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15 DIY Pieces of Thanksgiving Decor To Sprinkle Around the House

Decorate outside of the box this year and use a bit of the holiday all over – not just at the dining room table. Here we have 15 DIY pieces of Thanksgiving decor to sprinke around the house. From the foyer to the mantle, there are so many different ways to infuse the season into your home Let’s have a peek at some creative ways to do so!

1. Leaf Garland

Fall leaf garland make tell

Make + Tell starts us off with some fun leaf garland. Easy to make and versatile to decorate with. Add some colorful, family-friendly style to the house this fall.

2. Thankful Garland

Diy thankful garland

Here’s another garland that you can whip up and use to sprinkle some joy around the house. Use it to ignite some festivity along the mantle or behind the barcart in the dining room. Check out all of the details by visiting Brit + Co.

3. Faux Pumpkin Pie

Faux thanksgiving pie diy

PMQ for two will show you how to make a faux pumpkin pie that will bring joy to various nooks of the house. We would love seeing this upon welcoming your guests in the foyer or even on the dining room buffet.

4. Feather Bouquets

Diy feather bouquets

Design Improvised created some feather bouquets we’re loving as well. Who would have thought to make these – but they fit perfectly into the mix of the season and provide a certain amount of uniqeness as well. You can even dip some in metallic paint for an extra pop.

5. Pie Topper

Diy pie topper

You can even learn how to bring some jazziness to pies this year with some help from Julep. We love this chic take on what’s normally more traditionally for the holiday’s decor. Do the same for the cakes and desserts!

6. Leaf Chandelier

Diy leaf chandelier

What if you added some decor to the ceiling this year – above the dining room table? You’ll really be taking the style from top to bottom. Snag the details at The Style Files.

7. Felt Leaf Wreath

Diy fall leaf wreath

Design Improvised made this felt leaf wreath and gave us the details to make some for ourselves as well. The color is a nice punch to the season and the kiddos can help with its creation too. We love when the DIYs can be inclusive to the little ones!

8. Menu Pumpkin

Diy menu pumpkin

Here’s a different way to carve your pumpkins this year. Instead, just do some sketching. We found this innovative idea at The Merrythought.

9.  Painted Acorn Garland

Diy acorn garland

We not short on types of garland that can be made this holiday season. You’ll learn how this delicate acorn piece by visiting At Home in Love. And grab the paints too, you’ll want to add some color.

10. Pumpkin Vases

Diy pumpkin vases

We love these mini pumpkin vases from Brit + Co. Stick in some buds or succulents, whatever your heart desires. Use this idea to add color and festivity to your tablescape.

11. Grateful Banner


Diy thanksgiving banner

Francois et Moi created a banner that’s perfect for Thanksgiving. But, even more so, it can be used all year round. Chic and modern, take the leap and make one for yourself by the weekend!

12. Tassel Garland

Diy tassel garland

Homey Oh My made a garland we’re swooning for as well. This time it includes tassels and a bit of feminine vibes – which we really love. This really feels like a celebration.

13. Pumpkin Pie Slice Hat

Diy pumpkin pie hat

Studio DIY gives us one of the most unique DIYs on the list. Create some pumpkin pie slice hats for everyone at dinner – or at least the kiddos. Provide some extra festivity to the bunch.

14. Word Balloon Backdrop

Diy word balloon backdrop

Balloons are appropriate for other celebrations so why not celebration Thanksgiving with some too? We’re loving this backdrop from A Beautiful Mess. And there are so many different phrases to utilize: grateful, welcome, let there be turkey, and more!

15. Pinecone Wreath

Pinecone wreath diy

WhimZeeCal gives us our final DIY of the bunch. Create a pinecone wreath that’s been dipped in a bit of color! Welcome your guests with fall inspiration and different shades of fun.

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