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DIY Thanksgiving Garland With Acorns

This time of year we have about a million acorns in our backyard, and the other day I got to thinking… why not turn lemons into lemonade anduse them to decorate our home for fall? So I collected a few handfuls of acorns and turned them into a pretty garland perfect for our Thanksgiving get-together.

Thanksgiving acorn garland

Supplies thanksgiving acorn garland

Here’s what you’ll need for your Thanksgiving garland:

  • About 15acorns
  • 15 faceted acrylic gem stones (I used these)
  • 7feet of suede cord
  • Hot glue gun with extra glue
  • Scissors
  • Gold Liquid Leaf paint
  • A flat bristle paint brush

Step by step tutorial to craft a garland for this fall:

Thanksgiving acorn garland paint

Step 1: painting process

Begin by painting the bottom of each acorn with gold Liquid Leaf paint. Carefully lay each acorn down on a paper towel.

Thanksgiving acorn garland painting process

Step 2: drying

Let them dry for about a half an hour, or until they feel dry to the touch. Don’t they look pretty?!

Thanksgiving acorn garland glue

Step 3: prepare the suede cord

Cut your suede cord to 7 feet in length (or any length you need, just increase the number of acorns for a longer garland). Put a dollop of hot glue on the top of an acornand attach it to the cord.

Thanksgiving acorn garland hamg

Step 4: glue all

Acorns that have little stems work the best, but the glue will adhere to the top of an acorn without a stem as well. They are so light that the glue will hold them on securely.

Thanksgiving acorn garland display

Step 5: acrylic gem

Put another small dab of glue on the top of the acorn and cover the point where the cord and acorn connect using an acrylic gem. This will hide that area, as well as add some fun sparkle. Repeat this process until you’ve used up all of your acorns, spacing them out so there are about 6 inches in between. And make sure that all of the gems are positioned outward, so they’re facing the right direction when you hang up the garland.

Diy thanksgiving acorn garland

Step 6: Hang

And that’s all! Now go hang up your garland. I just used scotch tape to attach it to the mantel, and that worked fine.

Fireplace thanksgiving acorn garland

As always, don’t forget to consider other colors as well… this would look great in silver as well. Or you might even try a brighter color like orange or red!

Thanksgiving acorn garland gold

This is an easy way to give your home an extra festive feel during the fall and all the way through to Thanksgiving. Pair itwith a variety of small gourds for some color, or with metallic painted pumpkins.Happy crafting everyone!

Thanksgiving acorn garland project

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