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DIY Easter Trees

In our experience, everyone knows what a Christmas tree is, even if they don’t actually celebrate Christmas themselves. Did you know, however, that there’s another holiday that involves a fun decorated holiday tree as well? If you didn’t, then we’re about to introduce you to one of the best springtime DIY opportunities ever: The Easter tree!

Many stores offer pre-made Easter trees that you can buy with cute little decorations right in the package, but you’ve probably already guessed that we’d rather make our own. Check out these 15 awesome DIY Easter tree projects that will keep you and your kids creative and festive this spring!

1. Modeling clay Easter eggs

Modeling clay egg ornaments

Finding the actual tree for your Easter tree in most of these designs is simple; run out to the backyard for a good branch with lots of twigs and pot it however you please! When it comes to the decorations, however, that’s when you can afford to get a little more creative. Crayola suggests using colourful modeling clay to create little dangling egg shapes full of fun patterns.

2. Paper covered wire stem tree

Paper covered wire stem tree

Perhaps you’d rather construct a tree yourself instead of using a piece of a real tree from your backyard? Then Happy and Simple has the tutorial for you! Follow their steps for wrapping wire in twisted strips of paper and then bending or curling the wrapped wire however you please to look like fancy tree branches. This way, whether you make yourself cute decorations or hang store bought ones, your creative hand is already built right into the tree.

3. Painted plastic Easter eggs

Painted plastic easter eggs

Are your kids the kind of hands-on artists who just love to dig out the paints and brushes and get right down to business? Then keeping things simple can’t hurt one bit! Hello Kids suggests buying plastic eggs from the dollar store and letting your kids go wild on the surface of each with their colours and imaginations. Adding a little glitter is always an option too!

4. Painted wooden egg ornaments

Painted wooden eggs ornaments

Are you just as big a fan of hand painting things as the enthusiastic kids we just described above, but you’d rather use something classier and more long lasting than dollar store plastic eggs? Opt for the smooth wooden kind from your local craft store instead (unless you also happen to be a skilled woodworker, of course). A steady hand and good colour theory will help you hand paint the surfaces to look however you please before you string them with ribbon and hand them from a vase full of pretty dried tree branches! Inspire Bohemia shows you precisely what we mean!