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20 DIY Thanksgiving Decor to Put Around the House

Thanksgiving is coming in close, and the race to prepare your house for the much-expected Thanksgiving dinner has probably already started, the center focus being what Thanksgiving decorations you will be using this year.

Thanksgiving decor

Sure enough, there are plenty of things that you must do in order to prepare for Thanksgiving accordingly, but we at DIYS.com have decided to give you a helping hand in whatever way possible.

That is why today we have prepared a handy list of DIY Thanksgiving decorations that will turn your house from drab to fab in no time!

So, if you are looking for some quick DIY decorations to spruce up your Thanksgiving-decorated house, then check out these amazing DIY pieces below.

We can guarantee that this will be an article you will enjoy reading!

All you need is a few pieces of paper, some creativity, and other equally important things. You can get everything on this list at your local hardware store for less than 10 bucks.

These Are the Hottest Thanksgiving Decorations of 2021

Thanksgiving is a 400-year-old holiday, so it’s natural that there are certain decorations, traditions, and dishes that have remained more or less unchanged over the years, but that doesn’t mean that fads don’t influence what’s trendy and not.

That being said, after doing extensive research on several social media platforms, we compiled a list of 5 Thanksgiving decorations that seem to be the most popular of 2021.

They were chosen not only because of their popularity but also based on how easy they are to make using everyday materials since this is a DIY list after all.

1. Thanksgiving Decorations – DIY Sunflower Wall Art

Thanksgiving decorations diy sunflower wall art

When it comes to decorating your house around Thanksgiving time, there are two ways you can do it: hang Thanksgiving decorations that are specifically designed for this particular holiday or use decorations that showcase the beauty of the fall as a whole.

Well, if you’re leaning toward the latter, then we recommend that you take a look at this amazing DIY Sunflower Wall Art since it has everything that the fall stands for, from the floral motifs to the color palette.

To make this decoration, you’ll need an oval wooden photo frame, some colored paper (autumnal colors will work best), some acrylic paint (metallic and beige), a bit of lace ribbon, a pencil, a paintbrush, a pair of scissors, a glue gun with plenty of glue, and a thin line marker.

Although this creation might look a little complicated, it’s actually very simple to make.

Start by painting the wooden frame with metallic paint, and let it dry thoroughly. Then, cover the back of the photo frame with glue and attach some lace ribbon on top of that to conceal the hole in the middle and give it a nice touch.

The next step is to cut out several autumn-themed motifs from your colored paper, such as like flowers and leaves, then insert them into the gluing place inside your wooden frame like you would do with photos.

We suggest using different shapes and sizes for an interesting effect, and maybe even googling a couple of flowers so that you can get a better idea of how they look more precisely.

Finally, use a thin line marker to draw small lines all around your picture for added dimensionality, and there you have it, a beautiful decoration piece that will fit perfectly into any autumnal-themed house!

2. Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas – DIY Yarn Leaf Wall Decor

Thanksgiving decoration ideas diy yarn leaf wall decor

If you loved our previous entry, then you’ll love all the other Thanksgiving decoration ideas that we have prepared, such as this DIY yarn lead wall decor for which we’ve written an extensive step-by-step tutorial.

You don’t need a lot of materials, and you don’t have to be very skilled at arts and crafts either, making this particular entry a very easy one to make, and not a very time-consuming one either.

To make such as decoration, you’ll need a branch, yarn in 3 different colors (the choice is entirely up to you, although we advise that you stick to fall-themed colors), some hemp twine, a pair of scissors, wood beads, a comb, and a glue gun.

Start by cutting the hemp twine into several pieces that you’ll later use to tie it onto the branch, then get your glue gun ready.

Now, glue the yarn to your branch starting with the lightest color first and working your way to the darkest color.

Make sure you leave some space between them so that every piece of yarn gets properly glued onto the branch without anything being too close or overlapping.

Attach a wood bead to each strand of yarn so that they don’t unravel, then tie all the hemp twine pieces together in one spot.

Finally, comb through your branch to give it a somewhat neat look since this is what will determine how much ‘depth’ your decoration piece will have later on.

Once you’re done with that, hang the branch on your wall using nail hooks for best results!

3. DIY Thanksgiving Decorations – Fall Wall Decor

Diy thanksgiving decorations fall wall decor

If you’ve ever been to IKEA or any other similar store, you’ve probably seen those wall decorations that are basically big words written in stylized fonts that you take and stick or hang on your walls.

Well, if you’re really into those things, then we would like to show you how you can make similar DIY Thanksgiving decorations that are pretty much identical, like the fall wall decor.

You’ll need the letters “F”, “A”, and 2 letters “L” out of hard cardboard (plywood will work as well), a long piece of thin wood ( a long strip of plywood will do), some paste, a paintbrush, some fall-themed napkins, glue, twine, and several small clothespins.

Start by getting your letters and arranging them on top of the long piece of wood.

You need to make sure that they’re spaced out equally, and there’s a specific method you can use for this: take a small strip of paper and put it between the cards where they touch each other, then slide the paper horizontally until both cards can rest evenly onto it without touching each other.

Once you find the right distance, draw around the letters with a pencil, making sure to keep all of them at exactly the same height (otherwise your wall decoration will look uneven).

After measuring out all your lines like this, cut out the pieces using a razor blade or box cutter, then use the paste to attach some fall-themed napkins to the letters like shown in the pictures, then glue them onto your piece of wood.

Using clothespins to clip on your decorations can also help you get a good idea of how they’ll look on your wall before you even start gluing!

Once you’re done with that, all there’s left to do is hang it up so that everyone can enjoy its beauty!

4. Thanksgiving Home Decor – DIY Thanksgiving Garland With Acorns

Thanksgiving home decor diy thanksgiving garland with acorns

Walls are something that surrounds you 360 degrees when you’re inside the house, so it should come as no surprise that some of the best ideas for Thanksgiving home decor come in the form of things that you hang, nail, or glue to the walls.

Well, nothing says holiday wall decoration like a good-looking garland, and for Thanksgiving 2021 we recommend that you try out this DIY Thanksgiving garland with acorns.

To make a single 7-foot garland, you’ll need the following supplies: around 15 acorns, 15 faceted acrylic gemstones, 7 feet of suede cord, a hot glue gun with enough glue, a pair of very sharp scissors, some gold liquid leaf paint (regular paint will also do), and a flat bristle paintbrush.

Start by using your hot glue gun to attach one gemstone to each acorn, then use the paintbrush to apply a few coats of gold leaf onto each acorn until you’re satisfied with how they look.

After that, take your suede cord and tie a double knot to one end of a large dowel or another round object roughly 1 inch in diameter.

Attach a length of about 18 inches from the other end of the suede cord with a second knot after you’ve tied it around something else so that it can’t slip off, then start stringing your acorns onto the suede together with the gemstones using simple overhand knots, making sure to space them out evenly throughout.

Once you’re done with that part, use scissors to trim away any excess material from the ends of the cords up until where they attach to their respective acorn, then hang it on your wall for all to see!

Note: If you plan on making a garland that is much longer than 7 feet, then you’ll also have to increase the number of supplies you’ll be using accordingly (number of acorns, gemstones, the length of the suede cord, etc).

5. Thanksgiving Table Decor – Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Thanksgiving table decor thanksgiving table centerpiece

There’s no way you can talk about this holiday without talking about the Thanksgiving table, and there’s no way you can talk about the Thanksgiving table without mentioning at least one type of decor.

Well, one all-time favorite Thanksgiving table decor has always been the centerpiece, so we would like to showcase to you one of the most beautiful DIY Thanksgiving table centerpieces you have ever laid eyes on.

To make a single centerpiece that’s more or less like the one in the picture above, you’ll need a piece of scrap wood (the one used in the tutorial was about 4×36″), 5 mercury glass votives with tea lights, some gold leaf liquid paint, a paintbrush, 3 small pumpkins, 6-8 oak leaves, and a handful of assorted artificial floral accent stems.

Start by painting the entire piece of wood gold with a few coats of liquid leaf paint, then let it dry completely.

Once it’s dry, start painting the leaves in a similar fashion until they too are covered in gold leaf, then attach them to your centerpiece using your hot glue gun.

After that, start cutting out leaves from your oak leaf using scissors or a sharp box cutter, then take each one and place one end at the center of where you want the stem of a votive candle holder to be glued onto your centerpiece.

Use the same glue to attach the pumpkins and the rest of the floral accents wherever you feel like placing them.

Once you’re done with that part, all there is left to do is glue the stems into place around the edges of the wood as shown in the picture above so everyone can enjoy their beauty!

Note: Be careful not to accidentally drip any excess glue on top of your finished centerpiece.

More Thanksgiving Decorations

If you’ve reached this section of our article, it means that while the previous 5 entries were the most popular of 2021, they weren’t exactly what you were looking for.

Thankfully enough, the following section contains 15 extra entries that were the most popular Thanksgiving decorations in past years, so if you’re not particularly interested in being trendy, and just want a source of inspiration, take a moment and browse through the next section as well.

6. Leaf Garland Thanksgiving Decorations

Leaf Garland Thanksgiving Decorations

Make + Tell starts us off with some fun leaf garland. Easy to make and versatile to decorate with. Add some colorful, family-friendly style to the house this fall.

7. DIY Thanksgiving Decorations – Thankful Garland

DIY Thanksgiving Decorations - Thankful Garland

Here’s another garland that you can whip up and use to sprinkle some joy around the house. Use it to ignite some festivity along the mantle or behind the barcart in the dining room. Check out all of the details by visiting Brit + Co.

8. Faux Pumpkin Pie – Thanksgiving Decoration

Faux Pumpkin Pie - Thanksgiving Decoration

PMQ for twowill show you how to make a faux pumpkin pie that will bring joy to various nooks of the house. We would love seeing this upon welcoming your guests in the foyer or even on the dining room buffet.

9. Feather Bouquets – Thanksgiving Decoration Idea

Feather Bouquets - Thanksgiving Decoration Idea

Design Improvised created some feather bouquets we’re loving as well. Who would have thought to make these – but they fit perfectly into the mix of the season and provide a certain amount of uniqueness as well. You can even dip some in metallic paint for an extra pop.

10. Pie Topper – DIY Thanksgiving Decoration

Pie Topper - DIY Thanksgiving Decoration

You can even learn how to bring some jazziness to pies this year with some help from Julep. We love this chic take on what’s normally more traditionally for the holiday’s decor. Do the same for the cakes and desserts!

11. Leaf Chandelier – Thanksgiving Home Decor

Leaf Chandelier - Thanksgiving Home Decor

What if you added some decor to the ceiling this year – above the dining room table? You’ll really be taking the style from top to bottom. Snag the details at The Style Files.

12. Felt Leaf Wreath – DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Felt Leaf Wreath - DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Design Improvised made this felt leaf wreath and gave us the details to make some for ourselves as well. The color is a nice punch to the season and the kiddos can help with its creation too. We love when the DIYs can be inclusive to the little ones!

13. Menu Pumpkin – Thanksgiving Table Decor

Menu Pumpkin - Thanksgiving Table Decor

Here’s a different way to carve your pumpkins this year. Instead, just do some sketching. We found this innovative idea at The Merrythought.

14. Painted Acorn Garland – Thanksgiving Decoration

Painted Acorn Garland - Thanksgiving Decoration

We are not short on types of garland that can be made this holiday season. You’ll learn how this delicate acorn piece by visiting At Home in Love. And grab the paints too, you’ll want to add some color.

15. Pumpkin Vases – Thanksgiving Table Decor

Pumpkin Vases - Thanksgiving Table Decor

We love these mini pumpkin vases from Brit + Co. Stick in some buds or succulents, whatever your heart desires. Use this idea to add color and festivity to your tablescape.

16. Grateful Banner – Thanksgiving Wall Decor

Grateful Banner - Thanksgiving Wall Decor

Francois et Moi created a banner that’s perfect for Thanksgiving. But, even more so, it can be used all year round. Chic and modern, take the leap and make one for yourself by the weekend!

17. Tassel Garland – Thanksgiving Home Decor

Tassel Garland - Thanksgiving Home Decor

Homey Oh Mymade a garland we’re swooning for as well. This time it includes tassels and a bit of feminine vibes – which we really love. This really feels like a celebration.

18. Pumpkin Pie Slice Hat – DIY Thanksgiving Hat

Pumpkin Pie Slice Hat - DIY Thanksgiving Hat

Studio DIYgives us one of the most unique DIYs on the list. Create some pumpkin pie slice hats for everyone at dinner – or at least the kiddos. Provide some extra festivity to the bunch.

19. Word Balloon Backdrop – Thanksgiving Home Decor

Word Balloon Backdrop - Thanksgiving Home Decor

Balloons are appropriate for other celebrations so why not celebration Thanksgiving with some too? We’re loving this backdrop from A Beautiful Mess. And there are so many different phrases to utilize: grateful, welcome, let there be turkey, and more!

20. Pinecone Wreath – Thanksgiving Decoration Idea

Pinecone Wreath - Thanksgiving Decoration Idea

WhimZeeCalgives us our final DIY of the bunch. Create a pinecone wreath that’s been dipped in a bit of color! Welcome your guests with fall inspiration and different shades of fun.

Best Thanksgiving Decorations: Closing Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a holiday that we all look forward to no matter how old we get. It’s also a time for our homes to truly shine and look their best in front of the guests who will inevitably end up in them during Thanksgiving, and these decorations help with that.

Also, don’t forget that of the key moments of Thanksgiving is the Thanksgiving dinner, so if you want to know how you can be fully prepared, here’s an in-depth tutorial on how to make decorate your Thanksgiving table perfectly.

Just remember that all you need is a bit of creativity, some basic knowledge on what works best, and you will be able to create amazing pieces that will impress everyone around you during the next Thanksgiving gathering!

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