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18 DIY Concrete Coffee and Side Tables

Are you feeling extra crafty? It doesn’t really matter if you’re a novice DIYer or you’re a veteran with skills to learn, if you’re looking to create something extraordinary for your home then we’ve got a list of tables that could really make a difference. Concrete may not be the most used medium in the craft world, but it can help in your creation of unique pieces, like a chic coffee table for your family room. Let’s have a look at our lists of favorite DIY concrete coffee and side tables that will definitely inspire.

1. Neutral Modern

DIY Concrete Coffee Table

This bulkier, yet funkier, modern piece was all hand made. And if you hop over to this Youtube video by HomeMade Modern, you’ll be able to see how to recreate one yourself.

2. Chic Pedestal

DIY Concrete Coffee Table

Simple and chic, this pedestal table from Red House West fits perfectly inside this stunning, and perfectly detailed living room. You’ll never believe what this table looked like before!

3. Youthful Color

DIY Concrete Coffe Table

You can always add a little color to the legs of a concrete table for a youthful splash. DIY My Homes creates this modern design with a bit of retro inspiration and royal blue shade.

4. Ikea Made

DIY Concrete Coffee Table

What’s great about this DIY is that it may look like concrete but … it’s not. And that’s why Stylizimo made a genius choice when creating this beauty out of a fiberboard table and chalk paint.

5. Quaint Tri-pod

DIY Concrete Side Table

We’re in love with this chic and quaint concrete table made with 3-legs and a lot of charm. It’s a unique addition to a big or small space and was beautifully styled by the makers from Stilzitat.

6. Sharply Prim

DIY Concrete Coffee Table

WeekDayCarnival shows us this sharply lined and prim coffee table full of feminine quality but contemporary style. Remember when you’re working with concrete you’ll get texture like you’ve never before.

7. Golden Ombre

DIY Concrete Side Table

Even your concrete side table can have a luxurious, ombre effect. Just take a cue from BHG and finish the style of your DIY concrete table.

8. Traditional Addition

DIY Concrete Side table

This more traditionally-styled table was built with the help of pine boards by Rogue Engineer. This may be the most thought out DIY and tutorial we’ve ever seen!

9. Lego Nests

DIY Concrete Side Table

Did you know that Legos can be your best friend when creating side tables, at least ones made from concrete. Check out this video from HomeMade Modern to see how!

10. Some Topping

DIY concrete side table

Sincerely Sara D created just a top for an older side table that was still full of life but needed an update. Just like she said, it went from traditional to “industrial chic!”

11. Detailed Nooks

DIY Concrete Cofee Table

This coffee table from Skona Hem was built with details in mind. There’s room are tea lights and more with the nooks built right in.

12. Upgraded Parts

DIY Concrete Side table

HomeMade Modern knows how to create. But they also know how to upgrade. Just take this modern, pink cutie for example. It’s become totally new with a concrete finish.

13. Sleek Black

DIY Concrete Coffee Table

Here’s a design that’s both interesting but sleekly finished. With black legs, it’s a versatile piece by those from Deko.

14. Tiny Pieces

DIY Concrete Side Table

We’re also in love with these tiny additions to the living room. Add several to a room and learn how to create one at Bambula.

15. Cinder Blocks

DIY Concrete Side Table

Of course you don’t have to sculpt everything yourself. Rescue some cinder blocks like they did at Dwell to create something magical for your apartment.

16. Side Bar.

DIY Concrete Side Table

This idea from 1001 Pallets is a great example of a makeshift outdoor bar, but it could also be used for a shabby chic foyer table or sofa table in the living room.

17. Design Envy

DIY Concrete Side Table

And here’s some beautiful inspiration concerning the addition of designs. Cote Maison provides us with the right kind of ideas when creating your own concrete table.

18. Strongly Masculine.

DIY Concrete Side Table

Last but not least, we’ve fallen head-over-heels in loves with this industrial-styled table from HomeMade Modern. It’s perfect for apartments and modern homes alike.

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