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14 DIY Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For Easy Styling

Presenting a personal touch throughout your home is an absolute must – but we sometimes forget to add that flair to certain areas of the house. The kitchen, for example, sometimes remains bare without enough of our own personalities infused into the mix. Thankfully, there are more than enough tutorials online to help you whip up new accents in no time. Check out these 14 DIY kitchen wall decor ideas for easy styling.

1. Ice Cream Cone Wall Planters

Diy ice cream cone wall planters

Aww Sam has the most adorable planter tutorial up their sleeves. These mini decor pieces are perfect for adding a breath of fresh air to your kitchen but also a bit of sweetness too. Check out the details behind their creation after the jump.

2. Lemon Print

Diy lemon watercolor printable

Burlap and Blue gave us a great list of printables that we can grab and turn into art for the walls. This lemon piece, specifically, will help to create a summery and light sense of style. Just print off and grab a frame that matches your end vision.

3. Spoon Collage

Diy spoon collage

We really love this innovative idea from A Joyful Riot. Do some shopping for spoon at a local flea market, dip them in some pant and get to creating. This is such an easy and fun way to personalize the kitchen in an unsuspecting way.

4. Faux Fruit Shadowboxes

Fake fruits framed on wall

Here at DIYs, we’ve showcased how to create faux fruit shadowboxes that work great as kitchen wall accents. They add color and texture – while paying homage to the space they live in. The easy details can be found after the jump.

5. Cork Cluster

Diy kitchen wall art

Project Row House shows us all how to take our lifelong collection of wine corks and put them to good use. In fact, this can easily turn into a weekend art project for you and your roommate. Add some color and personalization at the end.

6. Utensil Focus

Utensil kitchen wall art diy

If you have some extra utensils lying around or just want to create a new way to organize them – check out this fun idea from Curbly. It acts as both a functional way to store them and also a piece of kitchen-inspired art.

7. Conversion Chart

Diy kitchen conversion chart

Here’s another piece for the wall that can turn into both art and a functional, usable accent. Hop on over to our friends at Hometalk and learn how to whip this up in an afternoon. The plus side of this project is that you can easily personalize it in any way.

8. Rustic Farmhouse Shelves

Diy rustic shelves

Extra shelving is essential inside kitchens that need the extra organization – or for barer spaces that could use the styling as well. Thankfully, at  Sage & Shepherd, you’ll learn how to DIY these from scratch. It’s a great option for rustic or farmhouse visions.

9. Y’all Come Eat Piece

Yall come eat grey

We found this piece on sale at Sense of Art but thought it was beautiful inspiration for a variety of DIY projects as well. You could defiintely take this idea and adapt it to your own style and material. It’s easy to personalize as well.

10. Floating Window Shelf

Diy floating shelf

Place of My Taste will make your breakfast nook or kitchen window a little more beautiful by showing you how to make a floating shelf that will shine nicely in the natural light. Use it to display a bit of fresh greens – from florals to succulents.

11. Pizza Board “EAT”

Diy kitchen eat art

Here’s a fun way to utilize a pizza board. Whether it’s one that you have in your own collection or a flea market fine – learn how to upcycle! Check out the details at Hometalk.

12. Coffee Prints

Diy coffee printables

Gracie Lou Printables has a lot of great prints up her sleeve. All you have to do is print them out and pick out fun ways to frame and bring focus to the creation. These are perfect for a coffee corner!

13. Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard breakfast nook diy

And sometimes you don’t need an actual piece of art on the walls – instead you can set up a space to have the entire family create some. Check out this scene from Eric Roth Photography to learn how to turn a wall in the kitchen into a chalkboard accent area.

14. House-Shaped Shelf

Diy house shaped shelf

A Beautiful Mess created an adorable house-shaped shelf that works beautifully as a place to organize and display your coffee mugs. This would be a great piece of decor for the breakfast nook area and to add some extra personalization to your kitchen. Grab the deets after jumping over to the blog.

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