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Bring In Even More Holiday Spirits With These 15 Christmas Wall Decor Ideas

We know you need a tree and a mantle full of decorations and stockings. We know there should be a centerpiece on the dining room table and some lights shining brightly on the front of the house. But, where else could you add some extra cheer? Bring in even more holiday spirits with these 15 Christmas wall decor ideas. Some are a bit more surprising than others, and all are fabulous bouts of inspiration.

1. Paper Lights Garland

Christmas light strand tutorial

Decorate the walls in a festive and charming way with some garland! Over at Stubbornly Crafty, you’ll find the tutorial to make it happen. It’s a kid-friendly style and one that will surely bring a smile to the entire family’s face.

2. Accenting Art with Garland

Christmas wall decor with art and garland

All Elle Decor, we got the idea to incorporate some garland in unsuspecting ways. Grab some traditional greenery and place some on the artwork around the house for some winter charm. You can’t mess up or go wrong with this idea!

3. Flea Market Finds

Christmas flea market gallery wall

Create a collage of flea market Christmas finds. This works well if you already have a collection and don’t know who to spread them around the house – or if you already have a gallery wall you can replace things with throughout the holiday season. Thanks for the idea Home BNC!

4. Wooden Shim Tree

Diy christmas tree wall art with wood

Project Nursery created a wooden shim tree – with some glitter as well – to decorate the wall with. Great for adding a seasonal charm to the kids’ rooms or something more modern to blend in with the rest of the house. It’s also really, really easy to recreate!

5. Wall Christmas Tree

Wall christmas tree decoration diy