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12 Best Embroidery Kits For Beginners

When we were kids, we used to sit and watch the older women around us making the most stunning embroidery art we’ve ever sceen.

Best Embroidery Kits

We were lucky enough to have been raised by DIY enthusiasts who fostered our own creativity and love for crafting, but they wereparticularly talented at cross stitching, needlepoint, and embroidery of all kinds. We’ve wanted to learn their craft ever since, but we’ve only just found the time to get around to it!

Where can I buy embroidery kits?

As with most things we want to learn, we started out by researching the basics online. We tried out a few basic techniques from YouTube tutorials with the random sewing supplies we had around the house, just to make sure we could handle it.

Now, we’re feeling prepared and ready to try our first proper embroidery project! We’ve been on the hunt for the best embroidery kits we could find ever since. We were actually very pleased indeed with the options that are out there, no matter your skill level!

Kits are a great idea for beginners because they come with everything you’ll need so that all you have to worry about is the embroidery itself.

Check out this list of 12 of the very best embroidery kits we came across in our search.

1. Akacraft DIY Embroidery Starter Kit

Akacraft diy embroidery starter kit

Flowers are one of the most common and yet most beautiful themes when it comes to embroidery. That’s what caught our eye first thing when we scrolled by this beautiful piece and complete kit from Akacraft! They provide you with two needles (just in case you break or lose one), quality cotton embroidery floss, stitching linen, and a hoop.

Of course, like all kits, they also give you the pattern! We really liked the idea of our first project being one that has plenty of depth and dimension but only requires us to actually juggle four colors. The colors in this beautiful Chinese plum blossom pattern are also just distinct enough that we don’t think we’d mix them up.

It’s a great kit for beginners who want to look like they’re not actually quite as new at this as they really are!

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2. Louise Maelys Embroidery Starter Kit

Louise maelys embroidery starter kit

Are you feeling quite confident in the neatness of your actual stitches and your ability to juggle several colors at once, but you’re still wondering whether you’ll struggle with transferring the pattern from a separate paper onto the embroidery cloth properly? Then we’d recommend trying something like this starter project from Louise Maelys!

What makes this particular kit so different is that the pattern is actually printed directly onto the cloth. Rather than having to translate it onto the right spot, you’ll simply match the colors of your floss to the ones printed right there on the cloth and cover them.

This will help you get into the practice of swapping colors and judging dimensions until you’re ready for an external pattern and a blank cloth.

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3. Unime Full Range of Embroidery Starter Kit with Pattern

Unime full range of embroidery starter kit with pattern

Are you still feelingvery intrigued indeed by the idea of working with a kit that has the pattern printed right onto the cloth for you, but you’re also feeling up to a slightly bigger challenge as far as colours and swapping threads are concerned?

Then we’d recommend checking out this kit by Unime!

While this kitdoes still have the pattern printed right onto the cloth in a way that’s clearly geared towards beginners, it also helps you start working with more colors at once, swapping them neatly and seeing how different but similar shades are used to add the look of light and shadow to the beautiful flower pattern you’re making.

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4. Full Range of Embroidery Starter Kit with Pattern

Full range of embroidery starter kit with pattern

Are you quite interested in the started kits that have a pre-printed pattern on them, but you’re also worried that it might show between your stitches because you tend to stitch a little tighter than the average person? Well, that’s certainly something to work on, but there’s one particular feature of this pattern from Kissbuty that can allay your fears about print peeking.

This feature is that the pattern printed right onto the cloth is one that easily washes off!

It’s purposely placed there such that use of the cloth and contact from your hands won’t wipe it away, so you don’t have to worry about losing your place halfway through, but warm water will dissolve the ink when you’re finishedwithout damaging the cloth of your stitched work.

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5. Goodnight Series Needlepoint Kit

Goodnight series needlepoint kit

As a beginner, you might not yet have discovered the beauty of colored embroidery cloth to complement and amplify the look of certain patterns, images, and themes in cross stitching and needlework. That might sound rather fancy, like something that’s beyond the reach of a beginner, but it really isn’t, and this kit from BERYA is a great way to learn more about that!

In reality, the only thing you have to do differently on a darker cloth is make sure that you’re sitting in a well-lit place so you can see your stitches properly when you’re also working with darker thread. Otherwise, this kit is no different than any other beginner kit (but do be aware that its pattern is external like the first kind we showed you and not printed right on the cloth).

It’s great practice in quite a number of things, and the nighttime scene is adorable!

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6. Creative Dandelion Hand Embroidery Cross Stitch

Creative dandelion hand embroidery cross stitch

In the same way that darker embroidery clothes can be used to enhance the look of what you’re creating, so can lighter ones! This gorgeous dandelion-themed kit from Benbo is a great practice in familiarizing yourself with more possibilities than the darker clothes you’ve seen in some of our other options.

In the same way that you’d have to watch out for the challenges of using dark threads on dark fabric earlier, you’ll have to do the opposite and face the unique challenges of using white thread on white cloth in this kit.

Besides, that, the pattern is stunningly simple and will help you learn about embroidering on different, more delicate textures.

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7. Unime Sunset Embroidery Starter Kit

Unime sunset embroidery starter kit

Even though it might be the most common, classic cross stitching isn’t actually the only kind of embroidery you can do, even as a beginner. If you’d also like to explore longer, broader stitching patterns a little, then we think you might get along a little better with something like this gorgeous sunset pattern from Unime!

This pattern also varies from the others in that it involves a lot more consistent coverage.

Rather than leave lots of space between stitches like the previous design you saw, this pattern will teach you how to embroider solid pieces, which is a useful fundamental skill for when you start tackling more advanced things.

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8. Mini Hoop Embroideries- Over 60 little masterpieces to stitch and wear

Mini hoop embroideries over 60 little masterpieces to stitch and wear

Now, the first thing you need to know about this next option is that it’s notactually a full kit that comes with everything you need. This fantastic book by Sonia Lyne is the kind of thing you’ll find most useful once you’ve already got some supplies and practice under your belt. It does, however, provide some of the prettiest beginner embroidery patterns we’ve ever seen.

Even though you have to buy your hoops, cloth, floss, and needles separately, the book is quite worth it.

The small size of the projects inspires more care and attention to detail, and the book also features wonderful described and visual guides to various embroidery knots and techniques, including some raised or textured stitches, that none of the other kits so far have offered.

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9. Apipi Cross Stitch Stamped Embroidery Kit

Apipi cross stitch stamped embroidery kit

Just in case you’re still feeling a little hesitant about trying separate patterns, but you’ve also built up some confidence in the kinds of stitches you can do, here’s a kit from Apipi that can help you really show off the level of detail you’ve learned so far, all in the form of some pretty potted cactus plants!

While this clothdoes come stamped in the outline of the basic shapes you’ll make, the details are up to you. You’ll notice that theyare sketched onto the print but once you’ve covered, say, the basic green shape of a cactus, your thread will cover the placement of the flecks that make up the spikes and needles of the plant.

The challenge (and our favorite part, honestly) is in visualizing what those details looked like and how they’re with your thread and really going for it, adding the, with your own sense of placement and skill.

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10. Caydo 205 Pieces Embroidery Kit

Caydo 205 pieces embroidery kit

Are you actually feeling excited about and committed to embroidery enough that you think it’s time to start building a full essentials kit of your own rather than just working with what comes with the smaller kits and patterns you’ve ordered? Then we’d suggest considering something like this impressive collection offered by Caydo!

In addition to a full-color wheel’s worth of quality embroidery floss, this kit gives you needles, notions, and differently sized embroidery hoops, the full range of things you’ll need to make almost any pattern you pick up that doesn’t come with its own kit. Perhaps the most useful part, however, is the instructions book!

It might not look very interesting, but it’s packed with information that even embroidery pros sometimes still refer back to when they haven’t used a particular technique in a while.

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11. Heflashor 3 Pack Christmas Embroidery Kits

Heflashor 3 pack christmas embroidery kits

Have you been doing embroidery just long enough now that you think it’s finally time to share your skills with others, so you’re considering making embroidered Christmas gifts for loved ones? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll appreciate this particular kit from Heflashor!

Like the other kits you’ve seen, this one comes with the right needles, cloth, hoops, and floss for you to get the patterns done. This time, however, it comes withthree different patterns instead of one!

That’s why it makes for such a good piece if you’re plan is to give the finished products as gifts. As a bonus, these clothesare printed with the pattern rather than the pattern being on a separate page.

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12. Full Range of Embroidery Starter Kit

Full range of embroidery starter kit

Are you still on the hunt for a fully equipped starter kit, either for yourself or someone you’re trying to prepare for what will hopefully be a lifelong love of embroidery? Either way, this set from MDPQT is a great option. In fact, it’s so well equipped that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to near-pros who just need a refill of the basics as well, rather than just a kick start.

This is the kind of kit that’s a total deal for the price. While itis a couple of dollars more expensive than the last kit we showed you, it also has a few more brightly colored threads that weren’t featured there, as well as more winding cards for saving the leftovers of a floss you used in a project but didn’t finish all of.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with a case, so you’ll have to get your own.

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