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38 Resin Jewelry DIYs To Try Your Hand At

Sometimes, some of the most beautiful jewelry pieces are those that you make yourself and resin is a really cool material to use. Not only that, but it’s also extremely versatile, allowing you to create earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and so on, in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Resin Jewelry

How to Make Resin Jewelry

Resin jewelry is fairly easy to make and so versatile as you can mix so many materials – glitter, gems, wood, paper, and so on. The resulting jewelry is waterproof and can last for a very long time. Even better, they’re not harmful to the skin, so even if you have various allergies, these resin jewelry pieces will work well with you.

In order to create some pieces, you need to get some epoxy resin, jewelry mold, and some jewelry findings so you can create whatever piece you’re looking forward to making. The resin sets pretty quickly, but if you want to make any room for hanging the pieces, for instance, you should do them before the items are fully cured, which takes about a day.

Best Resin

There are a few types of resin you can buy 0 epoxy, polyester, or UV resin. Epoxy resinbrings a crystal clear surface, which makes it perfect for jewelry, while UV resin can also be used for jewelry, especially as you can use a UV light to hasten the curing time. Polyester resin dries quickly and it’s best for different types of craft.

Best Resin Jewelry Molds

Besides the actual epoxy resin you need here, the molds are super important to have. In this way, you’ll be able to create perfect shapes without going to too much trouble. You can buy these molds online or in pretty much any crafting shop and you’ll get some great pieces that feature multiple shapes and sizes. There are even kits you can get with even more shapes for pendants and so on.

You should know that the best molds for resin are those made out of polished silicone, which makes the designs easy to pop out.

We’ve compiled a list of 38 DIY jewelry pieces that you can wear with pretty much any outfit, some delicate ones, some statement pieces.

Making Resin Jewelry

If you want to make yourself some resin jewelry, or you want to make some for someone special, we have you covered with a lot of great ideas.

1. Resin and Sprinkles Jewelry

Diy sprinkle resin jewlery

Toni Ellisonstarts us off with one of the most fun projects on the list. Turn your sprinkles into jewelry with this super simple tutorial. Pendants or earrings, this DIY is the one to take on if you’re looking for a handmade gift idea or something to celebrate with.

2. Resin and Glitter Pendants Jewelry

Diy glitter resin jewelry

Cut Out & Keepwill show you how to make all kinds of glitter resin pendants. Whether it’s for your own collection or a special DIY gift, these will fit inside a jewelry collection quite nicely. You can even make some fun rings for the little ones to play dress up with.

3. Nail Polish Charms

Nail polish resin charm diy

Learn how to add some nail polish to your resin jewelry too. All you have to do is jump on over to YouTube and check out the tutorial. With a bit of glitter and a splash of color, you can make up some pendants for your charm bracelets, necklaces or even your rings.

4. Gorgeous Resin and Wood Pendants

Wood and resin jewelry diy

There’s even some tutorials out there where you can learn how to add some wood to your resin jewelry design. They look especially beautiful when made into pendants for your necklaces. Just hop on over and take a peek at the steps to see if you think you want to dive on in. (via)

5. Beautifully Sparkling Jewelry Sets

Diy epoxy resin jewelry

Goodness, there are so many stunning resign designs over at A Beautiful Mess right now. Follow along and try to recreate any or all of the fun pieces they’ve already made. Thankfully, they do it in a way that anyone can easily try it out!

6. Resin Summer Starfish

Summer resin jewelry diy

Here’s another YouTubevideo that will walk you through all of the right steps when it comes to resin jewelry making. But this time, it includes the use of some of our summertime favorites. Create some jewelry that has some beachy vibes by adding some sea urchins and starfish into the mix.

7. Resin and Dried Flowers

Dried flowers and resin jewelry diy'

Toni Ellisonmade some resin jewelry used real dried flowers as well. Just think of how beautiful these pieces would look turned into a set of earrings for your mom or sister. Hop on over now and take a peek at the tutorial.

8. Resin Memories With Family Photos

Diy resin photo charms

We just found the best Mother’s Day gift around, if you want to take the handmade path. Learn how to turn your favorite family photos into resin charms! Just follow along with this YouTubevideo to learn how.

9. Beetle Bugs in Resin

Beetles in resin jewelry diy

Doodlcecraftturned bugs into something a bit prettier. Whether it’s a paper weight or used as a funky pendant for your best friend’s new necklace, this is a unique way to take on the jewelry-making world. If you’re looking for something outside-the-box, we urge you to take a peek here.

10. Festive Confetti Resin Jewelry

Diy confetti resin jewelry

A bit of confetti could be the right kind of inspiration you need to create a set of resin earrings or a new ring. Gather the directions over at frankieand see if you’re skills fit the bill for the project. We love how celebratory the finished products are, don’t you?

11. Fruit-Filled Resin Pendant

Diy fruit resin jewelry

You could even be inspired by some of your favorite slices of fruit! And if you’re confused by that statement, all you have to do is take a peek at this kiwi pendant from That Girl Who Never Talks. Take the leap and take a peek at the tutorial now!

12. Gem Stones With Resin

Diy resin gems

Turn some resin and a bit of confetti into handmade gem stones that you can use for all kinds of jewelry projects. Hello, Whimsyhas all the details behind these clever and charming designs. Just imagine all of the possibilities behind the charms, you could even make a snazzy new bracelet made from them.

13. Cat Eyes in Resin

Diy resin cat eyes

Of course, a cat eye could catch your eye too. Whether it’s Halloween time or you just like to add a bit of mystery to your collection, these pieces will definitely do the trick. Check out Little Windows for all of the details behind the design.

14. Book Bits in Eesin

Diy paper resin jewelry

Skinner Studio took pieces of a favorite book and turned them into jewelry. Whether it’s a dictionary or a piece from your favorite novel, be inspired by everyday bits of your life. Again, you can make necklace pendants, rings or even a set of earrings that coincide.

15. Diamond Glitter Resin

Diamond glitter resin jewelry diy

And finally, Toni Ellisonleaves us off with glitter resin pieces that are everything good about making your own jewelry. They’re versatile, they’re functional and they’re full of festivity! The kids will love them, you’ll love them and they make great gift ideas too!

16. Colorful Resin Earrings

Resin earrings

This particular guide will help you create some really cool resin earrings. They have multiple shapes and colors and sizes available, so you can create the ones you like best. We know which ones we’ll be making! Get the tutorial from A Kailo Chic Life.

17. Rewin Jewelry With Encased Objects

Resin with screw

This next tutorial will show you just how you can make your own resin jewelry with various objects encased, whether we’re talking about plastic spiders, screws, flowers, glitter, or beads. Check out the tutorial on Brit+Co.

18. Green Resin Earrings

Green resin earrings

With just a few materials you can make yourself a really cute pair of earrings. These are fairly easy to make and will go great with a summery outfit. Check out the tutorial on Resin Obsession.

19. Valentine’s Day Resin Jewelry Set

Valentine's day resin hearts

For the next Valentine’s Day, you may want to create a really cute set of glittery resin jewelry for someone you love. You can even make them for yourself, because why not? Learn how to do these from Resin Crafts.

20. Christmas Resin Jewelry

Christmas resin set

Next Christmas, you can gift your friends and family with a really cute, home-made gift, of resin jewelry that will fit the holiday spirit just right – mixing in red, green, and silver glitter with resin. Learn how to make yours from Resin Crafts.

21. Druzy-Style Resin Necklace

Druzy resin necklace

From Happy Hour Projects, we’re learning how to make a wonderful druzy-style resin necklace with natural stones. It looks so lovely and special and we’re sure it will make a perfect addition to your jewelry collection or a perfect gift!

22. Flower Resin Necklace

Flower necklace

Flowers are always wonderful and when they’re captured in resin, they’re that much more beautiful as you can wear them around wherever you go. Learn how to make your own awesome jewelry with pressed flowers from Beading Gem.

23. Vintage Resin Necklace

Vintage resin pendant

A bit of resin has the power to transform items into vintage-looking pieces if done right, and this wonderful necklace looks just right by mixing in a few pretty elements. Check out the tutorial on Happy Hour Projects.

24. Resin and Wood Teardrop Pendant

Wood and resin teardrop

If you have a small wood disc and some UV resin, you can build yourself a beautiful teardrop pendant that will stand out anytime you wear it. Learn how to make it by reading this Craftsy tutorial (you’ll need to scroll down a bit).

25. Wood and Resin Jewelry

Wood and resin

Whenever you mix wood and resin to make jewelry, the results are so beautiful. Creating your own designs and getting just the right colors makes for an interesting experience and one you’ll never forget. Make your own wood and resin pendants by following this tutorial on Hazel and Gold Designs.

26. Gemstone Resin Earrings

Resin gemstone earrings

This next earrings set is so beautiful and will fit even with your more elegant ensembles. You can learn how to make your own gemstone resin earrings by reading the tutorial created by Beading Gem.

27. Resin Button Pendant

Resin button pendant

Over on Resin Obsession, we’re learning how to make this absolutely adorable resin pendant filled with small buttons! It’s such a cute addition to any outfit and it can even be a great gift for someone you love.

28. Pastel and Gold Leaf Bracelet

Pastel and golf leaf resin bracelet

If you want to stand out, then a pastel and gold leaf bracelet will help you with that! This beautiful piece will take your breath away! Thankfully, it’s also pretty easy to make if you have the right tools, so learn what you need and how to make it by reading the tutorial on Dream a Little Bigger.

29. Butterfly Bracelet

Butterfly bracelet

Creating a floating butterfly resin bracelet is not too difficult if you follow the tutorial from Beading Gem. The result will be an absolutely gorgeous bracelet that you’ll want to wear all the time!

30. Resin Ring

Resin ring

Making yourself a ring with resin is also something that’s fairly easy to do and you’ll need even fewer materials! It’s such a cute ring! Follow the tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets!

31. Faux Opal Jewelry with Resin

Faux opals

Truly one of the most breathtaking resin jewelry pieces we’ve seen features pieces that are looking to imitate opals. The colors, the shapes, the glow – they’re absolutely gorgeous. You can follow the tutorial by Mark Montano and learn how to make these!

32. Butterfly Resin Earrings

Butterfly resin earrings

If you love butterflies, then making these pretty resin earrings will certainly make you feel happy. It doesn’t require too many items, but we’ll sure you’ll manage just fine once you follow the guide offered by Beading Gem.

33. Summer ZigZag Beads and Resin Ring

Zigzag ring

Since you can encase pretty much anything in resin, creating a pattern with beads and fixing it inside a layer of resin will result in a beautiful ring that’s perfect for summer. Learn how to make your own from Beadaholique.

34. Gold Flake Resin Earrings

Gold flake resin

Anytime you mix black, resin, and gold flakes, the result is wonderful. We’ve fallen in love with these understated gorgeous earrings that go with anything in your wardrobe! Learn how to make your own by reading the tutorial from All Free Jewelry Making.

35. Resin Jewelry with Flowers

Flower jewlry

This next creation on our list also brings in some flowers to the mix. They’ve managed to create such beautiful pendants that will bring a little bit of spring into your life. Get the tutorial from Sustain My Craft Habit.

36. Resin Bracelet


If you like wearing bracelets, then mixing up some resin with acetate paper will result in a beautiful cuff creation you’ll want to wear every day so it can lift your mood. Read up on how to make your own resin bracelet from Craftsy.

37. Resin Pendants

Resin pendant

If you want to make yourself some cute resin pendants that are super colorful and look like candy, then this is the right tutorial for you. You can use sprinkles or glitter for these ones, and you’ll get some really cute results. Learn how to make your own resin pendants from Lil Blue Boo.

38. Resin Monogram Necklace

Resin monogram

Creating your own resin monogram necklace is easy if you follow the tutorial from Doodle Craft. In fact, this one is pretty easy to make, so let’s learn how to make it!

Final Thoughts

We found all these jewelry crafts so beautiful and the use of resin so ingenious, so we think we’re going to make a few of these too! Drop us a note to tell us which ones are your favorites and send pictures of your creations to us over social media.

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