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25 Easy-to-Make DIY Coasters

From cork to chalkboard, we’re getting creative with a small, home essential today. Keep the water rings at bay around the house by creating your very own, unique set of coasters. In the dining room, on the night table or coffee table; these can be used in any room of the house. Here’s to 25 easy-to-make, DIY coasters that’ we’re in love with!

1. With Shelf Liner

DIY Cork Coasters

Grab some inexpensive cork coasters at the store and give them your own, personal spin with the addition of some charming shelf liner prints. {found on 86 Lemons}

2. With Wallpaper

DIY Wallpaper Coasters

Wallpaper scraps or some free swatches you can order from you favorite stores can jazz up tile pieces to create the most perfect coasters for the living room. {found on Thinking Closet}

3. With Constellations

DIY Constellation Coasters

Print out something that inspires you, like these constellation charts. Apply them to tiles or wood, mod podge works great, and jazz up the dining room! {found on Almost Perfect}

4. With Dry Erase

DIY Dry Erase Coasters

We’re in love with these interactive coasters. Make with dry erase board, you can pass notes or use them to label everyone’s drinks at the dinner party. {found on Jentertaining}

5. With Rubber Stamps

DIY Rubber Stamp Coasters

We knew those rubber stamps you’ve been collecting would come in handy eventually. It’s amazing how easy this DIY is and how designer these coasters look in the end. {found on A Very Sturdy Design}

6. With Rope

DIY Nautical Coasters

If you can get some cotton rope and some paint you can recreate these adorable nautical coasters. They’d be perfect to add some summertime flair to the house or porch. {found on hi, friend}

7. With Paint Pens

DIY Paint Pen Coasters

Again, grab some inexpensive cork coasters and have a blast creating fun little designs with a paint pen. Use the same print or pattern for all of them, or make each one unique! {found on Fellow Fellow}

8. With Maps

DIY Map Coasters

Maps can make some adorable coasters too. Mod lodge maps of your favorite places to some tiles and create an original piece of decor (and function) for the home. {found on The Country Chic Cottage}

9. With Felt

DIY Felt Coasters

If you know how to sew, these coasters may be the most charming of the bunch. Use some felt to duplicate these citrus cuties. {found on The Purl Bee}

10. With Natural Branch

DIY Natural Branch Coasters

Natural branch can make great coasters as well. Keep them as organic as possible for a rustic, easy charm. {found on Garden Therapy}

11. With Gift Ribbon

DIY Ribbon Coasters

Can you believe hat these were creating by using gift ribbon (the one that you can curl up to decorate birthday presents). They’ve been rolled and sealed. {found on Chica and Jo}

12. With Photos

DIY Photo Coasters

Pictures can too become a coaster for the family. This is one of the most personal and original ways to go, and we’re in love with the coziness. {found on Oopsey Daisy}

13. With Crochet

DIY Crochet Coasters

If you know how to crochet, why not whip up some of these for the breakfast nook? Use different colors or how with a more neutral flow. {found on tuts+}

14. With Comic Books

DIY Comic Book Coasters

The man cave will need some coasters too. And these were made with cut outs from some favorite comic books. {found on Mod Podge Rocks}

15. With Magazines

DIY Magazine Coasters

Take some of your old magazines and create coasters from them! You don’t need mod podge or tile foundations, instead you can weave the pieces. {found on How About Orange}

16. With Scrabble Pieces

DIY Scrabble Coasters

Glue some old scrabble pieces together to create a funky new addition to the coffee table. It adds a youthful vibe but also a family-friendly air. {found on Gourmet Gab}

17. With Racing Bibs

DIY Race Bib Coasters

Here’s another great idea to add to the man cave – whether that’s the bonus room or basement. Old racing bibs can make for great tile covers as well and have them instantly turned into coasters. {found on Hello Neverland}

18. With Fabric

DIY Fabric Coasters

If you’re good with a stitch and can find the right fabrics, you can create an adorable set of coasters from scratch. {found on Therm-O-Web}

19. With Mini Palettes

DIY Pallet Coasters

Miniature wood palettes can come together to make a rustic, shabby chic coasters for the patio or breakfast nook. You can even decorate these with wash tape or add some color with paint. {found on Cooking Like Lou}

20. With Felt Balls

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters

These may be a personal favorite because of their lightness and charm. These wool, felt balls came together to create quite the stylish look. {found on Inspired By Charm}

21. With Wine Corks

DIY Wine Cork Coasters

Wine corks are another way to add uniqueness but also a chicness to the dining room table. Keep your old corks to create a stockpile for crafting. {found on HGTV}

22. With Paint Chips

DIIY Paint Chip Coasters

Remember, paint chips are free at the store. Grab some next time you’re checking out the colors and you’ll have a stash for creating new coasters! {found on HGTV}

23. With Alcohol Ink

DIY Alcohol Ink Coasters

These coasters are absolutely stunning and hand designed using alcohol ink. If you’re artistic in spirit, this DIY may be right for you. {found on My Good Morning}

24. With Agate

DIY Gold Agate Coasters

Sliced agate can easily be used as coasters but if you want to throw some extra style onto them, add some golden leaf to the edges. {found on B@H}

25. With Paint

DIY Painted Wood Coasters

Wooden pieces will always be a great choice for coasters, but if you want to add a bit more creativity and imagination, hand paint beautiful designs. {found on Camille Styles}