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50 Cute Dog Halloween Costumes: Funny DIY Costumes for Your Pup

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, and for a good reason; these wonderful creatures are always up for whatever, whether it’s a short stroll in the park, chasing them around the sofa, digging holes in the garden, or simply chilling in front of the TV.

That’s why most of us become so incredibly attached to them and want to include them in literally everything we do, no matter how childish or goofy it may seem. You probably noticed a worryingly increasing number of pets with Instagram accounts, but nowadays, it’s acceptable behavior; we understand that loving your pet is completely natural.

Dog halloween costumes

Therefore, it shouldn’t be too weird if, say, you would start looking for a Halloween costume to dress up your dog this year, now would it? I mean, there are a lot of stores and pet shops that sell a huge variety of outfits for your four-legged companions, whether it’s Halloween or not, so why act like it’s such a weird thing instead of jumping on the bandwagon and having a little fun while you’re at it?

Most dogs are big (or tiny) goofballs, and they definitely don’t mind that you dress them up, have a good laugh, and maybe even snap a few photos while you’re at it, so there’s no harm done.

However, wanna know where the real fun is at? Buying various materials and crafting a Halloween costume for your dog by yourself. Not only will you have hours of fun designing the costumes and adding your own personal touch to them, but you’ll also save quite some money (some dog outfits are ridiculously expensive) and get to bond with your dog.

You’ll love it, your dog will love it, and the people you’ll run into while walking your dog will definitely have a blast, especially if you’re taking your kids trick-or-treating and thought about bringing an extra companion.

DIY Dog Costumes

This is Halloween, so the general consensus is that you have to dress up into something spooky, such as a vampire, a ghost, a skeleton, you get the point. However, over the years, Halloween has become more inclusive, and it’s no longer a requirement to be scary.

In fact, most Halloween partygoers I’ve ever witnessed preferred pop culture references and witty stuff such as inside jokes, clever takes on various characters, and, obviously, the nurse and cat costumes that you can’t seem to escape, no matter which Halloween party you attend.

You have no idea how many times I’ve seen people dressed up in regular clothes but wearing a small sign spelling “Nudist on strike” at almost every Halloween party I’ve gone to. And this whole nouveau Halloween style also goes for dogs, so if you’re not a fan of dressing up your dog as a hellhound and have it patrol the streets with you, or include some form of fake injuries or gore to your doggie’s costume, then you absolutely don’t have to do it.

In other words, if you always fantasized about your doggy as a flying unicorn that leaves a trail of rainbows wherever it goes, then you should definitely go for it and dress your dog as one. However, things aren’t as simple when you’re the one who has to craft the entire costume, so you’ll definitely need some help.

Luckily for you, we’re here, and while we won’t help you actually craft your dog’s next Halloween costume, we’ll definitely try and help you by offering you awesome suggestions, some example photos, and sometimes even a few basic tips and tricks.

1. Ghost Dog – Funny Dog Halloween Costumes

Ghost dog funny dog halloween costumes

This one’s definitely one of the most obvious costumes you could make your dog wear this Halloween. However, despite its simplicity, the ghost dog costume is also one of the trickiest ones out there, and let us tell you exactly why.

Normally, dog costumes have various safety elements so that parts of the outfit don’t randomly fall to the ground while your dog is walking around. Furthermore, those safety elements prevent your dog from removing the clothing items on them or ripping them apart.

However, with the ghost dog outfit, things are entirely different since, as you can probably see for yourself, the ghost dog is actually a bed sheet that has a bunch of holes cut in it. There’s nothing there to help you keep it attached to the dog, so this outfit might not be exactly ideal for your dog to wear in public.

However, if you don’t mind picking it up every time your dog starts walking just a bit faster, gets excited, or wags its tail, then, by all means, have your dog wear it and take your pupper out for a walk.

What you could use this “outfit” for is taking a bunch of photos for the family album. If you’re all dressed up, it would be a shame to leave the dog out of the picture just because it doesn’t look spooky enough to fit in the decor.

You shouldn’t need any help creating this costume, but if you do, just take a bed sheet, cut it so that it fits your dog without dragging around, then cut holes where your dog’s eyes and muzzle are. For added effect, you could outline the eyes with a black permanent marker.

2. SuperDog – Funny DIY Costumes

Superdog funny diy costumes

Now here’s one that’s just as easy as the Ghost Dog: the SuperDog. Ever looked at your dog and thought that your four-legged companion is like a superhero?

I mean, it always seems to know when you’re sad, and it can magically turn that frown upside down, and that’s definitely something that only superheroes should be able to do, right? Then it makes perfect sense to dress up your dog in the attire that it deserves.

As opposed to the Ghost Dog, the SuperDog outfit has a bunch of safety measures so that it doesn’t just fall off at the weakest gust of wind. For starters, the eye mask can be attached to the back of your dog’s head so that it won’t fall down.

You can use an elastic band for it, but make sure that your dog won’t be uncomfortable while wearing it and that the band isn’t too tight. Instead of an elastic band, you could extend the ends of the mask and tie it into a knot at the back of your dog’s head, but again, the knot shouldn’t be too tight.

Now for the other element of this outfit: the cape. Every hero has a cape, or at least that’s what we learned from the movies, right? So first thing’s first, the cape shouldn’t be too long so that your dog won’t suddenly be spooked by it and start running around like a rabid animal. Second of all, you’ll need to find a way to secure it.

Given that it’s worn around the neck, we strongly suggest you resist the urge to run an elastic band through it to avoid any unpleasant situations. In fact, if your dog already wears a collar, we suggest you find a way to attach it to the collar instead of improvising various other solutions.

Another neat solution for the cape would be sewing plastic clasps on the collar of the cape (the part that’s attached to the dog’s neck) so that you can safely clasp it and unclasp it whenever you see fit. It goes without saying that you’ll have to leave a bit of slack so that your dog doesn’t have trouble breathing, drinking, or eating.

3. Cactus – DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

Cactus diy dog halloween costumes

Maybe it’s a bit counter-intuitive to dress up your dog as something prickly that you can’t possibly touch without getting into a world of pain, especially if your canine friend is an absolute epitome of unconditional love.

But hey, it’s Halloween, and it doesn’t have to be true, right? Now for the not-so-pleasant news: you won’t be able to just craft this costume out of scrap you find laying around in your house this time, so you might need to take a trip to your local crafting supplies store.

Furthermore, you’ll also need a sewing machine if you don’t want to spend a lot of time manually sewing your dog’s future outfit. Last but not least, having at least a bit of experience with sewing supplies and crafting similar stuff will definitely go a long way in this case.

As you can see, the costume isn’t exactly complicated, but you’ll have to tailor it precisely around your dog; otherwise, it will either be too tight and your doggie won’t fit through it, or it’ll be too loose, which means that your dog will probably run out of it the first chance it gets.

For this project, you’ll need some green fabric with thin, bright green vertical lines so that it resembles a cactus. If you can’t find the variety with lines, you could just go for a simple green one and use a black marker to draw cactus needles all over it (but don’t overdo it). You can use batting, straw, cotton, or plastic pellets or beans to fill the arms of the cactus so that they stay up.

Notice how there’s a bunch of flowers on the cactus; you can either skip them if you’re not a huge fan, but if you like that extra pinch of color it adds to the costume, then you can cut some orange felt to craft the flowers and sew them to the costume.

Don’t attach them using needles, as they might go through the costume and potentially harm your dog. It goes without saying that if at any time, your dog expresses discomfort with wearing the suit, you should remove it.

4. Spider Dog – Easy Dog Costumes

Spider dog easy dog costumes

This is perhaps one of the easiest Halloween dog costumes that look difficult to make, but they’re actually a piece of cake. As long as you have a sewing machine, a harness for your dog, some batting, and a bunch of black fabric, you are good to go.

Spiders have always been good symbols for Halloween, so turning your dog into one will surely make one or two neighbors jump, and not because they’re happy to see your dog, mind you.

We’ve all seen those funny animal videos with dogs dressed as spiders making people let out blood-curdling screams, and we all laughed. Well, since then, the popularity of spider suits for dogs has sky-rocketed, and so did their price, so if you choose to craft this spider dog costume for your dog, you’ll actually save a lot of money.

First of all, you’ll need to craft the legs, which is incredibly easy: you just cut a long, rectangular piece of fabric (as long as you expect the spider leg to be) and measure its width.

We recommend using something cylinder-shaped to assess the thickness of the spider legs; you don’t want them too thick, but you also don’t want them to be almost hair-like thin. For instance, an empty roll of towel papers will suffice.

Now take the fabric and roll it against the paper roll, and cut any excess from the fabric’s width. Make sure you leave an inch – an inch and a half to overlap when sewing the fabric to itself.

The next step would be placing the filling on the fabric, rolling it like sushi, then sewing it together to create the spider leg. An easier alternative would be using paper rolls as the “skeleton” of the spider legs, and it would also look more realistic too since you can simulate the “joints” in your dog’s costume’s legs.

After crafting the legs, all you have to do is attach them to your dog’s harness, and that’s it! You’re now the proud owner of a 12-legged friend that can spook your neighbors while you take it out for a walk. Happy Dogoween!

5. Bear Dog – Funny Dog Halloween Costumes

Bear dog funny dog halloween costumes

If you’re into dressing up your dog for Halloween into something that will definitely attract some fits of laughter from your peers, then this bear dog outfit may be exactly what you need. Not to mention that it’s so easy to craft it, you won’t even need instructions.

The entire idea behind this outfit is that it’s only limited to your dog’s head, so you won’t have to create an entire bear suit for your 4-legged companion this Halloween. Instead, simply crafting a set of ears that would fit around your dog’s head would be sufficient.

While most people prefer the headband approach, some have even gone to greater lengths and devised a mask of some sort that would have ears and a big enough hole to fit your dog’s face through it, thus eliminating the unnecessary pressure that a headband would exert on your dog’s head.

You might want to check that your dog feels comfortable with whatever outfit type you’re going to stick with, whether it’s the hollowed-out mask or the headband we’re talking about. Once you establish that, craft away.

It goes without saying that if you want to take the DIY way, you’ll need to source a bunch of materials that you’ll use to craft the mask or headband. Furthermore, you’ll also need to have at least basic sewing skills and a sewing machine to create this DIY bear dog outfit.

Last but not least, you’ll want the ears to be propped up while your dog is roleplaying as a bear, otherwise, it’ll just look like they’re wearing a brown headband or poorly-done ski mask. For that, you could either run some wire through the material (inside) to keep the ears nice and round, or you could use some batting.

If you decide to stick with the “wire” version, you’ll need to make sure that there’s no chance of the wires going astray and poking, scratching, or otherwise hurting your dog’s head. It’s enough to run your hand against the side of the headband/mask that rests on top of your dog’s head to check if there’s any loose wire sticking out.

6. Sheriff Dog – Dogs In Halloween Costumes

Sheriff dog dogs in halloween costumes

If you’ve spotted a posse of lawbreakers and want to restore the order at your little Halloween gathering, then you definitely need to call the sheriff. Luckily for you, your trusty four-legged companion can make an excellent sheriff if you dress it accordingly for your next Halloween party.

This western cowboy Halloween costume for your dog will definitely be the talk of the evening if you can pull it through. Note that it will work excellent on small dog breeds, such as the dachshund, chihuahua, pugs, or Yorkshire terriers, but you can scale it and craft it for larger dogs, as well.

In the example photo we’ve used above, you can notice that, as opposed to some other dog Halloween costumes in our guide, this one has several pieces, which makes it a wee bit difficult to source.

Furthermore, if you’re crafty and prefer to make the costume by yourself, you’ll have to pay attention that each piece will fit your dog like a glove. After all, you don’t want the sheriff to spend its evening at your Halloween party tugging and pulling at the adorable pistol holster you’ve wrapped around them.

Last but not least, two of the most important elements of a sheriff’s attire are the badge and the hat. If your dog is not exactly a tall breed (dachshund dogs have short legs, for instance), it won’t make any sense to place the badge anywhere on its chest since nobody will ever see it.

Instead, you could fashion a little vest for your beloved four-legged companion and place the sheriff’s star on the side of the vest or on the back of it so that it can be flaunted without too much effort.

As for the hat, you’ll want to use some string or an elastic band to secure it on your dog’s head, but while you’re at it, you’ll want to make sure that it’s not too tight. Sure, you don’t want your dog to just shake its head and lose the hat, but you also wouldn’t want them to be miserable at your Halloween party.

7. Hell Hound – Easy Dog Costumes

Hell hound easy dog costumes

Are you looking for an easy Halloween costume for your dog and don’t know where to start? Check this out: these little plastic horns won’t cost you a fortune and will definitely put a spin on the “good boy” or “good girl” that’s been living under your roof all this time.

Your guests will definitely think twice before kneeling down and patting the mischievous creature that was once your beloved puppy. Just kidding, under the fake plastic horns, it’s still the same adorable soul that you’ve loved since the day you set eyes on them.

Now I know that this is a guide for DIY dog costumes, but let’s face it; it doesn’t make much sense to craft a costume that you can simply buy at the dollar store for a couple of bucks. For another couple of bucks, you could even receive a set of horns that you could wear to match your dog’s newly-found energy.

If you’re not exactly satisfied with the way things are and want to improve on the costume, the good news is that you could add a bunch of elements without too much effort so that you can really feel that you’ve DIY-ed the project, after all.

For instance, if you’re handy with a sewing machine, just buy some satin fabric (or something similar) and craft a cape for your dog. For extra points, you could lose the cape and make some devilish wings, or even a tail.

Last but not least, aside from the cape and wings idea, you could take it even further and use some leftover cartons or a lightweight plastic tube to craft a devil’s trident and attach it to your dog’s back. As usual, make sure that your dog is comfortable with all these accessories before starting working on the costume.

8. Pirate Dog – Small Dog Halloween Costumes

Pirate dog small dog halloween costumes

This pirate dog costume will prove an excellent fit for your little doggy this Halloween, but that’s not to say that you can’t make it for a larger dog, especially if your canine family has more than just one member. Think about all the looks that your dog or dogs will steal at your next Halloween party.

In fact, you might end up spending more time while putting together this Halloween costume for a little dog than you would for a larger dog since you’d have to adjust everything so that your little four-legged companion will fit just right.

The example in the photo above is actually one of the most popular pirate outfits for dogs that you could find at your local store, but the point of all of this is to find something that you can craft by yourself, right?

Therefore, if you’re really crafty and know your way around a sewing machine, you could even try to replicate the one in our example photo. However, this is just a half costume that your dog wears around its head (sort of) and depicts a humanoid pirate.

If you truly want a dog Halloween costume for your small dog, you might want to craft each piece separately and have your dog wear it accordingly. I’m talking pants, belts, shirts, hats, the whole shebang, but you could also add some personal elements such as a stuffed parrot, a purse of gold, or a toy rum bottle somewhere within the outfit.

It’s understandable if you get a little too excited while making this project, but you’ll have to trust us on this one: your dogs will absolutely hate it if you make them wear an eyepatch; the last thing they need would be losing depth perception. The same goes for hooks and peg legs, so just keep it simple.

9. Sailor Dog – Cute Dog Halloween Costumes

Sailor dog cute dog halloween costumes

If you’ve been searching everywhere for the best cute dog Halloween costumes and didn’t make it back with at least a bunch of ideas, then you can count on us. We’ll make sure that your dog will have a cute costume to wear this Halloween, and you’ll definitely have a lot of fun making it.

This sailor costume for your dog is actually a simple one, as you don’t have to go overboard (pun intended, I guess?) with various elements that are wildly specific. This sailor outfit consists of a pair of blue shorts, a white shirt with naval motifs, and, of course, the sailor hat, which is actually the piece de resistance.

Alright, so, as you can see from the photo above, the sailor outfit we’ve used as an example is actually the commercial form of this outfit, one that’s being sold as we speak in literally hundreds of outfit stores, both online and offline, and it depicts a humanoid sailor.

If you’re a fan of that, then everything’s fine, you could get started and replicate the outfit for yourself. In this version of the sailor dog outfit, your dog’s front legs should go through the sailor’s pants, basically turning into the sailor’s legs. You’ll need to be a little more creative with your sewing machine, but it’s not an impossible project.

At the end of it, your dog will look like a tiny sailor just tip-tapping its way around the room at your Halloween party. However, if you’re not a fan of the whole humanoid thing, you could craft this sailor costume piece by piece and dressing your dog with it.

As I mentioned earlier, all you’ll need is a pair of blue pants or shorts, a white naval shirt, and a sailor’s hat. If you go with this one, make sure that you avoid making it too snug. Otherwise, your dog won’t feel comfortable and you most likely don’t want to upset your dog this Halloween (or ever, for that matter).

10. Firefighter Dog – Dog Halloween Costumes

Firefighter dog dog halloween costumes

It’s becoming more and more obvious that being scary is not a requirement anymore for Halloween parties, so dressing up your dog as a firefighter is not exactly ridiculous. Thus, if you ever wanted to just go for it but were worried about it not being scary enough, now’s the perfect chance for your canine friend to flaunt its new firefighter costume.

If you’re into DIY, then we have some good news for you: this costume is simple enough that you might be able to craft it entirely by yourself. The main reason why this is possible is that a firefighter dog Halloween costume only consists of a hat and a jacket.

You could easily craft the hat using some cardboard and some colored paper, but as far as the jacket is concerned, you’ll have to summon all your crafting and sewing skills to make one from scratch. Repurposing one of your dog’s old jackets also works, but it would have to be a light brown or black one for this to work.

Furthermore, you’ll have to buy some reflective tape and apply it to the jacket so that your canine friend could really channel its inner firefighter at your next Halloween party. If you’re planning to keep the lights dimmed, then it’s all for the best, seeing as your dog will be incredibly easy to spot, what with all the reflective tape stuck on its jacket.

For some added realism points, you could also craft a hose out of some lightweight material and attach it to your dog’s jacket. If you don’t know how to craft a make-believe firehose, then a prop ladder would also work wonders.

As usual, make sure that your dog is perfectly comfortable with all the clothing and accessories you’re making it wear. Otherwise, your four-legged companion won’t be too thrilled about the entire experience, and you don’t want that to happen, now do you?

11. Harry Potter Dog – Large Dog Halloween Costumes

Harry potter dog large dog halloween costumes

While we agree that small dogs look cute in various outfits, whether they’re Halloween-themed or not, large dogs also look adorably ridiculous while suited up, so it would be a shame not to take this chance to browse some large dog Halloween costumes this year, right?

Not to mention that for large dogs, crafting a perfect Halloween costume that actually fits could take you way less time than doing it for a small dog. Take the example in the photo above: if you have a Golden Retriever, or a similar-size dog in your household, you could make him pledge allegiance to House Griffindor in just about no time.

First of all, you’ll need the glasses. While it’s possible that you could just find a pair of round glasses that resemble Harry Potter’s famous ones, we advise you against it. Your dog is not exactly aware that it’s wearing eyeglasses, which makes it prone to stupid accidents.

What we propose instead is to craft a pair of eyeglasses that resemble those that Harry Potter wears from cardboard and paint them black. They won’t be as heavy, and you could always attach them to your dog’s head without the risk of injuring your dog.

After making the glasses, you’ll need the scarf, which you could either buy from any store that sells Harry Potter merchandise or knit it yourself if you’re into that. Make sure you use the correct shades of red and gold to place your canine friend accurately in House Griffindor.

Once you’ve done all that, there’s one more thing that you’ll need to do: create Harry Potter’s scar on your dog’s forehead. Now instead of casting a malicious spell towards your dog (don’t even try that), you could opt for a non-toxic colored marker and draw it. Wingardium Leviosa!

12. Vampire Dog – Dog And Owner Halloween Costumes

Vampire dog dog and owner halloween costumes

They say that every witch needed a trustworthy assistant back in the day, and cats made perfect sidekicks for witches, due to their sneaky, mysterious nature. However, as it turns out, dogs can make perfect assistants as well, if the witch is willing to compromise on the idea of having a cat.

This adorable dog and owner Halloween costume combo will have your little ones all excited to go trick-or-treating seconded by the family canine friend (i.e., your dog). It’s also incredibly easy to pull off, too, especially if your kid already has a witch costume to wear this Halloween.

Truth be told, the dog in the above photo is wearing a cape, which made us all believe that it’s portraying a vampire, count Dogula or something like that. However, if you truly want a sidekick for your little one, you could dress up the dog as anything you like. We just found the witch-vampire combo a bit too irresistible to pass.

If you decide to stick with the dog Halloween costume depicted in the photo, then all you’d have to do is to craft a cape for your dog and convince it to wear it. For more realism points you could also look up some ways to make realistic, pet-friendly fake blood and apply a little on your doggy’s chin, but you’ll have a hard time training your dog not to lick it all up.

However, if you decide that the vampire is not a good fit for your kid’s team, you could also go for the Frankenstein’s monster, zombie, ghost, or a little devil. However, we believe that this combination wouldn’t fit the scenario just as well, so you’d better ask your kid’s opinion on this, as well.

13. Bat Dog – DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

Bat dog diy dog halloween costumes

Arguably one of the easiest DIY dog Halloween costumes on our guide, the bat dog is also one of the most popular outfits. We believe that it’s thanks to the fact that it’s so easy to craft a pair of bat wings for your dog that virtually anyone could pull it, but the reason is far simpler.

As you’ve noticed, not many of the dog costumes we’ve included on our list are exactly scary, and that’s alright because we already established that spookiness is not a Halloween must-have anymore. Not to mention that dogs could easily pass this exception given that they’re adorable no matter the season.

Therefore, if you want the easiest DIY dog Halloween costume for your four-legged companion, then the bat dog is definitely a perfect fit. All you need to create the bat wings are some pieces of black fabric and a bunch of wire to use as a frame for the whole design.

Naturally, you’ll want to thicken some parts of the wings (such as the top parts), and you can easily repurpose some sponges for that. If you can’t figure it out, you could use some crafting foam tubes and place them on top of your wireframe to get that perfect batwing thickness.

Once you get the wireframe out of the way, just attach the fabric and secure it by either sewing it or using some adhesive tape. If you’re concerned that your dog might be able to eat the batwings, then we advise you to stick to sewing the fabric to the wireframe of the wings.

Last but not least, you’ll have to find a way to attach the wings to your dog, and this couldn’t be simpler. Just use an adjustable belt and make sure to tighten it enough that it doesn’t slip, but also leave enough slack that your dog won’t feel uncomfortable.

Most dog owners use a harness for this design, and it’s actually better than the belt since it won’t slide and roll over accidentally. It goes without saying that you’ll get the best results if you put these wings on a black dog, but the contrast might be nice on white or cream-colored dogs, as well.

14. Mummy Dog – Homemade Dog Costumes

Mummy dog homemade dog costumes

I’ll level with you on this one: dressing up your dog in a mummy homemade dog costume is definitely not something you can just casually do for a relaxing evening. In fact, you’ll have to start over so many times that you’ll probably just call it quits and just chill in front of the TV instead.

However, if you’re really determined to make this happen, then kudos to you, and at least allow us to provide you with a bunch of pointers. A mummy dog costume is hard to make for a bunch of reasons. First of all, you’ll be using toilet paper for this, and if there’s one thing that dogs are incredibly awful at, it’s standing still.

Therefore, before you finish wrapping up your dog into a mummy costume, you’ll probably run out of toilet paper and run to the store to re-stock. Therefore, instead of wrapping your dogs in toilet paper, we suggest that you use a jacket of some sort and glue the toilet paper on top of it.

That way, it will seem that your dog is wrapped up in toilet paper, just like a mummy is wrapped in bandages, but the TP will be applied to the jacket or harness instead. Furthermore, you can use some non-toxic pet-friendly dyes to apply some color to the mummy wraps if you want to.

For instance, the model in the photo above applied some splashes of red over the mummy wraps to emulate fake blood. Furthermore, they even added a fake eye that seems to be sticking out of the bandages, but doing so means you’ll have to cover one of your dog’s eyes, and you’d probably want to avoid that.

What you could do instead is add some plastic decorations to your homemade dog costumes, such as plastic scarabs or some nightcrawlers. However, you’ll want to make sure that your dog won’t be able to reach them and gnaw on them or even swallow them.

15. Prison Break Dog – Easy Dog Costumes

Prison break dog easy dog costumesIf you came here looking for easy dog costumes you can craft this Halloween to wow your friends or just to pull some fits of laughter, then this prison break dog outfit should definitely be right up your alley. Not only is it easy to make, but you could probably do it out of scraps, without making a run to your local crafts store.

I used to watch a lot of old movies, and I know I’d probably recognize the black and white lines pattern on the prison garb anywhere, and it’s likely that you can recognize them too, which makes this outfit great for Halloween. It’s like we said earlier in this guide: Halloween used to be all about spookiness, but nowadays it’s not exactly a must anymore.

All you need to craft these adorable prison garbs for your dogs are some old dog jackets you could repurpose. If you are crafty with a sewing machine, you’ll only need some pieces of black and white fabric that you can neatly combine into dog-sized prison garbs.

Crafting this outfit yourself may prove to be a challenge; you’ll want to leave enough slack so that your dog won’t become uncomfortable while wearing this costume. However, if you leave too much slack, your dog may be able to slip out of it and before you know it you’ll have an inmate on the run.

The hat may actually seem complicated, but it’s not exactly hard to make; you just have to cut a round piece of white fabric, then attach a long, rectangle-shaped piece of black-and-white pattern fabric around it, so that it resembles a reversed bowl (check the example photo for reference).

If you want to prop the hat up, you could use a piece of cardboard on the long piece of black-and-white fabric. Furthermore, you’ll want to attach the hat to your dog’s head somehow, and you could use some string or rubber bands to achieve that. As usual, make sure that your dog is comfortable with the costume.

16. Jester Dog – Funny DIY Costumes

Jester dog funny diy costumes

Be honest: how many times have you had a copious amount of laughter just watching your dog being about? Most dogs either spend their day sleeping like logs or acting like the big goofballs they are, so if your dog’s description fits the latter, a jester funny DIY costume is the way to go this Halloween.

This outfit is actually not a big deal to craft, considering that it’s made from two parts: the hat, and the jacket, and truth be told the hat is simply more important. However, the hat is also the hardest one to craft between the two, so you may have to put in a bit of extra work for this outfit.

To create the jester hat for your dog, you’ll need two pieces of differently colored fabric, some batting, and a couple of bells. As a rule, you want to go with contrasting colors, such as gold and violet, red and blue, orange and green, you get the point.

Once you get the fabric, you can start cutting it into the shape of the hat, but make sure to leave some room for the batting. Use the batting to fill up the hat, then sew it shut to keep the batting inside. You’ll also want to leave some room below so that your dog can actually wear the hat.

After you’re done sewing, use some brightly colored sequins, pearls, and/or beads to decorate the sides of the hat. You can either sew them or use adhesive, whichever fits your situation better. Finally, attach the bells to the ends of the jester hat and you’ve finished the hardest part of your DIY dog costume.

Now use the remaining fabric to create a jester jacket for your dog, but keep it simple, considering that the focus of this outfit will be the hat. Use the same elements (beads, sequins, pearls) to decorate the jacket and have your dog wear it.

17. Mariachi Dog – Homemade Dog Costumes

Mariachi dog homemade dog costumes

What better way to make sure your dog is prepared for the wild Halloween party you’re going to throw than crafting a mariachi outfit for them? This homemade dog costume will definitely put your dog under the spotlight and you’ll have a lot of fun crafting the pieces.

The greatest part about this mariachi outfit for your dog is actually how easy it is to make it from scratch. You might not even need to make a supply run from your local crafts and arts store, especially if you’re into several similar projects and have a lot of leftovers lying around.

As you can see from the example we’ve used in the photo above, the mariachi dog costume consists of only two parts: the mariachi hat and the little sweater. You can craft the mariachi hat out of virtually anything, but we found that using paper mache techniques yields the best results.

However, if you have an old hat that somehow resembles a tiny mariachi hat and you want to repurpose it, then this would definitely be the easiest way to go about it, but it’s a stretch and you’d probably want to make sure that the hat actually fits your dog’s head just right.

The sweater is actually a bit more delicate, considering that you’ll have to make sure it fits your little canine companion perfectly so that it doesn’t cause any discomfort and there’s no risk for your dog to just wiggle its way out of it when you’re not paying attention.

You could probably replace the sweater with a stylish little poncho, but you’ll need to figure out the best way to make it stay on your dog, seeing as ponchos don’t have any sleeves for your dog to run its legs through. Here’s a tip: you could use some strings to hold the sides of the poncho together.

18. Treat Bag Dog – Easy Dog Costumes

Treat bag dog easy dog costumes

If you’re browsing this guide hoping to find some easy dog costumes for your next Halloween party, then this one should be right up your alley, seeing as you won’t need to spend a lot of time sourcing supplies or putting the whole outfit together.

Basically, this outfit should make your dog look like a Halloween bag that’s full of treats, and you know that at some level that’s already true; your dog is already full of treats (figuratively speaking), so this outfit is barely meant to help your canine friend show its true colors.

In order to craft this costume, all you’ll need is a black felt bag that’s large enough to fit your dog and a (preferably colorful) scarf. If you don’t feel comfortable having your dog in its entirety inside a bag, then you could only choose a bag that could fit its anterior half and work your way from there.

If you go with the full bag version, you’ll have to cut the bottom of the felt bag, so that your dog’s legs stick out of it, then place it over your dog as you’d normally do with your sweater, so that your dog’s head sticks out of the mouth of the bag. In this situation, your dog’s legs should be able to move freely under the bag.

Now use the scarf to secure the bag’s mouth around your dog’s neck, but make sure not to tie it too tight, or else your dog will feel very uncomfortable. Another way to go about it would be attaching the mouth of the bag to your dog’s collar and use the scarf to hide the collar.

If you go with the half-bag version, then you also need to cut a hole in the side of the bag, so that your dog’s posterior half (the back) can stick out of it. You can use glitter or other sparkling decorations to write anything you like on the front of the bag, such as “Dog Treats” or “Candy.” Happy Halloween!

19. Bumblebee Dog – Funny Dog Halloween Costumes

Bumblebee dog funny dog halloween costumes

If you’re on the look for funny dog Halloween costumes, then this bumblebee dog outfit should really cover it for you. Nowadays there’s no need to be spooky on Halloween; simply dressing up as something should be enough, and let’s face it, nobody holds dogs against these standards.

Therefore, if you decide to dress up your dog as a bumblebee, then that’s all there is to it, and you should definitely go for it no matter what. Your dog will look totally adorable and you’ll be able to make this costume without spending too much money or time.

As a matter of fact, if you have a bunch of leftover materials over at your place such as some black and yellow fabric, you could probably pull this outfit off without making a supply run at the arts and crafts store, seeing as there’s no specific accessory you might end up needing.

Most DIY enthusiasts choose this funny dog Halloween costume for its overall simplicity and the fact that you can easily replace the type of material being used. For instance, notice how the example outfit we’ve included in the photo above uses some sort of fluffy material.

Although you could use that if you’d like (maybe you have some old clothes you always meant to give away or repurpose, now’s your chance), you could definitely pick some other material type such as plain cotton fabric (from a t-shirt, for instance) or polyester.

Aside from putting the bumblebee outfit together, you may want to attach some accessories to the costume, such as antennae or wings. If you want to craft antennae, you could do so from yellow pom-poms and black pipe cleaners, and for the wings, you could use some blue pantyhose.

20. Pumpkin Dog – Funny Dog Halloween Costumes

Pumpkin dog funny dog halloween costumes

If you’re looking up creative ideas on how to dress up your dog for your next Halloween party, then you should look no further; one of these 50 suggestions may be the perfect fit for your canine companion, especially seeing as it’s no longer a requirement for the outfit to be scary.

However, if you’re not one to stray away too far from traditions and customs, then this pumpkin outfit should be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Pumpkins still make perfect decorations for Halloween and having your dog dressed up as one would definitely be appropriate for the occasion.

All you need to create this suit would be some orange fabric and if you want to spice things up, you may want to use some contrasting colors (green seems to be a popular choice). Take a look at our example photo, for instance: the sleeves have a nice green and orange line pattern.

If you want to take it a step further, we recommend you use some batting on the actual pumpkin body part of the costume, so that it fluffs up and resembles a pumpkin even more. However, you’ll have to check with your dog so that it doesn’t feel any kind of discomfort while wearing the outfit.

As you can see in our example photo, you can even use some mop-like pieces of material to craft the costume. That way, not only will you have a fun outfit for your dog this Halloween, but you’ll also make your dog earn its keep (or better yet, treats) by inadvertently keeping the floor clean.

Jokes aside, once you’re done with the pumpkin body part of the outfit, you could use some green fabric to create the leaves and vines of your little pumpkin and attach it to the costume to give it a nice contrast.

21. Lion Dog – Dog Halloween Costumes

Lion dog dog halloween costumes

The lion is one of the most popular dog Halloween costumes on our list. Think about it: how many times have you pictured your dog as a ferocious jungle beast that roars and silences every other critter that dares oppose them? If the answer is even close to “every day,” then this suit is exactly what you need.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that this dog Halloween costume is not exactly difficult to craft, so you might even have a bit of fun while making it. All you’ll need is a dog onesie (if you already have one, it’s even better) and some orange synthetic fur, which you could probably source from your local crafts store.

Once you have everything ready, make sure to take some measurements so that your dog won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing the outfit and start crafting the onesie. The easiest way to pull this off would be using long strips of velcro to secure the onesie to your dog’s back.

The reason why you’d want to use long strips of velcro instead of short, or even regular ones would be the possibility of adjusting the slack of the outfit. With the long strips, you’ll have plenty of elbow room, whether you’re trying to make the costume a bit looser or tighten it up a little.

Now here’s another important piece of advice you shouldn’t overlook: while making the onesie, make sure you include a hood that goes over your dog’s head since the mane of the lion needs to be on top of your canine friend’s head so that it could resemble a real, ferocious lion.

After the onesie is ready, just attach the synthetic fur to the hood and ruffle it up a bit, so that it looks messy, just like the mane of a lion. Last but not least, make sure to use some fabric to create ears on the hoodie. You could use some wire or batting to make the ears stand straight instead of just flapping around.

22. Hot Dog – Funny DIY Costumes

Hot dog funny diy costumes

If you enjoy puns (or, as the entire Internet seems to call them, dad jokes), then making a hot dog funny DIY costume for your canine friend this Halloween should fill up your fun-o-meter to the brim. It’s easy, it’s fun, and you won’t even have to explain the pun to your friends, seeing as they’ll most likely get it.

We’re not gonna lie, though; crafting this costume from scratch could prove to be a real challenge, especially if you’re not exactly familiar with things such as sewing, whether it’s by hand or aided by a machine, or filling different types of fabric with batting.

For this outfit, you’ll need to craft a pair of buns, which you could make using fleece, or some sort of velvety material and a lot of batting. Make sure to take your dog’s measurements, so that you don’t make the buns too large or too small; they need to fit your dog just right, just like a real hot dog.

Once you make the buns, you’ll need a way to secure them against your dog, and we’ve learned that a couple of straps should work just fine for this purpose. A harness should work just as fine, but only for the anterior half of the outfit, so you’ll still have to hold the posterior half together with a strap.

Once the “buns” are in place, you could also create a couple of wiggly shapes from red and yellow felt or some other similar material, to emulate ketchup and mustard. Once you’re done making them, you can attach these shapes to the back of your dog using the same straps.

Alternatively, you could attach them straight to the buns, on the inside (against your dog), one on each side, but the way you do this is entirely up to you. The design we’ve used as an inspiration belongs to Milo & Monty’s Instagram page, which depicts a hamburger dog outfit.

23. UPS Dog – Funny Dog Halloween Costumes

Ups dog funny dog halloween costumes

Let’s face it; now that Halloween is almost here and you’re a fan of dressing up your dog for the occasion, you need to find a suitable costume for them this year. Considering that not having your parcel delivered on time can be a frightening experience, crafting a UPS costume for your dog may not be entirely ridiculous.

Your guests will probably be amused by your dog’s UPS outfit, but then again being spooky for Halloween is no longer a requirement and hasn’t been for a while now, so you might as well have fun while you’re at it.

We’re not gonna lie to you, making this UPS outfit for your dog could prove to be a challenge, but if you’re skillful with the thread and needle, you’ll have a lot of fun making it, and your dog will definitely be the talk of the evening among your peers at your next Halloween party.

The costume is made of four distinct pieces that you’ll have to create from scratch: the pants, the shirt, the hat, and obviously, the box (parcel). For the pants and shirt, you’ll need some light-blue pieces of fabric of slightly different shades (the pants are a shade darker than the shirt).

The hat, on the other hand, is significantly darker than the rest of the ensemble, and you’ll also have to apply a UPS logo on it once you’re done crafting it. You can use some foam paper to reinforce the hat, and you’ll definitely want some rubber band or string to keep the hat attached to your dog’s head.

Last, but not least, your little canine make-believe UPS worker needs some arms to hold the box, which you can craft from plush and batting. Now for the box, just use regular cardboard, print a UPS box design, and use adhesive to attach it to the box. We’ve found this design on Penny #brusselsgriffon’s Instagram page.

24. Lumberjack Dog – Cute Dog Halloween Costumes

Lumberjack dog cute dog halloween costumes

If you’re running out of ideas for cute dog Halloween costumes, then this lumberjack outfit for your four-legged friend should be straight up your alley. It’s easy to make, will look absolutely great on your dog, and you’ll also have a lot of fun crafting it from scratch. Probably.

Much like the UPS dog costume, this lumberjack outfit consists of four distinct pieces: the pants, the plaid shirt, the hat, and the lumberjack’s ax. So, before you get started, make sure you have some dark(ish) blue fabric, some plaid material, batting, as well as brown, cream, and red plush.

For the lumberjack hat, you could either buy a cheap one and secure it on top of your dog’s head, or use some red fabric to craft a simple one. Consider that for this outfit, your dog’s front legs will act as the lumberjack’s legs, so it’s actually more of a half outfit in this case.

First thing’s first, you can craft the pants and pull your dog’s front legs through them. You can use a harness to secure them to your dog so that they don’t drop when you least expect it. Do the same thing with the plaid shirt, but use some batting to model some arms and plus to craft hands for your little lumberjack.

While you’re at it, use the brown plus along with some batting to make an ax handle, then make the ax blade with the red pieces of plush along with the batting. Additionally, you can use some tinfoil to cover the edge of the blade for a bit of realism. Attach the ax to your lumberjack’s hands.

Last, but not least, place the lumberjack hat on your dog’s head and make sure that the outfit is not too snug so that your dog won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it. We’ve pulled this cute dog Halloween costume from Angus & Scottie’s Instagram page. Timber!

25. Chucky Dog – Dog Halloween Costumes

Chucky dog dog halloween costumes

If you’re a fan of old horror movies, then you should already know who Chucky is and why dressing up your dog as that mischievous doll is totally appropriate for the occasion. The only drawback of this outfit is that it’s not exactly a piece of cake to craft, so you’ll have to put in some elbow grease.

As with some other dog Halloween costumes in our guide, the Chucky dog consists of four distinct elements: the shirt, the overalls, the hair, and the kitchen knife. However, at some point, you’ll have to attach the shirt to the overalls and make sure that the straps are on top of the shirt.

Given that the overalls are by far the most complicated element, you may want to start with them. You don’t need any batting to craft them, but you’ll have to make sure that the overalls fit your dog’s front legs since they’ll act as the actual legs of Chucky.

As for the straps of the overalls, you could either stitch them together and run them over your dog’s neck, or just apply them to the shirt once you attach the shirt to the overalls. The model above spelled out Good Dogs on the front pocket of the overalls, which is definitely a nod to the classic horror flick, but you could leave it blank or spell out something different.

Make sure to use some large buttons and place them where the straps connect to the overalls for some added realism points. The shirt is quite simple, but you’ll have to use some batting to create the arms of the evil doll. If you’re into it, make sure that one arm is up, like it’s ready to strike.

For the hair, you could use some fake fur from a toy and make it frizzy with a bit of water and a hairdryer. Last, but not least, use some cardboard to create the fake knife and place it into the “doll’s” raised hand. We’ve found this design on Symbiosis Store’s Instagram page.

26. Bob Ross Dog – Dogs In Halloween Costumes

Bob ross dog dogs in halloween costumes

If you can’t have enough of seeing dogs in Halloween costumes and you’d pretty much like to craft an outfit that your dog should wear this year, then the Bob Ross costume is definitely one you should be checking out, mainly because it’s ridiculously simple to make.

Although you can craft this costume by yourself, for the most part, the wig is something you simply couldn’t pull off, so we advise you to buy one from a store where you can find cosplay and Halloween supplies. You’ll want to emulate Bob Ross‘ hair, so look for a dark brown, curly wig.

With the wig out of the way, all we have to focus on now are the pants, the shirt, and the color palette, and trust us when we say that you could tackle those with minimum effort. You could craft the pants by yourself using an old pair of jeans that you were meaning to throw away or repurpose.

The shirt is equally simple, as you’ll have to make it out of some light blue fabric, nothing fancy. As opposed to some other outfits in our guide, the Bob Ross costume doesn’t include any fake arms, so you won’t need any batting to craft it.

On the other hand, this is a full-body suit, so you’ll have to make sure to pull your dog’s legs through both the shirt and the pants. For obvious reasons, you’ll want to leave the bottom part of the pants exposed, unless you’re willing to clean up after a happy accident.

Last, but not least, after putting together the wig, pants, and shirt, you can use a piece of cardboard to make the color palette, and mix some colors on it. Check the photo above for reference if you have no idea what we’re talking about. We’ve found this outfit on Dogs in Costume’s Instagram page.

27. Raven Dog – Best Dog Halloween Costumes

Raven dog best dog halloween costumes

The raven dog is one of the best dog Halloween costumes, and it’s mainly because making it is no walk in the park. Furthermore, it’s a costume that you’ll actually have to craft as opposed to buying most of the components from your local store and assembling them quickly in under an hour or so.

If you’re the stoic type, you could spend some time in the park and collect black feathers from local ravens or crows. Spoiler alert: you’ll kinda need a lot of them for this suit, so make sure to bring a couple of bags along to help you carry them back home.

If you want the easy way out, check your local crafts store; you might get lucky, especially around this time of the year, as some crafts stores have a broad range of feathers to their customers for various projects (such as outfits or dreamcatchers). You need to make sure to buy black feathers, since painting them black won’t look as good.

Once you have sourced the feathers, you have to start designing the costume, which is actually a pair of majestic, raven-like wings. We recommend you use some wire and light fabric so that your dog won’t have to make a great effort just to walk around while wearing the raven costume.

Now that the frame for the wings is complete, you can start placing the feathers one by one. Make sure to place them in layers, so that they all face in the same direction and that they look as close to the real thing as possible. You can use some hairspray to prevent them from ruffling.

Last, but not least, you’ll have to attach the raven wings to your dog, which is no easy task. However, you can either use a couple of belts to keep the wings attached and balanced or, better yet, attach the wings directly to your dog’s harness. We’ve found this dog Halloween costume on Dogs in Costume’s Instagram page.

28. Peacock Dog – DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

Peacock dog diy dog halloween costumes

Does your dog often walk around like it owns the place, flaunting its shiny fur and ridiculously fluffy tail? Well then, this peacock DIY dog Halloween costume may be exactly what you need if you were considering dressing up your dog for the next Halloween party you’re gonna throw.

The greatest things about this costume are that you can get creative and craft it from a broad range of leftover supplies, and you can get as wild as you want with the design. Imagine that your dog competes in the Rio carnival and you want it to steal all the looks on the catwalk, and that’s the design that you want.

Now jokes aside, it’s worth mentioning that in every peacock costume, the tail is the most important component, so naturally, you’ll want to focus on that instead of anything else. If you want to give a body to the peacock, you can simply use some blue fabric that will go well with the tail, similar to the model in the photo above.

You can craft the tail from some cardboard, or you could choose the more complicated path and model it from wire, then use some fabric to cover it. However, you can all agree that cardboard is the easiest way to go, especially considering that you can easily draw on it, as opposed to fabric.

After you’re done with drawing the design of the tail, you shouldn’t shy away from taking it a step further and adding more decorative elements to it, such as sequins, pearls, and glitter, so that your beloved canine companion can really show its true colors at your Halloween party.

Last, but not least, you’ll need a way to attach the tail to your dog’s rear, which seems like no easy task, but it’s actually quite simple. Instead of using a full-body suit and attaching the tail to it, just use a couple of straps and run them around your dog’s belly. We found this design on Dogs in Costume’s Instagram page.

29. Shark Dog – Easy Dog Costumes

Shark dog easy dog costumes

It goes without saying that the size of this shark dog costume will mostly depend on the size of your canine companion, but you should be able to tackle it without significant effort, no matter how large or small your dog is. After all, the main attraction of the costume is the shark fin.

If you want to feel like you’re surfing in dangerous waters while you’re still at home, then turning your dog into a shark this Halloween might be the easiest way to do it. Plus, it’s the most shark fun you can have without flooding your house and playing the theme song from Jaws.

Okay, maybe you could play it a few times while your dog is slowly circling the room before it gets old, but hey, a little bit of pop culture humor never hurt anyone, right? This easy dog costume can help you and your pup both get ready for Halloween in no time.

In order to craft this shark dog outfit, all you have to do is find a sturdy piece of cardboard (bent ones won’t work as well) and either paint it black or use some black/dark blue felt or velvety fabric to cover it. Once the fin’s been designed, you’ll have to attach it to your dog’s back.

While one surefire way you could do that is by attaching a couple of straps to the shark fin‘s base (one at the front and one at the back), your dog’s harness could prove to be even more reliable in this situation. Thus, you can either run the straps through the harness or devise some other way to attach the fin.

If you do decide to use your dog’s harness, after all, you could even craft an extra pair of fins and attach them to your dog’s sides. Of course, in this case, you’d be still using the harness as an anchor point. We found this costume on Dogs in Costumes’ Instagram page.

30. Walking Teddy Bear Dog – Small Dog Halloween Costumes

Walking teddy bear dog small dog halloween costumes

This walking teddy bear outfit is an excellent small dog Halloween costume, but you can surely adapt it for a larger dog if you’re a fan. However, you’ll probably reconsider once you see what it means to craft a walking teddy bear outfit for a dog that’s not exactly pocket-sized.

Long story short, you’ll have to go through your plushies collection and repurpose a teddy bear that fits your dog’s size. Provided that you have a teddy bear that’s large enough to accommodate your dog and you’re ready to repurpose it, you can go for it.

However, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re trying to turn a large teddy bear into a dog outfit, you’ll have to hollow out most of it, as you’ll want to make sure that your dog can walk around while wearing the costume without putting too much effort into it.

A quick tip before you get started: to make sure that the teddy bear is the right size, size it up against your dog’s front. You’ll need to make sure that the feet of the teddy bear touch the ground, and that its head is a bit higher than your dog’s head so that it won’t be a tight fit.

So you have the teddy bear that’s approximately the same size as your dog, now you need to remove its back and the back of its head, and hollow it out. Make sure to leave a bit of batting at the top of the head if you want to keep the bear’s head in a round shape.

Make a hole in the teddy bear’s face and make sure that it’s wide enough (that’s where your dog’s face will be). Now use some fabric to keep the batting there, and stitch the rest of the costume so it doesn’t look like it’s been torn apart by a pack of wolves. Have your dog’s legs through the teddy bear’s legs and its face through the teddy bear’s head hole, and there you have it. We’ve found this costume on Dogs in Costumes’ Instagram page.

31. Cerberus – DIY Dog Halloween CostumesCerberus diy dog halloween costumes

The Cerberus is one of the most popular DIY dog Halloween costumes at the time being, given that it’s so ridiculously easy to make. At least once you source all the required materials for it, that is. It’s worth mentioning that while this outfit was designed with small dogs in mind, it also works for larger breeds, as well.

First thing’s first, you’ll need to buy a harness for your dog, and one that will fit them just right – not too tight, not too loose. The next step would be finding some plushies that look exactly like your dog. If you can’t find ones that are exactly like your dog, similar ones will do, too.

However, you may want to keep your eye on traits that define your dog’s uniqueness. For instance, if your dog’s ears are pointy, you’ll want to buy a couple of plushies with pointy ears, or if your dog has heterochromia (different colored eyes), you may want to take that into consideration, as well.

If you manage to find some plush doggies that share the same unique traits as your dog and have the same color (their fur is the right shade and color), then you’re in luck! From this step, all you have to do is detach the heads of the plush toys and attach them to your dog’s harness.

You’ll have to attach each head to each side of the harness in order to create a convincing Cerberus outfit. This is exactly why you’ll want to make sure that the heads stay right where you attach them. If you were planning on using a collar instead of a harness as an anchor point, the collar could rotate and your Cerberus could look all crooked.

You can also skip the plushie head removing part if you’re not comfortable with it and attach the whole toys to your dog instead, but in this case, you’ll have to find a way to cover the bodies of the plush toys so that they don’t disrupt the overall aesthetic of this DIY dog Halloween costume. We found this design on Dogs in Costumes’ Instagram page.

32. Butterfly Dog – Cute Dog Halloween Costumes

Butterfly dog cute dog halloween costumes

If spooky stuff isn’t exactly your cup of tea for Halloween and you’re looking for cute dog Halloween costumes to make for your four-legged companion, then this butterfly outfit might be the perfect choice for you. It’s easy to make, it’s cute, and it will definitely attract some glances at your next Halloween party.

If you’re the crafty type, you’ll have absolutely no trouble crafting this beautiful butterfly outfit for your dog. It’s worth mentioning that the main focus of this costume should be the butterfly wings, as the cap is not exactly necessary. In fact, it may be better if you skipped it altogether.

Dogs aren’t huge fans of caps or things that cover their ears, especially not for too long. Therefore, if you’re just planning to dress up your dog and take a bunch of pictures, the butterfly cap may be a good idea after all, but if you plan on leaving your dog dressed up for the evening or even night, then you might want to skip it.

For the butterfly wings, you could either craft them out of cardboard and paint a nice design on them, or you could use various pieces of colored vinyl for an even more awesome effect. On top of that, vinyl is a tad lighter than cardboard, so your dog will definitely be more comfortable.

Alternatively, you could craft a frame for the wings using wire and then use some light, colored pieces of fabric to create the wings around the wireframe. You’ll have a lot more work to do in this case, but you’ll be able to create some pretty interesting results, kind of like a kaleidoscope, for your puppy’s butterfly wings.

After crafting the wings, you’ll want to attach them to your dog’s body, and we found that the best way of doing that is by using a harness as an anchor point. Just attach the wings to the harness and you should be done. Make sure you attach them to several points for greater stability. This cute dog Halloween costume was found on Dogs in Costumes’ Instagram page.

33. Dragonfly Dog – Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Dragonfly dog dog halloween costume ideas

If you’re running out of dog Halloween costume ideas, you’ve definitely come to the right place, seeing as this guide has a lot of great outfits you could try for your four-legged friend. Take this dragonfly outfit, for instance. It’s easy to craft, it’ll look great on your dog, and it’s totally manageable as a DIY project.

This project is somewhat similar to the butterfly dog outfit, but instead of butterfly wings, you’ll be doing dragonfly ones. The concept is not too different, and you can craft the wings in a similar manner as the butterfly ones, and the best part is that you could easily change between them if you get bored at some point.

The focus with the dragonfly dog costume is on the wings, so you’ll have to pay attention when crafting them, seeing as this outfit has no other distinctive elements. You could craft the tail and attach it to your dog’s body, but then the outfit would be unnecessarily long and may make your dog feel uncomfortable.

For the dragonfly’s wings, you could either use cardboard and paint it afterward, or you can use various pieces of colored translucent vinyl. Making the wings out of vinyl is a great choice considering that vinyl lets in light. Furthermore, you could easily draw some veins on the wings and make them look even more awesome.

Another way you could make the dragonfly wings is by crafting a frame and using various pieces of light, colored fabric to slowly build the shape. The drawbacks of this method are that it’s not only time-consuming, but it will also make the wings quite heavy, therefore harder to support.

Once you’re done crafting the wings, you can use your dog’s harness to attach them to your dog, thus completing the dragonfly dog outfit. Make sure you use at least two anchor points on each wing to make sure they stay right where you put them. We found this dog Halloween costume idea on Dogs in Costume’s Instagram page.

34. Batman Dog – DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

Batman dog diy dog halloween costumes

This is perhaps one of the easiest costumes you could craft for your pupper this Halloween, but nevertheless, it’s an awesome one. If you were looking for DIY dog Halloween costumes but had no idea where to start, then this guide is the absolute best place you could’ve found.

It’s worth mentioning that the Batman outfit for your dog also works great in a dog and owner Halloween costume scenario, and if you’re up for a few laughs and giggles, you may want to dress up as Robin, or as Alfred the butler to accompany your dog in its awesome adventures.

Alright, so, there are two ways you could go about this project. The first one involves that you have a black dog with pointy ears, in which case you can only focus on the harness part and design a Batman logo that’s visible enough without having to stand literally inches away from it.

This is the best scenario, as you won’t have to craft anything else for the outfit. However, if your dog is a lighter color, then you’ll probably want to craft the rest of the costume, as well. We’re talking here about the mask and shirt so that your dog will really resemble the Dark Knight one way or another.

However, you shouldn’t stop at the suit; instead, you could also get creative and add some accessories to the whole Batman dog scenario. For instance, if you have one of those flat trailers that kids attach to their bicycles or tricycles, you could easily turn it into a make-believe Batmobile and drag your dog around it.

Another great example would be crafting Batman’s utility belt and attaching it to your dog. The only real limit is your imagination, so if you’re willing to fight alongside Batman this Halloween, this is the closest you’re gonna get. We’ve found this awesome DIY dog Halloween costume idea on the Instagram page of Dogs in Costumes.

35. Stealthy Hedge Dog – Small Dog Halloween Costumes

Stealthy hedge dog small dog halloween costumes

First of all, we’d like to lead with the fact that this is not, in fact, a Halloween costume that works exclusively on small dogs, so there’s that. However, the entire idea of this outfit would be to reinforce the element of stealth by turning your doggie into a hedge or something similar.

We can all agree that large dogs aren’t as “stealthy” as the small ones, especially if you dress them up as bushes and have them blend with your guests at the party. You could definitely expect a lot of tail wagging, rustling leaves noises, and loud sniffing noises from a large doggy in this scenario.

Second of all, depending on the materials you’re planning to use for this outfit, you could be spending a lot of time attaching fake little leaves to a large dog, as opposed to doing the same thing for a much smaller costume. Either way, at this point it’s your choice so do whatever feels right for you.

First of all, note that you’ll need to source a sweater of some kind for your dog. This piece of clothing should cover most of your dog’s body, if not entirely. Naturally, you’ll want to leave the legs and head out. After you either buy or craft the sweater, it’s time to work on crafting the bush.

There are a lot of places where you could buy some fake leaves for your dog’s hedge costume, so make sure you check thoroughly. Currently, there’s no effective way to use real leaves to make this costume, so you’ll have to stick to the plastic ones. You can use small hedge leaves in combination with larger ones (such as fake ivy leaves).

After attaching the fake leaves to the sweater, just convince your dog to wear it. Your four-legged companion will be able to blend in with your Halloween party guests without significant effort. We got this idea from Dogs in Costumes’ Instagram page.

36. Venus Flytrap Dog – Homemade Dog Costumes

 Venus flytrap dog homemade dog costumesAs you can see from the photo we’ve used in the example above, this venus flytrap dog outfit looks awesome, but these looks come with a price: this outfit is not exactly easy to make, so if you’re not an experienced crafter you may want to browse our guide and pick a different one.

Alright, maybe it’s not that complicated, but making it from scratch could definitely go smoother if you had at least some prior experience working on similar homemade dog costume projects. The focus for this venus flytrap costume is on the “head” of the plant. You know, the fleshy part, with snapping teeth and all.

Incidentally, that’s also the hardest part you’ll have to craft. Although you could craft a frame by yourself using some wire, we suggest using a cone (you know, the one your dog gets after the visit to the vet) and working your way around it. How you choose to proceed in this case is entirely up to you.

However, let’s say that you went with the cone. All you need now is a bunch of red and green fabric to decorate the cone; place the green fabric on the outside of the cone, and the red one on the inside. You could either use adhesive to glue the fabric to the cone or simply stitch. If you do want to stitch it, we suggest you use a thimble to avoid hurting your fingers while driving the needle through the cone.

Once you get the cone ready, cut some “teeth” for your venus flytrap out of white cardboard, or white felt, and attach them close to the outer edge of the cone. Check the photo example for reference if you get stuck. Now that the cone’s all done, you’ll need to get some fake leaves (check your local crafts store) and attach them to your dog using its harness, or an old dog sweater.

Note that your dog may not feel comfortable wearing the cone, regardless of your awesome decorations, so make sure you won’t make them wear this outfit through the night. We’ve found this awesome homemade dog costume on Dogs in Costumes’ Instagram page.

14 More Dog Halloween Costumes

If you’re looking for more inspiration to include your dog in the Halloween celebration, we have 14 more ideas for you.

37. Cute Lion – Small Dog Halloween Costume

Cute Lion - Small Dog Halloween Costume

Does your little pup already kind of look like a lion thanks to a funny, fuzzy ruff of fur all around his face and head? Then consider amping that up this Halloween and actually turning himinto a lion temporarily! We love the simple way Pop Sugar made a faux lion’s mane out of a collar by looping different shades of brown felt and attaching them. Tie the whole look together by making stripped felt pay cuffs too so your doggie looks particularly fierce!

38. Flower – Funny Dog Halloween Costume

Flower - Funny Dog Halloween Costume

Does the idea of putting a collar-based headpiece on your dog so his head sticks out the middle in an adorable (but minimally restricting) way make your heart melt? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll be abig fan of this adorable flower idea! DIY Network guides you through the process of making your own doggie daisy headpiece from felt and a little bit of malleable crafting wire.

39. Fairy Wings – Cute Dog Halloween Costume

Fairy Wings - Cute Dog Halloween Costume

Would you rather leave your pup’s head free of costume pieces because he’s a little skittish, but you still want to dress him up to go Trick or Treating with your kids? Then perhaps you’d prefer this adorably creative jacket embellishment idea instead! HGTV suggests making an adorable set of fairy wings from sparkly craft paper and sticking or pinning them to the back of your dog’s fall coat for easy wear. Puppy with hardly notice them since he’s used to wearing his jacket already, but we guarantee your neighbors will get a kick out of the look!

40. Sushi – Small Dog Halloween Costume

Sushi - Small Dog Halloween Costume

Do you like the idea of making a strapping costume for your dog that will fit like a jacket, but you’re quite good at sewing and fabric crafts, so you’re open to a little more of a challenge? In that case, we think we’ve foundjust the tutorial for you! Eat Sleep Make shows you step by step how to layer different textured and colored fabrics to look like seaweed and rice, as well as how to make a plush piece of salmon sashimi, all attached to a comfortable strap that goes around your dog’s belly. He’ll feel like he’s just wearing his regular jacket but he’ll look like a funny little sushi piece.

41. Princess – Best Dog Halloween Costume

Princess - Best Dog Halloween Costume

Is your dog very patient and used to being dressed up by your kids all the time? Then there arelots of different doggie costume options out there for you! We actually usually make our dog’s costumes out of old dress-up clothes that our kids have grown out of because she’s quite large and fits into toddler and small children’s clothing with no trouble at all. That’s why we thought this princess pooch outfit was such a funny idea! Check out all the different elements this look takes on DIY Network.

42. Businessman – Big Dog Halloween Costume

Businessman - Big Dog Halloween Costume

Perhaps you have some old formal clothing laying around your house that the men in your family don’t use anymore? Well, before you take it all to a thrift store or pack it up for the donations depot, snag a dress shirt and old tie from the pile and turn your dog into a businessman for Halloween!

HGTV suggests using just the collar and cuffs so your dog stays comfortable but, for bigger or taller pups, a tie looped loosely like a second collar will complete the look! This idea will work for smaller dogs too, you’ll just have to cut, measure, and alter things a little bit smaller.

43. Chia Pet – Funny Dog Halloween Costume

Chia Pet - Funny Dog Halloween Costume

Have you had a roll of faux grass lying around from a DIY yarn project you never ended up making and now you’re looking for other ways to use it before you take it to the next craft supply swap just to get it out of your house? Well, don’t pass it off just yet! We think this doggy Chia Pet costume from Inhabitat might be one of the funniest DIY outfit ideas we’ve come across so far, and it’s actually surprisingly simple to make.

44. Doggie Dinosaur – DIY Dog Costume

Doggie Dinosaur - DIY Dog Costume

Is your dog quite accustomed to wearing shirts and jackets, meaning he’s totally comfortable having his torso covered, but he’s also a young, excited pup who loves running around after the kids and does a lot of jumping? Then it sounds like you’re going to need a costume that will be able to stand him, rather than the other way around! We made this adorable dinosaur outfit for our own dog last year and it was ahuge hit. Puppyleaks shows you how to attach funny little spikes down the back of an old children’s t-shirt so your pooch looks like a furry stegosaurus.

45. Ladybug – Chihuahua Halloween Costume

Ladybug - Chihuahua Halloween Costume

Do you love the way your tiny dog looks in a tutu and wings but you’ve already done fairies and princesses in past years, so you’re looking to put a big of a new spin on the idea? In that case, we’ve foundjust the easy alteration you’ve been looking for! HGTV suggests working in black and red to transform your puppy into a little ladybug, ready to fly away and brighten someone’s day.

46. Where’s Waldo Dog – Easy Dog Costume

Where's Waldo Dog - Easy Dog Costume

Are you the proud parent of a very patient pooch who doesn’t mind being dressed upat all and is comfortable in all manner of accessories? Then you’ve got much more of a creative license than the average dog owner!

We’re completely in love, for example, with this incredibly adorable Where’s Waldo costume that’s guaranteed to have the neighbors asking to take pictures with your four-legged friend. Check out this tutorial from Broke-Ass Stuart to learn how they made the striped scarf and at from an old sweater!

47. Chocolate Roll – Funny DIY Costume

Chocolate Roll - Funny DIY Costume

Are you a sewing enthusiast who is definitely very into the idea of transforming our dog into an adorable snack food, but you turned him into a sushi roll last year so you’re looking to try something new? In that case, perhaps you’d rather try something sweet this year! We can’t get over how adorable (and wonderfully simple) this DIY chocolate roll costume from Sew Doggy Style is! They show you how to make it just like you’d make a homemade doggy jacket. To be honest, we’d probably reuse this all fall and winter long just because it’s fun!

48. Doggie E.T. – DIY Dog Costume

Doggie E.T. - DIY Dog Costume

Do you have your little dog trained to sit in a basket or stroller while you push him around on walks? In that case, you’ve got the perfect pooch to make a more involved ET-themed costume! Putting this one together is actually hilariously simple, but only pups with certain calm personalities will cooperate with the idea. Check out the details of making the “bike” and wrapping your furry friend up like a little alien on HGTV Handmade!

49. Cereal Killer – Funny Dog Halloween Costume

Cereal Killer - Funny Dog Halloween Costume

Are you a pun lover who usually makes humour-themed outfits for you and your kids because you love it when people look at you, get the joke, and laugh or get a kick out of your ideas? We’re huge fans of pun costumes too! So why not include your four-legged family members in the joke as well? We think this funny little “cereal killer” costume is a great idea because it’s easy to make and not very uncomfortable for your dog to wear while he walks around during Trick or treating. Find the steps for making it on Sew Doggy Style!

50. Felt Pinata Dog Costume – Funny Dog Halloween Costume

Felt Pinata Dog Costume - Funny Dog Halloween Costume

Are you a lot more invested in the idea of making a doggy Halloween costume because you don’t have kids who need handmade outfits too and you’re also throwing your own party where youreally want to pull outall the stops? Then get out the scissors and the felt in every color you can find, because Laurelwood Vets has a hilarious suggestion! Their tutorial shows you how this adorable piñata costume was made by layering cut fringed felt onto a dog jacket and a matching headband.

Final Words

All things considered, with Halloween just around the corner, you’ll have a lot of work decorating your house, cooking delicious goods for your guests, finding the perfect Halloween outfits for your family, and scoring candy to give away to trick-or-treaters.

However, if you’re also a dog owner, the idea of dressing up your dog as some silly, cute, or spooky character for Halloween may not seem exactly strange, so you’ll also have that on your platter. Luckily for you, our guide has plenty enough dog outfit ideas to get you out of any sticky situation (as long as it involves not being able to think of a dog outfit in time).

We’ve collected fifty of the most creative Halloween outfits for your dog that you won’t necessarily have to buy from the store. Most of the costumes we’ve included on our list are actually manageable as DIY projects. However, if you’re not comfortable crafting pieces of the outfits on your own, then you’ll be glad to learn that most of the components listed here are easy to source.

It goes without saying that dressing up your dog for Halloween is a different experience for them than it is for you, so you’ll have to be sensible about it. Listen to your dog, and don’t try to push them out of their comfort zone. Always make sure that the outfits fit them right, and if they show any sign of discomfort, don’t ignore them and remove their outfits.

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