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15 Awesome Homemade Candle Holder Ideas

We’ve been obsessed with candles and candle holders for a long time now. Nothing relaxes us as much while we write (or do pretty much anything else, for that matter) as having a lovely candle flickering in the background while we do about our day. It just makes us more relaxed! We’re also the kind of people, however, that get bored of our smaller décor pieces easily and like to change them out often. That’s why we’ve been pouring over unique candle holder ideas that will look great no matter the quality of candle or tea light you have access to.

Check out these 15 DIY candle holder ideas that are a little more unconventional and a lot more fun to set up than your average store bought holder!

1. Rustic tree slice candle holder

Tree slice candle holder

Does your home have a wonderfully comfortable rustic feel that’s very natural and incorporates many outdoor elements? Then keep that theme up by making yourself this stunning wooden slice candle holder! Technically you could use this piece of natural tree trunk for many things, but the moment we saw how calming Brit + Co.‘s idea of putting a small candle on the wood and letting it melt how it pleases, we were taken with it. They show you how to make one of your own.

2. Ice cube tray votive holders

Ice cube tray votive holders

Do you love upcycling pieces of old household wares in ways that put them to simple use so that you can save them from being thrown out without going far out of your own way? Well, there are plenty of candle holder designs that meet your criteria but one of our very favourites is one from Paper n’ Stitch! They’ve taken the cups from an ice cube tray and cut them from the frame to make little holders that are perfectly sized for candles that have gotten a little short. We like the reclaimed aesthetic of the way they’ve left the edges jagged.

3. Stained wood block candle holder

Stained wood block candle holder

Do you have some very thin candles at home that you’ve been looking for a perfect display for because they’re an unconventional shape that you haven’t seen store bought holders for yet? That’s the perfect opportunity to make one of your own! We love this darkly stained wooden block design from Houzz that looks wonderfully rustic chic. With candles this size, one of the bits on your drill will probably be the perfect size for you to drill the holes in the block to hold them.

4. Film negative candle holders

Film negative candle holders

Perhaps you don’t quite have the time to make your own candleholder from scratch but you do have some plain glass ones that you find kind of boring and would love to spruce up a little? Well, there are plenty of ways to do that, but as nostalgic crafters, this photo memory idea from Photojojo might be one of our very favourites. They’ve used actual photo negatives pasted around the outside so that the flame when you light the candle will cast a glow that shows the image.