress or pants and shirt with a white collar. You can even sew on some buttons to look more realistic. Next, cover your face in white makeup with black dots for eyes and pink cheeks.

As an alternative option, you can just wear all black pieces as well as round glasses to look like Morticia. If you want to be Wednesday or Pugsley, find simple dresses or shirts that match the color of your faces and glue on fake rodent teeth over your real ones.

Another idea is to assemble a Gothic-looking outfit with some dark clothes, leather boots, and makeup. As the matriarch of this family is usually portrayed as a witch, you can also carry around a broomstick with you if it fits your costume. Don’t forget to top off the look with a black pointed hat.

19. Ice Cream Cone Costume

Ice cream cone costume

What could be more fun than dressing up like an ice cream cone for Halloween? This idea is easy to make at home, fast to put together, and comfortable to wear. It’s also perfect if you want to dress up in a group of friends.

Just check out this simple and gorgeous ice cream cone costume showcased by @tonya_ruppel_ on Instagram. She is wearing a pair of brown leggings that imitate the ice cream cone. As for the rest of the outfit, Tonya is dressed up in a white shirt with some colorful details. She is also wearing an inflated red balloon on top of her head which resembles the cherry on top.

However, it’s not the only way you can approach the ice cream cone costume. For instance, you can get away with some old clothes that look like they’ve been painted with colorful paint, plus lots of yellow fabric or paper.

You can even just glue cotton balls onto your regular outfit if you don’t have anything else on hand. Next, cover your face in white makeup and draw your eyes with black permanent markers. Draw the mouth in red lipstick, then add some blush on each cheek.

If you’re not brave enough to go out completely naked, you can also add a brown shirt and pants to your costume. The final step is to attach some ice cream decorations like sprinkles and colorful straws. Just make sure you dress up in old clothes that you don’t mind ruining.

20. Strawberry Halloween Costume

Strawberry halloween costume

Strawberries are red and sometimes green fruits that are widely used in desserts. It’s easy to see why a lot of women prefer putting on a strawberry Halloween costume since it looks absolutely delicious if it’s done right.

Take this cute example on Instagram, courtesy of @har0831. She is wearing a red, green and black strawberry suit, complete with white boots. It could be a fun sewing project you can try at home. However, if you don’t want to complicate yourself with it, you can take a much simpler approach.

For a fun costume, find some white clothes you don’t mind ruining. Try to find an oversized one so you can roll up the sleeves and pant legs to make it look more realistic. Next, get your hands on some green felt or fabric, together with flower decorations like petals and leaves.

Put on the outfit and then cover your face in red makeup or paint. You can also just apply red lipstick if you don’t want to show your skin that day. Glue on some green felt in the shape of leaves and put a large flower on your head. When picking the flower, keep in mind that you want it to be big so everyone can see it!

21. Pencil Yellow Costume

Pencil yellow costume

Pumpkins, witches, vampires, and ghosts are some of the most iconic Halloween costumes. While you can use these ideas for young children, it’s more fun to go with a unique idea that will make them stand out at school or in their group of friends, such as a pencil yellow costume.

For a funny costume this holiday, dress up as a pencil! There are a number of ways you can do this. First, grab some yellow clothes including long pants and a shirt. If you’re a girl, you can opt for a simple long, skinny dress just like @heykatewisdom did on her Instagram post. She topped it off with a pink short-haired wig and matching medical mask.

But you can take extra steps to make this pencil yellow costume more compelling. For instance, you can cover your face in white makeup and draw eyes with black permanent markers. This part is optional, but another way to look like a pencil is to attach yellow paper for the eraser part of your costume.

A third idea is to make a big triangle shape with gray felt or fabric. Try finding one that you can easily glue on top of yourself by using safety pins, which are also helpful for the next step. Attach some colored construction paper as the lead, then add multiple pencil point decorations made out of orange and black felt.

22. Sailor Mars – Easy Halloween Costumes

Sailor mars easy halloween costumes

Sailor Mars is a character from the Sailor Moon anime series who has a fiery personality and wields fire as one of her main weapons. She’s best known by fans for being feisty and powerful, which makes her a great choice if you want an easy Halloween costume that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The characters from the Sailor Moon series are incredibly popular with young girls. If you want to dress up your daughter like Sailor Mars and are pretty skilled with sewing projects, you can create the entire outfit using white fabric for the top and long gloves, red fabric for the skirt and top part, and purple fabric for the large bow. You also need to buy a golden headband with a red crystal in the middle.

Check out this adorable look we found on Instagram if you need more inspiration, courtesy of @kitsukurou.handmade. Make sure all of your accessories match by choosing the right color scheme. If you want to make the costume last longer, it might be a good idea to wear a pair of tights underneath the outfit.

23. Lions – Cute Easy Halloween Costumes

Lions cute easy halloween costumes

For fun, cute and easy Halloween costumes, try dressing up your little ones as lions! These animals are known for their strength, which makes them perfect for Halloween costumes. Not only will they be able to show off how brave they are, but kids can use this idea even if it’s just for playtime.

To make this outfit, start by finding some orange or cream clothes, including pants and a shirt. You’ll also need shoes with long socks or brown tights. Next, gather some fabric, felt, construction paper or just feathers in matching colors, in order to design the lion’s mane.

Use glue or safety pins to attach these items together in layers on the torso area. A cute idea is to add an orange tail that matches their outfit!

If your sewing skills are up to the task, check out this cool idea we found on Instagram that was originally posted by @britni.lamken and reposted by @thebabybirdboutique.

If you feel that something is missing, consider drawing the face like a lion using white paint and dark brown or black pencils. You’ll also need some pink or red-colored lipstick for the mouth. It may take a bit of time to finish up, but in the end, your little one will look like a unique and adorable lion!

24. Slender Man – Easy Halloween Costumes For Guys

Slender man easy halloween costumes for guys

For men who are interested in easy Halloween costumes for guys but definitely something scarier than Jack Torrance’s outfit, we found an awesome Slender Man costume on Instagram, thanks to @nintendohh9. The key elements here are a black suit and tie, a white sheet that goes over the head or white face paint, and a pair of white gloves.

You can accessorize with fake blood, dark eyeshadow, as well as tentacles. You could also add some branches to your outfit. This is not only a great Halloween costume idea for guys but also one that looks especially good when done well.

25. Minions – Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Minions easy diy halloween costumes

Minions are very popular for lovers of all things cute and adorable. At Halloween time, this is a fun costume idea that will be easy to put together and won’t cost you a lot of money. It’s also a fun idea if you’re looking for easy DIY Halloween costumes for your family or a group of friends.

Here’s what @torifficlyfe did on Instagram, and we absolutely love the results. She and her family took the quick route and wore yellow shirts with blue jeans and long, yellow socks, as well as two black beanies with goggles on top that mimic the Minions’ googly eyes.

However, it’s not the only approach you can take to dress up like the Minions for Halloween. All you need is yellow clothes including pants and shirt, along with white face paint and black permanent markers for drawing on eyes. You can also use felt or paper in place of clothing items if needed, such as for making the minion’s goggles.

A great accessory is an orange cone hat like the one Minions wear when they go out working. Other options include banana costumes or party supplies with similar designs. For your final touch, add some colorful decorations like beads or ribbons to complete the look!

26. Rory Gilmore – Easy College Halloween Costumes

Rory gilmore easy college halloween costumes

Rory Gilmore is the protagonist of one of our favorite shows, Gilmore Girls. This outfit idea would be perfect for college students who want to wear something funny and easy to wear during their festivities. If you’re looking for easy college Halloween costumes that aren’t too difficult to make, then this might be the one for you!

It also helps if you kind of look like Rory Gilmore like @jessbeachin on her Instagram post. To put together the Rory Gilmore look, start by putting on your normal clothes along with some bright red lipstick.

You will also need a pair of rectangular framed glasses like the ones Rory always wears. Grab a book and prop it up against your body while doing your make-up and straightening your long hair. Wear a navy blue jacket if possible, but grab any blue-colored clothing items available for extra touches like the plaid skirt or long socks.

27. Fran Fine – Easy Halloween Costumes For Adults

Fran fine easy halloween costumes for adults

Fran Fine is a character from The Nanny who has been featured in many Halloween costumes ever since the show was released. Now you can dress up like her with basic items and no sewing required if you are seeking easy Halloween costumes for adults. You just have to pick one of the many outfits she wore on the show and try to recreate it using clothes you already own.

For instance, @maggiewhile put her sewing skills to the test and made a colorful dress that depicted popular candy brands. Under the dress, she wore a simple black turtleneck and leggings. But this is just one way to go about it. For instance, you could wear a white shirt or blouse, then put on some red pants or a pantsuit.

You will also need a headband to put the hair into pigtails, together with some fake nose glasses as Fran wears for extra detail. For your final touch, add a brown belt over your outfit as well as some colorful accessories such as bracelets or necklaces to give it that authentic Nanny Fine look!

More Easy Halloween Costumes to Make

We have a few more Halloween costumes you can make this year, or draw inspiration from for the following years!

28. Easy Pineapple

Diy pineapple halloween costume

This next one is super easy to pull off too, yet very trendy at the same time…. pineapples are hot these days! Simply pair a yellow dress with a green cardstock head piece and you’ll be well on your way to pineapple heaven. Check out the full tutorial at Revamperate.

29. Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van gogh halloween costume

This clever Vincent Van Gogh costume is a great one for the guys. All you’ll need are a few specific pieces of clothing – a straw hat, a blue jacket and a white shirt. Oh, and don’t forget the pipe! Head over to The House That Lars Built to find out how to recreate this look.

30. Wind Up Doll

Doll halloween costume

This wind up doll costume is quite lovely, and just a little bit creepy too! The makeup is the star here, along with the cardboard wind up key. You can also learn how to make the yarn wig. Check out all the instructions over at the Little Inspiration blog.

31. Sunny Side Up Egg Costume

Egg costume halloween costume

This incredibly cute costume is crazy simple to make… just put on an all white outfit, and then attach a piece of yellow felt to your stomach. And voila – a sunny side up egg! Make your way over to Lacey Placey to find out exactly how to recreate this Halloween costume yourself.

32. Cardboard Ice Cream Cone

Ice cream cone halloween costume

Next up, we have a different variation of an ice cream cone costume – this time it involves lots of cardboard. Just grab some paint and some pom poms to create this adorable cone. Head over to Hello Wonderful to find out all the details of this costume.

33. Heart Eyes Emoji Costume

Heart eyes emoji costume

Show off your love of tech with this incredibly fun heart eyes emoji costume. Start with a yellow dress, and then head over to LaurDIY’s YouTube channel to find out how to add the face and make the yellow tutu out of fabric. Your friends will absolutely love it!

34. Where’s Waldo Costume

Wheres waldo halloween costume

This Where’s Waldo costume is incredibly easy to make… just buy a red and white striped shirt, a hat with a red pom pom, and a pair of faux glasses if you don’t wear them normally. Head over to the Huffington Post to check out this and tons of other ideas.

35. Juno Maternity Costume

Juno maternity halloween costume

If you’re a fun of the cult classic movie Juno, then you’ll love this simple maternity costume. This is a great option if you’re already pregnant, but you could also create a fake belly if you’re not. Head on over to Brit + Co. to check out the full tutorial for this fun costume.

36. Donut Costume

Donut diy halloween costume

Get in on the donut craze with this fun donut costume from Kelly at Studio DIY. This is made out of an inflatable pool inner tube, foam hair curlers and lots of different spray paint colors. Make your way over to Studio DIY to read the full tutorial and to see more pictures.

37. Beautiful Sunny Day Costume

Beautiful sunny day halloween costume

This is a wonderful costume for those of you that like to think outside the box a bit. Just grab a light blue sweatshirt or dress, some cotton balls and a few other materials to create this clever “beautiful sunny day” costume. Here are the instructions.

38. Snow White

Snow white halloween costume

This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” sort of costumes… it’s so easy, and so cute! Just search through your closet (or your local thrift store) for the perfect yellow skirt and blue top. And don’t forget the apple! See this and many other ideas at PopSugar.

39. Medusa’s Hair

Medusas hair halloween costume

If you’re familiar with the story of Medusa, you know that she was famous for having snakes slithering around on her head… so all you’ll need for this genius costume is a few artificial toy snakes. Check out the full (quite simple)tutorial over at MarthaStewart.com.

40. Bat Costume

Diy bat halloween costume

Transform yourself into a bat with only a few simple materials, using this genius tutorial from SheKnows. You’ll need a black dress, some black fabric and a headband. Make your way over to SheKnows to find out all the details and to see more fun images.

41. Poison Ivy

Poison ivy halloween costume

This is a great costume for both kids and adults… simply pull together an all-green outfit, drape some faux ivy around your neck and carry some calamine lotion as a prop. Make your way over to eHow to check out this and lots of other super clever ideas.

42. Hippy Costume

Hippy halloween costume

A hippyoutfitis another great idea for a simple Halloween costume. Round glasses and bohemian patterned clothing are the most important elements of this one, but don’t forget to wear your hair long and parted in the middle! Check out the video tutorial at The Girls With Glasses.

43. The Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of frankenstein costume

This memorable costume is actually super easy to recreate using things you probably already have at home. The arm pieces are made with strips of scrap fabric, while the makeup and big hair add some serious pizzazz. Read all about it over at Behind The Seams.

44. Mary Poppins

Mary poppins halloween costume

Mary Poppins is another underrated costume that is super easy to make. In fact, you may nothave to buy a thing.Just go find a black skirt, white shirt and a black hat in your closet. Carry around an umbrella, a large bag and a tie a scrap of red fabric around your neck. Read more here.

45. Artist Costume

Artist costume diy

Let the inner artist in you shine through with this adorable artist costume that would work for both kids and adults. Simply go crazy with some paints on a white apron and pop a beret on your head. Read all of the details of this tutorial over at eHow.

46. Pin It Button Costume

Pin it button halloween costume

For those of you who love Pinterest as much as I do, you’ll probably adore this genius Pin It Button costume. All you’ll need is a red dress and a couple of signs that you can print out on your home printer. Head over to Ave Styles to check out this and lots of other last minute ideas.

47. Scarecrow

Scarecrow halloween costume

Throw on a plaid shirt and a brown hat for this simple yet super fun scarecrow Halloween costume. The makeup is the key, so be sure to add the mouth lines and the little nose. And for a finishing touch, grab a bouquet of sunflowers to carry around.Found onFlickr.

48. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at tiffanys costume

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with this totally adorable Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume. Again, this will work for both kids and adults… but doesn’t it look extra cute on this kiddo? Make your way over to eHow to find out how to recreate this look.

49. Kate Middleton Costume

Kate middleton costume merricks art

Become royal with this great Kate Middleton costume. You’ll need a blue dress, a fascinator-style hat, a pair of black pumps and a little clutch. And don’t forget to do the royal wave as you walk around! Head over to Merricks Art to find out more about this fun costume.

50. Stranger Things Costume

Stranger things halloween costume

And if you are a fan of Stranger Things, then you’ll get a kick out of this last costume idea. Dress up as Elle by wearing a pink dress and walking around with Eggo waffles. Make your way over to Brit + Co. to see more baby costume ideas like this hilarious one.

Final Thoughts on Easy Halloween Costumes

The three most important rules for easy Halloween costumes are to have fun, be creative, and most importantly – go all out! It’s only once a year so why not experiment with easy Halloween costumes? Some are perfect for gatherings or parties, including ones where you can take your kids.

This is a great opportunity to dress up in everything from heroes to characters that are well-known to all ages. If you prefer something more classic or preppy, just find some pieces that match together. Even if you’re an adult who wants something different, this article has many funny and unique suggestions!

Since these items don’t cost much money, you’ll be able to save the extra cash for whatever else you need this Halloween season. Whether it’s candy or decorations, using these outfits might not only be suitable but also will probably turn out better than anything you could have bought yourself.

Make sure these ideas are used by following our instructions carefully! Share them with family members who love dressing up before special occasions so they get here in time for the big day. And don’t forget to post photos in the comments section below to show us how you decided to dress up. Have an awesome time this Halloween!

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