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25 DIY Halloween Spider Web Projects to Take On

With Halloween just around the corner, people everywhere that love this holiday start a shopping spree where they go ahead and buy things like candy, Halloween costumes, spooky house decorations, fake spider web, and more. However, there are those that like decorating their house in a certain theme, such as having a pumpkin-themed party, or maybe a vampire-themed one.

Halloween spider web

Well, there are plenty of people out there that are scared of spiders down to their very core, and there are also those that like them, and for them, so it goes without saying that they may want a spider-themed Halloween, and that involves a lot of spider webs.

Well, if this year you’re going to face your arachnophobia (or induce it in your neighbors) go right ahead and read our article since we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Halloween items that feature spiders and spider webs.

We chose them all based on their spookiness, as well as how easy they are to make using everyday materials, so you’ll surely find something that you can make at home, even if you’re crafting skills aren’t that good.

Which Are the Best Spider Web Halloween Projects of 2021?

When it comes to having a Halloween that sticks to a certain theme, you can make pretty much anything be a part of that theme, like the wall decorations, the costumes you wear, and even the food that you eat, so don’t be surprised if you find all manner of entries in the following section.

The best part about spider web-themed objects is that they can simply be everyday objects on which you draw some spider webs, so most of the entries on this list should be easy for all DIY enthusiasts.

1. How to Make Spider Webs

Before we get started with the list of spider web-themed decorations, we think it would be appropriate if we started out the article with a small tutorial on how to make DIY spider webs from scratch, as this can be extremely useful for those that want to make their own decorations.

  • How to Draw a Spider Web

How to draw a spider web

The first thing you should learn is how you can draw a good-looking spider web, and we recommend that after you watch the video above that you practice a bit before you go ahead and make your own Halloween decorations.

As you can see for yourself in HalloweenDrawings‘ clip, there’s not much to it, and all you really need to know is how to draw some curved lines, and how to keep a certain degree of symmetry in your drawing.

  • How to Craft Spider Web

How to craft spider web

Now that you know how to draw a spider web, we’ll now showcase a very good tutorial from Kristin’s Crochet Tutorials that will teach you how to create some very realistic spider webs out of threads.

As you can see, you’re going to be using a lot of yarn to make a single spider web, and we recommend that you use either black or white yarn, since these two contrast the most against a typical wall.

More so, if you have the chance to get yourself on some glow-in-the-dark plastic wire, you could create some very spooky-looking spider webs. Not only that, but if you want to mimic a spider’s very fine thread, you could also try using fishing wire instead.

2. Funnel Web Spider – Web Tunnel

Funnel web spider web tunnel

Anyone who’s ever watched a nature documentary knows that there are certain spider species out there that you mustn’t mess with ever, one of them being the funnel-web spider.

What makes these spiders so iconic is the way they use their webs as a form of inner lining in long underground tunnels and corridors, creating that recognizable silky look.

The thing about that web is that even if you don’t know what kind of spider made it, it still looks very scary, and this innate fear that we have is precisely the reasoning behind this following Halloween decoration: the funnel-web spider corridor!

The people at Mike’s Haunted Woodworks did an excellent job at creating this amazing-looking fake corridor, and if you really want to make a great first impression, you could try making something similar and placing it right at the entrance of your house.

They used landscape wiring to make the tunnel’s framework, and while they could have used something a bit thicker, the fact that the wire is so thin and flimsy allows the corridor to move and jiggle a bit, making it even more creepy looking, and for the spider web itself, they used beef netting.

However, if you plan on making something similar, you should expect to put about 12 hours of work into the entire project, and as far as material costs go, you’ll most likely spend around $200.

On the other hand, just looking at the final product makes you realize that the reward was well worth the effort, and if money or time isn’t a problem, you can go ahead and fill your house with these tunnels to really freak out any visitors.

3. Invitations with a Spider Web Drawing

Invitations with a spider web drawing

If you’re holding a massive party for Halloween and you want to make everything look official, you can start off by designing invitations that will give your potential guests a glimpse of what they should expect should they come to your place.

So, if you’re planning on having a spider-themed Halloween party, a great design idea for a party invitation would be a spider web drawing, especially if you manage to find a place that will print it using glow-in-the-dark ink.

The best part about these spider web drawings is that the Internet is filled with templates of them, and some are even available in PNG format and for free, so you can go ahead and make your own invitations at home with just a little help from a generic graphics editing tool (even Paint).

As for how you decide to design the rest of the invitation, that’s completely up to you, although we recommend that you arrange it in such a way that the spider web drawing will still be the center of focus.

4. Halloween Spider Web Wall Stickers

Halloween spider web wall stickers

Another way to decorate your house during Halloween is by using wall stickers and maybe even wallpaper, just as long as you make sure that the glue makes it easy to remove the next day, and that you won’t ruin the wall’s paint job when doing so.

Just like with the previous project idea, the Halloween spider web wall stickers are especially easy to make since there are plenty of free templates on the Internet that you can use, and if you happen to have a very good thermal printer at your disposal, you might not have to buy other supplies at all.

Besides, the thermal printer works best with vinyl, and you can use your vinyl stickers on things other than walls, like furniture, or on appliances (like the refrigerator door).

One advantage of choosing stickers as wall decorations is that they can be kept outside as well and that you can make them in almost any size.

However, if you want really big ones you may need the help of a company that has a large-scale thermal printer since those made for home use can usually handle projects as big as an A4 piece of paper.

5. Nail Spider Web Decoration

Nail spider web decoration

For those of you that love doing their nails and showcasing their creativity through them, we recommend that you try out this amazing nail spider web decoration that will surely draw everyone’s attention.

Just take a look at this elegant design from Nail Vida Boutique and see how they perfectly managed to recreate a good looking spider web on the model’s nail, and the colors they used make you think of a mix between light and shadow, something that can really creep you out on Halloween.

If you want to do something similar, keep in mind that you don’t need to have very long fingernails, and not even nail extensions and that if you don’t have a steady hand or someone with a hand steady enough to do the design for you, you could always simply use nail stickers.

More so, you can use other colors as well, although since nails are pretty small, with or without extensions, you should use colors that contrast each other so that the webbing is visible.

6. Halloween Spider Web Decorations

Halloween spider web decorations

If you like crafting and pushing your imagination to its limits, then maybe you’re the type of person that will like following a step-by-step tutorial where we will be showing you how you can make your very own Halloween spider web decorations.

For this project, you’ll only need a glue stick, some white paint, a paintbrush, googly eyes, a black pipe cleaner, 3 popsicle sticks, a black crafting pom-pom, some white string, and some scissors.

While the spider web itself is pretty easy to create (you can also follow the step-by-step tutorial mentioned above), you’ll spend the bulk of your time crafting the spider, but if you look at just how adorable you can make it, we’re sure you won’t be bothered by the amount of time you’ll spend.

The great thing about this decoration is that it’s very small, and you can hang it pretty much anywhere around the house, so you can go ahead and make plenty of them, or even make them as Halloween presents for your friends and visitors.

Besides, these decorations are pretty durable and, if stored properly, they can be used in the following years as well, and even if they do start looking a bit old, there’s something about spiders and spider webs that makes them look a lot better when they’re ragged.

7. Realistic Fake Spider Web

Realistic fake spider web

If the traditional yarn spider web doesn’t look spooky enough and you want to make then look like the real deal, we would recommend that you go ahead and follow the video tutorial above from The Maker Monster.

It will teach you how to make a realistic spider web using nothing more than a glue gun, and a vacuum cleaner (or you could use a leaf blower if your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a Reverse feature).

As you can see at the end of the video, this realistic fake spider web looks exactly like the real thing, and since the base material is basically solidified glue, it will also be sticky and stretchy, thus feeling even more real.

Not only that, but the video also teaches you how you can spice things up using colored or glitter glue sticks instead of the regular white ones to make your spider webs stand out even more.

8. DIY Spider Web Cupcakes

Spider web cupcakes halloween party appetizers

Another way to decorate your house is through the use of food, and if you want something that will leave your guests begging for more, you should go ahead and try out our recipes for DIY spider web cupcakes, since they not only look the part, but they’re incredibly delicious as well.

In order to make these delicious goodies, you’ll need ripe bananas, buttermilk, eggs, cold water, oil, sugar, flour, cocoa powder, bicarbonate soda, and some salt, and for the spider web decorative frosting, you’ll simply need to use black and white chocolate.

Those of you with previous experience making cupcakes may already know what to do with the ingredients, but as far as making the spider web theme go, it’ll be all up to how well you manage to create the pattern using the melted topping since that’s basically what makes these spider web cupcakes tick.

If you want, you could also try some of your own tweaks if you want when it comes to the topping, such as using something else rather than dark and white chocolate, just as long as the two ingredients contrast in color enough for the spider web to be visible.

The recipe mentioned above has all the ingredient quantities you’ll need, cooking times, and what steps you’ll need to follow, and they are enough for a batch of 16 cupcakes.

However, we do recommend that you make at least 2 or 3 batches because your guests will be eating them like there’s no tomorrow.

9. Halloween Spider Webs – Spider Costume

Halloween spider webs spider costume

When it comes to Halloween, nothing takes center stage more than the iconic Halloween costume, and since we’re on the topic of 8-legged creatures, we figured that the next obvious entry would be a spider costume that is filled with Halloween spider webs.

This idea works for both men and women, although there’s something about a spider’s sensuality and a woman’s elegance that makes the two go hand-in-hand very well.

The costume itself is made up of a black suit or a dress, black shoes, some black makeup that can help mimic a spider’s multiple eyes, as well as the fangs.

Last but not least, the wearer has giant spider legs on their back with massive spider webs that span between the appendages, as if ready to trap any unsuspecting prey, like @skyler_lynn did.

The costume is neatly designed, and the spider legs and the webbing will surely be the center of attention, so we recommend that you go ahead and try out this Halloween costume, especially since all of the elements may already be available to you, and the ones that aren’t can be easily crafted at home.

10. Giant Yarn Spider Web

Giant yarn spider web

Sometimes if you want to create a very impressive decoration, but lack imagination, you could try simply creating something that everyone else is making, but at a much larger scale, and that’s exactly what Shera DiVito did when they created this giant yarn spider web.

In the video above, you’ll notice how they took advantage of their large front yard and the two trees they had grown and used them as anchor points for their spider web.

Once they anchored the spider web to the trees using nails and staples, they used an entire roll of plastic bags in the same manner as the crafting tutorial mentioned earlier did with the yarn.

Once the web was done, they went ahead and added the finishing touches via a giant hairy spider that most probably startled a few onlookers as they passed by.

What’s amazing about this particular spider web idea is that you can make it using whatever materials you have at hand, including yarn, fishing wire, and more, and it will still look amazing simply because of its size.

As for the spider itself, you can buy one of these at your local props store, or you can even make one yourself at home by following something like this lollipop spider tutorial, but on a much larger scale.

Other Great Spider Web Designs

11. Paper Plate and Yarn DIY Spider Web

Paper Plate and Yarn DIY Spider Web

We love making paper plate crafts because there are so many different kinds of things you can create and our kids always get a kick out of transforming something regular and everyday into something funky instead. We particularly love this idea yarn-woven spider web idea from No Wooden Spoons because we’re avid knitters and crochet enthusiasts, so wealways have lots of yarn lying around!

This tutorial shows you how to cut out the middle of the plate, punch holes around the edge, and thread yarn through however the kids please in order to create a web pattern all the way across the middle. Add a plastic spider once the weaving is done to really hit the design home!

12. Glue & Glitter Spider Web

Glue & Glitter Spider Web

Have your kids always had a huge love for sparkly things and enjoyed working with glitter at every opportunity? Our little ones always manage to make a huge mess whenever we let them use loose glitter, but they’re always so happy during the crafting process that we don’t really mind if our kitchen floor is sparkly for weeks after, no matter how well we try to clean it.

We have a feeling, then, that your kids willlove this sparkling cobweb idea fromTen Kids and a Dog. Help them trace out the shape of a web onto construction paper with white glue that will dry clear and then sprinkle loose glitter in whatever colour they please over the glue. We like the idea of using black paper as a backing so the shade of glitter you use really stands out!

13. Spider-Man Style Spider Web Shooter

Spider-Man Style Spider Web Shooter

Okay, we know that this crafting idea isn’ttechnically just a Halloween craft, but October is all about dressing up and transforming yourself into something you find cool, right? Then why not make Spider Man style cobweb shooters anyways? We actually made these with our kids last week and they have yet to go a day without strapping them on and pretending to shoot each other with imaginary globs of webbing.Sdik Rof Creativity shows you how to use fun coloured cardstock and plastic drinking straws to make a wrist cuff that actually will launch a bent white straw like Spider Man launches cobwebs from his suit.

14. Technicolor DIY Spider Web Drawings

Technicolour DIY Spider Web Drawings

Perhaps your kids’ favourite kinds of DIY and crafting projects are the ones where they get to paint because they love bright colours so much and will take any opportunity to use cheerful shades, even though Halloween is typically spooky and dark? Then perhaps they’d love to try their hand at these beautiful cobweb murals byLearn With Play at Home! They show you how to draw the shape in thick black marker that will withstand being filled in with water colour paints so that all kinds of bright colours can be included. We like the darker, spookier version they created with the black over wash too!

15. Hama Bead DIY Spider Webs

Hama Bead DIY Spider Webs

If you’ve never tried hama beads or perler beads with your kids, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out! All that means, however, is that now you’ve got the opportunity to try out something completely fun and new! We remember back in the early 1990s when hama bead crafts were the height of the DIY trend for kids and we adored making all kinds of shapes with all kinds of themes. Halloween was no exception! That’s why we loved this simple but super fun hama bead cobwebs idea fromMummy and The Chunks so much! Carefully iron the beads together once you’ve placed them and voila; you’ve got awesome hanging ornaments!

16. Cheddar Halloween Cobwebs

Cheddar Halloween Cobwebs

When you and your kids set time aside to make things together, do you tend to end up choosing things that you can eat together rather than just decorative or crafty things? Well, we can’t say we blame you! Cobwebs, however, don’t immediately seem like the kind of things you can incorporate into your food… or can you?Martha Stewart has something to stay about that! Check out these funny little baked cheddar spider webs that make for great toppings on just about any lunch snack you please.

17. DIY Yarn Spider Web Bulletin Board

DIY Yarn Spider Web Bulletin Board

Are you still enamoured with the idea of spider webs made of yarn but you don’t have a lot of room for clutter so you’re not keen on the idea of making new things that your kids will want to hang all over your home and in your windows? Then maybe you’d rather transform something you already own and use to make it look spooky temporarily instead! We love the wayArts Crackers tacked a simple web of white yarn woven across their bulletin board so that it looks like their daily reminders and photos are nestled into a spider’s web. Make or buy a couple of spiders to really top off the look!

18. Trash Bag Halloween Spider Web Decoration

Trash Bag Halloween Spider Web Decoration

Has time gotten away from you and now you’re intent on throwing together some last minute Halloween décor so that your house doesn’t look completely unseasonal, but you still want the things you make to be affordable and kid-friendly? Then use what’s already in your home and easily available! We’ve made tons of these funny little garbage bag cobwebs byHGTV.Our kids love cutting the shapes out the way you would for paper snowflakes and we like that you can hang them insideor outside on the porch quite easily, since the plastic of the bags is weather resistant.

19. Halloween Spider Web Sugar Cookies

Halloween Spider Web Sugar Cookies

Are you still thinking about how cute the idea of making cobweb themed food is but you think your kids would enjoy something sweet rather than something savoury? Then maybe icing design is the way to go! Of course, if you’re going to make patterns in delicious glaze, the best thing to put that glaze on in a batch of warm sugar cookies!Good Housekeeping gives you not only a simply classic sugar cookie recipe that will make your mouth water but also instructions for using differently coloured icing and a toothpick in order to create a cool webbed effect across the top.

20. DIY Paper Bag Spider Web Luminaries

DIY Paper Bag Spider Web Luminaries

We’ve always been a little bit obsessed with luminaries. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy making candles and candle holders ofall different kinds, but there’s something about the glow of luminaries specifically that just warms us, especially in the fall. Around Halloween, however, we specifically like that they look a little bit spookier than most other tea light holders you’ll find! On top of that, our kids love making them because they can draw and decorate the luminaries however they please, since making luminaries from paper bags is such a customizable idea. Check out howAunt Peaches made these simple paper bag luminaries that look like spider webs!

21. Chocolate Halloween Spider Webs

Chocolate Halloween Spider Webs

Were you intrigued by the icing spider webs you saw above but you’re just not sure you want that much sweetness in one place? Maybe your kids’ favourite treat is something else and you’d rather add a bit of cobwebbed detail to that rather than making a whole batch of cookies? Then check out howShe Scribes actually made delicate little edible spider webs from melted chocolate! Older kids might be able to help make their own, but little kids might need help drawing theirs out. Create your shape on wax paper, carefully peel them up once they’ve dried, and garnish just about any treat or baked good you’d like with them!

22. DIY Glow in the Dark Spider Web

DIY Glow in the Dark Spider We

Have you ever tried making crafts out of hot glue? Well, if not, then we’re about to show you a whole new world of crafting possibility that is surprisingly fun and versatile, even for kids!Celebrating Mums shows you how to draw out your hot glue shape, peel it up once it’s dried, and paint it carefully with glow stick solution so that it glows brightly when you turn the lights off. Just make sure to be careful with the glue gun and during the glow stick process. This craft is better for kids who are a little bit older.

23. DIY Halloween Spider Web – Pipe Cleaner Spider Web

DIY Halloween Spider Web - Pipe Cleaner Spider Web

We’ve already talked about ways to make a cool woven spider web out of pipe cleaners and yarn, but in the last tutorial we showed you a version that just involved sticking a crafted or store bought spider to the yarn when you’re finished. This time,The Craft Nest suggests leaving a tail of yarn hanging down and making yourself a pom pom spider to tie on so it looks like the web has just been built. When you hang your cobwebs on the wall, the spiders will hang down in an eerie way, like they’re going to crawl down the wall and built another web somewhere else!

24. Halloween Cobweb with Cellulose and Thread

Halloween Cobweb with Cellulose and Thread

This craft involves using a sewing machine, so it’s best to do with kids who are a little bit older, but that doesn’t mean some little kids with lots of patience can’t get involved too!Textile Arts Centre guides you through the process of making a very cool embroidery thread cobweb by sketching the shape out on cellulose material, sewing along the lines, and then dissolving the cellulose in hot water. Lay your webs out to dry and when everything is said and done, your family will have a set of totally creepy looking webs in whatever colours you choose.

25. DIY Spider Web on Branch Wall Decor

DIY Spider Web on Branch Wall Decor

Have your kids been begging you to help them make things with those cotton feeling store bought cobwebs that you’ve probably seen on porches across your neighbourhood? Well, believe it or not, there are lots of different things you can do with those packages that are more interesting than just stringing them along your front door frame.Beckham and Belle has one idea here that is super simple but still totally neat looking and we like that it’s easy enough for your kids to make by themselves. They suggest getting a spooky looking stick, looping the cobwebs over it however you please, and then hanging the whole creation up like a mobile. If you make a few of them, suddenly your hallway will look like a haunted forest!

Best Spider Web Halloween Decorations: Closing Thoughts

Our list of spider web projects for Halloween, and we hope that our ideas and suggestions managed to spark up your imagination enough for you to create some impressive decorations of your own.

However, keep in mind that our entries are all merely suggestions, and you’re free to make your own Halloween projects in whatever way you please since that’s the true spirit of a DIY craftsman.

We included decorations for your house, both big and small, as well as snacks, and even a way through which you can decorate your own body, all so that you can have the most arachnophobic-inducing house on the entire block.

If you want to read other similar articles featuring themed Halloween decorations (like witch-themed decorations), simply go ahead and browse our website.

Not only that, but we’ve written plenty of articles on how you can make your Halloween a lot more enjoyable, either via decoration tutorials, or even cooking tutorials, so check those out as well.

Lastly, if there’s any Halloween-related topic you’d like to read about that we haven’t managed to cover yet, tell us about it in the comments section below and we’ll see how we can create an article around it that is as detailed as this one.

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