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Easter Themed Knitting Patterns

We’re super avid knitters, so we spend a significant amount of time knitting all year round. In fact, we love knitting so much that we’ll knit just about any garment or piece no matter the time of year, even if it’s something that’s too hot or too light for the season we’re currently in. Sometimes, however, it’s kind of fun to knit something that’s not just currently seasonal, but actually themed too! There are tons of options for knitting projects like this in the springtime, so this is always a busy time of year for us when it comes to yarn crafts and handmade wares!

Check out these 15 super fun and cute to knit patterns that will help you keep busy this Easter season, with the added bonus of some useful themed decor and practical items when you’re all finished up.

1. Simple Easter bunnies

Simple easter bunnies

Sometimes the best kind of seasonal decor or gift is one that has a slightly minimalist look to it, so that there’s some beauty to its simplicity. That’s why we fell in love with these adorable little knitted stuffed bunnies from Vicky Sedgwick! We love that they manage to be completely adorable even without detailed features, giving them a vintage look.

2. Hatched Easter chick plush

Hatched easter chick plush

Have you been enamoured lately with light yarn, tight stitches, and small knitting projects? Then this adorable little chick is definitely the project for you! The pattern keeps stitches tight together so that the little chick can be stuffed well enough to sit upright on its own. We love the way the pattern includes double stitching to really make it look like it’s hatching! Check the details out on Tatyana Korobkova.

3. Easter bunny egg cozies

Easter bunny egg cozies

Whether you’re setting out decorative Easter eggs made of plastic or wood, or putting your actual had boiled eggs for Easter breakfast on the table, adding a cute knitted Easter egg cozy is a functional and decorative way to get festive! These cute little bunny egg covers from Sybil R will certainly add some extra Easter charm to your table thanks to their high standing ears that we just can’t get over!

4. Easter duckling

Easter duckling

Have you always stocked up on novelty yarns just to make sure you have something fun and fuzzy lying around in your stash for a fun rainy day? Then this is the perfect project to use up some of your funny things! Grab the softest white fun fur you can find and a little bit of leftover bright orange for the feet and beak and get knitting yourself a hilarious little Easter duckling, just like Morgunova Olga did here!