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These 50 DIY Easter Centerpieces Will Make Sunday Dinner So Much Prettier

Easter is just around the corner and while your prepping for the family meal, you’ll want to whip up some extra bits of decor for the table too. These 50 DIY Easter centerpieces will make Sunday dinner so much prettier and full of springtime, festive flair. Have a look at our favorites!

1. Golden Egg Vases

Diy golden easter egg vases

Turn some beautiful golden eggs into tiny little vases for the table. Check it out at Seventy Nine Ideas.

2. Pink-Dipped Vases

Diy pink dipped vases

Project Wedding took some simple glass vases and dipped them in a bit of paint. That’s as easy as it comes for sprucing up your centerpiece options!

3. Rainbow Water

Diy rainbow water centerpiece

Papery & Cakery made rainbow water. Add some fresh flowers and you’ll have a springtime scene by dinnertime.

4. All Peeps

Peeps easter centerpiece

Why not put some Peeps to work this holiday. Over at Mom On Timeout you’ll see how these fun marshmallows can be when you use them to decorate.

5. Glittery Eggs & Flowers

Diy easter glitter centerpiece

A bit of glitter will always work in your favorite and She Knows knows that. Some eggs and flowers to delight your table this Easter … why not?

6. Nested Eggs

Diy nested eggs centerpiece

Some beautiful, nested eggs inspired by this setup at Williams Sonoma could finish off the dining room table nicely. Don’t you think?

7. Coconut Bunny Cake

Diy coconut bunny cake

Everyday Occasions made their centerpiece edible, which we’re always in favor of! Turn your dessert into a bunny and get style and the last course of the meal done all at once.

8. Mossy Eggs

Diy moss egg centerpiece

Martha Stewart made up some mossy eggs to pop off a white tablecloth. Check out the tutorial after the jump!

9. Blossom Log

Diy twig vase centerpiece

The Daily Basics make this gorgeous and nature-inspired centerpiece. The added, fresh flowers really made a difference.

10. Egg & Burlap Wreath

Diy easter wreath centerpiece

A wreath doesn’t have to be just for the door, you can use it on the table too. Check out the details over at Top Dreamer.

11. Mossy Scape

Moss and egg centerpiece diy

Here’s another centerpiece that uses that mossy vibe. You can create an entire scene just use your creativity and what inspires you about the season. (via)

12. Floral Egg

Diy flower egg centerpiece

Simply Designing made this floral egg. If you want something to really sink your teeth into start working on this beauty by the weekend.

13. Dollar Store

Diy dollar store reater centerpiece

Learn how to concoct something for the centerpiece without spending too much. Over at Salt and Pepper Moms you’ll learn how to put together a design with only Dollar Store finds!

14. Floral Eggshell Arrangements

Floral eggshell arrangments

Martha Stewart made some gorgeous egg floral arrangements too. Follow the link and watch how she does it!

15. Bunny Cake Dome

Bunny cake dome diy

Sugar and Cloth use cake as centerpiece inspiration too. But this time the cake is covered with a DIY bunny dome!

16. Purple Topiaries

Diy purple easter topiaries

Are you a fan of topiaries? If you like this crisp, natural look, then visit Good Housekeeping for this purple inspiration.

17. Eggshell Tealights

Diy eggshell tealights

Little Inspiration used eggshells as the foundation to their project. Instead of vases, why not turn your Easter eggs into tea lights for the table?

18. Polygon Paper Vases

Homemade paper vases diy

Do you work well with paper? Over at A Subtle Revelry you can learn how to take some and turn them into vases for your flowers!

19. Lemon-Filled Apothecary

Lemon filled apothecary jar centerpiece

Yellow Bliss Road took lemons to the table. It adds a pop of color and a natural freshness as well.

20. Paper Cherry Blossoms

Diy paper cherry blossoms

Good Housekeeping utilizes paper too. But this time, the paper is turned into some beautiful cherry blossoms.

21. Peeps & M&M’s

Peeps centerpiece diy

Two Sisters Crafting took some Easter candy and put it to good use too. Some Peeps and M&M’s can go along way in your centerpiece making.

22. Paint Stick Basket

Paint stick basket project opener photo1 518x600

If you gather up some paint sticks, you can use them to make something brand new. Check out the idea over at Build Basic.

23. Jellybean Candles

Jellybean candle centerpiece diy

Grab some jellybeans and some of your glass votives you already have around. The two pair well together for a festive look. (via)

24. Ombre Vases

Ombre vases diy

Living Well Spending Less made some gorgeous, ombre vases inspired by spring. All you need to finish them off will be some fresh flowers.

25. Tulips in a Basket

Tulips in a basket diy centerpiece

Tulips are quintessentially spring and a basket speaks to Easter with ease. It’s such an easy centerpiece to put together in a jiffy! (via)

26. Glitter Vases

Diy glitter vases

The Sweetest Occasion knows that glitter will always win out in the end. And with these vases, you’ll be putting a beautiful bit of pep in the styling of your dining room table.

27. Carrot Vases

Carrot diy easter centerpiece

Pay a kitschy and charming nod to the Easter bunny with these adorable carrot-filled vases. Take a peek at the original inspiration over at Love Grows Wild.

28. Forsythia and Eggs

Forythia and eggs centerpiece

The Daily Basics put together some florals and eggs that we love too. It’s a beautiful combination that’s easy to recreate too.

29. Bunny Burlap Runner

Stenciled burlap tablerunner tutorial graphic

You can always learn how to stamped your own burlap runner. A bunny, a phrase and more can inspire the season. (via)

30. Robin’s Nest

Diy robin's egg nest

Why not try to make your own lucky Robin’s nest? Check out the details over at NoBiggie.

31. Plastic Egg Planties

Plastic easter eggs pots diy

You can even make some planters out of those plastic eggs you get for the kids! Check it out at Made with Happy.

32. Grow Your Grass

Grass easter centerpiece diy

Kelly Elko shows us how a bit of cat grass can go along way for your Easter decorating. It’s quintessentially green and oh so charming, don’t you think?

33. Mix-and-Match Glass Vases

Sony dsc

Gather all of your glass vases you have around the house and use them to create a light and eclectic look for the tables. Add fresh blooms and voila! (via)

34. Jellybean Jug

Jellybean jug centerpiece diy

The Spruce gave us some more jellybean inspiration. A jug and some candies can make a simple and colorful centerpiece for the table.

35. Candy Mason Jars

Easter mason jars diy

Hop on over to Clean and Scentsible for this “bunny bait” centerpiece idea. The kiddos will want to dive into it after dinner though, so beware!

36. Bunny Vase

Diy easter bunny vase

Weekend Craft turn some older items into something brand new! A bunny vase is the perfect way to top off Easter dinner.

37. Pastel Easter Eggs

Diy pastel easter egg centerpiece

We’re absolutely swooning over this centerpiece design. And if you visit 100 Layer Cake-let, you’ll learn how to make it yourself.

38. Lemon Lavender Candles

Diy lemon lavender candles

Brit + Co took lemons and turned them into candles. Not only will you get a beautiful pop of color on the table but the aroma will be magic!

39. Black and White Easter Eggs

Black and white easter eggs

Obviously Sweet made some fashionable black and white Easter eggs and used them as the focus to the table. For a more modern take on the holiday, this is your project!

40. Bunny Silhouette Jars

Easter bunny treat jars

Happiness is Homemade made some bunny silhouette jars for us to get inspired by. Fill them with candy, set them on the table for decoration and then send them home with family members as a souvenir!

41. Egg-Inspired Vases

Easter egg vases

Tater Tots and Jello made egg-inspired vases. They look like giant Easter eggs topped with fresh flowers that speak to the season.

42. Egg Topiary Tree

Easter egg topiary tree

Here’s another topiary project to get inspired by. Check out Sand and Sisal to get to work on this fun project.

43. Jelly Bean Topiary

Jelly bean topiary

Crafty Sisters speak to our jelly-bean loving hearts! Jellybeans and topiaries actually look quite charming and festive on the table.

44. Twig Nest

Twig nest diy

BHG took twigs, turn them into a nest and topped it off some “Robin’s” eggs! They even added a fun phrase or two in the design.

45. Jelly Bean Tree

Jelly bean tree diy

Crafty Sisters took jellybeans and turned them into something beautiful and festive for us again! How about topping the table with a jellybean tree?

46. “Growing” Easter Eggs

Growing Easter Centerpiece diy

You could always “grow” some Easter eggs into tiny topiaries. Grab the details at Dollar Tree.

47. Doorknob Vases

Doorknob flower vases diy

The Daily Basics took doorknobs and turned them into tiny vases. We’re loving the innovation and upcycled attitude here!

48. Naturally-Styled

Natural egg centerpiece diy

The Spruce teaches us how to take everyday items around the house and turn them into something beautiful. This one just happens to include egg-shaped candles.

49. Gold Leaf Vases

Gold leaf glasses diy

Why not learn how to make some vases with a bit of gold leaf attached. Fill your Easter with some glamour with help from By Wilma.

50. Peeps & Tulips

Tulips and peeps centerpiece diy

bell’ ailment also took some Peeps and used it in their centerpiece design. Topped with funky, fresh flowers you have a festive and charming way to adorn the table.

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