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15 Spooky Spider Themed Crafts

It’s finally Halloween season and it’s coming fast! We’re tempted to say that our kids are the most excited people in our household for the big dress up day but to be fully honest with you, we might be even more pumped than they are! We’ve spent months collecting Halloween crafts ideas so that they have plenty of ways to decorate our home (and themselves) in the time leading up to Halloween. They definitely do Halloween crafts at school but, having grown up in a DIY heavy household, they still come home on chilly days asking to do even more crafts than they already have, so we make sure to keep lots of spooky themed ideas in our crafting arsenal to keep them busy. What’s their latest Halloween craft obsession, you ask? It’s spiders! Our kids are pretty big fans of creepy crawlies on any give day, any time of year, but there’s just something about the Halloween spirit that gets them extra interested in giant arachnids and eight legged monsters.

Just in case your kids are as obsessed with big Halloween spiders as ours are, if not more, check out these 15 awesome spider themed crafts that are quick and easy to make at home but fun enough to keep them occupied all evening!

1. Construction paper spider hats

Construction paper spider hats

No matter what time of year it is, our little ones have always loved playing dress up. If you add to that the Halloween spirit, it’ll come as no surprise that there’s at least one person in a costume in our house at all times throughout the entire month of October! That’s part of the reason we’re always keeping an eye out for fun hats and headpieces that our kids can make very easily themselves. Even if they’re made of paper, they’ll provide hours of entertainment. This funny spider hat by Little Buggie Tutu is the perfect example of what we mean! It’s made simply by cutting shapes, pasting them together, and making a few strategic bends, but the way the legs bounce when you put it on makes it one of the most popular crafts in our house.

2. Bouncing spider craft

Bouncing spider craft

Speaking of things that bounce, are your kids a lot more into crafts that have a little bit of movement and action to them? These things are popular ideas in our house because not only do they get the fun of actually making the thing, but they also get to play with it afterwards, meaning a single craft can keep them busy for hours on end. That’s a bonus for both them and us! This funny little spider craft from Jolie Art is made using construction paper or foam, bent pipe cleaner for the legs, and a set of googly eyes but, most importantly, it’s also made with a piece of black elastic thread for the web. If you hold the thread with one hand and give the spider a light tug with the other, it’ll bounce on the elastic like it’s skittering around!

3. Pipe cleaner and bead spiders

Pip cleaner and bead spiders

Is the part of the crafts you’ve seen so far that you picture your kids enjoying most actually the part where they get to bend and mould a shape? Our kids love doing that too because it makes them feel like they’re actually building the final product from their own imaginations. They’re particularly huge fans of this kind of craft when the finished product can stand up! That’s why we love helping them make these funny little spiders so much. Preschool Education for Kids shows you how to bend and mould some fuzzy Halloween coloured pipe cleaners to make a spider shape and also how to string beads along the legs to give the spiders spooky markings.

4. Paper plate spider webs

Paper plate spider webs

Have you been trying to teach your kids the fine motor skills involved in sewing and embroidery in hopes that one day they’ll love more detailed crafts like needlework and cross stitching as much as you do? In that case, this paper plate spider web idea from No Wooden Spoons will serve a dual purpose for your family! Besides letting your kids building their own cobweb featuring a spider smack in the middle, it’ll help them learn how to thread yarn through the holes to make a pattern in the centre too.