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75 DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Try Making This Year

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and if you’re still scrambling to figure out what kind of centerpiece you want for your table, we’ve got a bunch of ideas that won’t break the bank.

Diy thanksgiving centerpieces to try making this year

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with decorations. Thankfully, there are plenty of crafty ideas out there to help you step away from the usual pumpkins and gourds and make your Thanksgiving table genuinely stylish!

What will you find here? We’ve rounded up Thanksgiving centerpieces for every style and budget below, so read through our list and choose the one you like. Then, read on for an easy DIY!

Best Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas to Try in 2021

Here are the best Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas you should try this year:

1. Awesome Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Awesome thanksgiving centerpiece

There are so many ways to decorate your Thanksgiving table in DIY style. Instead of the traditional autumn candlelight centerpiece, try something a little bit different like these fall centerpieces. Think outside of the box (or inside the pumpkin, if you prefer) with unique ideas like mini gourd displays or pinecone turkeys for DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces.

2. Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving table decor ideas

Put a modern twist on the traditional autumn centerpiece by going for a stunning fruit display when it comes to Thanksgiving table decor ideas. Instead of gourds and pinecones, opt for a glass bowl piled high with fresh pears, apples, and oranges.

Or, you can carve a large pumpkin and use it as a vase. Add twigs, berries, and any other decorative elements that remind you of fall. Alternatively, put together a beautiful floral display for your Thanksgiving dinner table.

3. Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving centerpiece

Autumn maple leaves create a warm and inviting autumn centerpiece that is perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner. Your guests will be delighted as they take their seats at the table, greeting them with the orange tones from the maple leaves and pumpkins, as well as bright red berries.

You don’t even need to set a tablecloth if you have a wooden table since it plays perfectly into the rustic sensation of this Thanksgiving centerpiece idea.

4. Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

A Thanksgiving centerpiece that is easy to put together yet looks beautiful with any theme is this autumn centerpiece idea. It’s simple and elegant, ideal for those who don’t want to go overboard, especially if there’s not enough room on the dining table for oversized centerpieces.

Add a bunch of maple leaves and place them in the center of the table. Then, you can take a couple of artificial pumpkins and put them on top of the leaves. You can also add candles on each side, just like it’s shown in the picture above. It’s truly up to you to personalize this Thanksgiving centerpiece idea, though we recommend staying with the orange colors for an autumnal feel.

5. Tile Coasters – Cheap Thanksgiving Table Decor

Tile coasters cheap thanksgiving table decor

Tile coasters are hot right now, and what better way to use them than as Thanksgiving dinner table decor? For example, we love this Instagram post made by @fly_gypsymoth_fly.

Besides, you can make a statement with the tiles by pairing different colors, exploring whimsical patterns, or creating your own tiles using a bit of paint. If you want something a little more on-trend, try using gold or silver as your base color. Besides, it’s a cheap idea for Thanksgiving table decor.

6. Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Thanksgiving table ideas

Don’t overlook the tablecloth as a place to show off your Thanksgiving style! A great way to add some autumn color is by layering with gourds, pumpkins, and pinecones. Add a splash of color with a paisley print, or rock the plaid for a more contemporary look on this Thanksgiving table idea.

7. Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

Thanksgiving flower arrangements

Who said that flower arrangements couldn’t be Thanksgiving centerpieces? You can bring the outdoors in by adding fall leaves to your vases. The best part is that you don’t need to know how to arrange flowers. All you need are some sticks, leaves, and twigs!

8. DIY Simple Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Diy simple thanksgiving centerpieces

If you like simplicity, then try creating a Thanksgiving centerpiece using pumpkins and a beautiful basket! Just place the vegetables in a wicker basket and arrange them by height. It’s a simple DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece idea that is inexpensive as well.

Or, you can use this as your Thanksgiving table decor idea by placing it on the table along with some candles. Another idea is to add some gourds, berries, pinecones, and other decorative elements to complete the look.

9. Simple Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

Simple thanksgiving flower arrangements

Another Thanksgiving centerpiece idea that you can easily create is by adding some decorative elements and items to a vase with water and flowers. You can use twigs and branches for a rustic and natural look or add some decorative elements to up the glam factor.

It’s a simple Thanksgiving flower arrangement that works well in any home. And, if you love color and have an artistic streak, then this Thanksgiving centerpiece idea is perfect for you since you can use colorful flowers and decorative pieces.

10. Cozy Autumn – DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Cozy autumn diy thanksgiving centerpieces

If you want to show off your creativity, then you can opt for DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces. It’s not that difficult to pull off, anyway. You can create beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces using items that are cheap and readily available at most craft stores. Here’s a gorgeous example of what you can do with raw eucalyptus leaves!

Just arrange them in a wooden box, wicker basket, or a vase, and add pumpkins and pinecones to make it look inviting. This Thanksgiving centerpiece idea is both elegant and rustic at the same time, making it perfect for any autumn or holiday party.

11. Rye Ears and Dried Wheat Grass in a Vase – Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Rye ears and dried wheat grass in a vase thanksgiving table decor ideas

It’s not only the flowers that can be used to create dramatic Thanksgiving centerpieces. Ryes ears and dried wheatgrass are an unusual yet stunning addition to your fall decorations, and they happen to look great with pumpkins too! So, why not try out this Thanksgiving table decor idea for your next holiday celebration?

Make sure you place something heavy at the bottom of the vase so that it doesn’t tip over. You can also use rocks or marbles to weigh it down. And, if you need more inspiration, you can add pinecones and red berry twigs to the flower arrangement.

12. Lit Jars – Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Lit jars thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

Readily available items, such as Mason jars and votive candles, can be used to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece that’s perfect for a party. You just need to gather a few jars, open them, and place garland lights inside to create a cozy, intimate ambiance for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Just make sure that no loose wires are hanging out. And, if you’re okay with spending a little more, then you can opt for battery-operated lights instead of the traditional plug-in variety.

It’s a perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece idea that works for both indoors and outdoors, and it can even be used as room decor!

13. Wicker Basket with Dried Flowers – Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Wicker basket with dried flowers thanksgiving centerpieces

If you love the rustic look, then you can make a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece using dried flowers. Just place some in a wicker basket and top it off with candles for dramatic effect! It’s an elegant addition to your dinner table, making it perfect for all types of fall celebrations.

It’s also easy on the eye because the colors and textures complement each other nicely. You can also add pinecones and something sparkly, such as glitter or sequins, to make it more festive.

14. Mason Jars with Pinecones and Candles – Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Mason jars with pinecones and candles thanksgiving table ideas

Mason jars are versatile, cheap, and easy to find. So, why not use them in your Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas? Just fill them with pinecones and votive candles for instant ambiance! It’s a beautiful addition to any autumn dinner table or buffet spread.

And, if you have enough Mason jars at home, then you can line up several of them on top of a rustic tablecloth to create a simplistic yet beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece. Just make sure you use candles with a reflective metal surface, such as silver or gold.

15. Dry Oranges with Pinecones – DIY Simple Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Dry oranges with pinecones diy simple thanksgiving centerpieces

Dry oranges and pinecones are a simple yet attractive combination that can be used as a DIY simple Thanksgiving centerpiece idea. Just place a few of them in a wicker basket along with some candlelights or tea lights to create instant ambiance!

In addition to being pleasing to the eye, this Thanksgiving centerpiece is also very relaxing because it emits an autumnal scent that helps to soothe the mind, primarily thanks to the dried oranges. Plus, it can be used as fall home decor too!

16. Paper Flowers – Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

Paper flowers thanksgiving flower arrangements

It can be challenging to find the right colors for your floral arrangement on Thanksgiving, depending on the theme you’re going with. But who needs real flowers when paper offers so many possibilities?

Make your Thanksgiving dinner more memorable by adding paper flowers in a vase as a fabulous centerpiece when it comes to Thanksgiving flower arrangements. You can add flowers that complement the color theme of your table, such as orange roses and rosemary sprigs, for autumn-themed settings!

You will need to spray paint them first if they’re made out of white paper. Just make sure you do it outdoors because the spray paint fumes can get pretty strong. Once they’re dry, cut them out and secure them on top of the vase with a fishing line or clear tape.

17. Thankful Message – Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Thankful message thanksgiving table decor ideas

What’s Thanksgiving without giving thanks? With this table decor idea for Thanksgiving, you can make your table more memorable by adding chalkboard paint messages that remind everyone of why they’re celebrating. It’s a creative way to make sure your guests know what to be thankful for!

You can use either fabric or paper tablecloths if you choose this Thanksgiving table decor idea, as long as it’s waterproof. You can also use a black or white marker if you don’t have chalkboard paint on hand. Just write the messages and wipe them off after, so you can reuse the tablecloths again next year!

18. Apples and Sunflowers – DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Apples and sunflowers diy thanksgiving centerpieces

This DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece idea is perfect for a rustic fall theme because it features a simple yet striking arrangement of sunflowers, apples, and pumpkins. It’s a great way to show your guests how thankful you are for their presence!

These autumnal elements also make the best Thanksgiving home decor too! Just grab some wooden boxes or crates from your garage and use them as vases to create a cool centerpiece for your dining table. Make sure the crates are large enough to hold all of these elements!

19. Gourds, Corn, and Pinecones – Cheap Thanksgiving Table Decor

Gourds, Corn, and Pinecones - Cheap Thanksgiving Table Decor

This Thanksgiving table decor idea is one of the cheapest out there! It uses gourds, corn husks, and pinecones that you can get from your local craft store or home improvement store. With some creativity and imagination, you can make interesting-looking centerpieces for your Thanksgiving dinner.

You won’t need to spend too much on this cheap Thanksgiving table decor idea because you can use leftover fall leaves and flowers from your yard to add more elements! Just make sure they’re all dried up. Otherwise, they will rot in the vases.

20. Tiered Tray with Mini Pumpkins – Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Tiered tray decorated for fall with mini pumpkins

This Thanksgiving table idea is one of the easiest out there, and you probably have all the materials needed for this DIY project at home. You can use a tiered tray as a fabulous centerpiece for your dinner table, which is decorated with mini pumpkins, autumn leaves, and thankful messages.

If you want to make this Thanksgiving table decor idea more personalized, choose any color palette you want to create a unique look for your dining area. Once it’s time to change the seasons, you can also use this as a superb display piece in the living room or bedroom!

21. Confetti-Stuffed Turkey – DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Confetti stuffed turkey diy thanksgiving centerpieces

Here’s a fun twist on DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces: stuff a turkey with confetti! This is a great way to add a festive touch to your Thanksgiving table and keep everyone entertained until the real turkey is ready. It will be sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit.

We found this nifty guide at Studio DIY, where you can check out every step of the way!

This idea works for all kinds of occasions. Who says you have to wait until Thanksgiving Day? To make this an Easter centerpiece, use colored eggs or stuffed bunnies. And for Christmas, you can even hang a small ornament from the turkey’s beak and add tinsel and Christmas balls to stick out of the slit in its neck!

22. Rustic Turkey – Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Rustic turkey thanksgiving table decor ideas

Another fun twist on the traditional turkey is to make a rustic turkey out of twigs and place it as the table centerpieces. It’s a funny idea for Thanksgiving table decor, which will make your friends and family laugh.

Besides, it’s the perfect idea for all DIY-ers out there! You can make these easily with materials that you find outside or in your garage – bales of straw, twigs, and colored leaves.

However, we found the original recipe at Made Everyday, which shows detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures.

23. Balloon Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Balloon thanksgiving centerpieces

Who says you need a birthday party or a wedding to use balloons as decorations? Don’t be afraid to add them to your Thanksgiving decorations if you absolutely love balloons. And your kids will love it more!

This Thanksgiving centerpiece idea is one of the easiest out there! You can create balloon centerpieces with your leftover balloons from your kid’s birthday party. And the best part about this idea is that you don’t need to spend too much on it because you only need some craft supplies, balloons, and materials from around your house!

Once you’ve tied the balloons together, use a piece of string to hang them above the table. Or, you can set neatly place them on the table runner, just like Sugar and Cloth did in this excellent tutorial! To make your Thanksgiving centerpiece more personal, choose any color palette you want to create a unique look for your dining area.

24. Menu Pumpkin – DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Menu pumpkin diy thanksgiving centerpieces

Another fun way to make your dinner more festive is to use the menu pumpkin as a DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece. Not only does it look cute, but it’s also functional! You can write down all your favorite recipes you plan on making for Thanksgiving Day on the pumpkins and display them on the table.

Or, you can save some space on the table for your other Thanksgiving decor ideas, like candles and dinnerware. And if you’re planning to go all out with your centerpiece this year, be sure to check out The Merrythought’sawesome tutorial on how to create your own!

25. Vintage Books – Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Vintage books thanksgiving table decor ideas

If you have a collection of vintage books lying around, turn them into your Thanksgiving table decor! This is another idea for Thanksgiving table decor that’s perfect for the bookworms in your life.

So, if you love this idea just as much as we do, and if you’re looking to create an autumn-themed tablescape, look no further than this beautiful tutorial from Shades of Blue Interiors!

26. Pumpkin Planter – Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Pumpkin planter thanksgiving centerpieces

Another great idea for a Thanksgiving centerpiece is to use a pumpkin planter as part of your table decorations. It’s perfect if you want to make sure that something orange – besides the food – will be on your Thanksgiving dinner table!

However, the best part about these DIY-ed pumpkin planters is that they don’t need to be limited to Thanksgiving decorating. You can use them for your fall table settings or even as part of your Halloween decorations!

To make this idea more personal, you can spray paint the planter orange and write everyone’s names on them with chalkboard paint – it will look really cute on your Thanksgiving table. Or, if you’d rather keep it simple, you can just decorate the planter with mini pumpkins, berries, leaves, and candleholders.

Check out this awesome tutorial made by 724 South House to learn more!

27. Ceramic Pumpkins and Neutral Colors – Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Ceramic pumpkins and neutral colors thanksgiving table decor ideas

Forget about your Thanksgiving dinner table looking like it came out of a magazine. Instead, try using lots of neutral colors to decorate your dining area, and then add pops of color with your centerpiece ideas.

This is one of the easy Thanksgiving centerpieces that you can DIY for this year’s holiday! And if you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering how to make it. Well, this tutorial by Dining Delight will show you how to make a gorgeous centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

As far as decoration elements are concerned, you can add ceramic pumpkins, wheat centerpieces, a handled basket, corn husks, candleholders, pinecones, birch pieces, and anything else that plays well with your Thanksgiving theme. You can also hang a plain grapevine wreath on the wall or mirror next to the dining table.

28. Fruit Kabob Turkey – Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Fruit kabob turkey thanksgiving centerpieces

If you’re looking for whimsical Thanksgiving centerpieces that are also edible, look no further than this fruit kabob turkey! It will add a rustic touch to your dinner table and make your Thanksgiving decor look super cute.

So, if you think this idea is right up your alley, this tutorial from Happy Home Fairy can show you how to make a fruit kabob turkey centerpiece. You will need a pumpkin, watermelon, skewers and toothpicks, grapes, pineapple, honeydew, pear, apples, cheddar cheese chunks, googly eyes, and a hot glue gun to attach the googly eyes.

29. Organic and Modern Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Organic and modern thanksgiving table decor ideas

Thanksgiving decorating can be both classy and modern with the right Thanksgiving centerpieces. Use this idea for table decorations to make sure that your place settings look gorgeous, all while staying true to your minimalism principles.

So, if you’re not a fan of classic Thanksgiving table decor ideas, why don’t you try out this organic and modern design from Coco Kelly? It’s perfect if you want to make your Thanksgiving decor look chic, thanks to the modern elements and neutral color palette.

30. Cone-ucopia DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Cone ucopia diy thanksgiving centerpieces

If you want something colorful and easy to make for your DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces, check out these cone-ucopias – a fun twist on cones and cornucopia. They’re super cute and will look great on your dinner table if you put them next to a bouquet of flowers in the same color scheme.

So, this tutorial from Home is Where the Boat Is can show you how to make cone-ucopias for your Thanksgiving centerpieces. You will need brown paper, glue sticks, scissors or a xacto knife, and aluminum foil to make these cones that look like cornucopias. Once you’re done making them, attach them to some toothpicks and fill them with fruits in the same color scheme as the bouquet.

31. Spiced Orange Pomander Balls – Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Spiced orange pomander balls thanksgiving table decor ideas

Spiced orange pomander balls are the perfect Thanksgiving table decor idea for adding a fall spin to your table decor. Not only will they bring lots of color and interest to your dinner table, but they also smell wonderful!

So, this tutorial from Simple Bites can show you how to make these spiced orange pomander balls that look almost too pretty to eat. You will need oranges, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and allspice berries for this Thanksgiving table decor idea.

32. Tea Lights – Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Tea lights thanksgiving centerpieces

Tea lights are a great Thanksgiving table centerpiece idea because they’re cheap to buy, easy to find around the house, and look very festive. So, if you want some ideas on how to use tea lights as your Thanksgiving centerpieces, we’ve got you covered!

You can place tea lights in a hollowed-out log, add pine cones, and put everything on top of a tablecloth, like Vera Wolters did. If you want something even easier to make, you can try using chalkboard paint as the base for your Thanksgiving decorations instead.

33. Cinnamon Stick Candles – Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Cinnamon stick candles thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

Cinnamon stick candles are perfect fall-themed Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas because they smell amazing, look rustic, and also leave your place smelling sweet for hours after the dinner’s over!

So, this tutorial from Home Stories A to Z can show you how to make these cinnamon stick candles that are easy enough to make in bulk if you’re planning on hosting Thanksgiving dinner for a big crowd. You will need beeswax candles, cinnamon sticks, and wicks for this project.

34. Pumpkin Candleholder – Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Pumpkin candleholder thanksgiving table ideas

A simple glass pumpkin candleholder is a great Thanksgiving table idea that can be made from items you might already have around the house. Not only will it look nice as a centerpiece, but also as a fall decorating idea.

But you can improve on it by placing the candleholder inside a carved pumpkin. Then, you can wrap the candleholder with a fall leaf garland for an extra touch!

So, this tutorial from By Stephanie Lynn can show you how to make these adorable glass pumpkin candleholders on your own.

35. Gratitude Stones – DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Gratitude stones diy thanksgiving centerpieces

Gratitude stones are the perfect DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece idea if you want to create a tradition that involves the whole family. Not only will it become a treasured keepsake, but you can also make one for each person in the family and hide them somewhere on Thanksgiving night!

So, this tutorial from Very Special Tales can show you how to make some gratitude stones with your kids that they will treasure forever. You will need plaster of pairs, water, paintbrushes, and rocks for this Thanksgiving decor idea.

36. Popcorn Kernel Candles – Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Popcorn kernel candles thanksgiving table decor ideas

Popcorn kernel candles are a great Thanksgiving table decor idea! Plus, you can repurpose them as home decorations once dinner is over. And since they’re made from some inexpensive materials, they won’t hurt the wallet either!

Check out this tutorial from Passionate Penny Pincher to learn how to make these cute and festive candles for your holiday decorations! You will need raffia, unpopped popcorn, candles, and candle jars.

37. Rustic Fall Tray – Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Rustic fall tray thanksgiving centerpieces

This rustic fall tray idea works as a Thanksgiving centerpiece if you want to create a warm, inviting atmosphere around the table while your guests and enjoying their turkey.

Besides, it’s also versatile since you can put anything in the tray: candles, pumpkins, flower arrangements – the possibilities are endless!

A Pumpkin & A Princess demonstrates how to quickly put together a rustic fall tray using a wooden tray, candle vases, candles, dark walnut paint, berry picks, and a berry garland.

38. Rustic Wood Table Runner – Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Rustic wood table runner thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

A rustic wood table runner is an excellent Thanksgiving centerpiece idea because it goes with pretty much anything you plan on putting on your table, from candles to pumpkins. It’s also easy to put together since all you need is plain paper and mod podge!

However, if you want to obtain detailed results, we suggest delving into this tutorial provided by Blooming Homestead to make your own wooden table runner out of a piece of a common board that’s polished with sandpaper and painted in dark walnut.

39. Centerpiece Box with Chalkboard Labels – Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Centerpiece box with chalkboard labels thanksgiving table decor ideas

A centerpiece box with chalkboard labels is a versatile Thanksgiving table decor idea that can be adjusted depending on the personalities of your guests.

It’s also relatively cheap to make compared to other DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces but still has an impressive appearance. Besides, since it’s made out of a wooden box, you won’t have to worry about breaking it since it’s disposable!

To get started, check out this tutorial from The Frugal Homemaker, which will guide you step by step through the process of making a centerpiece box with chalkboard labels.

40. Wooden Box with Pumpkins and Flowers – Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Wooden box with pumpkins and flowers thanksgiving centerpieces

Wooden boxes are always a great idea if you want to make your Thanksgiving table decorating simple and effective. It also works well for getting rid of the clutter of flower arrangements.

And besides, they can be reused at Christmas or any other occasion! In addition to their versatility, wooden boxes look especially lovely when decorated with fresh flowers in the fall.

Sarah Joy demonstrates how to turn a plain wooden toolbox into a Thanksgiving centerpiece by using pumpkins, gerbera daisies, and some artificial greenery.

It’s also relatively cheap since it doesn’t require any expensive materials, and this lovely DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece will only take you less than 30 minutes to make!

41. Farmhouse Fall Pitcher – Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Farmhouse fall pitcher thanksgiving table decor ideas

A farmhouse fall pitcher is a chic Thanksgiving table decorating idea that can be put at the center of your table, whether it’s outside or inside.

This French-inspired design will look impressive with any decor and serve you for many years to come, unlike store-bought pumpkin buckets and other decorations!

Besides, if you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your place, this will save you the time and effort of having to find something to put on your table or make your guests bring their own.

To start making this farmhouse fall pitcher, check out Shabby Fufu’stutorial, which shares all the instructions in an easy-to-understand language.

42. Wheat Bundle – Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Wheat bundle thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

A wheat bundle centerpiece is a Thanksgiving DIY centerpiece idea that anyone can put together for their celebration.

It’s also an eco-friendly design since you can use materials harvested from your own backyard or a nearby field, which you don’t have to buy.

You can choose to use this beautiful fall decoration as a table or wall decor, depending on the look you want to achieve.

To make your own wheat bundle centerpiece, check out this tutorial from Uncommon Design Online which has provided everything you need to know for creating the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece!

43. Hat Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Hat thanksgiving centerpiece

One of the most accessible Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas you can try is a DIY centerpiece made from hats! It’s also relatively cheap, depending on what hats you choose.

If you’re looking to add some fun and color to your Thanksgiving table while also saving time and money, this simple tutorial from Hip2Save is a great inspiration for your next holiday.

You don’t even need an authentic hat since you can manufacture one by placing a flowerpot upside down on the table. The supplies you need for the Hip2Save tutorial are a plastic or pottery medium-sized flower pot, a large circular tray, epoxy glue, black paint, white craft paint, a foam paintbrush, and fall embellishments like artificial flowers and leaves.

44. Simple Fall Crate Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Simple fall crate thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

If you want a rustic and straightforward Thanksgiving centerpiece idea that may also display your family crest, then try making a fall crate centerpiece.

It’s a traditional design with a modern twist since it is decorated with a piece of wood rather than using cloth or lace to hide the inside of the basket.

This is an easy DIY project which is also relatively cheap and will only take you under an hour to complete.

To get started, check out this tutorial from Liz Marie, which shares everything you need to know for putting together a stylish Thanksgiving rustic centerpiece!

45. Felt Pumpkin DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Felt pumpkin diy thanksgiving centerpiece

If you’re looking for a DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece idea that is relatively easy and inexpensive to make, then why not try making felt pumpkins? It will be a wonderful DIY craft project for your kids since they can also help in making it.

This is also a great autumn decoration which can be used after the holiday has passed, too. To get started with this felt pumpkin centerpiece tutorial from Gina Michele, let your kids choose between making a whole pumpkin patch or just one large, fat happy pumpkin!

When it comes to materials, you need a foam pumpkin, felt sheets, metallic paint, and a hot glue gun.

46. Succulent Planter – Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Succulent planter thanksgiving table decor ideas

A Thanksgiving centerpiece idea that is a little different from the usual focus on flowers and pumpkins is a succulent centerpiece. Succulents are easy to care for, making them a great choice of table decor for anyone who doesn’t have time to dedicate their attention to plants.

If you want an autumn flower arrangement that will be as easy as it is beautiful, then try making a succulent centerpiece. It’s an attractive and unique design that makes use of air plants to create a lovely little scene on your table.

Check out this tutorial made by My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia to learn how to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece by turning a pumpkin into a succulent planter. No carving is necessary.

47. Autumn Leaves with Tealights – Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Autumn leaves with tealights thanksgiving centerpieces

There are many easy and unique Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas out there, so why settle for something boring? That’s why we really like these autumn leaves amongst candles – they look festive but not overbearing, which makes them perfect for any Thanksgiving dinner table setting.

All you have to do is buy some autumn leaves at your local craft store, arrange them in a glass container, and add tea lights to the mix. Or, if you don’t want to complicate yourself with the whole do-it-yourself operation, you can buy this adorable handmade bauble tealight decoration from Etsy.

48. Pumpkin Candles – DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Pumpkin candles diy thanksgiving centerpieces

If you want something simple yet beautiful for yourDIY Thanksgiving centerpieces, check out these pumpkins with candles on top of them! They look rustic but not cheesy and will add some interest to your place settings without looking overwhelming or taking up too much space.

This tutorial by Alice and Lois we found on Hunker shows you how to create these dinner table centerpieces in just a few minutes! All you have to do is choose some pumpkins that are all the same size, clean them off, arrange them on a tablecloth of your choice, and place some tealights inside.

As far as materials are concerned, you need pumpkins, a metal pouring pitcher, soy wax flakes and wicks, a saucepan, a metal spoon, and bamboo skewers. It’s easier than it sounds!

49. Tiered Tray with Apples – Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Tiered tray with apples thanksgiving table decor ideas

Pumpkins don’t always have to take the center stage on Thanksgiving. Instead, you can use apples. Here’s a cool Thanksgiving table decor idea we think it’s worth trying out. If you like apples (and who doesn’t?), then check out these autumn apple centerpiece ideas!

All you need is a tiered tray that you can fill with apples, autumn leaves, red berry sticks, pinecones, and any other fall decorations you have lying around your house. Besides, it can be easily repurposed from a table centerpiece to a coffee table or bookshelf decoration. And, it’s edible, too!

Alternatively, you can purchase this amazing ornamental bowl filler with gingham apples from Etsy.

More DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

We have even more great ideas to inspire you this season! Let’s check them out!

50. Gourd Vases as Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Gourd Vases as Thanksgiving Centerpieces

BHGgave us one of the most charming and adorable of ideas. Grab some gourds, turn them into vases and then stuff them with some fall-flavored florals! Fresh flowers will always be welcomed at the dining room table and the squash accents help to round out the autumn and Thanksgiving day feel!

51. Metallic Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Metallic Thanksgiving Centerpieces

And here we have another brilliant idea fromBHG. Don’t get pigeon-holed into the “usual” fall colors, spread some metallic shades around your Thanksgiving table by using some spray paint to change some organic pieces and make the night a bit more stylish.

52. DIY Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

DIY Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Anne Sage created this traditional piece that’s still full of eclecticism and unique style. Full of pumpkins, greenery and textural bits, we love how easy this one is to put together and how festive it is for the holiday!

53. DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

Midwest Living created this basket piece and we love all of the vibrant colors inside! Make the table top with a piece full of fruits, flowers and even some veggies that represent the season of gratefulness and giving.

54. Chalkboard Acorns Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Chalkboard Acorns Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Over atThe Alison Showyou can find out how to create some glittering acorns and ones covered in chalkboard paint. We love how you can write your very own messages atop them or create some easy patterns as well. This is definitely a more modern take on a classic Thanksgiving setup.

55. Thanksgiving Table Idea

Thanksgiving Table Idea

Kenmore made an incredibly easy centerpiece to try and replicate at home, but it’s full of style too. Start with some mini pumpkins in various shapes and sizes, stack and layer it a bit but don’t forget to add some extra texture with greenery choices and feathers too!

56. Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

Celebrating Everyday Lifemade something quite special and it all started off with a wooden box. Filled with lush flowers and traditional, fall accents, this piece is a stunner for when you need your dining room table ready for a host of people!

57. Classic Cornucopia Thanksgiving Table Idea

Classic Cornucopia Thanksgiving Table Idea

Go with a more classic idea and create your very own cornucopia to center the table. Over at Martha Stewart you can learn how to take this idea home. Fill it with the good stuff and create a traditional feel for the holidays this year.

58. Bleached Look Thanksgiving Table Decor Idea

Bleached Look Thanksgiving Table Decor IDea

Aesthetic Nestcreated another more modern and contemporary look for those with more fashion-forward spaces to try and replicate. We love its chic crispness and how it remains interesting with its choice of varying textures.

59. Golden Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Golden Thanksgiving Centerpiece

If you’re looking for a showstopping idea then head on over to A Pumpkin and A Princessand check out how to create this golden look at your own dining room table. Glittering, sparkling but full of holiday and fall flavors – this one is a beaut!

60. Paint-Dipped Pinecones Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Paint-Dipped Pinecones Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Check out this easy project atFDC. Fill a bowl full of these dipped pinecones for a pop of color, personality and fitting autumn feels for the holiday table. You may even want to add a bit of glitter just for fun too!

61. Glittered Pumpkins DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Glittered Pumpkins DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Of course, you can always create a project that’s completely focused around glittering bits. Like these pumpkins, we found at Tip Junkie, created from simple Styrofoam pumpkins and made into votive holders.

62. Pilgrim Hat Cheap Thanksgiving Table Decor

Pilgrim Hat Cheap Thanksgiving Table Decor

Hatter and Haremade this charming, pilgrim hat centerpiece and gave us all the tools and tips to replicate it at home. Grab the family and get to work making this quaint, perfect holiday piece!

63. Accordion Pumpkins DIY Dimple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Accordion Pumpkins DIY Dimple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Minted made these adorable paper pumpkins and we can’t help but imagine how adorable they would look clustered in the center of our dining room table.Use a variety of colors and paper texture to put your own unique spin on it!

64. Green Tray DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Green Tray DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Daily Basics used a classic tray and then filled it with green shades. We love the mixture of gourds and its organic, natural feel on this romantically styled table.

65. Natural Harvest Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Natural Harvest Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Check out this harvest pumpkin cultivated by Daily Basics! Filled with neutrals with an easy versatile, this arrangement is full of fall style making it a perfect piece for focus at the dinner table!

66. Succulent Pumpkins Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Succulent Pumpkins Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Simply Happenstancefilled her pumpkins with succulents for an extra special and unique look. Do one large pumpkin or a few smaller ones depending on your vision and table size!

67. Cranberry Topiaries – DIY Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Cranberry Topiaries - DIY Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Over atABC, they utilized a fall fruit that inspires plenty throughout the holiday season. Create these fall topiaries for an offbeat pop of color and a rich warmness throughout a more traditionally styled home.

68. DIY Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece

DIY Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece

White Table Style made this delicate centerpiece all centered around … florals. Fresh flowers will always breathe life into a room, no matter the season so it’s always a good idea to use them when creating a welcoming atmosphere.

69. Wired Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Wired Thanksgiving Centerpiece

All you have to do in a pinch is what A Pumpkin and A Princess did! Grab some gourds or tiny pumpkins and then fill a wire basket. It’s industrial, it’s funky but most of all it’s perfectly festive for the holiday!

70. Misc Vignette DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Misc Vignette DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Ablend of fall accents, this vignette is full of fun surprising. It can also be made fairly quickly when pushed for time! Check out I Don’t Know How She Does It for the details!

71. Thanks Bottles Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

Thanks Bottles Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

Thrive. made a super easy, yet chic, piece of Thanksgiving decor that we’re swooning over. Not only can even the most novice DIYer replicate these but they’re perfect for lining long tables and creating a more grandiose, yet traditional, feel.

72. Thankful Pumpkins – Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thankful Pumpkins - Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Eclectically Vintage makes a centerpiece that’s interactive for the entire family. Beautiful pumpkins, of any colored preferred, and a sharpie pen is all you need to make these happen. Pass them around and have the family write down what they’re thankful for in life!

73. Chalkboard Pumpkins DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Chalkboard Pumpkins DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Better Recipesmade a menu board for Thanksgiving in the most genius of ways. Grab some chalkboard paint and a pumpkin – and get to work creating something easy and special for the table!

74. Sequined Pumpkin – Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Sequined Pumpkin - Thanksgiving Centerpiece

If you’re looking for something a bit prettier and more feminine, check out Sugar & Cloth’sidea! We’re in love with using sequins in such a subtle and romantic way while still keeping the spirit of the season intact.

75. Gilded Jars DIY Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Gilded Jars DIY Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Studio DIY made this beauty and we can’t help but imagine how amazing this setup would look at nearly any family’s table. Clustered for a round or spend out for a more banquet style, this is a showstopper that has every fall feeling intact.

Final Thoughts on Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays we celebrate each year, and everyone wants to do it right. The dinner needs to be perfect and that includes the table decorations as well!

One of the best ways to spruce up any table is with a gorgeous centerpiece. You can buy store-bought centerpieces or go all out and DIY your own. Either way, it’s an excellent opportunity to get creative and show off your style.

It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Instead, look to your home and yard for inspiration! Try DIYing a flowerpot centerpiece, a crate centerpiece, or something else you can make by hand.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving centerpiece? Feel free to share with us more fantastic ideas that you think should be on this list.

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