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Funny DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs

When it comes to costuming, there are very few things we love more. We’ll take just about any excuse to get ourselves, our kids, or even our pets dressed up, especially if we have the time and opportunity to make the outfits ourselves! We’ve already got almost our whole family squared away with awesome homemade costumes for this coming Halloween but we’re still in the process of searching for the perfect outfit for one last important member- our dog! We took to the Internet for some guidance and were pleasantly surprised by how many awesome tutorials, ideas, and suggestions we found there.

Just in case you’re also the kind of dog parent and crafting enthusiast who loves the idea of canine costumes but you’re feeling in need of some inspiration too, here’s a list of 15 of the best ideas we’ve found so far!

1. Felt looped lion collar

Felt looped lion collar

Does your little pup already kind of look like a lion thanks to a funny, fuzzy ruff of fur all around his face and head? Then consider amping that up this Halloween and actually turning him into a lion temporarily! We love the simple way Pop Sugar made a faux lion’s mane out of a collar by looping different shades of brown felt and attaching them. Tie the whole look together by making stripped felt pay cuffs too so your doggie looks particularly fierce!

2. Flower dog headpiece

Flower dog headpiece

Does the idea of putting a collar based head piece on your dog so his head sticks out the middle in an adorable (but minimally restricting) way make your heart melt? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll be a big fan of this adorable flower idea! DIY Network guides you through the process of making your own doggie daisy head piece from felt and a little bit of malleable crafting wire.

3. Doggie fairy wings

Doggie fairy wings

Would you rather leave your pup’s head free of costume pieces because he’s a little skittish but you still want to dress him up to go Trick or Treating with your kids? Then perhaps you’d prefer this adorably creative jacket embellishment idea instead! HGTV suggests making an adorable set of fairy wings from sparkly craft paper and sticking or pinning them to the back of your dog’s fall coat for easy wear. Puppy with hardly notice them since he’s used to wearing his jacket already, but we guarantee your neighbours will get a kick out of the look!

4. Dog sushi costume

Dog sushi costume

Do you like the idea of making a strapping costume for your dog that will fit like a jacket, but you’re quite good at sewing and fabric crafts, so you’re open to a little more of a challenge? In that case, we think we’ve found just the tutorial for you! Eat Sleep Make shows you step by step how to layer different textured and coloured fabrics to look like seaweed and rice, as well as how to make a plush piece of salmon sashimi, all attached to a comfortable strap that goes around your dog’s belly. He’ll feel like he’s just wearing his regular jacket but he’ll look like a funny little sushi piece.