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20 DIY Christmas Tablescapes That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Christmas is creeping and instead of prepping, planning and decorating at the very last minute, why not go ahead and straight thinking about all the festivities. And that includes how your dining table will look when all of those holiday meals come to call. Check out these 20 gorgeous, DIY Christmas tablescapes that will not only knock your socks off but have your guests all in awe as well.

1. Pine Cones


Use pine cones as you main accent when creating a centerpiece and overall scape that feels like winter but isn’t overtly Christmas or kitchy. Check out this natural wood beauty at Mom Despot.

2. Fur


View Along The Way made a tablescape full of verve and texture. We’re swooning over the fur addition as it adds an unexpected pop of coziness to the table!

3. Trees


Not Just A Housewife utilized some mini tress in her chocolatey design. This too isn’t overtly Christmas, instead it evoke the spirit of the season with a warmth and cozy embrace.

4. Luxurious


This tablescape from The Bride Link is luxurious and voluminous. And although it may not be fit for the family table, DIYing your own version of this fairy-tale design would be quite fun!

5. Cookies