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Adorable Easter Themed DIY Projects for Spring

Now that we’re finally on the verge of spring, we’re finding that all our attention is turning to Easter, for no other reason than that we adore it! There’s just something so cheerful and refreshing about the holiday that gets us feeling good; and the emphasis on cute baby animals and pastel colours doesn’t hurt either. Because we’re such crazy crafters, however, it only makes sense that we’ve already started collecting cute Easter themed DIY projects that will keep us busy between now and then!

Just in case you love the idea of making adorable Easter themed crafts and projects to ring your spring in, here are 15 of the nicest and most creative ideas we’ve come across in our search for inspiration!

1. Pastel confetti dipped Easter eggs

Pastel gold foiled easter eggs

Never does a year go by that we don’t make sure to do the classic Easter egg decorating session with our kids, as is tradition! Just because it’s an old tradition, though, doesn’t mean you can’ put a fun new spin on the eggs you’re making each time. This year, we’re completely obsessed with the way Studio DIY painted their eggs in pastel colours and then confetti dipped one end.

2. Paper straw Easter wreath

Paper straw easter wreath

Wreaths are the kind of awesome craft that you could make hundreds of all year long and never get bored. That’s because they can be themed, seasonal, and made in countless styles, shapes, and sizes! This super fun technique from Urban Bliss Life, who shoes you how to make a cute wreath from paper straws, tissue paper, and foam eggs, was one we hadn’t tried yet.

3. Mini golden egg carton vases

Mini golden egg carton vases

Perhaps you’re looking for an Easter decor DIY project that’s a little less kitschy and themed and a little more classy or unique looking to suit the glitz and glam of the rest of your house? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how 79 Ideas made this fantastic vase for itty bitty spring flowers by painting some egg shells and their garden metallic gold.

4. Ribbon and bunny ear centrepiece

Ribbon and bunny ear centrepiece

Maybe kitschy Easter themes and bright colours are exactly what you’re going for because that’s basically your favourite part of the season and the thing you look forward to seeing the most when spring finally arrives? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Leta Bit of Everything used dollar store Easter eggs, sparkling ribbon, and fuzzy ears to make one of the funnest looking pieces we’ve ever seen!

5. Pretty, no-sew Easter table runner

Pretty, no sew easter table runner

Have you always loved the way cloth and pretty fabric table runners look on holiday dinner tablescapes but you don’t sew so you’ve always kind of shied away from them? In that case, we think you’ll be very excited indeed to learn that this lovely Easter themed polka dot design is an entirely no-sew project! Get the full details for making one of your own on 3 Little Greenwoods.

6. Glitter confetti egg game

Glitter confetti egg game

Just in case you’re into the idea of making something that’s a little bit interactive for your kids, here’s a fantastic idea that they can have fun helping you make and then enjoy doing later on with their friends or family members at your Easter dinner gathering! Oh Happy Day shows you how they painted their eggs and carefully and discreetly filled one with sparkly gold glitter confetti, as well as how they play the game that releases all that glitter.

7. DIY folded bunny napkins

Diy folded bunny napkins

Here’s an awesome DIY project that’s so simple you can make it from cloth napkins you already have, and maybe even set your kids to doing it too while you handle dinner before your guests arrive! Check out how Party City folded their napkins in a few different directions to make them stand up tall, shaped like adorable little Easter bunnies with big ears.

8. Stunning pastel ribbon and floral centrepiece

Stunning pastel ribbon and floral centrepiece

Did we almost catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of making a huge, impressive centrepiece for your tablet hat involves ribbon, but you can’t help thinking you’d like a little less ribbon and a little more spring than you saw in the earlier design? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Hometalk made this lovely centrepiece that’s made almost entirely of bright spring flowers!

9. Puzzle piece Easter egg hunt

Puzzle piece easter egg hunt

Are you the kind of parent who always loves to do the most when it comes to keeping your kids engaged and entertained? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll really get a kick out of the way DIY Projects hid some hollow plastic eggs alongside their chocolate ones, placing a puzzle piece inside each. Once the kids have found all the eggs, they can complete the puzzle too!

10. Bunny tail cake balls

Bunny tail cake balls

Perhaps one of your favourite things to do together with your family is get creative with fun, themed ideas in the kitchen? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Rose Bakes made these fantastic little cake balls shaped like a bunny’s bum, complete with a fluffy cotton tail and little feet! We do the hard parts and let your kids add the details on theirs.

11. Ruffled fabric Easter basket

Ruffled fabric easter basket

Perhaps the thing you’d actually like to get creative with this Easter is the basket your kids will collect their eggs in while they’re on their Easter egg hunt? Well, fabric crafting and sewing enthusiasts rejoice, because we’ve found a completely adorable idea for you! Check out how Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom made this lovely basket that features tiered ruffles in different colours and patterns.

12. Easter flowers Rice Krispy treats

Easter flowers rice krispy treats

Were you a huge fan of the idea of making Easter themed treats as part of your springtime and Easter craft fest this month, but you’re just not sure the cake pops were the right choice for you? Well, if you’ve ever loved Rice Krispy treats as much as we do them we think you’ll really appreciate this adorable spring tulip version outlined step by step on The DIY Lighthouse!

13. Easter carrot cake

Easter carrot cake

If you’re going to make an Easter related dessert, would you actually rather make the association a little less themed and just let a simply classic and delicious flavour do the talking for you? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Lady Behind the Curtain made this stunning homemade carrot cake and iced and sprinkled it in carrot colours too, just like an Easter bunny might eat.

14. Personalized bucket Easter baskets

Personalized bucket easter baskets

Not every Easter basket your kids use over the years has to be entirely made from scratch if you’re a little bit pressed for resources or time! We’re actually kind of in love with the way The Pinning Mama kept things really simple and used paper and cut and stick techniques to customize their baskets with their kids’ names. We also like the way they displayed and filled them!

15. Chocolate egg wordplay gifts

Chocolate egg wordplay gifts

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a casual and simple but nice and friendly Easter gift to give a coworker or neighbour as a little treat, but you can’t to keep it quick and easy? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Lil’ Luna filled a glass jar with chocolate eggs and included a bit of word play about being “egg-cellent” on it, just for fun!

Do you know another fellow crafter or DIY enthusiast who is feeling the Easter spirit a little early too and wants to get creative but who could use some help in the ideas and inspiration department? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of things to try their hand at!

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