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50 DIY Christmas Ornaments to Hang on the Tree and Greet Santa in Style

Making your own Christmas ornaments is a fun and creative way to personalize your holiday decorations. This article showcases the best ideas for DIY Christmas ornaments.

Diy christmas ornaments

The options are endless for unique handcrafted Christmas ornaments since they can be as simple or intricate as you like. For instance, use simple materials like felt shapes, sequins, and yarn pom-poms, or go for something more complex such as recycled items, wood slices, and stones. Here is a list of the DIY Christmas ornaments you will find in this article:

  • DIY baby’s first Christmas footprint ornament
  • DIY baby’s first Christmas handprint ornament
  • DIY painted glass ball ornaments
  • DIY paint chip ornaments
  • DIY marbled ornaments
  • DIY geometric hand-stitched wooden ornaments
  • DIY winter wood slice ornaments
  • DIY wreath ornaments
  • DIY pinecone snowmen ornaments with top hats
  • DIY pinecone snowmen ornaments with earmuffs
  • DIY penguin ornaments
  • DIY popsicle stick Santa hat ornaments
  • DIY paper star ornaments
  • DIY paper roll snowmen ornaments
  • DIY paper-wrapped ball ornaments
  • DIY origami diamond ornament
  • DIY sheet music ornaments
  • DIY map ornaments
  • DIY paper fan photo ornament
  • DIY fabric Christmas ornaments
  • DIY yarn-wrapped star ornaments
  • DIY felt snowflake heart ornaments
  • DIY felt bow ornaments
  • DIY felt doll ornaments
  • DIY felt pinecone ornaments
  • DIY knitted mitten ornaments
  • DIY macrame ornaments
  • DIY pom-pom angel ornaments
  • DIY clothespin angel ornaments
  • DIY button ornaments
  • DIY washi tape ornaments
  • DIY cork ornaments
  • DIY brass tack ornaments
  • DIY resin ornaments
  • DIY upcycled CD ornaments
  • DIY upcycled computer RAM ornaments
  • DIY gold leaf ball ornaments
  • DIY gold-dipped ornaments
  • DIY baroque pearl ornaments
  • DIY upcycled jewelry ornaments
  • DIY vintage bell jar ornaments
  • DIY hot air balloon ornaments
  • DIY pinata ornaments
  • DIY cinnamon applesauce heart ornaments
  • DIY melted peppermint candy ornaments
  • DIY dried citrus ornaments
  • DIY Scrabble tile ornaments
  • The Golden Snitch ornament
  • DIY Olaf coaster ornament
  • DIY Nightmare before Christmas ornaments

Learn more about each DIY Christmas ornament idea, including sources with tutorials.

1. DIY baby’s first Christmas footprint ornament

Diy baby's first christmas footprint ornament

This baby’s first Christmas footprint ornament is the perfect DIY project for new parents. It’s just a regular Christmas ornament with a glitter pattern shaped like tiny feet. For extra flair, use pink glitter for a girl or blue glitter for a boy. Check out Not Quite Susie for more information.

2. DIY baby’s first Christmas handprint ornament

Diy baby's first christmas handprint ornament

DIY baby’s first Christmas handprint ornament is another cute handcraft project for new parents. Take a small wood slice, use your baby’s handprints to leave a mark, and attach a bit of ribbon. Go to Smart Cents Mom for more details.

3. DIY painted glass ball ornaments

Diy painted glass ball ornaments

These DIY-painted glass Christmas ball ornaments are a great choice for DIYers who want to get creative with their holiday décor. To make them, you need clear glass ornaments, craft paints, and a paintbrush. Paint the inside of the ornament and then let it dry before adding more coats of paint to get the desired effect. Check out our guide on how to craft these painted glass ball ornaments for more details and instructions.

4. DIY paint chip ornaments

Add texture to plain Christmas ball ornaments and make them stand out using colorful paint chips. The resulting ornaments look like funky pinecones, thanks to the rows of printed paint chips arranged as small scales. There are many ways to approach this DIY project. For example, combine all colors or textures to create unique-looking ornaments or go with a monochromatic look to keep it simple. Go to Refresh Restyle for the instructions.

5. DIY marbled ornaments

Diy marbled ornaments

Marbled ornaments are fantastic for making colorful Christmas tree decorations by mixing acrylic paints and a marbling medium to achieve the stunning marbled effect. The project is customizable, depending on your holiday theme. For example, use a black marbled effect on white background for a classic and elegant theme, use a red marbled effect on yellow background for a traditional theme, or combine multiple colors for a funky theme. Get more details from The Creativity Exchange.

6. DIY geometric hand-stitched wooden ornaments

Diy geometric hand stitched wooden ornaments

Hanging a few of these DIY geometric hand-stitched wooden ornaments adds interest to your Christmas tree and makes it look modern. No sewing skills are necessary for this project since you must make simple stitches. Check out our tutorial for making geometric hand-stitched wooden ornaments to learn more.

7. DIY winter wood slice ornaments

Diy winter wood slice ornaments

These handcrafted winter-themed ornaments made from wood slices will make your Christmas tree look folksy, ideal for rustic décor. Paint wood slices in any Christmasy way. For example, create a winter scene, a snowman, a snowflake, Santa Claus, or a gingerbread man. It’s a fun activity for the entire family since everyone can paint whatever they want on their wood slices. Find inspiration in our winter wood slice tutorial. After you finish painting, use a hole punch specially designed for thin wood, wrap a string or wire around the wood slice, and hang your new ornament on the Christmas tree. 

8. DIY wreath ornaments

Diy wreath ornaments

These DIY wreath ornaments are a great way to add a unique and rustic touch to your Christmas decorations. These wreaths are tiny and have golden reindeer in the middle. It’s a delicate piece of craftsmanship that will likely become your kids’ favorite. Check out our Christmas tree wreath ornament tutorial to get the info.

9. DIY pinecone snowmen ornaments with top hats

Diy pinecone snowmen ornaments with top hats

DIY pinecone snowmen ornaments with top hats are ideal for DIYers who love rustic Christmas decorations. The resulting ornaments are playful since they are made with pinecones, so get your kids involved. Check out our guide for crafting pinecone snowmen with top hats for step-by-step instructions.

10. DIY pinecone snowmen ornaments with earmuffs

Diy pinecone snowmen ornaments with earmuffs

Make pinecone snowmen ornaments with earmuffs to add cute decorations to your Christmas tree. This crafting project is ideal for kids and adds a lovely twist to the classical snowman by using earmuffs instead of a top hat. Check out the full guide for a DIY pinecone snowman with earmuffs on our website.

11. DIY penguin ornaments

Diy penguin ornaments

Craft rustic Christmas tree ornaments with penguins created from painted rocks. For this project, you need small rocks, wood slices, glue, and painting skills. Feel free to customize the penguins. For example, add felt to make the penguin fuzzier. Discover more about this project in our tutorial for making a penguin Christmas ornament.

12. DIY popsicle stick Santa hat ornaments

Diy popsicle stick santa hat ornaments

Let your kids express their creativity by crafting Santa hat ornaments using popsicle sticks to hang on the Christmas tree. It’s a great way to upcycle a bunch of popsicle sticks, turning them into cheerful decoration pieces. For this craft, you need popsicle sticks, white pom-poms, white ribbon, a glue stick, red paint, a paintbrush, and white cardboard. Check out our complete tutorial for making popsicle stick Santa hat ornaments.

13. DIY paper star ornaments

Diy paper star ornaments

These DIY paper star ornaments have an intricate design that stands out, ideal for making unique Christmas tree decorations. Despite the elaborate pattern, these ornaments require easy paper crafting skills since you need colored paper, scissors, and glue. The secret is making precise measurements and cuts. Check out our paper star Christmas ornament guide for more details and instructions.

14. DIY paper roll snowmen ornaments

Diy paper roll snowmen ornaments

Regular paper turns into a makeshift snowman Christmas ornament when adding a few DIY skills to the mix. Use rolled-up paper to make the snowmen. While it seems like an unusual design choice, it gives the snowman a nice 3D effect. Besides giving the impression depth, it also makes it very bouncy, so it’s certainly a Christmas ornament your kids will enjoy crafting. See our guide on crafting this DIY paper snowman for additional information.

15. DIY paper-wrapped ball ornaments

Diy paper wrapped ball ornaments

Wrap ball ornaments with magazine clippings or colorful paper to decorate a modern, jazzy Christmas tree. The trick is rolling the paper into long strips before attaching them to the ornaments. Visit Tifforelie to learn more.

16. DIY origami diamond ornaments

Learn how to fold origami paper into diamonds to create colorful and charming ornaments for a modern Christmas tree. The way you fold the paper will give the ornaments a nice 3D effect. Check out How About Orange for more information.

17. DIY sheet music ornaments

Show your love for music by decorating your Christmas tree with clear ornaments filled with sheet music. This DIY idea is certainly creative, and you can use old slivers of sheet music. Add your favorite tunes and let your guests discover them for a personal touch and a fun Easter egg. Go to Reviews by Sarah for more details.

18. DIY map ornaments

Using old maps to craft star-shaped Christmas tree ornaments is a cool idea for globetrotters to express their passion for travel. For instance, using old maps of visited places would be a conversation starter for your guests. You could even start a tradition of buying and saving maps from the new places you will visit to turn them into Christmas ornaments and create an end-of-the-year traveling review. Go to As for Me and My Homestead to learn more.

19. DIY paper fan photo ornament

Diy paper fan photo ornament

Attach pictures of friends and family to paper fans to craft meaningful Christmas tree ornaments. This DIY project is ideal for getting everyone involved since you can ask your friends and family to pick a favorite photo they want to see in the tree. Go to Whipper Berry for the step-by-step instructions.

20. DIY fabric Christmas ornaments

Wrap ugly ball ornaments you never use into pieces of cloth and tie them up in a knot with jute or twine to create modern rustic Christmas tree decorations. Visit Shanty 2 Chic to get the details.

21. DIY yarn-wrapped star ornaments

Easy DIY Yarn Wrapped Star Ornament. Great for gifting too. Tutorial at livelaughrowe.com

Wrap star-shaped cardboard in colorful twine to create rustic ornaments to proudly display on your Christmas tree. This DIY project is great for adults and kids alike since it requires minimal crafting skills. Check out Live Laugh Rowe for details.

22. DIY felt snowflake heart ornaments

Diy felt snowflake heart ornaments

These homemade snowflake embroidered heart ornaments add a loving touch to the Christmas tree since they combine snowflakes and hearts. For example, use these tree decorations to express your feelings if you and your partner are spending your first Christmas together. For this project, you need craft supplies like felt, stuffing, thread, and a needle. Check out our snowflake embroidered heart ornament tutorial for more details and instructions.

23. DIY felt bow ornaments

Diy felt bow ornaments

DIY felt bow ornaments are great for kids to decorate the Christmas tree and keep them busy with a simple task. To make this decoration, you need felt, ribbon, foam paper, scissors, and glue. Use any fabric if you don’t have felt, such as velvet or burlap, while sticking to classic Christmas colors like red, green, white, gold, or silver. Check out our DIY Christmas bow ornament guide for more info.

24. DIY felt doll ornaments

Diy felt doll ornaments

DIY felt doll ornaments make a great crafting project for children’s Christmas tree decorations, even toppers. It’s a fun project that requires felt, doll hair, spun cotton balls, ribbons, gold thread, markers, glitter, and other supplies. For complete instructions and illustrations, refer to our DIY Christmas doll ornament tutorial.

25. DIY felt pinecone ornaments

Diy felt pinecone ornaments

Create charming Christmas ornaments that look like pinecones using felt and styrofoam eggs. This DIY project is great for kids, and they will use artificial berries and twigs to make the pinecone life-life. Check out our felt pinecone ornament guide to learn more.

26. DIY knitted mitten ornaments

Tiny kitten mittens become enchanting Christmas tree ornaments in this project. Even though knitting is difficult, these DIY Christmas ornaments do not require complex skills. Follow any tutorial on knitting mittens and scale down to get the right mitten size for tree ornaments. Go to Just Crafty Enough to learn all the details.

27. DIY macrame ornaments

Diy macrame ornaments

Use handcrafted macrame ornaments to decorate a modern or boho Christmas tree and impress your guests with your style. These macrame ornaments are durable and quite easy to craft. Follow the instructions from Pretty Life Girls for basic macrame knots.

28. DIY pom-pom angel ornaments

Diy pom pom angel ornaments

Have your kids make these DIY pom-pom angel ornaments to hang on the family Christmas tree with pride. For this project, you need wooden beads, silver paint, a paintbrush, yarn, markers, and scissors. Check out our guide for making these pom-pom angel ornaments.

29. DIY clothespin angel ornaments

Diy clothespin angel ornaments

Make charming DIY angel ornaments for your Christmas tree using clothespins. This DIY project is fantastic for kids. It calls for spun cotton balls, paint, a paintbrush, markers, a hot glue gun, a dotting tool, small lace paper doilies, white ribbon, pipe cleaners, scissors, and clothespins. Refer to our DIY clothespin angel guide for more information.

30. DIY button ornaments

Diy button ornaments

Make vintage-looking Christmas tree ornaments using buttons for your stockpile of crafting materials. Arrange the buttons on the ornament in any pattern you like, apply some glue to keep them together, and then hang it on your Christmas tree with a piece of thread. Buttons come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and most of them are available to buy in bulk at very low prices, so the crafting costs are extremely low. Check out the DIY tutorial from All Things Andrea for a better idea of the whole process.

31. DIY washi tape ornaments

Decorate clear plastic ball ornaments with washi tape and hang them on your Christmas tree. This DIY project uses washi tape of various sizes, colors, and textures, so there’s no limit to how your designs will turn out. Go to Odessa May Society for more inspiration.

32. DIY cork ornaments

Craft Christmas tree ornaments using a bunch of corks for a touch of farmhouse design. For this DIY project, chop wine corks and arrange them in the shape of reindeer to create playful ornaments that your kids will love. Visit The Homeless Finch for more info.

33. DIY brass tack ornaments

Cover styrofoam balls with brass tacks to create unique Christmas tree decorations with a hint of steampunk design. This DIY project is versatile since there are many ways to approach it. For example, cover the entire surface of styrofoam balls with brass tacks, or wrap the balls with twine and then glue a few tacks for a more subtle effect. Go to Fellow Fellow for more info.

34. DIY resin ornaments

Diy resin ornaments

Craft Christmas tree ornaments with any tiny decorative objects using epoxy resin. This DIY project is excellent for adding small decorations to your Christmas tree decorations, such as snowmen, snowflakes, glitter, and artificial snow. Go to Life’s Carousel to get the step-by-step instructions. 

35. DIY upcycled CD ornaments

Upcycling an old collection of CDs is a smart way to create sparkly, funky, mosaic, disco-themed Christmas tree ornaments. Smash CDs into pieces and glue them to plain ball ornaments. Check out the tutorial from Crème de la Craft to see exactly how they did it.

36. DIY upcycled computer RAM ornaments

Upcycle old computer memory cards and easily turn them into Christmas tree ornaments by adding a ribbon. It’s a DIY project for all techies out there, especially since there are few things for putting old RAM cards to good use. Visit Recyclart for more inspiration, like attaching small dangling ornaments to the RAM cards before hanging them on the tree.

37. DIY gold leaf ball ornaments

Diy gold leaf ball ornaments

These DIY gold leaf Christmas ball ornaments will surely add sparkle to your holiday decorations. You need gold leaf sheets, glass ball ornaments, and a sealant to prevent the foil from chipping away in time. Check out our guide on crafting gold leaf Christmas tree ball ornaments to learn more.

38. DIY gold-dipped ornaments

Dipping ornament halves in gold spray paint is a simple way to create unique decorations for an elegant Christmas tree. For best results, use simple ball ornaments without patterns or engravings. Feel free to replace the gold spray paint with another color or combination of colors that suits your holiday theme, such as red, white, green, silver, copper, white, or even black. Visit Suburble for the DIY tutorial.

39. DIY baroque pearl ornaments

These baroque DIY ornaments instantly add class and sophistication to a flamboyant Christmas tree. This DIY project takes patience and precision. But the result is worth it, so go to MJ Trim for the instructions.

40. DIY upcycled jewelry ornaments

Upcycling old jewelry like beaded necklaces or bracelets is a terrific way to create vintage-looing Christmas tree ornaments. It’s the perfect DIY project for those who put a lot of sentimental value into their old jewelry. Not only do you get to reuse something from your jewelry box, but you can also make DIY ornaments to match any Christmas tree theme. Check out DIY Network for details.

41. DIY vintage bell jar ornaments

These vintage bell jar ornaments are amazing DIY projects since they resemble traditional Christmas tree ornaments. However, there’s no glass involved since that would make them a bit too heavy for the Christmas tree. Instead, use upside-down plastic wine bottles as the glass dome and fill the ornaments with fake snow, such as glitter and other favorite decorations. Get the DIY tutorial from My So-Called Crafty Life.

42. DIY hot air balloon ornaments

Transform classic Christmas ball ornaments into hot air balloon tree decorations to give your guests something to talk about. This DIY project is fantastic for reusing old, vintage ball ornaments you hate instead of keeping them locked up in the attic. To make a hot hair balloon, craft a small basket from wood-patterned paper, attach it to the ornament’s hanger using twine, and hang the ball ornament upside down. Check out the material list and instructions at The Cheese Thief.

43. DIY pinata ornaments

Making tree ornaments shaped like pinatas is a fantastic way to combine Christmas with Mexican culture. Fill the pinatas with candy and let the kids have fun by smashing the ornaments to find goodies. The only downside is that the pinata ornaments will end up destroyed by the end of Christmas. Go to Studio DIY for the tutorial.

44. DIY cinnamon applesauce heart ornaments

Making edible heart-shaped ornaments for your Christmas tree by baking cinnamon applesauce cookies. This DIY idea is ideal for surprising your family with tasty treats in unexpected places, such as the Christmas tree. The ingredient list includes applesauce, ground cinnamon, and cloves. You will also need heart-shaped cookie cutters. But if you want to take the holiday route, go for gingerbread, tree, snowflake, or other suitable cookie cutter shapes. Get the cooking directions from Katy Elliott.

45. DIY melted peppermint candy ornaments

Diy melted peppermint candy ornaments

Using melted peppermint candy is a great way to create tasty Christmas tree ornaments that your guests and pick up and eat. The list of ingredients and tools includes unwrapped peppermints, metal cookie cutters, a baking pan, aluminum foil, a bamboo skewer or toothpick to poke hanger holes, and liquid cooking oil. Go to I Heart Arts n Crafts for the cooking directions.

46. DIY dried citrus ornaments

Turn dried citrus slices into simple ornaments to make your Christmas tree smell festive, even when using an artificial tree. For example, use oranges, lemons, or limes, add hangers, and put the new ornaments up on your Christmas tree. a. Visit A Beautiful Mess to learn how to dry citrus slices in the oven and add hangers.

47. DIY Scrabble tile ornaments

Use old Scrabble tiles to form Christmas tree ornaments and write messages like Let it snow. This creative DIY project is easy since you must glue the ties together, add a ribbon or a string, and hang them on the tree. Visit Crafts by Amanda for more details.

48. The Golden Snitch ornament

Make a ball ornament that looks like The Golden Snitch if you’re hosting a Harry Potter-themed Christmas this year. It’s a great DIY project to show off your love and creativity. It’s not difficult since you must create and attach silver glitter wings to a gold ball ornament. Go to Tiny Apartment Crafts to learn more. It’s best to craft just one of these ornaments for your tree since there is only one Golden Snitch in the Quidditch of the Harry Potter universe.

49. DIY Olaf coaster ornament

Diy olaf coaster ornament

A DIY Olaf-themed coaster ornament will delight all the fans of Disney’s Frozen. This particular design uses a regular coaster as the main material and acrylic paint that you’ll use to draw Olaf. Those who aren’t very talented at drawing can download, print, and then glue the Olaf printable to the coaster. Visit Crafts by Courtney for details.

50. DIY Nightmare before Christmas ornaments

Diy nightmare before christmas ornaments

This DIY project is for all Tim Burton fans: Nightmare before Christmas tree ornaments. Each ornament is different since it represents each of the main characters from the movie, such as Jack Skellington or Sally. Just take a clear ornament, use a Sharpie to draw the facial details and use colored glitter to give it a vibrant finish. Visit My Golden Thimble for the complete instructions.


There’s something special about taking time out of our hectic lives during Christmas to craft meaningful handmade decorations that embody our creativity. Plus, they make fantastic personalized gifts. So don’t be afraid to let loose your inner artist this holiday season by making DIY Christmas ornaments. Check out these ideas for modern Christmas trees to hang your new handmade ornaments.

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