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45 DIY Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend That He’ll Cherish Forever

Giving a DIY present to your partner for Christmas is a great way to show you care and are willing to put in the extra effort. This article lists the best DIY Christmas gifts for boyfriends.

Diy christmas gifts for boyfriends

A homemade present is budget-friendly, unique, and tailored for him. For example, handcrafted cards with personalized messages or sentimental photographs are excellent for conveying feelings without spending any money. But if you’re willing to go the extra mile, use his favorite colors, materials, or interests to make something unique that he will treasure forever. Here is a list of the DIY Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends that you will find in this list:

  • DIY monogrammed keychain
  • DIY Swiss army key ring
  • DIY leather wallet
  • DIY license plate key rack
  • DIY mini zen garden
  • DIY wood pencil holder
  • DIY lap desk with storage
  • DIY custom mousepad
  • DIY tie phone case
  • DIY leather cord roll
  • DIY sofa caddy
  • DIY no-sew slipper socks
  • DIY knitted socks
  • DIY knitted scarf
  • DIY leather cuff
  • DIY beard oil
  • DIY rosemary mint shaving cream
  • DIY natural face cream
  • DIY man balm
  • DIY manly hand scrub
  • DIY coffee bean soap
  • DIY Jack Daniel’s soap dispenser
  • DIY wine bottle tumblers
  • DIY map coasters
  • DIY comic book coasters
  • DIY paint-dipped shot glasses
  • DIY leather mason jar sleeve
  • DIY bottled cocktails
  • DIY beer tray
  • DIY wooden serving board
  • DIY mustache mug
  • DIY chalkboard mug
  • DIY magic BBQ rub
  • DIY chef’s apron
  • DIY hot pepper oil
  • DIY bacon salt
  • DIY iced star gingerbread cookies
  • DIY gingerbread men cookies
  • DIY tiny booklets
  • DIY Christmas photo album
  • DIY photo playing cards
  • DIY bicycle frame lunch bag
  • DIY minimal mountain clock
  • DIY tripod camping stool
  • DIY army men bowl

Learn more about each DIY Christmas gift idea for boyfriends, including sources with links.

1. DIY monogrammed keychain

Diy monogrammed clay keychains

A monogrammed keychain is a cool DIY Christmas gift for a boyfriend since he will carry your present everywhere. Making keychains is easy when using malleable materials like polymer clay. Check out our tutorial for making a monogrammed clay keychain. Let your imagination run wild and use various shapes and patterns he will like.

2. DIY Swiss army key ring

Diy swiss army key ring

Few boyfriend Christmas gifts are as original as this DIY Swiss army key ring. It mimics a genuine Swiss army knife that pops out keys instead of knives and screwdrivers. This Swiss army knife is more compact than a typical key ring, and he will easily find his keys since they don’t dangle. For a full list of supplies and instructions, go to Instructables.

3. DIY leather wallet

Diy leather wallet

Your boyfriend’s credit cards and ID papers deserve a stylish and sturdy wallet, so consider crafting a leather waller as a Christmas gift. Give it extra pockets and compartments to make it more convenient, and choose from different colored leather and textile materials to make the inner lining more stylish. Check out this tutorial from Instructables if you’re up for the challenge.

4. DIY license plate key rack

License plate key rack

This key rack crafted with license plates is a fun and quirky Christmas gift idea for your boyfriend, especially if he owns a motorcycle. It’s big enough to accommodate his keychain, and he’ll be able to display it proudly in his man cave. You’ll need some scrap license plates (or new ones, if you’d like) and screws to put the finished product together. Check out this tutorial from Kojo Designs to learn more.

5. DIY mini zen garden

Diy zen garden

Make your boyfriend a mini zen garden as a Christmas present to help him relieve stress while working! It’s the perfect companion for practicing mindfulness. It’s easy to make, and the process is enjoyable too. You need a deep picture frame, a glue gun with glue sticks, beach sand, a small wooden fork, and zen garden decorations like tiny stones or a votive candle. Get the instructions from Curbly.

6. DIY wood pencil holder

Diy pencil holder

Artsy boyfriends deserve artsy Christmas gifts, and this DIY wood pencil holder is the perfect way to show appreciation. This rustic-looking container owes its rustic look to the fact that you’ll craft it using a single block of wood. It can store more than just pencils; you can also add pens and paintbrushes for him to store in it. To get started, check out this tutorial from Strawberry Chic for instructions and useful tips.

7. DIY lap desk with storage

Diy lap desk with storage

A DIY laptop desk with storage is a thoughtful Christmas gift for a boyfriend who struggles to work on his laptop from bed. This DIY project requires woodworking skills. The list of tools includes a Kreg Jig, a miter saw, a table saw or a circular saw with a guide track, a drill, a router, a finish nail gun, Kreg corner clamps, and measuring tape. As for the materials, you need a board, plywood, pocket hole screws, finish nails, wood glue, thick foam, fabric, super glue, and epoxy glue. Visit Houseful of Handmade for the complete instructions.

8. DIY custom mousepad

Diy custom mousepad

A custom mousepad is a great Christmas gift idea for a boyfriend. He’ll be able to use it at work during office hours or at home while playing his favorite games. The best part is that you have complete freedom over the final design, including its size, shape, graphics on the surface, and even the fabric used. For clear instructions on how to make this mousepad, we recommend this article from Instructables, which includes helpful tips and images for extra guidance.

9. DIY tie phone case

Diy tie phone case

A phone case made from a tie is a meaningful DIY Christmas gift for a boyfriend since you can use one of his old favorite ties. The folks at PopSugar have put together an awesome tutorial. What we liked most about this design was the patch of velcro that closes the case to prevent the phone from slipping out.

10. DIY leather cord roll

Diy leather cord roll

This DIY leather cord roll will be a useful Christmas gift for a boyfriend who needs to better organize his electronic accessories while he’s on the move. Check out Brit+Co for more info.

11. DIY sofa caddy

Diy sofa caddy

A DIY sofa caddy would be a fantastic Christmas gift for a boyfriend who needs to organize his remote, phone, and game controller by the sofa. It’s quite easy to sew this sofa caddy, as demonstrated by the tutorial from Sew4home. Use a fabric that matches your partner’s couch or room. 

12. DIY no-sew slipper socks

Diy slipper socks

Cozy slipper socks are classic Christmas gifts for partners, but these ones take a DIY approach and don’t require sewing skills. For this project, you need thick socks, sueded fabric, fusible webbing, a scrap of cardboard, a pencil, scissors, a sewing pencil, and an iron. Visit Martha Stewart for the complete tutorial.

13. DIY knitted socks

Classic men's socks diy

A pair of knitted socks is a DIY Christmas gift that will warm your boyfriend’s feet and heart. He’ll appreciate the effort you put into making them, and they’ll be much more comfortable than store-bought socks. You don’t have to be an experienced knitter to make these socks; as long as you know the basics, you should have no problem making them. To make things easier, follow this tutorial from Purl Soho.

14. DIY knitted scarf

Diy knitted scarf for men

A knitted scarf would be a nice DIY Christmas gift for a boyfriend who likes to dress up well and stay warm during cold winter. The most challenging part about knitting a scarf is the actual knitting part since it requires patience and practice if you’re new. However, it’s not impossible to learn how to knit, and plenty of online tutorials will teach you everything to make a scarf. Check out these homemade scarf knitting patterns for inspiration.

15. DIY leather cuff

Diy leather cuff

A handcrafted leather cuff is a cool Christmas gift idea for a boyfriend who wears leather accessories. Make a leather cuff using a strip of faux leather and snap tools. You need patience and a steady hand for this DIY project. Check out the details at The Red Kitchen.

16. DIY beard oil

Diy beard oil for the manly man everythingetsy com

DIY beard oil is yet another excellent Christmas gift idea for the boyfriend who’s into homemade grooming products. This oil nourishes the skin and keeps beards soft and healthy-looking. Check out Everything Etsy for several beard oil recipes that use distinct essential oils. The guide also includes a free printable label for the beard oil bottle.

17. DIY rosemary mint shaving cream

Homemade rosemary mint shaving cream top

A jar of homemade rosemary mint shaving cream is a fantastic DIY Christmas gift idea for a boyfriend who appreciates homemade grooming products. This refreshing shaving cream provides a thick and creamy lather that will keep his skin moisturized throughout winter. Simple ingredients like shea butter, sweet almond oil, and rosemary essential oil are necessary for this DIY project. Visit Food for My Family for the details.

18. DIY natural face cream

Diy natural face cream

A jar of homemade face cream would be a thoughtful DIY Christmas gift for the boyfriend who loves grooming and taking care of himself. Check out this tutorial from Adventures in Cooking, which teaches you how to prepare an all-purpose face cream and a soothing rose-and-jasmine face cream, depending on your preferences.

19. DIY man balm

Diy man balm

A small jar of man balm is a nice homemade Christmas gift for a boyfriend who suffers from chapped lips, especially in winter. PopSugar has a great tutorial on making lip balm for guys, so be sure to check it out. The recipe contains natural ingredients, such as beeswax, coconut oil, essential oil, and baking soda or cornstarch. You will also need a sealable container for storage.

20. DIY manly hand scrub

Manly hand scrub diy

A jar of DIY hand scrub is a much-needed Christmas present for a boyfriend who loves homemade grooming products. The hand scrub is perfect for men whose hands frequently come in contact with dirt, grease, and grime. To make the scrub, you’ll need a container with a lid, some sugar, and some body wash. Head to Paper Turtle’s blog and read about their experience making this manly grooming product.

21. DIY coffee bean soap

Diy coffee bean soap

Homemade coffee bean soap bars would make a good Christmas gift for a boyfriend who loves the smell of coffee. Make these soap bars using ground coffee beans with fragrance oil and a melt-and-pour soap base. Choose a festive fragrance oil such as cedarwood, peppermint, or gingerbread to spread holiday cheer. Get the full instructions from Living Well Spending Less.

22. DIY Jack Daniel’s soap dispenser

Jack daniels soap dispenser

A Jack Daniel’s soap dispenser would be a cool DIY Christmas gift for a boyfriend who loves scotch, particularly Jack Daniel’s. For this craft, you need an empty bottle of Jack, a soap dispenser head, and a spicy blend of liquid soap. Get the instructions from Curly Birds.

23. DIY wine bottle tumblers

Diy wine bottle tumbler

Creating a set of handmade tumblers from wine bottles is a great Christmas gift idea for your boyfriend, especially if you have plenty of empty wine bottles. All you need is wine bottles, a bottle cutter, and other tools to get started. The folks at Brit+Co put together an awesome tutorial. Pay close attention to the instructions, especially the part where they teach you how to sand the sharp edges of the tumblers.

24. DIY map coasters

Diy map coasters

Custom coasters decorated with maps are a cool Christmas gift for boyfriends who like to travel. You’ll need actual travel maps to craft these and cork and paper to work with. As for what maps to include, we recommend you use maps of the places you’ve visited or maps of the places on your bucket list. The Guardian provides a comprehensive article on making these coasters, including helpful tips on choosing the right materials.

25. DIY comic book coasters

Diy comic book coasters

A set of a dozen comic book-themed coasters would be an awesome DIY Christmas gift for a boyfriend who loves comic books and superhero movies. These coasters are customizable, so feel free to add your partner’s favorite superheroes or comic book scenes using printouts. Check out the guide from Mod Podge Rocks.

26. DIY paint-dipped shot glasses

Diy dipped shot glasses

A set of paint-dipped shot glasses is an elegant, grown-up DIY Christmas gift for a boyfriend, especially if he likes to party. This homemade project is easy since you need shot glasses, paint, and masking tape. Since this will be a holiday present, go for festive designs like white snowflakes painted over a green background. Check out PopSugar for instructions.

27. DIY leather mason jar sleeve

Diy leather mason jar sleeve

One way to make drinking more interesting for your boyfriend is to gift him a DIY leather mason jar sleeve for Christmas. Unlike regular sleeves that act as simple cozies, this leather mason jar sleeve also comes with a handle. This doesn’t just turn any mason jar into a mug; it lets you hold it even when it’s full of piping-hot liquid. Refer to this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess for more info.

28. DIY bottled cocktails

Diy bottled cocktails

A set of small bottled cocktail mixes would make a fun DIY Christmas gift for a boyfriend who likes experimenting with new drinks. You’ll need a few empty glass bottles and a selection of liquors and syrups to make the cocktails. Brit+Co teaches you how to make a simple cocktail using bourbon and champagne.

29. DIY beer tray

Diy beer tray

This Christmas, serving beer will feel much more entertaining if you gift your boyfriend a tray covered in the labels of all his favorite beer brands. It looks like something you’d normally see in a fancy pub, but at a much lower cost. You’ll need a circular piece of wood, some Modge Podge, printed colored labels of popular beer brands, and a paintbrush. Check out this tutorial from The DIY Playbook for instructions.

30. DIY wooden serving board

Diy wood slice board

A DIY wooden serving board would be an excellent Christmas present for a boyfriend who loves entertaining his friends. Making a wooden serving board is pretty straightforward since you need a slice of wood and tools for cutting, sanding, and polishing. Give it a nice finish with mineral oil or beeswax to protect it and make it durable. Visit ManMadeDIY for the tutorial.

31. DIY mustache mug

Diy mustache mug

A DIY mustache mug is a funny Christmas gift idea for a boyfriend to drink his coffee in the morning. For this project, you need a plain regular mug, a Sharpie marker, and a porcelain gel and pen. To make the design durable, you must bake the mug after decorating it. Visit From the Tortoise and the Hare for more details.

32. DIY chalkboard mug

Diy chalkboard mug

A chalkboard mug is the perfect Christmas gift for people who can’t decide on designs, especially custom mugs. The reason is that your boyfriend can draw whatever he likes on it, be it a love letter or his favorite cartoon character. It doesn’t take long to craft this mug; you’ll need a blank mug and black chalkboard paint. To begin making it, refer to this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

33. DIY magic BBQ rub

Magic bbq rub diy

A jar of homemade BBQ rub is a simple yet thoughtful Christmas gift for a barbecue-loving boyfriend. The folks at StoneGable have a great recipe for a barbecue rub, which is sure to impress even the pickiest palates. The rub works well with most meats.

34. DIY chef’s apron

Diy manly apron

A DIY chef’s apron would be a fantastic Christmas gift for a boyfriend who prefers cooking rather than ordering in. It’s a customizable project since you can add any graphical elements. For example, Lovely Indeed uses a stencil and paint to create the graphics, so check out the tutorial to learn more.

35. DIY hot pepper oil

Diy hot pepper oil

Give your boyfriend spicy hot pepper oil as a DIY Christmas present to experiment with more flavorful dishes. This oil is easy to make using dry ornamental peppers and olive oil. You will also need a glass bottle for storage. Check out the instructions at A Beautiful Mess.

36. DIY bacon salt

Diy bacon salt

A jar of bacon salt may seem like a bizarre Christmas gift idea, but it’s worth considering for a bacon-loving boyfriend. You’ll need sea salt, crispy-fried bacon, and ground black pepper, which you’ll grind together. Once the salt is ready, you can transfer it to a glass jar and give it as a gift. Refer to this tutorial from Not Quite Nigella for complete instructions on crafting a jar full of this meat eater’s delight.

37. DIY iced star gingerbread cookies

Diy iced star gingerbread cookies

Your boyfriend’s sweet tooth will get a real treat when you gift him homemade iced star gingerbread cookies for Christmas. The sugary glaze topping keeps the cookies soft and moist for days, so he’ll enjoy these delicious treats long after Christmas morning. Check out our guide for baking iced star gingerbread cookies for the cooking directions. Make the cookie extra special by using icing colors and decorations like sprinkles or edible glitter.

38. DIY gingerbread men cookies

Diy gingerbread men cookies

Gingerbread men cookies are some of the best homemade Christmas gifts you can bake for your boyfriend, especially if he has a weakness for sweets. Although gingerbread men have a standard look, customize them to your boyfriend’s taste. For instance, use icing to match his eye color or dress up the gingerbread men to look like your boyfriend’s clothes. Get the cooking directions from Allrecipes.

39. DIY tiny booklets

Diy tiny notebooks

A handcrafted small booklet is a thoughtful Christmas gift for a boyfriend to use as a photo album, diary, or scrapbook. Check out this tutorial from See Kate Sew, which shows how to make booklets using the Japanese stab bind.

40. DIY Christmas photo album

Diy christmas photo album

Christmas is a great opportunity to reminisce about all the memories you’ve made with your boyfriend, so gifting him a photo album should be your top priority. It’s a much more meaningful present than the typical ones, and it won’t cost you too much either. To make this project easy to work with, refer to this tutorial from Christmasphere, which provides detailed instructions on creating a beautiful photo album using lots of scrapbook paper.

41. DIY photo playing cards

Diy photo playing cards

A deck of custom photo playing cards is an awesome DIY Christmas gift for a boyfriend who loves card games. Use a printer to create a full deck of playing cards, with regular card values and suits on one side and custom pictures on the other. For example, use pictures of you two for a sentimental touch. Check out A Beautiful Mess for details.

42. DIY bicycle frame lunch bag

Diy bicycle frame lunch bag

A homemade bicycle frame lunch bag is a useful and fashionable Christmas gift for a boyfriend to easily carry his lunch while cycling to work. For this project, you’ll need a few basic materials like fabric and thread. Check out the instructions at Evil Mad Scientist.

43. DIY minimal mountain clock

Diy mountain clock

This DIY mountain-themed clock would be a great Christmas gift for a boyfriend who likes hiking and the minimalist design. It has a simplistic design that won’t distract you from being able to tell the time, and it will look great on any wall, especially in rooms with more mountain-themed decor. Check out this article from Say Yes to find out more. The homemade project requires woodworking skills.

44. DIY tripod camping stool

Diy tripod camping stooll

A DIY tripod camping stool is a practical Christmas present for a boyfriend who loves camping. The stool is lightweight, efficient, and useful even for the backyard. Refer to Design Sponge for details on how to craft this nifty item.

45. DIY army men bowl

Diy army men bowl

This DIY army men bowl is a fun and whimsical Christmas gift that reflects your boyfriend’s silly side. The idea is simple: use a handful of those small plastic army men to create a bowl for storing fruit or snacks. It’ll liven up any snack time and won’t take too much effort. However, crafting this bowl may create strange smells throughout your kitchen since you’re melting plastic in the oven. Check out Bored Panda for instructions.


Making DIY Christmas gifts for your boyfriend doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Even if you’re not comfortable or not skilled with crafts like sewing, leatherworking, or woodworking, you can get away with something simple and meaningful like a custom album of you both. The important thing is showing that you put in time and effort since it’s the thought that counts. For more inspiration, check out more gift ideas for men.

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