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15 Resin Jewelry DIYs To Try Your Hand At

Are you interested in making your own jewelry? Whether you want to add to your collection or find a creative outlet for the weekend, we’ve compiled a great list of 15 resin jewelry DIYs to try your hand at! Take a peek at these projects and let us know how they turn out.

1. With Sprinkles

Diy sprinkle resin jewlery

Toni Ellison starts us off with one of the most fun projects on the list. Turn your sprinkles into jewelry with this super simple tutorial. Pendants or earrings, this DIY is the one to take on if you’re looking for a handmade gift idea or something to celebrate with.

2. Glitter Pendants

Diy glitter resin jewelry

Cut Out & Keep will show you how to make all kinds of glitter resin pendants. Whether it’s for your own collection or a special DIY gift, these will fit inside a jewelry collection quite nicely. You can even make some fun rings for the little ones to play dress up with.

3. Nail Polish Charms

Nail polish resin charm diy

Learn how to add some nail polish to your resin jewelry too. All you have to do is jump on over to YouTube and check out the tutorial. With a bit of glitter and a splash of color, you can make up some pendants for your charm bracelets, necklaces or even your rings.

4. Glowing Wood

Wood and resin jewelry diy

There’s even some tutorials out there where you can learn how to add some wood to your resin jewelry design. They look especially beautiful when made into pendants for your necklaces. Just hop on over and take a peek at the steps to see if you think you want to dive on in.  (via)

5. Some Epoxy

Diy epoxy resin jewelry