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23 Festive Halloween Witch Decor DIY Ideas!

Get witchy this season! If you’re a fan of a little Hocus Pocus, big hats and cackling grins, then you’ll want to dive right into any one of these fun and creative projects with the family. Sprinkle the house with some of these 23 festive Halloween witch décor DIY ideas!

1. Lawn Ornaments

Dit witch lawn ornament

Martha Stewart shows us how to make an entire scene full of witchy delight right outside in the yard. The entire neighborhood will enjoy this one!

2. Sparkle Broom

Diy sparkle broom

Add a sparkle broom to your front porch and pay homage to the season! The Rehomesteaders have all the details.

3. Witch’s Hat

Diy witch hat

Tidy Mom makes a centerpiece or buffet topper that is definitely fit for the holiday. You could wear it of course, but we love the jazzy, witchy decoration.

4. A Crash

Diy witch crash decor

The Alison Show made us giggle with this innovative idea. Plant a crashing witch right into your front porch with her help!

5. Spellbook

Diy halloween spellbook

Visit G*rated and learn how to whip up one of these spell books in no time. Decorate the kitchen, the mantle or any other nook and cranny with this subtle, creative piece.

6. Parking Sign

One hour witch parking sign diy

Bead and Cord made a parking sign that can be placed at the front or back door of the house. And it’ll hold your broom too!

7. Witch Legs

Diy witch pumpkin

Me Sew Crazy teaches us how to sew up some witch legs to go under tables, chairs or even the pumpkins right outside. It’s a great project to hone your skills with too.

8. The Shoes

Diy witch shoes

Decorating by Day goes all out with their shoe DIY. These too can be placed under tables or left sprinkles the side tables or mantle.

9. Hat Luminaries

Floating witch hat luminaries

Add a Hallowen air and spirit to the foyer or front porch with these luminaries. Grab the details from Polkadot Chair.

10. Nightmare Dust

Diy nightmare dust

We found these cuties on Etsy, but they’re also a great source of inspiration for DIYing. Find yourself a bottle, create a label and grab some black sand!

11. Broom Garland

Diy broom garland

Martha Stewart does it again with this DIY. Decorate your front door with some broom garland that pays homage to your favorite part of Halloween … witches, of course!

12. Witch Vitamins

Halloween treats witches sugary brew

Nest of Posies creates these fun party favors that you can dub “witch vitamins!” It’s perfect for the themed events you’ll be throwing throughout October.

13. In the Fireplace

Diy fireplace witches

Crafty in Crosby made it look like a witch was popping right out of her fireplace! Grab the fun details after the jump!

14. Pillows

Halloween pillow witch

If you visit Crafting in the Rain you’ll learn how to create this throw pillow in no time. Add  bit of Halloween spirit to the sofa or any of your accent chairs.

15. Bottles

Diy witch bottles

BHG teaches us how to ignite the festivity of the party … even with our drinks. These silhouettes are such a fun way to pay attention to details.

16. Crayon Fingers

Diy witch fingers

Here’s a great craft to get the kids involved with. Melt some crayons and create with fingers that can be used and placed in a bowl as fun spirited decor. (via)

17. Countdown

Diy witch halloween countdown

Detail-Oriented Diva made a Halloween countdown that was a bit witch-inspired too. Grab the details and have fun with the entire family with this one.

18. Glitter Candlesticks

Diy glitter candlesticks

Julie Blanner made some glitter candlesticks that scream – WITCH – to us. Add these to your themed decor for the season.

19. Printables

Diy witch printables

The 36th Avenue gives us some free printable that can be used as some fun, Halloween invitations. Whether it’s a dinner party or costumed event, they work, especially for the kids!

20. Cauldron

Diy witch cauldron

Martha Stewart does it again with this fabulous outdoor decor idea. A pumpkin is all you need to get started.

21. Silhouettes

Diy witch silhouette

You could even learn how to make a silhouette from your yard. The shadow will tower at night and give those trick-or-treaters a fun little scare. (via)

22. Push Pops

Xboo bash witch push up pops tutorial jpg pagespeed ic xrkqcikavn

Passion for Parties made from witch-inspired push pops and we’re swooning for them! Everyone will love them, whether it’s the kids or the adults.

23. Witch Pumpkins

Diy witch pumpkin

Martha Stewart knows how to turn pumpkins into yard art. Easily transform your fall veggies into something with a bit of witchy festivity.

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