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Funny DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs

When it comes to costuming, there are very few things we love more. We’ll take just about any excuse to get ourselves, our kids, or even our pets dressed up, especially if we have the time and opportunity to make the outfits ourselves! We’ve already got almost our whole family squared away with awesome homemade costumes for this coming Halloween but we’re still in the process of searching for the perfect outfit for one last important member- our dog! We took to the Internet for some guidance and were pleasantly surprised by how many awesome tutorials, ideas, and suggestions we found there.

Just in case you’re also the kind of dog parent and crafting enthusiast who loves the idea of canine costumes but you’re feeling in need of some inspiration too, here’s a list of 15 of the best ideas we’ve found so far!

1. Felt looped lion collar

Felt looped lion collar

Does your little pup already kind of look like a lion thanks to a funny, fuzzy ruff of fur all around his face and head? Then consider amping that up this Halloween and actually turning him into a lion temporarily! We love the simple way Pop Sugar made a faux lion’s mane out of a collar by looping different shades of brown felt and attaching them. Tie the whole look together by making stripped felt pay cuffs too so your doggie looks particularly fierce!

2. Flower dog headpiece

Flower dog headpiece

Does the idea of putting a collar based head piece on your dog so his head sticks out the middle in an adorable (but minimally restricting) way make your heart melt? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll be a big fan of this adorable flower idea! DIY Network guides you through the process of making your own doggie daisy head piece from felt and a little bit of malleable crafting wire.

3. Doggie fairy wings

Doggie fairy wings

Would you rather leave your pup’s head free of costume pieces because he’s a little skittish but you still want to dress him up to go Trick or Treating with your kids? Then perhaps you’d prefer this adorably creative jacket embellishment idea instead! HGTV suggests making an adorable set of fairy wings from sparkly craft paper and sticking or pinning them to the back of your dog’s fall coat for easy wear. Puppy with hardly notice them since he’s used to wearing his jacket already, but we guarantee your neighbours will get a kick out of the look!

4. Dog sushi costume

Dog sushi costume

Do you like the idea of making a strapping costume for your dog that will fit like a jacket, but you’re quite good at sewing and fabric crafts, so you’re open to a little more of a challenge? In that case, we think we’ve found just the tutorial for you! Eat Sleep Make shows you step by step how to layer different textured and coloured fabrics to look like seaweed and rice, as well as how to make a plush piece of salmon sashimi, all attached to a comfortable strap that goes around your dog’s belly. He’ll feel like he’s just wearing his regular jacket but he’ll look like a funny little sushi piece.

5. Doggie princess

Doggie princess

Is your dog very patient and used to being dressed up by your kids all the time? Then there are lots of different doggie costume options out there for you! We actually usually make our dog’s costumes out of old dress up clothes that our kids have grown out of because she’s quite large and fits into toddler and small children’s clothing with no trouble at all. That’s why we thought this princess pooch outfit was such a funny idea! Check out all the different elements this look takes on DIY Network.

6. Doggie businessman

Doggie businessman

Perhaps you have some old formal clothing laying around your house that the men in your family don’t use anymore? Well, before you take it all to thrift store or pack it up for the donations depot, snag a dress shirt and old tie from the pile and turn your dog into a businessman for Halloween! HGTV suggests using just the collar and cuffs so your dog stays comfortable but, for bigger or taller pups, a tie looped loosely like a second collar will complete the look! This idea will work for smaller dogs too, you’ll just have to cut, measure, and alter things a little bit smaller.

7. Puppy chia pet

Puppy chia pet

Have you had a roll of faux grass lying around from a DIY yarn project you never ended up making and now you’re looking for other ways to use it before you take it to the next craft supply swap just to get it out of your house? Well, don’t pass it off just yet! We think this doggy Chia Pet costume from Inhabitat might be one of the funniest DIY outfit ideas we’ve come across so far, and it’s actually surprisingly simple to make.

8. Doggie dinosaur

Doggie dinosaur

Is your dog quite accustomed to wearing shirts and jackets, meaning he’s totally comfortable having his torso covered, but he’s also a young, excited pup who loves running around after the kids and does a lot of jumping? Then it sounds like you’re going to need a costume that will be able to stand him, rather than the other way around! We made this adorable dinosaur outfit for our own dog last year and it was a huge hit. Puppyleaks shows you how to attach funny little spikes down the back of an old children’s t-shirt so your pooch looks like a furry stegosaurus.

9. Puppy lady bug

Puppy lady bug

Do you love the way your tiny dog looks in a tutu and wings but you’ve already done fairies and princesses in past years, so you’re looking to put a big of a new spin on the idea? In that case, we’ve found just the easy alteration you’ve been looking for! HGTV suggests working in black and red to transform your puppy into a little ladybug, ready to fly away and brighten someone’s day.

10. Where’s Waldo dog

Where's waldo dog

Are you the proud parent of a very patient pooch who doesn’t mind being dressed up at all and is comfortable in all manner of accessories? Then you’ve got much more of a creative license than the average dog owner! We’re completely in love, for example, with this incredibly adorable Where’s Waldo costume that’s guaranteed to have the neighbours asking to take pictures with your four-legged friend. Check out this tutorial from Broke-Ass Stuart to learn how they made the striped scarf and at from an old sweater!

11. DIY doggie chocolate roll sewing pattern

Diy doggie chocolate roll sewing pattern

Are you a sewing enthusiast who is definitely very into the idea of transforming our dog into an adorable snack food, but you turned him into a sushi roll last year so you’re looking to try something new? In that case, perhaps you’d rather try something sweet this year! We can’t get over how adorable (and wonderfully simple) this DIY chocolate roll costume from Sew Doggy Style is! They show you how to make it just like you’d make a homemade doggy jacket. To be honest, we’d probably reuse this all fall and winter long just because it’s fun!

12. Doggie E.T.

Doggie e t

Do you have your little dog trained to sit in a basket or stroller while you push him around on walks? In that case, you’ve got the perfect pooch to make a more involved E.T. themed costume! Putting this one together is actually hilariously simple, but only pups with certain calm personalities will cooperate with the idea. Check out the details of making the “bike” and wrapping your furry friend up like a little alien on HGTV Handmade!

13. Doggie cereal killer costume

Doggie cereal killer costume

Are you a pun lover who usually makes humour themed outfits for you and your kids because you love it when people look at you, get the joke, and laugh or get a kick out of your ideas? We’re huge fans of pun costumes too! So why not include your four-legged family members in the joke as well? We think this funny little “cereal killer” costume is a great idea because it’s easy to make and not very uncomfortable for your dog to wear while he walks around during Trick or treating. Find the steps for making it on Sew Doggy Style!

14. Felt pinata dog costume

Felt pinata dog costume

Are you a lot more invested in the idea of making a doggy Halloween costume because you don’t have kids who need handmade outfits too and you’re also throwing your own party where you really want to pull out all the stops? Then get out the scissors and the felt in every colour you can find, because Laurelwood Vets has a hilarious suggestion! Their tutorial shows you how this adorable piñata costume was made by layering cut fringed felt onto a dog jacket and a matching headband.

15. Puppy Harry Potter

Puppy harry potter

Are you an avid knitter who adores knitting things for your dog all year round? In that case, Halloween is the perfect excuse to make him something brand new and perhaps a little more novelty than usual! We love the way Tucker Bojangles turned their little dog into Harry Potter by knitting a simple fringed scarf in Gryffindor colours and twisting simple glasses with a built-in lightning bolt “scar” out of black pipe cleaners. We know that our dog would tolerate those glasses for just long enough to let us snap a picture and then he’d shake them off, but at least he’d look adorable in the scarf for the rest of the night, and people know Harry Potter well enough to get the reference anyways!

Have you made your dog other kinds of awesome and hilarious DIY Halloween costumes in the past but you don’t see those ideas on our list? Tell us about how you made them or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!

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