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How To Make Tassels For Wall Decor

If you love bohemian flowy pieces and need some decoration for your space this project is perfect for you. Natural texture wall hangings are super trendy this season, especially the ones with pops of color. Here is a fun and easy way to make ombre tassels hanging decor for the walls within your home, office, or which ever walls you choose.

How To Make Tassels Wall Hanging

Ombre Tassel Wall Hanging Materials

Materials you need to make the tassels:

  • Cotton yarn
  • Dye
  • Scissors
  • Container or bowel for the dye
  • String
  • Wooden dowel (20 inches)
  • Book

The Tutorial Of Making the Tassels – Step By Step

Step 1: Wrapping the yarn

To create the tassels grab the book and hold the end of the yarn on the top of the book. Then wrap the yarn around the book from the top to bottom about 25-30 times.

Ombre Tassel Wall Hanging Yarn

Step 2: Cutting technique

Cut the yarn from one side of the book and take the strips of yarn and match the ends together. Once you have done that, cut about 5 inches of extra yarn and use that strand to wrap and tie around the the top of the tassel. Cut off any scraggly pieces on the ends of the tassels.

Ombre Tassel Wall Hanging Cut Yarn

Step 3: Repeat the cutting technique depending on the size of the project

Repeat these steps and create 6 more tassels. You should have 7 tassels in total.

Ombre Tassel Wall Hanging Prepare

Step 4: Painting process

Follow the instructions on the box how to prepare the dye. Once you have your dye set your ready to dip your tassels.

Ombre Tassel Wall Hanging Dye

Step 5: Achieve the Ombre look

In order to achieve an ombré look for your tassels, first dip 4 inches of the end tassels into the dye for 10 seconds. Then gently pick up the tassel, leaving only 2 inches of the tip in the dye for 2 minutes (let it hang on the edge of the container). When your done dying all your tassels squeeze out the excess water and hang to dry. For this type of yarn it takes about 3-4 hours to dry.

Ombre Tassel Wall Hanging String

Step 6: Add a string for hanging

Add the string onto the tassels once your tassels are dry. Cut 25 inches of string and put through the hole of the top of the tassel, connect both ends of the string and tie a double-tie to secure the tassel.

Ombre Tassel Wall Hanging Hang

Step 7: Hang from a wooden dowel

Grab the wooden dowel and start from the middle of the dowel and double-tie one of the tassels (this tassel should be the longest tassel). From there continue to tie the tassels onto the wooden dowel to create that that V-shape and cut any extra string (keep in mind that length should be even on each side).

Ombre Tassel Wall Hanging Display

Step 8: Choose the height

Cut 30 inches of the string and tie each end of the strand to the ends of the wooden dowel.

Ombre Tassel Wall Hanging Finished

Step 9: Hang the beautiful tassel on the wall

You are all done! Hang your beautiful tassel creation on any wall you choose or give it as a gift.


Hope you guys enjoyed this DIY. Happy crafting! Don’t forget to comment!

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