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11 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts To Do With The Kiddos – Video Tutorial

Usually tossed in the trash, or hopefully the recycle bin, these cardboard bits aren’t one of the most popular of crafting materials. But, there’s actually a whole lot you can do with them if you’re creative enough. Check out these 11 toilet paper roll crafts to do with the kiddos. They’re perfect for rainy afternoons!

1. Patriotic Blower

Toilet paper roll patriotic blower

This patriotic party piece can be whipped up with a toilet paper roll in just a few minutes. Hang it up so it blows in the wind on the patio. In fact, make sure you save a few rolls so you can make several for your 4th of July shindig.

2. Grinch

Toilet paper roll grinch

When the holidays come to call think of making this piece a part of the festive collection. Your Grinch Christmas decor isn’t complete without a few of these cuties on the tree. The kiddos will love to help out with this project!

3. Angel

How to make a toilet paper roll angel decor

What about making a few of these adorable toilet paper roll angels? They’d work well as Christmas ornaments or gifts from the kiddos to family memories. With a red or pink spin they could even serve as sweet Valentine’s Day accents.

4. Pencil Holder

Toilet paper roll pencil holder

A toilet paper pencil holder, it’s a thing. We promise. And we love how personalizable the final product truly is. Dress it with foam, velvet, stickers, glitter, paint, and more. The options are truly endless.

5. Pumpkins

How to make a cute toilet paper roll pumpkin for fall

These toilet paper roll pumpkins will be a great addition for the house once fall comes to call. This is another one of those projects that you can grab the children for to help you and the more you make the better when it comes to sprinkling the festivity around the house!

6. Bumblebee

Kids how to make a toilet paper roll bee

Why not make some cute bumblebee decor for springtime? These could be sprinkled around the garden, the porch, or even near the windows in the kitchen. Grab the little ones and get creative this afternoon!

7. Scarecrow

How to make a toilet roll scarecrow 1

Scarecrows fall under the umbrella of harvest decor for the fall and we’re loving it. A couple of these cuties would pair well with the pumpkins we see up at the top. They’re also easy to personalize – so let everyone in the family “dress” their scarecrow to their hearts’ desire.

8. Hair Clip Container

Concrete hair clip container

So, toilet paper rolls help to create this little innovation. There’s even ways to use toilet paper rolls as storage! Some cement will help to create this bobby pin container that will help clean off your vanity or bathroom counters in a jiffy.

9. Unicorn Pot

Concrete unicorn flower pot

All things unicorn are certainly trending. And this DIY concrete unicorn flower pot is high on our list. How adorable is this? How whimsical would this be to add so your windowsills? Toilet paper rolls will help to create this too – just like the project above.

10. Butterfly Napkin Ring

Diy butterfly napkin ring

Toilet paper rolls can help you make at-home napkin rings as well. Take this butterfly napkin ring for example, which becomes a fun addition to your home tables cape. For Easter brunch to birthday papers for your little gals, this will help brighten up mealtime.

11. Halloween Candy Holder

How to make a halloween candy holder shaped like a witchs boot

You’ve got to have something to put your halloween candy in! And why not utilize those cardboard tubes? Every kiddo can have a little bit nearby by using this as a container to keep too much from overflowing in the pantry and in the tummies.

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