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DIY Table Runners for Every Occasion

Adding a runner down the centre of your table can take your place setting and dining atmosphere to a whole new level. Your guests will be particularly impressed when they learn that the gorgeous piece in the middle of it all is something you actually made yourself!

Check out these awesome, easy DIY table runners for any special dinner occasion.

1. No-sew table runner

No sew table runner

This tutorial shows you how to make a table runner using two-sided steam strips to create nice edges rather than sewing them!(Source: Home Oh My)

2. Canvas drop cloth

Canvas drop cloth

This look is simple, bohemian, and easy to make. Make sure you cut it to the right size, but don’t worry about being too neat. A bit of irregularity adds charm!(Source: A Daily Something)

3. Stamped table runner

Stamped table runner

This awesomely worn looking effect was created by cutting a sponge to shape, dipping it in paint, and using it like a stamp! Easy, fun, and messy… but in a good way.(Source: Sarah Hearts)

4. Stitched lace doilies

Stitched lace doilies

An eclectic collection of lace doilies sewn together might sound strange, but it’s actually one of the prettiest effects you’ll see when it comes to DIY table runners!(Source: The Sweetest occasion)