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15 Stylish Knitted Hat Patterns

Few things are as satisfying in the yarn works world than knitting a hat. Knitted hats are warm, stylish, fairly quick to do, and there are so many creative and unique options that we feel like we could scroll through them all day long! That’s how we found ourselves bookmarking so many gorgeous patterns in hopes of trying them out on our needles sometime this winter.

Just in case you love knitting hats just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 gorgeous designs, patterns, and tutorials for knitted hats that we just couldn’t scroll by without saving!

1. Schuyler hat

Schuyler hat

Have you always been a huge fan of colour work and hats are no exception? Then we have a feeling you’re going to get along very well indeed with this lovely vine inspired pattern featured step by step on Fairmount Fibres!

2. Knit Slouchy Pom Pom hat

Knit slouchy pom pom hat

Just in case you’re a beginner looking to make something simple but fun, here’s an easy stockinette hat that’s made more interesting thanks to a slouch style, and colour stripe, and a wonderfully large pom pom. See what we mean on Ashley Lillis!

3. Black beanie

Black beanie

Have you always hated the way knitted hats occasionally stretch out at their ribbed band, cause them to slide? Then maybe you’d prefer to make a slouchy hat that has no rim at all! We love the way this hat from Katrine H. Designs curls up a little bit at the edges.

4. Boyfriend beanie

Boyfriend beanie

Whether you actually make this hat for a boyfriend or not, it’s wonderfully classic and has fantastic dimensions for making it fit heads of all sizes perfectly! We like the way it ribs all the way up rather than stopping after the band. Get the full pattern on Expression Fiber Arts.