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How To Make Yarn Tassels – Easy Wall Hanging

Yarn wall hangings have gotten super trendy lately, and here’s the good news – there’s an easy way to make your own! Today I’m going to share with you a simple tutorial on how to create your very own tassel yarn hanging for your wall. So go grab all those yarn scraps you inevitably have in your crafting stash, and let’s get started!

How To Make Yarn Tassels

Easy yarn tassel wall hanging materials

Here’s what you’ll need for your wall hanging:

  • Yarn inwhite, yellow and navy blue
  • 10 inch long wooden dowel rod
  • (2) metal rings, 5 inch diameter
  • Scissors

How To Make Yarn Tassels: Step by Step Guide

Easy yarn tassel wall hanging cutting

Begin by cutting a whole bunch of 2 foot long pieces of white yarn. The number of pieces will depend on how thick your yarn is, but using my thicker roving style yarn I used 32 pieces.

Easy yarn tassel wall hanging step 2

Fold them in half and divide them into sections with 4 pieces in each. I ultimately ended up with 8 sections.

Easy yarn tassel wall hanging stick

Stick your thumb and forefinger through the loop at the top of one folded portion and slip the tails through to form a tassel. Repeat this for the other 7 sections.

Easy yarn tassel wall hanging knot

Lay the first metal ring on top of the white tassels and use a small piece of white yarn to tie and knot it, attaching it to the very middle of the dowel rod. Double knot it and tuck the yarn tails behind.

Easy yarn tassel wall hanging project

Next, begin making tassels in yellow in the same manner as you did for the white. These can be shorter, about 16 inches long. I ended up with 10 sections with 3 folded strands in each. Overlap the other ring with the first one as shown above, and tie them together on each side using yellow yarn.

Easy yarn tassel wall hanging decor

Last create 3 sections of navy blue yarn, 16 inches long each again. Create 3 tassels, centering them in the empty area of the lower metal ring as shown above.

Easy yarn tassel wall hanging trim

Last, trim the bottom of each color. The white should be cut straight across, while the yellow and navy blue should be rounded (mirroring the shape of the rings). Fold the other colors back so you don’t accidentally snip those too.

Easy yarn tassel wall hanging hang

Attach a piece of yellow from one end of the dowel to the other for hanging purposes, and that’s it! Your pretty yarn tassel wall hanging is finished!

Easy yarn tassel wall hanging diy

Making one of thesewall hangingsis a great way to use up old yarn that you may have laying around… talk about upcycling!

Easy yarn tassel wall hanging scale

You can also play with the scale and layout of this project… wouldn’t it look great as a larger, wall-sized piece?

Decor easy yarn tassel wall hanging

And of course you can customize the colors as well… you may even want to try some metallics. Enjoy this project everyone, and feel free to share a link to your finished wall hanging in the comments section below!

Easy yarn tassel wall hanging craft

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