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15 Mouthwatering Homemade Bread Recipes

Making homemade bread used to be a family tradition but somehow we missed out on learning. We’ve become avid kitchen enthusiasts in recent years, however, so it’s about time we learned! We’ve been trying to find as many different recipes as possible as of late so that we can try different ways of baking it and figure out what’s best for us, so we’ve amassed quite the list indeed. Just in case you’d like to learn how to bake bread too, here are 15 of the best kinds, recipes, and tutorials we’ve come across so far!

1. Basic homemade bread

Based homemade bread

Let’s start with what’s simple! Here’s a totally standard but classically delicious homemade white bread recipe outlined nice and clearly for beginners. See how it’s done on Taste of Home.

2. Homemade French bread

Homemade french bread

When you started thinking about what kind of bread you want to make, did you actually have something closer to the kind of baguette you’ve seen in French cartoons in mind? Well, this recipe isn’t for baguettes specifically, but we promise this French bread outlined by Lil’ Luna is worth trying.

3. Simple crusty white bread

Simple crusty white bread

Have you always enjoyed white bread with a darker crust than the first idea we showed you because you think it adds a little more flavour? Then we have a feeling you’ll get along a little better with something like this simple crusty white bread recipe featured on Serious Eats.

4. Homemade bread in a bread machine

Homemade bread in a bread machine

Not everyone makes their homemade bread in a bread machine but, if you’ve got one, you might as well use it! It makes things nice and easy so long as you read about the settings. Just in case you need a bit of an additional guide, here’s a great resource from Craftaholics Anonymous.

5. Homemade artisan bread

Homemade artisan bread

If you’re going to put in the effort and time that making homemade bread from scratch takes, would you rather make something a little closer to what you’d find in a fancy bakery or your favourite restaurant? Then we’d suggest learning how to make something like this homemade artisan bread outlined step by step on Old World Garden Farms!

6. Dairy free, egg free homemade bread

Dairy free, egg free homemade bread

Perhaps part of the reason you’ve been wanting to learn how to make your own bread is that you have dietary restrictions and you don’t like how the store bought versions that suit your needs taste? Then we think you simply must check out how Frugal Family Home made this nice, soft bread that’s both egg and dairy free.

7. Hearth bread recipe

Hearth bread recipe

Have you actually been hoping to get very old fashioned indeed about your homemade bread making and you’d rather skip the bread maker and the oven? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how King Arthur Flour made this uniquely flavourful hearth bread instead!

8. Classic banana bread

Classic banana bread

Well, technically banana bread is made a little bit differently, but it’s still homemade bread, right? Just in case you’ve never tried this delicious dessert bread in your own kitchen, here’s a great starter recipe from Simply Recipes that will get you making it all the time!

9. Super soft sandwich bread

Super soft sandwich bread

Is texture an absolute priority for you because you want to send your kids to school with delicious sandwiches made on homemade bread packed in their lunches? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how She Eats made this delicious white bread that’s extra soft!

10. Homemade light rye bread

Homemade light rye bread

when we’re not buying regular white sandwich bread, possibly our favourite bread to buy is rye. There’s just something so subtly delicious about the flavour, the texture, and the scent that we can’t get enough of! Now, thanks to this recipe and tutorial from Simply Recipes, you can try making homemade rye bread of your own!

11. Homemade brioche bread

Homemade brioche bread

Just to make sure that you have a full recipe arsenal to try baking as many different kinds of homemade bead as you want, here’s another type! We love the way The Crumby Kitchen made fantastic homemade brioche bread that practically melts in your mouth.

12. Miracle no-knead bread

Miracle no knead bread

Have you actually tried making bread a few times before but you found the process of kneading the dough too tiring or time consuming and that’s why it’s been a while since? Then we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with this fantastic no-knead bread recipe outlined step by step on Pinch of Yum!

13. Homemade sourdough bread

Homemade sourdough bread

Rye isn’t the only kind of bread you can bake that has its own unique subtle flavour! Just in case you’d like to try more, here’s a fantastic sourdough bread recipe that’s just as delicious as what you’d get in a bakery. Get the full details on As Easy As Apple Pie!

14. Easy homemade whole wheat bread

Easy homemade whole wheat bread

Just in case you’ve been scrolling through our list thinking about how you actually prefer whole wheat bread to white bread and that’s what’s stopped you from making a choice, here’s what you’ve been waiting for! Minimalist Baker teaches you step by step how to make it happen with perfect results.

15. Cinnamon raisin bread

Cinnamon raisin bread

Just in case you’d like to treat yourself a little more and try your hand at something fancy, here’s another dessert style bread that you can make at home! Genius Kitchen teaches you how to make a cinnamon raisin bread that’s the perfect balance of flavour and texture.

Do you know another avid DIY lover and kitchen enthusiast who adores eating homemade bread and now wants to try making it themselves? Share this post with them so they have some guidance and all kinds of great recipes to try!

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