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Watercolor Paper Wall Schedule Board – Photo Frame Project

Sometimes a small hand-held planner just isn’t enough… what you really need is a large schedule right on the wall to remind you to stick to the tasks at hand. So today I wanted to share with you a project that combines form with function.

Watercolor Paper

This weekly calendar will help you keep track of your tasks on a pretty watercolor background with pops of metallic gold. Imagine that – a creative DIY project that boosts your productivity too!

watercolor calendar 1

Here’s what you’ll need for this watercolor paper painting:

  • 22 x 28″ frame
  • 22 x 28″ piece of brown kraft paper
  • Watercolor paper in sizes 15.5 x 20″, 4 x 20″, and 6 x 20″
  • Watercolors and a wide brush
  • Gold paint pen
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Dry erase marker

How to make an easy watercolor board:

watercolor calendar 2

Begin by cutting your paper down to size. The brown kraft paper should be the same size as the frame, and the watercolor paper should be15.5 x 20″ for the top left rectangle, 4 x 20″ for the bottom left, and 6 x 20″ for the right-hand panel.

Watercolor calendar 3

Next, paint each piece with watercolor in the hue of your choice. Do not paint the kraft paper, though; this will be just for the backing.

Watercolor calendar 5

Now begin adding text using a gold paint pen. Feel free to label each panel however you like, and using any text style that you enjoy.

Watercolor calendar 6

Last, tape each panel down to the kraft paper so that everything is centered and has about a half an inch between. This isn’t an exact science though, especially if you cut the paper without a ruler… slightly wonky edges will give it that handmade appeal that is so popular these days.

Watercolor calendar 7

Now go ahead and insert it into the frame and write out your schedule for the week using a dry erase marker.

Watercolor calendar 311

If you really want to go crazy, buy some dry erase markers in colors other than black so you can color code different tasks.

Watercolor calendar 8

And there you have it – a weekly calendar that is as beautiful as it is functional. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the paint colors as well… and even the frame! It would look lovely in a silver frame with silver text and a blue background, for example.

Watercolor calendar 9

And the greatest aspect of this schedule is that you can erase your tasks every week without worrying about erasing the days of the week or the lines in between. A piece of cloth or a paper towel should do the trick. Happy crafting!

Watercolor calendar 12

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