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25 Elegant DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving will be upon us soon enough… find out how to get your home all dressed up and ready for the lovely fall holiday with pumpkins, flowers, leaves and pinecones – the classy way. Here are 25 of our very favorite unique, elegant and just plain gorgeous ideas.

1. Use A Fresh Color Scheme

white pumpkins green hydrangeas

Take a cue from this stunning centerpiece that uses a unique color scheme. Most Thanksgiving decor includes various shades of orange and yellow, so this pale green and beige tablescape feels thoroughly modern and elegant. Make your way over to Sand & Sisal to find out how to make your own.

2. DIY Wheat Wreath

wheat wreath diy

Create a beautiful wreath out of wheat for your front door! The wheat has an unmistakable Thanksgiving feel, but in an elegant, understated way. And it’s really quite simple to make! Be sure to attach a burlap bow to add a bit of rustic appeal.Head over to Daisy Mae Belle for the full tutorial.

3. Woodland Style Decor

woodland centerpiece rustic

Woodland style is making a comeback, especially in holiday decor. It’s a fresh new way to give your home a festive feel without going overboard and risking a cheesy, overdone look. Check out Life, Lockets and Lace to find out how to create a gorgeous woodland Thanksgiving theme on a budget.

4. Pumpkins and Candles

pumpkin entryway

There’s nothing particularly earth-shattering about this idea… just a festive, elegant way to decorate for the holidays. Start with some colorful chrysanthemums (they’re hardy in cool weather) and then scatter a few pumpkins and lots of candles up and down your walkway. Learn more at the Rattlebridge Farm blog. 

5. Feathers

feather place setting