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15 Wedding Table Decor Ideas That You Can DIY

Remember, you can do a bit of the decorating yourself for the big day. If you have a DIY-mind and some creative juices flowing, it’s okay to do some of the work on your own – or with the help of your bridesmaids. Here are 15 wedding table decor ideas that you can DIY. Sift through and see if any of these fabulous ideas go along with the day you’re envisioning.

1. Floral Birdcage

Floral birdcage centerpiece diy

Floret Cadet showcases this gorgeous birdcage setup that’s so easy to recreate! All you need are the right pieces to start off the design and then stuff it with petals of your choice. It’s whimsical, it’s creative, and it’s got a hint of vintage flair too.

2. Sparkling Wood Slices

Sparkling wood slices diy

Darby Smart will show you how to create some sparkly wood slices to begin your table designs. Even your rustic tablescapes could use a bit of glitter and glam! Take the leap and follow the tutorial.

3. Rose Gold Bottles

Rose gold wine bottle centerpiece diy

Older glass bottles can be turned into something special – quite easily. All you need is some paint to get yourself started. Check out more like this at POPSUGAR.

4. Pinwheel Table Runner

Diy pinwheel table runner

Green Wedding Shoes went with a pinwheel table runner It’s celebratory and youthful. It’s also a really unique way dress the reception in a more casual and offbeat fashion.

5. Burlap Flags

Diy burlap flag table numbers